(Rajon Editor:This first statement is from Dr Sherwood who directs the Rajon Institutes research program! All US Citizens and people who live in the USA should read this!!

First of all let's be honest! What use is money if you do not have a future to spend it in! Also if you want to make claims that something will not work when it involves a condition that is already apparent then someone has their brain in their pocket! Even a blind man can tell you that pollution is a problem!

By the time your children are old enough they will have inherited the problems that politicians & adults of today are refusing to accept responsibilty for and make changes to correct the problem. When you consider the problems of waste management and pollution that exists in the USA alone and the fact that not enough is being done to correct the problem then trouble lies ahead.

To blame smaller countries for pollution problems of today is fine if you can accept your own pollution problems and have the courage to change policies to make a difference instead of passing the buck!

Creating dis-information advertising for political and financial gain whether it is a business or government is against the Constitution of the United States or so we thought! We suggest therefore that you read the following report and come to your own decision about how to act regarding this important issue. Forget the advertising as they are designed to manipulate the population into a false and misguiding direction which is detrimental to your health and your childrens. If you want to make a difference then don't let large corporations have their way purely because they want to make more money from the decimation of the planet. How do they plan to spend there financial gain if there is no planet left.)

Here are some facts!

Report One.

In the first ten days of December, the global warming treaty conference in Kyoto will be a milestone in the fight to prevent catastrophic global warming. At the moment there is no way to know what the outcome will be. But we will need every environmental voice in the USA to speak out. If you do not know what environmentalists are up against in the global warming fight, then let me tell you something about money and hypocrisy. First, money. For the past several years, big oil, big coal, and big auto have been running a PR campaign to tell the public that global warming is a half baked theory and there is no need to do anything about it. As a result, some people in this country (USA) have the vague idea that "scientists don't agree" on global warming. The reality is that a handful of scientists think global warming will probably never happen, while 2,500 around the world have joined a consensous statement that global warming has already probably begun.

In the past few months, the PR campaign has been expanded to a full-scale PR war. The world must finalyze a treaty in Kyoto to cut the greenhouse-gas pollution, mostly carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels, that drives global warming. To prevent that, industry has seized on the one issue that is most likely to destroy an international political consensus. They are spending at least $13 million on advertising to convince the American Public that there should be no limits to U.S. use of fossil fuels unless limits are set for the developing world at the same time. What the campaign does not say is that developing countries are the poorest in the world, responsible for only 25% of greenhouse gases emitted to date, that they are already required to create programs to curb global warming, and that many have indicated they will submit to limits as long as industrialized countries take the first step.

As for hypocrisy: in October 1997, the chairman of Exxon and head of the American Petroleum Institute (the industry trade group) made a speech in Beijing. In that speech, he called on China and other developing countries to increase their fossil-fuel use-the exact opposite of the message the industry's ad campaign has been feeding the U.S. public-and to join Exxon in fighting policies to limit greenhouse-gas pollution. This public declaration of waron the Kyoto talks shows up the industry PR campaign for what it is. It is a bald-faced attempt to destroy an international effort to save the environment. In the face of an environmental threat like nothing any of us have ever seen before, these companies have decided that their own profit margins are more important. Rather than invest in alternative energy sources, they have decided to sell the planet.

The ferocious pressure from self-interested industries has had its effect. In October 1997 President Clinton announced a position for the Kyoto talks that is the most environmentally dangerous decision I have seen from this administration. The key issues in Kyoto are;

How far below 1990 levels must nations reduce their greenhouse gas pollution, and by when.

The proposals on the table range from 20 percent below by 2005

to 5 percent belowby 2008-2012.

Clinto has come in with a proposal that is an embarrassment:

Merely to return to 1990 levels by 2008-2012.

And he will not accept limits unless they are imposed on developing countries at the same time.

The danger now is that the United States- the largest greenhouse gas polluter on the globe-may go to Kyoto and insist to the rest of the world that it will not change its position. And its position falls so far short of what the rest of the world wants, and so much further short of what the planet needs, that the talks may break down altogether.

History will remember what Americans do at Kyoto and like the elephant we never forget!!

In an extract from the Amicus Journal. (Full extract can be found by clicking the NRDC icon at the top of this page.)

The USA is the worlds biggest producer of greenhouse gas.

The top ten CO2 emitters in 1992 were.

USA..5,000,000 million metric tons.

China..2,500,000 million metric tons.

Russia..2,000,000 million metric tons.

Japan..1,000,000 million metric tons.

Less than 1,000,000 million metric tons


Per capita CO2 Emissions of top ten emitters in 1994. Metric Tons.




Others 10 or below.







In the United States alone , emissions of greenhouse gases have grown over the last decade by as much as 13% according to the Worldwatch Institute.

(Rajon Editor:The Public in the USA have been victim to a massive campaign to disinform them of the situation and it must be rectified if the environment is to be in a safe condition in the future. If not for your children then think of there's further into the future.

The 90's will be remembered in two ways.

1. The time humanity banded together to fight world pollution. or

2. The time humanity ignored its own demise and future. A selfish time when big companies ruled and masses died for profit.)

We wish to thank NRDC for allowing us to publish part of their report.



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