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Sept 08

Data just in from Andrea 1 of space craft operated by USA armed forces in combat manouvers in space and base found in back of dark side of moon. At cusp of horizon. Also one ship captured and crew aboard were of human american origin.

Report ends...


What you believe is of little consequence in this section. We get reports on a regular basis from ship board on a variety of issue.

So what we have decided to do is report some of those aspects here for those who are interested.

For more on the Andrean connection best read the book! Bld_ck06 Then come back here if you wish!

Reported from science section 20th September 2007

Earthquake activity in southern region caused by unnatural effect from emission from underground base on southern continent region Australasian plate south. Frequency range from 50 - 300ghrtz range with rotational frequency which caused release of pressure on sub strata.


Report dated 20th September 2007.

Large emission of gamma rays on southern region of planet from unknown source investigation will define cause. Results should be known in next few days. This is not a natural emission event.


Report dated 12th October 2006.

Nuclear explosion underground  reference 441 Size equal to 1 drone (1 kiloton in human measure.) at a depth of 850.. readings indicate encased in dense element with surrounding strata that is dense hardcore material (natural fissure) event.

Readings indicate initial expulsion was partially successful with limited release.

Also sensed atomic level radioactive readings which indicate material that is not natural to event.. possible stored material to give false read on emission.

Will authorize fly through using rad cloak to avoid detection update and probe required use two craft of rang type.

report ends update on request. an1sp4 end...

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