Kyoto Protocol

As we fully support the Kyoto protocol on climate change and the rules set down to eliminate greenhouse gases and other pollutants Dr Sherwood has issued a statement as follows:

As I am a founder member of the World Noosphere Spiritual Ecological Assembly associated with the U.N it is time for the world to recognize that following the American symbolism is no longer the way to go. The world must stand on its own and say that now is the time to make changes for a better world and to create positive changes that our children and our children's children can enjoy a clean air world.

Corrupting the worlds atmosphere for profit which is what the USA is all about is not the answer. To move forward and to work together is not only the safest way but also can build trust and harmony that will lead to better trading and exchange of ideas in the future.

This is after all the only planet we have and it is really time to start looking after it.

Both China, Egypt and Australia which is currently under a severe drought should also signup to the Kyoto protocol as this would mean that the world would then have a better chance for the future prosperity for all. Egypt for instance would attract more tourists thus improving its economy. China would find that using other resources that are not so polluting would end up helping them save millions of pounds in presently lost revenue that is going up in smoke. Australia would have to develop other resources to counter the problems it has thus giving it the ability to improve its revenue in selling newly developed technology overseas so others could benefit from its own developments and thus also gain more profit and also gain more proliferation of rain as the biosphere would realign itself thus correcting the mistakes of the past.

If you want a better future then it is time to start thinking ahead on a global scale and not on just one individual situation. This jigsaw is far bigger than just one individual country it will require the cooperation of many in order for this all to work. With president Putin Signing the Kyoto protocol he has secured not only a powerful future for his own country but he has also helped many others do the same who have also signed this important global agreement on climate change.


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