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Rajon is one of four web sites that were originally created and run by Dr Jonathan Sherwood

He was also chief publisher of the Phoenix Rising magazine. Details here!

http://www.rajon.com (This website)

The Phoenix Centre website here!

And the http://www.cropcirclexplorer.com website which is the only site that has loads of research recorded and more appears every month.

The Rajon website initially was born way back in 1993 when the internet was just born. Many of today's internet folk cut their teeth on the Rajon website and even today it still helps those out there learn a few things.

Dr Sherwood was adept at working the internet and knew all that needed to be known about the internet and many of its secrets.

 Jonathan was also the worlds oldest living channel as well as the worlds most amazing healer with literally thousands of case histories, including the amazing rescue of his own sons life at 6 months of age when struck down with meningitis the case history of which can be found in the clinic section of the website.. Dr Sherwood worked with many famous people and wrote numerous books on a variety of subjects. He was also the most advanced researcher on ancient knowledge on Egypt as well as human awareness.

Dr Sherwood channeled for over 45 years and collected enough data on a variety of subjects to fill 300 books  and no two would be the same.

If you wish to know more about Dr Sherwood then click here!

Books written to date can be found in New Books section left index.

Books due for release 2006 are :

Andrea one - Assignment. Volume 1

Ancient Therapy - A look inside an amazing new healing technique. Volume 1

Late 2008/2009. Projection dates.. (If I ever get time to finish writing them.)

Kalei the Ancient principle - Harmony in your home. Volume 1

Thoth's Secret - A dynamic novel about Dr Sherwood's research and is an exciting read.

The Wizard - A Tale of mystery and adventure.

Andrea one - Earthbound  Volume 2.

Unfortunately Dr Jonathan Sherwood passed away on the 31st of October 2008, obituary's can be viewed by clicking here. However his dedicated longtime partner and colleague Rachel Sherwood continues to run the web sites containing the vast amount of knowledge he shared throughout his lifetime. She also continues to add to the information available from her own knowledge, and through publishing archived information from Dr Sherwood that has not yet been made fully available to the general public. New books will be published over the coming years as well as dvds, courses, artwork, and no doubt a few surprises!

Dr Sherwood's eldest son, amongst his many emerging talents, is also revealing himself as a budding writer, and has expressed a keen interest in completing one of the novels that Dr Sherwood began but did not complete, titled 'The Wizard', so that should prove to be interesting!

So please do stay tuned to the Rajon Web sites, and enjoy browsing the many, many pages of these huge sites. The rajon.com website has many levels to it and many an interesting and unique article are buried deeply within it, only through thoroughly exploring its many archives can its life changing knowledge be truly appreciated!




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