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Rachel Sherwood is Dr Sherwood's longtime partner and collegue. She is proficient in many areas of the therapies as well as her own studies in Yoga, Kalei energy orientation and as a fashion designer using Kalei techniques and principles in design.

Rachel is dedicated to the work and Dr Sherwood admits that a lot of what he has done could not have been done without Rachel at his side..


DR Jon Sherwood began research into ancient cultures and civilisations back in the early 80's. He had obtained a degree in advanced mathematics and also earned a doctorate in Ancient Spiritual Studies as well as ancient cultures back in the early 80's both in the USA as well as New Zealand and Australia.

His earlier background was in naval medicine and research and he later specialised in neurological disorders and infectious diseases. In the mid early 80's a degree in advanced physics was earned while in Australia as well as his early study into alternative healing methodologies. He carries a ministers licence and carries out ancient wedding rituals in Egypt when requested.

He has been channelling Zarlen the Pre Egyptian high priest since he was 7 years old and in the early stages never told his parents as he thought everyone did it!

Between 1986 and 1992 DR Sherwood travelled the world teaching, healing literally thousands of people of a variety of illnesses as well as helped the Egyptian authorities find new sites around the Giza area in 1992.

In 1994 he was invited to look at the mysterious crop circles that were appearing in UK and over the last 10 years since 1994 he has done exactly that as well as continued his work both in healing development as well as research into ancient Egypt and its still hidden secrets.

Dr Sherwood has appeared on PBS across the USA, on radio in Texas USA, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and also on Television in Australia, USA, New Zealand, he has also been involved in Dvds on crop circles with Eagle Vision from Hollywood in 2002. 'Signs A Warning ' is still available across the internet and has recently been re-released in 2004. Dr Sherwood has also lectured across the USA through the early 1990's and has also appeared on Strange Universe in USA a number of times. He runs regular tours to Egypt and now is looking at including Peru.

.In 2002 Dr Sherwood was invited to become a founder member of the World Noosphere Spiritual Ecological Assembly as well as a founder of the world university system. All of which is a United Nations initiative.

He is also an accomplished actor having appeared on stage and screen in numerous countries over the last 25 years or more!.

He is also a creative landscape artist on Gold coast in Australia where much of the artwork he does will be for sale.

Dr Sherwood also has a new book released in 2005 on the crop circles in UK called Crop Circles - Unlocked which is the first in a series that he will be doing on the research done to date. Click here for this and other new books soon to be released or just released world wide

You can contact him to book any workshop/Lecture and DR Sherwood will travel to any location in the world to do any of the workshops listed here on his web site to teach to groups of people.

You can E-mail .

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