Here you can find some of the workshops that are available from Dr Sherwood on a variety of subjects. When available just click each subject for further info on it.

Workshop schedules can be found on the phoenix centres website here.

Egyptian Mysteries

Pyramids and their secrets

Crop circles and inner secrets

Ka-Lei healing process

Power of thoughts

Empowering Thought expression

Ka-Lei movement exercises

Ka-Lei meditation principles

Direct Zarlen Channelling Experience. Live channelling session interaction.

Geometry and Energy

UFO encounters

Sacred Geometry and Architecture

Vortex energy and principles

World energy grid and how it affects us

Environmental conditions and there effects

About Dr Sherwood

An explanation of each workshop will be coming shortly. Each workshop also has a small lecture introduction available. These workshops are available for any venue so if you are an organiser of expos or festivals and wish to book Dr Sherwood please email for details etc.

Workshops can be from 2 hours to 7 day live in and lectures vary from 45 minutes in length to 4 hours. Same subjects as above.

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