Zarlen Prophecies

The Zarlen prophecies over the years have been extremely accurate. And as you can imagine the task of keeping track of world events on a daily basis is enormous.

The task of compiling these prophecies into a database is also an enormous one both to maintain and also to keep watch of those daily events and record them accordingly through cross-referencing and other means.

So in order that you may experience them as well as see new predictions and more we have created a yearly index so that you can see what is what from year to year. This has been constructed in a database format for ease of use. But please be aware that the amount of information is enormous and will take time to load.

Zarlen is channeled by Dr Sherwood and he has been called the oldest living channel on the planet with thousands of prophecies to his credit. He is a living prophet being able to do a variety of applications in many fields.

But do not take our word for it, why not experience these events yourself right now by looking through the years listed below. All predictions are time recorded on tape and witnessed and news reports depict the different events. In some cases actual news reports from the media will be imaged for you to see or other images as and when available will be shown of actual events as they occurred.

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