Tarot readings


Now available worldwide

Simply pay for a session and then send an E-mail to here stating how you paid and when, we will get a report of your purchase but just wish to make sure who is doing the buying. We also need your full name, gender, as well as where you live now, location town is all that is required.. DR Sherwood will then provide a tarot reading which matches what you purchased.


30 minutes

60 minutes

Just Bld_ck to go to our secure online shop.

The Pyramid tarot layout was designed by DR Sherwood and is very comprehensive. Each reading can take from 30 - 60 minutes. This is one type of reading you can have. Others are Celtic cross, time clock, and Orbit (This is a new layout DR Sherwood has just received through a channel session with Zarlen)

It has been said by many that DR Jonathan Sherwood is the oldest living channel on the international lecture and workshop circuit having channeled Zarlen now for over 40 years.

Readings can be done anywhere in the world and you do not have to be present to have a reading.

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