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Future world

Over the last 50 years we have seen technological developments that in a way have made us think less and rely on technology more thus weakening the very essence of who we are!

In many cases profit has taken over from rational thinking and so the biosphere has suffered the consequences of those actions. From world hunger to lack of spiritual recognition humanity has deserted the idea of self and embarked on a journey that is not only self destructive but also has the possibilities of decimating the very existence of mankind.

We survive in a delicate balance that relies on awareness of many factors from usage of energy resources to development of sustainable energy that is compatible with the biosphere as a whole. This not only involves research and development of those clean energy resources but also depends on not placing profit first before development of such resources.

The average cost of such enterprises as the Iraq war as an example only degrades the potential of sustainable development of many diverse areas of our culture. The amount of finance required to sustain such actions as the Iraq situation could better be applied to development of those principles that benefit mankind rather than degrade it. So far the billions of dollars and loss of life of the Iraq conflict on both sides could better be applied to the development of more peaceful endeavors rather than sustaining profitability in the field of oil and the usage thereof.

With 2/3rds of the world starving mankind still persists in going to war and funding a machine that goes nowhere in the sustainable development of both the biosphere as a whole and human growth.

In order to develop a culture that is spiritually wise and developmentally friendly  humanity has to recognize that certain political agendas are not necessarily the correct action and should be questioned as to their feasibility.

We stand at the brink of a very large cliff face and if humanity is to survive then it is humanity itself that needs to take charge of the circumstances that depicts and directs the course of events for the development of a more humane future both for humanity and the biosphere if we are to survive the next 100 years.

Food resources will become depleted as the climate increases in temperature and then less fertile areas will be available for food production and so we see a degrading of resources due to not addressing the issues of pollution both atmospherically as well as environmentally. This means addressing both soil pollution as well as atmospheric pollution. To ignore these events until they degrade beyond a point of none recovery is ludicrous in the extreme and humanity needs to come to grips with this reality rather than ignore it.

There are two futures for humanity that are presently being developed due to humanities existence.

1. A world 500 years from now where there are few people on the earth due to pollution depleting the ozone as well as soil pollution therefore not allowing for much food production. This being caused by two elements.

a: Due to the rise of oceanic levels salt tables have risen thus contaminating the soil on many coastal regions as well as further inland. (This is occurring even now in various countries around the globe and is gradually becoming worse.)

b: Less pure drinking water due to climate change and as pollutant's increase in the atmosphere more chemical imbalances occur thus producing more acidic rain thus contaminating drinking water.

c: Oil reserves become rare so due to rationing and none development of new energy resources energy production reduces.

d: Fish stocks are low due to overfishing and also oceanic pollution due to contaminated runoff.

2. Due to the development of sustainable energy resources humanity flourishes and development in new systems from medical to technologically friendly systems guarantees humanities success. Food production increases due to pollution controls and thus pollution becomes virtually none existent due to new developments in growth and harvesting procedure's. World hunger is none existent as food production as well as disease control is balanced and eliminated.

This is just a small example of how humanity can change the way we treat our planet and in order for those changes to become reality humanity first has to come to terms with its own existence and the way in which it presently takes advantage of the world in which we live.

A world which will not exist unless we change the way we look at it now!!!

Presently there are governments in the world that do not care about the problems of world hunger, homelessness, disease and other issues. raping the planet for profit will never work because at some stage there will be no planet so where do you spend the profits then!!

If humanity is to become spiritually at one with the biosphere then humanity needs to address the issue of understanding the value of being one with it and working alongside the planet as it is after all home to humanity and thus is the only one you have.

I bet you treat your own home better than you treat the home planet in which you co-exist!

The future of mankind is in the stars but getting there is proving to be a challenge but only as long as we waste resources on other non essential aspects. To realise where profitability lies is to recognise your business future..

Technology exists today to create exploration craft that could benefit mankind in any number of ways through development and delivery as well as new discoveries, colonies establishment in space and so forth.

Focusing on who is threatening who will get humanity nowhere.

All religious factions must learn to live side by side and develop a sustainable future otherwise there will be no religions left because there will be no one left to live them.

This is an extract from a lecture done by Dr Sherwood back in 1990 in Los Angeles USA.

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