Zarlen " Future of mankind" Tour

Dr Sherwood is the oldest living channell on the international circuit. He has worked overseas with people like Barbara Hand-Clow, Barbara Marciniak, Kevin Ryerson, Darryl Anka, Lyssa Royal, Shawn Randall as well as many others.

Now for the very first time he wishes to bring Zarlen - The pre-Egyptian High priest to the shores of the USA.

We are looking for a promoter to help organise schedules and times for this amazing event to occur right across the USA.

The Zarlen information has only ever been channelled once in New York a number of years ago and all present were brought to tears from this amazing experience.

Much of what you see on the Rajon website originated from a small part of the Zarlen information.

The 'Future of Mankind' Tour will be one of insight and intrigue as for the first time Zarlen will talk about the future of mankind and show us hope for the future as well as beyond.

To date Zarlen only communicates through Dr Sherwood and he has given enough information to fill 300 books of 300 pages each on a different subject.

From ancient knowledge to modern day mysteries as well as some of the most remarkable healing and other techniques will be discussed. You will even be able to ask questions in the sessions.

So if you are interested in organising and promoting this tour please contact us here.


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