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Past life reports

Now you can order a trance channeled past life report today and have it emailed to you at home anywhere in the world by Dr Jonathan Sherwood the Zarlen channel.

Find out why you have fears you cannot explain like the man who did not know why he was afraid of water and could not stand having his back to people. After the report it surfaced that he had these fears and we did not know prior to doing his past life report which showed he was shot in the back with an arrow while crossing a river fell of the horse and drowned. Now he scuba dives and has no problem having his back face other people.

There are literally hundreds of reports like this one.

You find out the following:


  • Where you were born in your last life. (What country)
  • When you were born (What year)
  • Your previous occupation (Job if any)
  • Your previous personality
  • What life lesson you are on now
  • Past influences and events

And anything else we may see along the way.


Much of what you do now is connected to that last life and can help you make decisions about where to go from here. Or wherever you may be.

To get your own report sent by email simple click the order button below and we shall send it to you ASAP.

Please make sure when ordering that we receive the following:

  • What name you are known by now
  • A return e-mail address (please be assured all information is kept in the strictest confidence.)
  • Whether male or female..
  • Date of birth and where.

That's it! And remember that the sizes of the reports will vary from person to person.

Cost is 70 per person. 

And remember that Dr Sherwood is the worlds oldest living trance channel having now worked with Zarlen for over 50 years.

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