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If you would like to advertise in our classifieds advert section then simply buy a space for however long you want..

It only costs $1 usd per month that's as cheap as it gets.minimum time per advert before renewal is 90 days or 3 months. Your advert will then be automatically deleted by the system unless you renew it. You do get 5 days notice of renewal before your advert will dissappear.

The system is simple when you submit an advert to us here(submit advert) once payment is done a category is created if not already there and we place it for you once payment has been checked and approved. This will usually only take a couple of hours. Images should be sized as follows: file size 5000 bytes, width 640, height 480, thumbnail width 60, height 60. Characters allowed per advert 10000.

If you use the guestbook for your add it will dissappear and your ip will be blocked..

So we suggest you use this area that way you will get people looking at your merchandise.

Once your advert has been reviewed you will receive an email with instructions on how to pay for the advert.

Just so you know the Rajon website is one of the oldest sites on the internet and has had millions of people view it over the years. So traffic is no problem.

Rules or advertising

No pornographic material please!

No bad language lets keep it clean.

That's it simple really.



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