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ZARLEN (Initially spelt as Karlen) He is a pre Egyptian High priest connected  with the White Brotherhood and he holds a very high office in that group.  He is a master of tone and has communicated to date enough material to fill  300 books of 300 pages a piece on over 1,000 subjects and no 2 books would  be the same.

 Zarlen has shown incredible  accuracy in his data and has held many ancient ceremonies that defy modern  day explanation.

Dr Sherwood has channeled in a panel situation with Darryl Anka, Lyssa  Royal, Barbara Marciniak, Barbara Hand-Clow, Kevin Ryerson and many others.

Zarlen has communicated the healing therapies and other data that has  been developed and is now available through any number of avenues and the  research work continues.

Whenever he is in Egypt he will if Dr Sherwood Channels him give information  on any new finds, temples buried and other sites that can be found and the local authorities  hold the information in high regards after the previous experiences they have  had with him.

Definitely not an event to be missed whenever it takes place.

Very soon Zarlen has indicated that he wishes to begin a tour of the world  doing live sessions in a workshop situation so a promoter is required for  this to take place and we hope someone will accept this challenge. If you  are interested in organizing a world tour for Zarlen then e-mail us at email  and we will get back to you ASAP.


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