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Large ice lakes are being discovered which show increase in subsurface melting of the ice cap in the south.

update August 2007.

Emperor Penguins

Lake at North Pole.

Large ice sheet breaks off the southern ice shelf of Antarctica.











Emperor penguins


An article appeared in Time recently which embarked on a story which can only be emphasized as incredible proof of the problems facing mankind with regards greenhouse effects and other global warming problems. According to the report from reliable scientists they now are seeing ice shelves melting faster than was previously thought. The Weis ice shelf in the Antarctic which is normally 9,600 feet thick has begun to collapse and the measurements which scientists have obtained from bore samples shows it is melting from warm water oceanic currents sweeping under the shelf. This has caused it to reduce its thickness by as much as 1,000 feet thus making the shelf unstable as it no longer rests on the ocean bottom. It has been calculated that due to a number of factors which are now occurring the shelf is collapsing at a faster rate than was previously thought and instead of it taking what scientists thought would be 1,000's of years to collapse it is now showing signs of serious and increased melting thus increasing the risk of collapse. If this happens then the shelf itself could according to scientists melt within 1 year instead of the 100's of years previously thought. This would raise the ocean levels worldwide by 20 feet. We will keep watch on this and update you as the information comes to hand.

Another report received by the Institute involved what can only be described as the decimation of literally 10's of thousands of Emperor Penguin chicks which due to the rapid melting of the temporary ice cap around the Antarctic which normally the Emperor penguin chicks are relient upon to reach maturity,

melted 2 weeks early thus they were not ready for the open sea, their fur not changed enough to protect them from the cold antarctic waters. Also another report just in is that the US Antarctic base recorded for the first time rain showers! Normally it is too cold for rain! Yet another is that snow showers were recorded at the South Pole. Normally it is too cold for snow! Also Ross Island in the Antarctic which is normally surrounded by ice for the whole year is now free to sail around!




Lake at North Pole!

So now we find a lake at the North Pole in August 2000 and we still find certain scientists saying it is natural when all the signs are showing a global heating increase taking place. If you do not know you do mot get oceans rising from sea ice as it is already displaced mass wise by its frozen state all that is taking place when it melts is the conversion from ice to water. No increase in volume takes place like Land ice which does not have any oceanic displacement due to it sitting on lad such as the large ice sheets of the Antarctic.

Either way the situation is one that should be seriously taken notice of and listened to widely as if we do not have a habitable planet then all the profit in the world is not going to do you any good because you would have nowhere to spend it.

The rate of change will exponentially expand due to the way nature works. Once a degree is increased you do not keep getting the one degree you get one degree plus a percentage of the increase.



Large ice sheet breaks off the southern ice shelf of Antarctica.

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