North pole


Here is a result of global warming!

Reported 15th August 2004.

The northeast passage across the Siberian polar ice is open. The glaciers on Ellesmere Island and the northern and northeastern shores of Greenland are collapsing within a matter of days. The channel between Greenland and Ellesmere Island is open. And only about 250 miles of ice remains on the north shore of Greenland connecting it to the polar ice. And that is breaking up. Vast stretches of polar ice are pulverized and floating free in the Arctic ocean. Thousands of square miles of ice are pulverized and on the edge of breaking up into a billion ice bergs.

An immense rent has formed in the ice north of Queen Victoria Island. An even larger tear reaches up from Siberia poking at the north pole itself. The entire north shore of Alaska is
Ice free, as is all of the northern Siberian shore - all the way to the New Siberian Islands and beyond.

The last of the ice blocking the Northwestern passage at the east end of Queen Elizabeth
Island is breaking up. In short, the north pole is falling apart. And some claim global warming isn't real!? Within weeks, the refreeze should begin. Depending on how long it is before that happens, massive changes may occur at the pole before the freeze. The polar ice may well break free from land on ALL sides!! This is one of the most astounding events in all of
human history. And where is it on the news????


Greenland – Ice Melting Fast

By Hamish Macdonell, The Scotsman reports, "Greenland's cover of ice is melting ten times quicker than previously thought, an increase that could lead to floods across the world," scientists have found. Newly published research shows an alarming rise in the rate of collapse of the massive Greenland ice-sheet as a result of global warming. Scientists now believe the ice-sheet is shrinking at the rate of ten meters a year, not the one meter previously thought. If the entire ice-sheet melts, the resulting flood waters would raise the level of global seas by seven meters, submerging large areas of land, including sea-level cities such as London. Greenland has the biggest ice-sheet in the northern hemisphere: almost 772,000 square miles of ice which is up to 1.9 miles thick, the base of which is below sea level.


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