Good or bad

A new power scheme project is in the pipeline for development in Australia. The project is supposed to be environmentally friendly, a design to build a massive greenhouse that will trap hot air. The design is a circular one with a roof that slowly slopes upwards to the middle where there will be a large circular chimney that will rise 1 km into the upper atmosphere The hot air will rise through this chimney and as it rises it passes through a sequence of gigawatt turbines that produce power. The hot air will eventually rise and exit out of the chimney in a cooler atmosphere.

So! Now we know the basic facts the design was taken from a much smaller project in Germany which used the same principle but had a central chimney stack of only 250metres.

This one has a central stack of 1 kilometre.

I thought hot air condensed when it reached the upper atmospheres cold air??? 250 metres is not a problem! 1 kilometre could well be!

So what happens to all the extra moisture that is now going to be introduced into the region of our atmosphere 1 kilometre up?? Rain maybe!!! BUT WHERE WILL IT FALL AND HOW?

One can only wonder at what will happen when this takes place. It is due for completion sometime in about 3-5 years and will be the biggest structure on the planet according to reports!

This could be interesting.! Wonder what sort of environmental impact this one will have?

If a volcano produces its own weather phenomena when it spumes hot gases and hair through convection into the upper atmosphere and has the effect of altering the weather world-wide if the eruption is long enough, the size is not the problem its the amount of hot gas and mixed with rising hot air from the molten rock causes weather changes. This event lasts maybe a few days or a couple of weeks at best.

Here with this greenhouse project we are talking about an event that is constant!

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