Australia report

There are a number of issues to cover in this report.

Firstly now that the Kyoto protocol has been ratified with all the countries except USA, & Australia being the ones to not signup it shows us yet again the irresponsible action of these two governments in controlling greenhouse gasses and also implementing environmental controls to stop eradication of species of animals. plants etc.


Second the recent release of the Australian governments environmental report survey shows that the present condition in Australia of its Biodiversity is breaking down to such an extreme that it is putting the extinction of the Dinosaurs to shame.


Due to deforestation and land clearing this has created a massive decline in a variety of species of plants and animals and also has created an increase in salination of land as well as reduction of rainfall and ground pollution.

To this end in the next 50 years if the present conditions are left to continue much of Australia will be desert and unliveable. Rainfall will also continue to decline and a warming of the seasons will also cause problems of its own.

Water will become more scarce and food supplies from farming will also reduce as land management becomes more difficult.

The idea of leaving a dead, dying, country to your children is not my idea of progress and to ignore the present warning signs is exactly that. Why have children if they do not have a future.


Now there will be those out there in Australia that will say "Oh! That's rubbish! Its done this before and it will do it again!"

That might be the case but not in so short a time and at such an accelerated rate! Facts are facts! Just because the world has always been here does not mean it always will be no matter how we treat it. The bio-diverse state of the planet is a delicate system of checks & balances. Unless we work with it WE WILL DESTROY IT AND ALL LIFE ON EARTH!

Zarlen has stated that Australia will become an example to the rest of the world. Either a good one or a very bad one.



This report is compiled from data from CSIRO in Australia. and news reports!

Updates; 28th may 2005!

Recent reports released for water shotages in Queenslands south east state that both The Hinze and Wivenhoe dams will be empty by 2007 unless significant rain falls in the catchment areas. Australia is gripped by the worst drought in living memory.


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