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Indigo kids are also known as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) as well as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder!

This section of the Rajon website is just a snippet of information on this particular subject. We do have lots more data on this subject and also a variety of ways to assist with the development of these children. A variety of workshops are available and can be done by booking us for the weekend . email!

One of the many problems with the labels above is that it is seriously mistaken for an ailment when in actuality it is a developmental process which is one of improvement not disease.

Most if not all of these children have an enormous amount of energy. So much so that many parents are in unknown territory and not sure what to do, take their children to the doctor where the above labels are applied and drugs are admistered in order to control and suppress the extra expressive energy that is due to a genetic improvement due to genetic natural progression.

Let us explain a few things!

When you are born you have a substantial amount of Silica in the body! This is perrfectly normal and in reality should be maintained. For many years in the past this Silica deposit has slowly reduced thus causing a reduction in the amount of energy that the brain gets. This was due to the genetic sequencing not having any improvements taking place at that time. So the end result was that the children that had excess energy slowly would grow out of it as the original Silica deposit reduced.(The reason for the reduction is due to not enough silica in diets!)

That was in the past! Now we have a totally different scenario where the genetic sequence has an improvement taking place due to natural progression whereby as the genetic sequence improves as time goes by, this Silica deposit which is totally normal is returning to create a naturally occurring constant resupply of the element which results in more energy to the brain! This is to be expected as humanity matures! So to will the genetic sequence.

Silica is a natural converter of sunlight into energy. Along with diet the increase of energy will create a hyperactive child. This energy needs to be focused in a usable way and NOT SUPPRESSED!

We have to date applied a variety of methods to these children whereby they were shown how to use the excess and to date they are no longer on the drugs and lead normal lives with extra abilities that can be used to help others.

The brain as it gains access to more energy being supplied to it activates dormant areas of itself so that it can use the energy. The results of this are many and varied.

Increased activity both physically and mentally.

Improved abilties in a number of areas the most significant in some could be psychic and other paranormal activity. (You have to remember that both psychic and paranormal states are not strange or weird. This is a science area that has yet to be both recognised and understood by modern day scientists and others) We need to remember that these areas of activity were used extensively in the ancient times and today we have forgotten them but that does not mean they are different. It is just that these abilities are from areas of the brain not normally used by the average person. But times are changing and we all need to better understand this and not just ignore it and hope it goes away because it won't.

Some of the things that these special children will do are as follows:

1. Physical expression. ie: Running around a lot and constantly on the move.

2. Lack of focus due to the brain attempting to get the individual to focus on more exact areas using high energy creative areas of the brain. ( A good test of this process is to get the person to focus on a creative ability that they are interested in. This would require you to find their focused interest.)

In many cases more advanced methodologies are required that do not presently exist in our normal cultural experiences and teachings. These would include methods of advanced healing, both internal and external as well as environmental communication skills.

In all cases natural ability will come to the fore and will mean they would be able to do things that normal training ie: teaching at school etc has not prepared the parents for. Such examples might be telepathic type communication, or even psychic type abilities ( This is the area that is presently questionable by modern day science as it is presently not full accepted or even understood.)

The reason these children are distracted and do not focus (That's the Attention Deficit area) is due to the energy that creates feelings of a physical nature, which distracts the brain. This is the brain activity and is a way of internal communication that is attempting to get the individual to focus on what the brain needs and not on what external teaching or experience might be doing at the time. (This could be classified by modern day as day dreaming when in actuality the individual is focusing and using this higher energy in order to stay in control. This ability however needs to be focused better by special training.

This means changing the teaching methodologies that have been used in the past to something more creative. An example of this change would be instead of a mathematical equation on a blackboard give them the same equation in a more interactive way such as a 3d example on a computer using a storyline. This makes their creative processes more interactive thus teaching them self control of these abilities at the same time.

This is not a disorder but a natural occurring event and should be treated as such. The difference in these children should never be ignored nor should they be treated as different. This is very important for their own self esteem. They need to be better understood and not just pushed aside and given drugs to suppress them. That is just as bad as ignoring them, their needs and what is required to assist them.

Medicine treats these situations as an ailment if any physical event does not conform to the norm as they see it. But we must adapt to these processes that are triggered by natural occurring progression of the genetic sequence, otherwise we suppress our own future and there's.


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