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CASE 1. New Zealand 1985.

An elderly lady came to see us about her eyes. She could not see enough to read a book and had severe glaucoma of both eyes. After the main therapy she could see enough to get home comfortably and after only 3 weeks of one additional therapy per week she could read a book without difficulty. The Glaucoma cleared up on its one within the first week of the application.

CASE 2. Australia July 13th 1988.

We went to visit a mother with a severely brain damaged child who was attempting to help her daughter to heal. The story is a remarkable one and we let the child's mother tell the tale.

Our third child was born after a pregnancy punctuated by threatened miscarriages and premature labors, all halted by my self-acupuncturing. She had a difficult delivery, as a Keillards rotation under epidural after two and half hours of being pushed against my sacrum. The facial bruising, swelling and ski-slope forehead gradually became normal, but she only opened her eyes in very dim conditions. Her lethargy became more pronounced. The jaundice her two brothers had experienced began on the second day, and although she went under the lights, she didn't improve.

"We went home on day five, and over the next week I became increasingly panicky over her state of health. Eventually I could throw her up in the air and catch her and she wouldn't stir. Pulling toes, pinching ears, shaking, nothing would rouse her to feed properly. The rooting and Moro responses left also. The feverishness and funny cry were put down to the hot weather and her catching her dad's cold, the lethargy and poor feeding to the jaundice.

She started fitting at two weeks of age. The probable cause was given as herpes encephalitis. I had cold sores for the last seven weeks of pregnancy as I became very run down from weeks of sleepless nights, stopping contractions with acupuncture and acupressure. One of my visitors, with a virulent cold sore, cuddled my daughter when she was two days old. We didn't know of any danger After a few weeks in hospital, comparative brain scans were done-the first ones taken the first night of the trauma.

We were told of the massive brain damage and the high probability of her being deaf, blind, cerebral palsied, epileptic and profoundly mentally retarded. The seriousness of it all was greatly emphasized.

We had seen the original scan showing a small black lesion in the right temporal lobe. Throughout the hospitalization we were hopeful that at worst this would just enlarge slightly. The second patchy black and white picture was more revealing than any number of words.

As I had been a natural therapist, acupuncturist, and teacher of acupuncture students over many years, I was aware of the possibilities available to us. During the crisis time I had maintained the milk supply (just) by having acupuncture treatment and consuming vast quantities of stress formula pills. She resumed breast feeding gradually and within two weeks that was back almost to normal.

I knew a number of therapists, homeopaths and psychics, who all beamed vibration remedies and healing to her. She always had her father or myself, usually touching or cuddling her, throughout the hospitalization. She was given Bach and gem remedies by mouth and rubbed on acupuncture points and chakras when staff weren't looking. We felt that we were loving her back to life. I had no idea what the staff thought. She was completely unaware and unresponsive-we assumed her spirit and subconscious were still with us.

In our naivety we didn't know what was expected of a baby under such conditions; we assumed her total vacantness was a combination of illness and drug side effects. Once home we tried every available moment (and there were more of them than usual, due to a completely erratic, almost nonexistent sleep-wake cycle) to elicit some response. No eye contact, no smiling, no muscle tone, no awareness of us or the environment. She could suck and swallow and thus grew very quickly, with plenty of milk and no activity.

A colleague suggested a form of energy channeling, Reiki, when she was seven months old. This continued for 6-7 months. Coincidentally? She became less angry and more open to the world and us, rather than objects. At the same time she seemed to be happier and more positive in herself, ceased getting ill with obscure problems with every developmental step, and very gradually began exploring the world. If she missed a Reiki treatment, the difference over the next week was obvious-she looked like a clockwork toy gradually winding down.

We took her to an inner energy specialist DR Sherwood. He made immediately observable changes to her-the theory of these changes being rather obscure and totally non-medical. The point was, something had happened, and she was different (better)

She started sitting unsupported and within a week could get herself to a standing position against the furniture. She could crawl a very small distance in order to get a favorite piece of sheepskin, or to stand up. Other visits by DR Sherwood over the next few months at 1 per month showed immediate improvements in her and there were continual improvements with each visit.

Update - 1993 - A few years later we had not seen DR Sherwood for a couple of years after the last therapy he applied to her and we took her to him for a simple check up because she was making nice progress so when we visited DR Sherwood when my daughter was older the first thing she did was run across to him and give him a very big hug and she said thank you. This was the first time she had said anything to him. But she had recognized him from the work he was doing years before! This case history is an extract from the book "Zarlen Speaks A New Beginning" By DR Sherwood. Available from the mail order section of this web site.

CASE 3. APRIL-SEPTEMBER 1996. Houston Texas. USA.

A boy of 12 was brought to us in a wheelchair. He has never been able to move his legs and had a variety of conditions.

After the first session of the main Zarlen Therapy he was able to move one leg. After other therapies a week apart using other techniques of DR Sherwood he can now move both legs and has shown increased flexibility in his movements.

CASE 4. London 1996. Aug./Sept.

A young girl of 6 was brought to DR Sherwood on one of his visits to London. She was wearing bifocal glasses. After the main Zarlen Therapy she is now no longer wearing the glasses as she can see clearly without them.


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