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Case histories 2

This next case history is one that is very close to me! Our son of 6 months old became ill while we were in United Kingdom with Pneumoccocal Meningitis. He had massive seizures while waiting for the ambulance and then spent 3 weeks in Intensive care at Bristol Royal Children's fighting for his life! Before he left in the ambulance I applied a body shield process which basically stops the physical body from being damaged. The doctors and specialists could not understand throughout the time Sam spent in hospital why his body looked so good and yet inside he was a mess!! That was worth noting.

Numerous CT and Cat brain scans showed massive damage to the Central Ganglia. He was totally non responsive. Upon leaving intensive care he then spent many weeks in hospital having tests and blood transfusions as many blood tests were done as well as a spinal tap. The conclusion of the spinal tap was that they could not grow a culture from the sample as the virus did not respond. Now they started to give Sam broad spectrum antibiotics to fight the disease but they still did not know exactly what they were fighting!

When he finally left hospital he was never the same and was very out of it and still got sub seizures around 12 a day.

We returned to Australia to give us all space to recover and found solace in the quiet space we entered into.

The medical fraternity even in Australia did not help very much all medication seemed not to work and in one case made Samuel worse off massive seizures started again.

I took control at that stage and removed him from the medication and the seizures stopped though not fully as the sub seizure were still there. Sam was still getting medication but it was not changing anything!

After numerous applications of some new healing therapies we got Samuel to a stage where we could apply the Main Zarlen Therapy, within days of the application all seizures stopped and we began to see the old smiling laughing Samuel come back to us again.

Now we are weaning Samuel off the medication and he continues to improve and there have been no further seizures for the last 2 weeks ( date 1st October 2003)

Samuel's recovery will be normal but will still take time. He has a lot of catching up to do and at 2 years he is now starting to finally crawl and sit up and do normal things for the first time.

We firmly believe that the shield therapy we had developed and applied to Sam saved him and the main therapy has repaired the damage that was causing the seizures. He is now laughing and smiling and chatting and we continue to see improvements in him on a daily basis.

Update 4th december 2003


It has now been 2 months since we did the modified Zarlen Healing therapy on Sam and before we applied it he was on Epilim twice a day plus he was still getting seizures 16 or so times in 24 hours..

Within 24 hours of the therapy being applied all seizures slowly reduced and stopped and his progress has been accelerated ever since.

In 2 months he has gone from only small roll overs to full sitting and pulling up to stand using furniture, balance and co-ordination has improved dramatically as well as perception and awareness levels. Never now missing anything, and is also vocalizing sounds and words. Laughing constantly on the way to improvement.

This sudden remarkable improvement can only be attributed to the therapy we did as the drugs showed no signs of improving his condition in fact it was looking like they were making his situation much worse. But not anymore!!!!


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