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Due to our own sons illness with Neumoccocal Meningitis we have been involved in working on variations with the Zarlen Healing therapy to assist him to repair the damage to the brain so he can improve at a rate that is suitable for him.

This means that when this work is completed his healing will give us the ability to help others.

This however takes both time and effort and we have to keep records of applications times, dates and frequency of applications and any and all improvements which means constant observation of any and all improvements are recorded.

This obviously keeps us out of the work loop to earn cash to help keep things moving along so that is why we are looking for donations from the public etc. to assist in this work along with covering other areas.

The wide range of therapies that are developed from this can be applied to any number of other areas.

For instance in developing the healing program for the Meningitis sequence we have to cover motor development, communication center stimulation, central balance and increased immune activity as well as the development of new cells and rebuilding of pathways to repair damaged areas plus lots more.

This is just a brief outline but gives you an idea of how complex the process is.

So far due to other developments we had done in the past the application of a body field energy technique saved Samuel's body from being damaged in any way during the initial seizures and illness. Even the doctors at Bristol and Oxford could not understand why he look so good on the surface and yet he was seriously ill and was suffering from brain damage in the early stages to them it did not make sense as they had seen the condition many times before and non had shown this health body surface condition in the past.

Sam's rate of improvement still is improving at a faster rate than normally expected.

Date of report 1st September 2003. an updated case history is now available here!


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