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OK! So you think you have an indigo child!

The first step in working with them and also make it easier on you to handle the dynamic personalities that exist in the different types out there is very simple.

First you have to accept them as they are. The resistance you will encounter in trying to mould them into what you want would be worse than going to war! Take time out to get to understand their personalities this is a whole new breed of humanity that is emerging and it is your responsibility to learn to handle the change and not attempt to use old and antiquated techniques.

Heavy handed discipline will only make the situation worse. You have to be tactful yet firm. If something they do is wrong one method is to spend time first to explain why they are about to lose their favourite story for the evening. Then send them to their room for 5 minutes to contemplate the error. After a while they will get the picture. This process however has to be added to in any number of ways but in an intelligent manner. That way you are showing them respect for their intelligence also. And believe me you will see their intelligence level emerge in the first 5 years of their lives.

Then its all go!

Look at these kids like empty computers and they need input and good input (knowledge) they are craving to learn. Always with the why and what's that! This is more so in these children as they grow more older. You not only have to give them stimulation regarding knowledge but also good nutrition as these kids have a higher memory span than normal as well, so they learn fast!

Teaching mechanisms also need to be improved as the learning process of the past will be slow and frustrating for these children so a more interactive process is required which should include experiential experiences.


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