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1992 December.

The main concentration of change began in December of 1992 but there were earlier children born before that time and they were the leading starters that came to initiate the knowledge to help change the way these new children were treated and trained. Indigo Kids are special in that they portray many leading attributes that are at the forefront of humanities steps into the future. Their IQ levels will be advanced and if taught correctly will become highly intelligent and very creative thinkers.

The earlier ones born have the knowledge to help those entering now!

In many cases the earlier ones are into many alternative learning and practical experiences from advanced healing techniques to advanced methods of communication. One thing is certain that these new kids do have strong communication skills and in some cases telepathic process are in place. This can be tested for in a variety of ways and such learning centers are starting to pop up in a number of areas. Many are just getting established so you should see a number of training and learning centers for both children and parents to attend appearing as time goes by!

There is nothing weird or strange about all of this as the development is purely natural.

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