Vortex energy and the dampening effect on nuclear power.

This is a sensitive area and can have profound effects on the future of mankind.

Producing vortex energy in a working model in controlled conditions is difficult as no facilities yet exist that would be able to control the power energy output. This means that smaller scale experiments can and will be done in the future to affect weather patterns. This experiment was done over 10 years ago by Dr Sherwood.

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The principle of vortex activated energy is in reality a simple one but is complex in the way it is possible to program it to do what you wish.

Some examples of vortex energy applications is controlling the weather without any adverse side effects, to controlling the outcome of world affairs through the principle of balance and spiritual awareness when making decisions of a life changing nature, to controlling the solar flare activity on the surface of the sun, to the subtle applications of healing cellular damage within the human anatomy.

Vortex activated energy when processed through the human brain has the capacity to heal internal organs with 48 hours to repairing nerve damage to creating artificial gravity and also anti gravity. The list is endless. The energy vortex itself is multi phased and can only be truly programmed by the brain at this point due to the rapid way in which it phases from one frequency to another. The combination of 2 wave forms must be perfectly aligned and balanced if the process is to work at all. This requires a harmonic matrix which is a combination of wave tones that are compatible. Not all wave tones are compatible so a vortex would not be formed from any old random sets or pairs.

This is a simple introduction to Dr Sherwoods work in this field which covers some 30 years of research which he has collected from ancient sites all over the world. Many have even stated that he is 500 years ahead of everyone else in this and other areas of his knowledge.

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