Co2 converter

Co2 conversion using harmonic modulation is possible using carefully balanced pairs which form a purifying atmospheric vortex which converts the Co2 structure into another harmless gas.

All elements that exist have the ability to convert into other elements and on a large scale this unit does affect any area.

The principle involves extraction in say a localized area of polluted air in one side and expels the cleaned air out the other there is no waste product to handle as the component Co2 is converted while passing through the unit.

Units themselves can be any size as the scale is relative. Which means whether its the size of a 6 story building or the size of a small car the results are the same.

How do we knot this principle works.

Because it can also be applied by just one human being using an ancient technique of powering. We applied the technique in Los Angeles at Seal Beach for a short time to see what the results would be and an area the size of 2 square miles appeared above our heads in a circle that was blue sky and no brown pollution, the air tasted fresh and the energy was a simple exercise of an ancient Ka-lei principle. These principles however can be also converted in a technological way to have the same effects. By the way it stayed that way until we deactivated it quite a few hours later, then the circular area above our heads vanished and the brown was back.

In the technical aspects there is also a multi phase unit built in that can be altered to either include other gases in the atmosphere if desired but not essential gases as we do need to keep a sensible balance.

Vortex energy has the ability to convert atmospheric air into pure clean content and more developmental work can now be done to create units that do the same job.

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