Vortex Basics

In order to understand the principle of what a vortex is the simplest way is to watch the water in a bucket being filled by using a hose and place the hose to the side of the bucket wall. What happens is the force of the water creates an artificial energy vortex through its own flow from the hose and the round shape of the bucket. However when you shut down the water flow the vortex fills itself in due to no rotating energy being applied to keep it constant.

With the process of an Energy activated vortex, the principle is the same except for the fact that the force keeping it perpetual is the force of 2 energy wave tones combining together once activated it is self perpetuating so the energy remains at a constant level until you do something with it.

Within our world there are many elements that are existing through an interaction of 2 other elements which create it such as water. H2O Hydrogen and Oxygen 2 parts to one.

This means that the 2 elements when combined create a 3rd. The energy vortex principle is the same the secret of how it works is the discovery of what we have now called the Zarlen Matrix.

This Matrix is a combination of 2 activators which form it. They in turn create a helix which is aligned to human DNA helix. They are one and the same. We do not bother anymore with trying to look at certain pairs as we understand why base pairs exist. What matters is the foundation of the energy which creates this base and that is where the DNA gets its power along with the priciples of vortex energy. Now the loops within the helix are anti gravity spaces but to exponentially expand them requires the Matrix formula and then you can make those spaces do whatever you wish.

There is however a third element to all of this and it is the balancing force that stops all of this from cascading in upon itself! There are also other aspects that have to be taken into consideration such as planetary position, solar location, harmonic pulse of the period, just as an example.

However you can create an energy vortex on any hill and it will have a limiting effect. For maximum effect you will require this 3rd element in order to change more complex elements such as rejuvenating atmospheric conditions , pollution dissipation and control to re- energising the ozone and more!

Oh! The list is endless!

If you wish to know more like the complex mathematical binary language of 9 step code instead of 2 step binary language or maybe just plain old make the air cleaner where you live to maybe harnessing the hydrogen energy from water in such a way that it would be cheap to produce (That is a seperator frequency you know associated with the vortex and matrix formulas.)


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