Drone sightings

Numerous drone sightings occurred in the USA in 2007 as the photos show and in many cases no sound was heard. many appeared to be only partially visible and they appeared in a few different types, shapes etc.


The drone craft have symbols on the fins and even a person has claimed to have been involved in investigating captured drones for the US government. Which department is debatable.

In the associated pages index below you can find Isaac’s report and what he claims to have been doing. It is not the entire story as to what he knows just a portion.

We meantime have cross associated some crop circle designs with the designs on the fins and listed them below with corresponding patterns.

The drones in the pics are similar to ones we know of that are scouting drones and are of an advanced design. Alien in origin, they look like Andrean survey and grid drones for repair and search and analyze work.

Power source is a combination of grid field component operation in which each portion is part of a program that uses an energy that requires another part to complete the system. Take one part away and the rest will not work. On top of this each part carries part of a major activator that requires a main field energy system so each section will not work until it comes into contact with that field.

The system is self sustaining and requires no refueling as we understand it.


The above is a few samples of crop circles that have linked to drone type craft.


Now look at the inner portion of this design and see where it can match up on a design on the fin.

STYLE6englishcombe2002 Look at the 5 patterns that all are the same on the fin. Within the design is a circle with 4 circles at right angles to it. As in line drawing on left. Outside of this is a further 45 degree design which looks like part of the second line drawing.

We have to remember that when understanding any symbol language we have to realize that portions can be used in numerous ways and sometimes only part of what we cross reference may be used as above.

For instance this was used on the side of a UFO craft that appeared in UK known as the Rendelsham forest affair.

ufomarksThis appeared on the side of the space craft seen by investigated military personnel. The symbols are a language much like hieroglyphs but way more complex.

All symbols have the ability to harness energy and then focus it relative to the shapes used.

The above drawing is a copy of what was seen!

more coming soon!

This entry was done on 1st Jan 2008



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