About 1969

On July 20th 1969 humanity walked on the moon and many will not forget that moment.

However there is another side to this story.

Apart from dark moon theories and stage sets one aspect has escaped that is not widely known.

As many may be aware the walk transmission was interrupted and Nasa stated they had lost the signal and so in reality switched to an alternate frequency. This however was picked up by a radio ham operator in Florida who then listened to what was going on.

I myself had a sneak preview of photographs that were smuggled out of Nasa that showed a circular object over Armstrongs head as it cast a large shadow across the surface of the moon and another photo showing a dome like structure on the moons surface in the distance.

All this viewing of the photos took place in Houston in the late 80’s.

I had copies made of the pics and they were stolen soon afterwards.

One thing is certain they did switch to a backup stage set in case of an emergency as a standard protocol for this kind of situation.

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