True Love

She wanders softly in her mind
Seeking what she hopes she'll find
She wishes for so many things
And thinks of love, as dawn's bird sings
Oh sweet meanderings, oh lost soul
She feel apart, wants to be whole
Wonders where true love to be
Look she cries, oh search for me
True love hears the cries of such sorrow
Comes bounding up in the early morrow
He takes the girl softly by her hand
And says in sweet words, "I understand"
"Your heart dear love, has been hurt so much
In hope you've dreamt of a lover's touch
But so many promises have failed to come true
Stop running now, you're running from you
Trust in true love with every beat of our hearts
Let in sweet love ,oh so divine
Dearest love, dearest heart
Quite simply be mine. . ."

Copyright ©2002 Sam Jones

Love is so many things

It's holding hands, linking arms
It's kissing lips, exploring charms
It's standing together when feeling unsure
It's thinking you know everything, but wanting to know more
It's listening when the other speaks. And listening even harder when they don't
It's hearing their words and being there. Even when they think you won't
It's teasing and playing, arousing, discovering.
In the middle of the day or night
It's laughing and joking with each other. And the funny spontaneous play-fight
It's being able to hold your love. And just letting them cry
Being brave enough to be honest. Knowing to each other, you'll never lie
It's long walks by a riverbank
It's the bath you shared, the wine you drank
It's laughter, it's fun, and it's enjoying each other
It's being a best friend first and then a lover
It's missing your love when apart
But having their spirit always in each others heart
Love is so many things
Gives you butterflies that fly and soar
And helps your spirit grow so much more
Love holds your heart
Like you hold each others hand
Knowing the love in your hearts
Is like a beach full of sand
Love is everything lows, middles and highs
Time stands still and yet so quickly it flies
Love is beyond words at times
Leaves us speechless with wonder
And I quite simply think we should love one another, to the moon and back, forever

Copyright ©2002 Sam Jones

Frogs and Princes

Think I've kissed a lot of frogs

in my search for a prince

each time thinking I've found the key to happiness

each time being shot down in flames

my heart has learnt to be resilient

but my arms are still empty and my skin still untouched

But for brief moments in time

when yet another promises much

and delivers to begin with and then

slowly or quickly runs hard fast and swiftly away

so much for rising like a phoenix out of the ashes

so much for being a beautiful person inside

so much for having the looks that make people stop and stare

Because it's not and they are not enough

not enough to make the difference

not enough to make someone try

just simply not enough

others might say it's not your fault

but I have found myself taking the blame

for after all I am

the common denominator

I have learnt that

tears are not the responsibility of another

merely an expression of an overwhelming feeling

or a letting go of things carried far too long

The tears are simply a goodbye

to the past to the pain to the baggage

Yet always in my heart

I find the strength to believe

and try again even though the last time

it hurt more than the times before

because the promises were greater

the potential was already there

and the other made all the runnings

to begin with getting under my defences

because he was so open getting under my skin

because he touched me so and simply just doing

the things that I had always wanted without asking

but with great understanding

So you see Mr frog

I thought you were my prince

your disguise was good

though I've seen under it since

I've taken you off the pedestal

realised you are but a man and yet

and now there is the part of me

that wanted this simply just to be

But I know that I cannot

make another feel

if it's not in their heart

but I can see the soul

I can see the hurt

and I can offer the beauty of friendship

the softness of acceptance

the sweetness of trust

and I can only hold another

in friendship alone whilst they find

their feet and they learn to walk again

and hold them steady till they are ready to fly

so I will take my resilient heart

I will take my looks brainsand affection

and I will give them willingly

because we all need someone who can

hold us while we heal

take that which is good in us

and cherish and encourage it

and with the breath of kindness

blow the rest away

because I know in my heart one day

My prince will come even if he is

disguised as a frog!

Copyright ©2002 Sam Jones


Sometimes we smile and walk in the sun

Sometimes we cry for the things we have done

Sometimes our friends lift up our heart

Sometimes we are lonely and feel far apart

Sometimes we watch the sun going down

Sometimes our lives sink ~ and nearly drown

Sometimes we laugh and have such fun

Sometimes we are hopeful for what's just begun

Sometimes we count the stars in the sky

Sometimes we sit and just wonder why

Sometimes we want a "you and I" to be an "us"

Sometimes we feel romantic ~ or is it just lust

Sometimes we dare to trust and believe

Sometimes we try just too hard to please

Sometimes we hug, snuggle and hold on real tight

Sometimes we just need to hold someone through a night


But always...

I's not when and where you arrive, it's taking the journey that counts...


(c) Copyright 1993-2009 Rajon Design