Weather control

Page updated 25th September 2003.

We must also make note here that the vortex influence was specifically focused just on the South-eastern corner of Queensland.

Due to the fact that we do have a vortex in Sydney at Darling harbour we also created an influence down there to help eliminate the fires in NSW and ease the drought but as we are not on the spot this cannot be maintained long-term due to the amount of energy that has to be focused in the air from station to station. ie: Control vortex to vortex pilot. A pilot vortex is one that is stationed at a specific location to be used to harmonise the area in any number of ways.

A power generating vortex is one that is stationed in the ocean so that it can convert water into energy using a specific frequency.

The standard principle of a weather controlling vortex sequence using the mental powers of the human mind and the principle of dynamic energies associated with harmonic natural forces in nature is the driving force behind what makes this process work.

As an example recently Dr Sherwood returned to Australia after being in UK for 6 months and found that South East Queensland and Australia in general was in the grip of a drought.

He initiated a vortex process which would change the weather pattern in a natural way in South East Queensland in order that mother nature became in balance once again.

Dates for these events are as follows.

Vortex principle activated initially on the 3rd November 2002. Then energy was modified on the 10th and the 13th November to accelerate the process as weather drifts altered to allow the modifications as the systems began changing.

Storms and much needed rain has fallen now and is returning the weather pattern back to normal. This however will only be maintained if the vortex is kept in place.

As an experiment on the 16th November 2002 the vortex was disengaged to watch the effects. No rain has fallen since that time.

22nd September 2003 vortex is still off and no significant rain has fallen to break the drought even though the weather folk say it is. How come as dams in south east corner still low below 40%.

Rest of Australia recording above high temps and still very little rain. Weather patterns going south of continent. Maybe time for a change.

Plan is to activate vortex sequence in Early October will place dates here when done!

More soon!

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