Vortex power.

Unlimited Clean Power supply.

Ever since the dawn of this civilization we have raped the planet and misused its resources to an astonishing degree. For humanity to think that the world will always be there and that there is nothing wrong and all the fuss is just that fuss are deluded and also egotistical. The planet is changing and unless we do something about it now your children and there children will inherit an uninhabitable planet or one that is seriously in the flux of dramatic change that would be life threatening.



So here is one answer of many we have that can start to solve the problem of energy pollution.

A Vortex based 4 to 12 or more phased variable energy system that can produce so much power that you would never reach total capacity usage and it would be available to all of humanity no matter where they live!!

If you think this sounds like a dream then read on!

Vortex technology is available to us right now!! And there is the capacity to create systems with combinations as high as 20,000 phased variables. This would mean that if you built a system using maximum variables the power output would equal a sun.

We have the means to access this power it is simply the application of the science necessary to make it happen so here is the beginnings of the process.

Vortex energy is the application of a basic principle of using compatible tone sounds in a formula that creates a matrix or helix which is highly energy particle active. This is done by creating a chamber about 52ft across which is circular in shape. Inside the chamber there are multiple emitters strategically placed at certain intervals which would when completed emit compatible sound pairs, the chamber would also be filled with salty water!. These emitters produce an energy field which is geometrically perfect but also produces a ventricular force which would begin to rotate much like a Hurricane rotates and begins to produce what you would understand as static energy discharge. Within the chamber in the center is a (for want of a better explanation) lighting rod which would be the collector for the energy discharges. This would be linked to any power supply so that the power could be used. Eventually after a small space in time the output would exceed the input considerably thus making the unit self sustaining!

This may sound simple as we have explained it but in actuality it is extremely complex as the compatible tone pairs have to be synchronized so that they are all in sequence and this is where the system can fail if this is not done correctly.

There will be a design of the chamber coming soon!!

To give you an idea of how complex the equation is here is an example of an incomplete matrix formula. We have deliberately left out the 3rd phase for security reasons!


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