Meteor info

On August 11, 2004, at about 21h UT, the Earth will pass through the dense core of the Perseid meteoroid stream from the parent comet Swift-Tuttle. The stream is calculated to pass within 0.0013 AU from the Earth's orbit and should provide plenty of shooting stars. Observation should be good throughout the night. There is a possibility that larger meteoroids will pass through our protecting atmosphere. There is always a danger from space, but fortunately our observation of the skies is increasing.

update 17th August 2004: No reports of damage but we had a good view of the meteors as they entered counted 24 in one hour alone and some of them were big.

September 21st 2007

Large meteor entered atmosphere over Gold coast was seen to burn with long tail for some time. Largest one I have ever seen and I have seen a few. Time around 8pm est. Australia.

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