Andrean Fleet

Update 2008 september 8th 2008.

Due to the LHC being fired on wednesday the fleet will be positioning themsleves in proximity to observe the response once the LHC is fired.

Due to upcoming events on planet earth the Andrean fleet are about to change their location to a closer proximity to earth.This wll mean that their positions will appear on deep space radar so this message is going out to advise that they are not hostile but there to assist when an atomic situation occurs.

There are 3 deep space vehicles present and will be making some of their smaller vehicles apparent as scout missions occur to assess the changing situations regarding Irans nuclear weapons advancement programs that they are aware of as well as other events presently occurring.

Be aware that these vehicles do have the ability to neutralise any atomic reaction!


Due to the nature of events in this time 2006/2007 that are about to take place updates will occur when available.

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