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The Zarlen Therapy An Advanced Healing Therapy

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The main Zarlen Therapy is a telepathic energy technique which communicates directly with the central processing area of the patients brain to assist in identification and repair or heal affected areas this way the brain learns by cross association with the memory pattern that caused the problem in the first place thus educating the brain. There is no other therapy like it.

In most cases one application is sufficient. While others which have a variety of memory patterns cross relating to the condition such as allergies may take up to 5 follow ups but no more. Each session varies from 30 seconds to half an hour. The 30 second application is the main therapy and even though the application takes only 30 seconds the discussion and exercises that follow can take an hour.

Many people think that disease is caused by emotion. In a way this is true except for the fact that the brain controls the emotion and where it is stored as a memory. The memory profile is stored in a specific sequence by the brain and if the alignment of the brain is not correct then this profile is only randomly used thus you end up storing the memories in the wrong place. The brain does not store memory profiles, that is done in the body. That is why all ailments in society today have memory associated events. The Main Zarlen Therapy helps to release those events by a sequence known as point patterns. The surface of the top of the skull is covered with thousands of points. Similar to acupuncture points but more complex. When you understand how to access them you can access the clients brain to assist it to self recognize that there is a problem with the memory profile and it needs to be corrected. In the early testing and also later we found clients lost their ability to speak if they had speech impairment of any kind. After a few hours their speech control returned and their speech had improved dramatically. In other cases such as allergies the follow-up techniques where used to access the memories that were causing the allergic reaction and once the brain could access the pattern the allergic reaction ceased.

There are many other such cases that work the same way. In one instance working in association with a Chinese acupuncturist we were asked to assist a lady that was tested by him and virtually every point was out in her body. The physical conditions were obvious due to this. We applied the main therapy and within seconds the effects physically were obvious. We then sent her back to the acupuncturist and he could not find one point out of place. The brain in a matter of seconds had re-profiled the memory associated with the point condition for the whole body. A job that the acupuncturist stated would have taken many visits to fix. He even stated that due to the extreme nature of her condition it would have been difficult to figure out where to start.

The Main Zarlen Therapy is not hypnosis of any kind but an advanced healing modality that anyone can learn over time.

Over the last 18 years DR Sherwood has developed this advanced healing technique, so advanced it can reprogram the human form and repair damaged nerve fibres in a matter of days.

In many instances stroke victims during the research period have regained the ability to us previously paralysed areas of their bodies and can live normal lives once again. In regards to Brain Damage! The therapy can release the trauma and repair the damage extremely fast.

All of these advanced therapies can and do happen fast and all are non-drug related.

Many who have experienced this therapy are in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, England and many other areas.

There are two levels of training with the Zarlen Therapy techniques.

1. Zarlen Therapy basic techniques. (This level of training does not included the Main Zarlen Therapy Telepathic technique.)

2. Advanced Zarlen Therapy techniques. (This includes the Main Zarlen telepathic technique.)

If you require further information go to the Case Histories for some amazing details of the cases that have been done.

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