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Harmonics & Architecture

Throughout  history we have been influenced and awed by amazing and sometimes  complex designs. Many of which we have not been able to recreate due  to a lack of understanding of a basic principle at work which if not  used properly will create havoc and unrest.

In understanding the harmonics of nature, Dr Sherwood began to  see that the complex nature of energy within nature was responsible  for many changes in our world. Designs of buildings and other structures  can influence the way we react by the geometry of the design.

As an example if we take a normal standard tall building which  might have the following dimensions:

Height: 400ft

Width: 100ft. By 100ft.

The resulting harmonic energy of the structure would be equal to  the following...34.25.

The 34.25 range of energy is a neutralising field which can cause  nausea and quite often dizziness. Also it has the potential to create  violence in some people due to its irritating effects as a neutralising  field.

Whereas if the dimensions were altered to say 411 by 111 by 110  we arrive at 52.66666. This is a brain resonance which can help  to heal and has a very calming effect. Notice that in order to create  the opposite of the first example we had to change the geometrical  design and shape of the structure. This is because in each shape  is a hidden code which when understood can have a profound effect  on the resulting energy created. The Great Pyramids at Giza in Egypt  are a perfect example of how shape and form can create an energy  that will influence anyone who enters.

If we take another form say an arched structure again with 4 walls  and an arched roof we still only take the height to the peak of  the arch. This provides us with the correct dimensions for calculating  the harmonics to discovery which energy field we would be dealing  with. Again as an example:

Height to maximum of arch 251ft

Width 235ft by 235ft.

The result here would be an energy range harmonic of 67.5833333.

In this case we see a harmonic range that has power the same as  the human brain. This will have the effect on people such as they  feel more at peace with themselves, they become more open to outside  expression so this would be an excellent shape for teaching or training.

When they built the Pyramid casino in Las Vegas USA people complained  they felt unsettled. What the designers had not taken into consideration  was the shape they had used and the dimensions that formed it. Thus  the harmonic energy of the structure was incorrect for its use.  (We understand that it has since been corrected.) However we do  not have confirmation on this!)

This has been an introduction to the influence of Harmonics and  Architecture. For further details please email to address below.

The next step..  Understanding  the Dynamics of Shape and Design.


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