Ka-Lei healing

Ka-lei healing

Initially the Ka-lei healing process was called the Zarlen therapy. However we have since discovered that there are many parts to it that are in reality the Ka-lei process in itself.

In this section the healing principle is a foundation therapy, this means it is the basis from which all else follows. research to date has shown that the therapy can heal a variety of conditions from Dyslexia, brain damage in children, meningitis, stroke after effects, colour blindness, and much more. More details on this amazing therapy can be found here at our clinic on this web site.

In this workshop you can learn the basics and then follow on with the advanced teaching.You will learn how to heal broken bones in 7 days, internal organs in animals within 24 hours and much more.

Then you can open your own healing clinic to help those in need.


Lecture introduction 1 hour.

Workshop is live in time: 5 days. Basic course

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