Crop circles

Crop circles An inside look!

Here you will find out about the inner workings of the crop circles and the connections they have to both ancient sites as well as alien contact.

There are many issues associated with the crop patterns in UK and elsewhere and we will discuss and show pictures of many of the varying designs and how they can play a part in our everyday lives.

Current research on healing energies from the patterns will also be discussed as well as links to architectural design as well as geometric energy dynamics.

All explained in layman's terms for ease of understanding this is an experience that many should not miss.

Dr Sherwood in 2002 co-wrote the script and also appeared in the Eagle Vision media release of 'Signs A Warning' and cross linked crop circles to both ancient sites like the Pyramids in Egypt and also alien influence above and beyond our own.

Dr Sherwood has also research the healing effects of the patterns with some startling results that you will find out about here and also be shown how to apply this information to yourself and also help others.

Lecture time: 1-2 hours.

Workshop with presentation.: time: 2-3 hours.

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