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CIA, FBI Involvement  in the Black Forest Case (colorado)

It is interesting to note  on the following report that the mentioned couple who have been  on 4 previous Sightings shows, Denver newscast, and a very recent  Strange Universe[show had Senator Dukes testimony that he too took  paranormal stills at their house too and tried to get help for them  from the FBI who told them they couldn't get involved unless their  was a criminal act perpetrated]. Somebody on the show said there  are paranormal things going on everywhere. This was the same couple  that came up to our house last winter and took many paranormal flash  stills at our home. See sightings log and diary by myself. I never  followed up on this too much as I didn't have the time to become  a ghost buster too. The pictures at my house show a variety of bizzare  lights and phenomenon. The ones in the garage with the cars in perfect  focus and fog in the air was shown on the show. The pictures in  Black Forest which is 100 miles east and the ones at our home are  identical to the Sedona AZ, Pine Bush NY, the ranch in Utah as well  as locations throughout the world. I sent the stills that he had  made me to Universal Graphics in Boulder [they did work on main  craft for Mufon] Everything was cool with them and then something  happened, the bottom fell out and they would not send my pictures  back to me or return my calls. Maybe they had been threatened or  heard from ch. 9 [NBC Denver] operator who fielded calls from ufologist  that I was Crazy and they would have nothing more to do with me  and that I had been institutionlised. This is slander and a blatant  lie. A man from the San Luis Valley that said he was broke and wanted  to see my footage and check out the solar tapes, activity, and film  in the fall of 95 came to my house in a Ford Taurus and asked me  the weirdest questions. The next day he was in Colo. Springs with  the Black Forest guy doing the same with him. He reported later  through the freedom of information act that this man was an FBI  agent so I might have had one in my house for coffee. Nice. Forwarded  message as follows.

You may be interested in posting the names of a CIA and an FBI  agent who did bug sweeps for the Black Forest couple before they  got wise to their money wasting shenanigans. These government agents  took advantage of the folks who just wanted to find out what was  causing paranormal phenomena to occur in their house and whether  any external intrusion or interference was behind it. Gordon Nobel  operates out of the Denver CIA office (the couple called and confronted  him there by phone!). He only charges $4,000 to find nothing. John  Springer (FBI) then offered to do another bug sweep when the couple  discovered Gordon's true identity. He only charges $2,000 to find  nothing (such a deal). Anyone else heard of these crooks? Could  these guys be the same people slit open their mail and steal their  pictures on a regular basis? Criminals paid for with taxpayers money.  Disgusting. A crude phone tap was found on the house's main phone  line down the road at the main junction box after the sweeps were  conducted (nuts, we missed it). A CIA agent admitted it was theirs  in a subsequent meeting. Your US government in action.



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