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Time pay system

The time payment system for purchasing the healing correspondence courses makes life easy and spreads the cost as well.


How does it work:

Well simply, you pay $49.95 usd to open the account and then pay $49.95 either weekly or monthly or whenever you wish and when your account reaches $100 or more we start sending out the course to you. By the time you get the last set you have finished paying for the course.

Easy and simple just using a credit card and setting your own pace on payment.

To purchase simply click here and start learning the most amazing healing technique available today.

There are no extra admin charges everything is included in the price.

If you are not sure then hey buy the newly released Ancient therapy ebook first which automatically downloads when you pay for it and read about the technique and many case histories and then decide if its for you. A link to buy the book is available from the main page of the clinic just use the nav bar left.


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