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The Rajon Blog » Blog Archive » Nostradamus talking about present events…

Nostradamus talking about present events…

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One of our researches was flicking through Nostradamus’ predictions yesterday when he realized a particular quatrain refers to this year.

His report is as follows:
Dr Jonathan Sherwood, channel for Zarlen, always said that on the ‘Other Side’ there is no such thing as time and space. So the main reason people have misinterpreted Nostradamus’ predictions  is that they get the time factors wrong.
With Nostradamus you have to find the hook to link you into a particular time frame which in turn will give you the key into the meaning of the whole quatrain.
There are various clues into the styling of the Nostradamus predictions that follow suite with the Dr jon-Zarlen predictions that’s why I was able to immediately interpret the quatrain mentioned. I ask the question to myself, “Were Dr Jon, Zarlen and Nostradamus one and the same person ?”

Here’s the Nostradamus quatrain for 2008!

Nostradamus VIII-17

“The well-off will suddenly be cast down,
the world will be troubled by three brothers;
the enemies will sieze the marine city,
hunger,fire,blood,plague,all evils doubled”

Les bien aisez subit seront desmis,
Le monde mis par les trois freres en trouble.
Cité marine saisiront ennemis,
Faim, feu, sang, peste, & de tous maux le double

Here’s my take on this prediction:

“The well-off will suddenly be cast down,” - speaks of the past six
months global melt-down stimulated by the “Wall Street write-down”

” the world will be troubled by three brothers”- How many Lehman Brothers
there ? (Just happens to have been three).

“The enemies will seize the marine city” - The invasion of Georgia by
Russia this year. Georgia is largely located on the Black Sea.

And last but not least :

“hunger” - World hunger increased exponentially because of world farmers diverting to using corn crops etc, (farmlands) for growing for bio-fuelmarket thereby depleting major food source of various 3rd world countires. Also global ‘melt-down’ sends most countries eonomies spiralling, food prices rising.

“fire” - California and other places extreme fire storms.

“blood” - Aids figure continue to rocket worldwide .

“plague” - New diseases and old pop up around the world. Here in Australia the latest causing havoc was the ‘horse flu’ virus. (Zimbabwe - massive cholera outbreak plaguing the country).

“all evils doubled” applies to all of the above.

Easy to see what Nostradamus is talking about NOW.

One Response to “Nostradamus talking about present events…”

  1. moryah4 Says:

    Jonathan Sherwood’s spirit guide Zarlen said that the identity known as ‘Mabus’ (a.k.a. the Anti-Christ) was George W.Bush.
    Dr Jon said that Nostradamus spoke an older dialect of French no longer spoken and Ma-Bus is Mr Bush.If you have studied French you will kow that in the modern language ‘bus’ is pronounced ‘boose’.
    ‘Ma’ in the modern dialect ( I recollect) is a preposition meaning ‘my’,but regardless.
    Many Americans are so patriotic that they could not bear the thought that one of their ‘own’ particularly one of their presidents could be such a force,but what actually is an ‘Anti-Christ’.
    Inside each of us Zarelen said we have the devil and the God-force.This is part of our dual nature.So Mr Bush is just like you or I but he is the form out of all that mostly expresses the negative manifestation of this side of ourselves.We are supposed to control the negative side of ourselves through the positive side,which is through our thought process.
    Now let’s look at why Mr Bush is the one Zarlen identifies as ‘Mabus’.
    Here is the basic report card.
    Under his watch in which Dr Jon described him as nothing less than a gangster, he activated a war process in the Middle East that apparently has caused the deaths of “1,307,319″ Iraqis ,add to that 4,224 US soldiers.
    The War And Occupation Of Iraq Costs $587,717,175,994.
    This was a war instigated on trumped up charges.
    The conflicts in Aghanistan and Iraq have enhanced world-wide terrorism to a sclae never seen before ,as Dr Jon said terrorism was a minor isssue before Bush’s antics.This is not to mention the ‘named’ administrations fingerprints on the September the 11th attack on the Twin Towers.
    But wait there’s more…NOstradamus states that when Bush passes away a Jihad which has been meticulously planned over time will be instigated on the Western world particularly Europe which will be beyond belief.
    When Zarlen says what is to come will not be a small affair it means it will be the biggest war of its kind.
    If you download the complete works of Nostradamus,available on the web,try slotting in Bush’s name for Mabus and you will start to get the message,you will find this form known as the Anti-Christ started something which has not yet gained its legs,you see our fellow human beings in the Middle East and further afield are prone to take revenge for grievances committed unfairly.
    So now it is up to the rest of us to be ready and to act to transmute what is to come because you will initially not be able to stop the momentum of this,but the challenge is to…in time.

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