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The Rajon Blog » Blog Archive » Jonathan Sherwood Passed Away: 31/10/2008

Jonathan Sherwood Passed Away: 31/10/2008

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It is with great saddness that we announce the passing away of Jonathan Sherwood.  Jonathan fell ill suddenly on Wednesday 29th of October from a rare type of stroke. He quickly slipped into unconsciousness and remained that way. He passed away peacefully at 1pm Friday the 31st of October.

Jonathan was a loving husband and father, and will be greatly missed. Though he is not physically with us anymore we know that in spirit he always will be. This website is now dedicated to his lifes work. He dedicated much of his life to helping others through the healing therapies that he developed, as well as sharing the vast amount of knowledge he had access to through his advanced telepathic channelling abilities. Through his time here with us he imparted enough knowledge to fill over 300 books of 300 pages without repeating himself. He was dedicated to the future of humanity through sharing knowledge in the hope of helping those who wanted to reach beyond where they were to become more in touch with themselves and learn to live harmoniously both with themselves, each other and our planet. He was a man who was greatly ahead of his time in regard to the level of knowledge and understanding he had of humanity and the universe in which we live. He has sown many seeds of knowledge that can be nurtured by anyone who chooses to explore the endless possiblities of where continued research of his insights may lead. He dedicated many years of his life traveling this planet to provide stability and create change through a network of vortexes strategically placed around the world; in that area his work was complete. The ground is prepared for a new circular energy grid system to come on-line that has the potential to advance humanity beyond anything it can presently imagine. It is his wish that we see our future in a positive light and not get caught up in doom and gloom and end of the world theories of 2012. We each hold the power to create our future, and the power of our thoughts is the key that determines the direction it takes. Choosing our path is our free will; let us not be swayed from the path by those who hang on to negatives because they do not have the vision to see beyond and recognise the immense potential of the human race. Let us not underestimate the powers within the universe or the power within us all. The future is now in our hands, it is up to us to make it a good one.

Rachel Sherwood & Family.


10 Responses to “Jonathan Sherwood Passed Away: 31/10/2008”

  1. moryah4 Says:

    About Dr. Jonathan Sherwood
    Dr. Jon Sherwood began research into ancient cultures and civilizations back in the early 70’s. He had obtained a degree in advanced mathematics and also earned a doctorate in Ancient Spiritual Studies as well as ancient cultures back in the early 80’s both in the USA as well as New Zealand and Australia. His earlier background was in naval medicine and research and he later specialized in neurological disorders and infectious diseases. In the mid early 80’s a degree in advanced physics was earned while in Australia as well as his early study into alternative healing methodologies. He carries a ministers licence and carries out ancient wedding rituals in Egypt when requested. He has been channeling Zarlen the Pre Egyptian high priest since he was 7 years old and in the early stages never told his parents as he thought everyone did it! Between 1986 and 1992 Dr. Sherwood traveled the world teaching, healing literally thousands of people of a variety of illnesses as well as helped the Egyptian authorities find new sites around the Giza area in 1992. In 1994 he was invited to look at the mysterious crop circles that were appearing in UK and over the last 10 years since 1994 he has done exactly that as well as continued his work both in healing development as well as research into ancient Egypt and its still hidden secrets. Dr. Sherwood has appeared on PBS across the USA, on radio in Texas USA, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and also on Television in Australia, USA, New Zealand, he has also been involved in DVds on crop circles with Eagle Vision from Hollywood in 2002. ‘Signs A Warning ‘ is still available across the internet and has recently been re-released in 2004. Dr Sherwood has also lectured across the USA through the early 1990’s and has also appeared on Strange Universe in USA a number of times. He runs regular tours to Egypt and now is looking at including Peru. In 2002 Dr. Sherwood was invited to become a founder member of the World Noosphere Spiritual Ecological Assembly as well as a founder of the world university system. All of which is a United Nations initiative.

  2. moryah4 Says:

    Many of his friends in New Zealand,Australia,the United States the UK and Egypt know Jonathan(Dr Jon) as having being a mighty spiritual healer whose abilities were profound.
    Not many know of the incredible trials he had to undergo to gain this gift.
    To achieve the ability to do high energy healing he faced many trials and tests which he had to face alone.
    He always had contact with the spiritual world from an early age,but after the age of 21 his guides began giving him energy enhancements which caused his minds perceptions to flicker in and outnormal reality such that he became disengaged with the normal time/space continuim.He would see things in his environment suddenly speed up and alternately move incredibly slowly,coupled with blinding headaches that would incapacitate him for days on end,he honestly thought he was going crazy.
    In the end the pressure this paranormal experience placed on him was too great,I am not sure whether it was during his military committment(New Zealand Navy) or after this and he mentioned to us that he attempted to take his own life,but was unsuccessful becuase his highly advanced immune system isolated the overdose he took and it was safely excreted.
    After this he says he sought professional advise to help him to figure out why his reality,his extra sensory perception was taking him wel out of the range of normalacy.
    Dr Jon said he finally found the knowledge he sought when a New Zealand psychologist gave him understanding and said to him,”Just go with it,don’t fight it…”
    I imagine sometime after this he experienced the following event not long after.
    He was walking along a beach somewhere in the North Island of New Zealand and a force came out of the ocean.He did not see what it was but it flattened on his back on the sand.
    I am not sure how long he laid there hours perhaps…at least 40 minutes or so,his ams outstretched to either side rooted to spot,palms up.
    Regardless he was stunned,his heart racing.What the hell was happening now.He literally could not move.
    Then he heard his spirit guide Zarlen’s voice, “Ask for a reduction!”
    He asked in his mind for a reduction.As he did his hands came together until they were about 6 inches apart.
    “Now ask for an enhancement!”
    He did so.Out his hands went again with a surge of force!”
    That he said is how Zarlen intoduced him to the ancient Kai Li hand exercise.
    It was the gaining of this ability that was going to have a profound result on his life.
    Fast forward a short period ahead …(weeks or months later) :
    After being drawn to experiment with this new ability with a extremly incapacitated ,sick goat which literally, ‘instinctively’ ,dragged itself across the floor and placed its head on his lap at a friend’s house, Dr Jon was ,guided by Zarlen to use the ‘hand exercise’ in a specific way to heal the goat, which had a 75% deteriorated liver,which he ended up doing so in an extraordinary way, within minutes.(See Rachel Sherwood’s book-”Ancient Healing Therapy”)
    Then came one of the most profound moments of his life amongst many..
    A young New Zealand girl was born with pidgeon-toed feet and was due to have an operation to cut the tendons at the back of her legs to hopefully have some chance of improving her movement.
    The feet wer at 45 degree angles to the normal alignment of ones feet to the legs.
    the parents did not want surgery and had explored all of the alternative options they knew off.There was nothing else.
    The child was scared ,her family who adored their child were upset .
    then somewhere around the traps the word got around to them about Jonatahn Sherwood(Dr Jon) who was becoming known for his unusual psychic and healing abilites.So they took their child around to see him.With his spirit guide Zarlen giving him directives he was given an array of hand movement including the Kai Li Hand Exercise,whereby he was instructed to place his hands above the child’s head and move them to specific points never actually touching the child’s physical form but always within close range (6 inches(10cm)away).
    All witnesses there state that apon entering into the Kai Li process the child’s feet began (as if on their own accord )moving the 45 degrees back to normal alignment.In ancient times this would have been designated a ‘miraculous’ form of healing,but in time it became evident Zarlen was teaching Jonatahn an advanced form of unknown science,long-forgotten,and seemingly about 50 years ahead of its time in what it could achieve…

  3. moryah4 Says:

    A Letter Recieved From Brisbane,Australia:

    (November, 2008)

    For Jonathan,

    This is a letter I have to write for myself to say goodbye to my good friend Jonathan Sherwood as I can’t be there in person in England to say goodbye at his funeral.
    This is very sad for me as I and my family have known him for 22 years now,we thank him for all the help and comfort he has helped us with in our lives
    I first met him when I went to his meditation classes which he held in Brisbane along time ago and as I got to know him I began to attend the other classes he had,the knowledge and information that would come through to us to help understand our world and ourselves and how to make the most of what we have around us,he also showed us healing techniques to use on ourselves and others and of course the massage therapy which we all used to look forward to earning about
    Jonathan was my friend and mentor and we shall miss him very much
    Good bye
    Love Mary

  4. moryah4 Says:

    This kind tribute to Dr Jon from Colin Andrews(one of the pioneer crop circle researchers whose work Dr jon introduced to Australia in the early to mid 1990’s.

  5. moryah4 Says:

    Comments in relation to Jonathan and Rachel and their work from clients in past days:

    -”I love your Crop Circle Explorer web site (
    Thank you for providing it. Please put me on your e-mail list so I will receive the updates.”


    I would like to receive updates via email. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

    Luke Dekker ~ USA


    Thank you very very much for Location of Nan Matol, for me it’s very very very important. Why don’t we organize travels there? I believe that could be something ORIGINAL, something that only your organization can offer.

    Cristina Bonizzoni ~ Italy


    To any people involved with the spiritual path I can recommend Dr Jonathan & Rachel Sherwood’s Great Pyramid Initiation as I have completed the journey. The organization of such a major task was handled very well. From pick up at the airport every detail was attended to and people’s special needs were accommodated. Dr Sherwood arranged access to temples for the Initiation that were not available to other tour groups which is a sign of the respect shown to him by the Egyptians. Be aware that you will not be led by the hand through the Initiation, but the relevant information you need to follow your pathway will be given to you. If you feel drawn to this Initiation you will not need anybody to hold your hand. The ceremonies at each temple were completed by Zarlen. I could go on and on, this Initiation has had a major impact on my life.

    Thank you,

    Jonathan & Rachel ~ Ashley, NZ


    I want to let you know how much I enjoyed the tour of Egypt, it was a special experience for me. I’m looking forward to going on other tours with you - I would very much like to see Crop Circles.

    Erika ~ USA


    Thank you both for an incredible experience - The Initiates Path Tour 1996 in Egypt. I have so many memories of the trip, but the ones that stand out particularly are the temples; both being able to visit some that are normally closed and going into others early in the morning before the crowds and also being able to stand between the paws of the Sphinx - an incredible feeling. The ceremony in the Great Pyramid was so powerful it is difficult to describe to others the energy present and how one feels. The Egyptian people are so friendly too and this together with all of your hard work helped to create a very special journey that will stay with me for a long time to come. Thank you both once again and good luck with your trips in 1997 and beyond.

    Yvonne Hall ~ UK


    How can I put into words the “Egypt Experience” in 1996? Firstly, and most importantly, a very big THANK YOU to the two of you ( and medhat in Egypt) for all that you did for and on behalf of us. I have returned home with so many happy memories of interesting, illuminating and enjoyable experiences in a country where it is so apparent that the people have so much love and joy in their hearts. This for me was a real healing experience. Without doubt, your research into the Path of the Initiates, and the teaching of how to follow the Path whilst leaving each person to discover for themselves the actual pathway (important) and, possibly, the unspoken suggestion that there may be further pathways following on from the highlighted one (very important), meant that I was given the maximum opportunity to experience for myself a message within each temple. I wish you both a very happy, prosperous and successful 1997 and I really hope that I shall have the opportunity to accompany you on some more of your journeys.

    Philip Warren ~ UK

  6. moryah4 Says:

    A kind mention of Dr Jon on the Crop Circle Connector website

    Includes one of the last photos, of one the super coolest dudes who ever walked this planet!

  7. moryah4 Says:

    FROM THOTH WEB website.

    Experiment and Ceremony in Egypt.


    Dr. Jonathan Sherwood has worked in the field of parapsychology and the paranormal, spiritual and mystical concepts of ancient civilizations, UFOs, pyramidology, advanced healing techniques, human esoteric teachings, advanced learning techniques, development of ESP skills, ancient ceremonies and rituals of the worlds mystical sites and power points in advanced genetic recoding of human DNA part time for 11 years and full time for the past 12 years. He studied medicine in the Royal New Zealand Navy for 3 years before leaving due to illness in 1972. He has worked in many hospitals in neurological wards and surgical theatres from 1972 to 1977. Since 1977 he has worked solely on alternative science and is currently studying the crop circles phenomenon worldwide and the the harmonic connection to those circles. Since meeting with Colin Andrews in Seattle in early 1995 they have worked together daily in the fields exchanging data and site information.

    The basis of Dr. Sherwoods work resides in harmonics. Through complex mathematical equations he has determined the harmonics of the Great Pyramid and discoveries at Stonehenge which he has then translated into sound frequency. The application of this sound in the Pyramids has the ability to transform metals, to move objects, and to open secret passageways. Among other things this sound has moved granite blocks within the Pyramid, caused markers to appear in the silica crystal deposits in the lower Pyramids, as well as causing a man to disappear and reappears through a wall leaving no trace.

    Dr. Sherwood now believes that the application of these equations to crop circles can determine which are genuine and which are not.

    He believes the energy which the equations describe can create crop circles and change the molecular structure of the plants and he uses this same base energy for healing. He also believes that his equations relate to the geometries on Mars.

    His specialties in the development of a healing technique and the resulting cure of a wide variety of ailments is extensive. Dr. Sherwood, since the age of 14 years, has been the channel for an ancient (over 25,000 year old) pre-Egyptian High Priest called Zarlen who has proven the accuracy of the information ten fold. Zarlen is an ancient master of the Light Brotherhood. He has worked in channeling sessions with Barbara Hand-Clow, Barbara Marciniak, Darryl Anka and many others. His first book, Zarlen Speaks - A New Beginning, was released in New York in 1991. He later published Tones of Truth which reveals the harmonics of the pyramid, evidence of the human DNA geing geometrically built with anti-gravity fields before unheard of. The correlation with the Mayan calendar and other ancient sites can now be plotted for the first time. In the second section of the books is described the mysterious journey of the Initiates Path a secret only known to the Ancient Priests of old.

  8. moryah4 Says:

    Here is the itenary for the 1992 EGYPT CHANNELING CONFERENCE that took place at and near the Giza pyramid complex in 1992 …

    Jonathan was filmed channeling Zarlen by a German film crew giving amazing revelations about the purpose of each of the pyramids ,and their relationship to human origins.

  9. moryah4 Says:


    One of the last interviews with Dr Jon Sherwood about his up and coming documentary and data. … crop circles etc.

  10. moryah4 Says:

    Cariel’s Newsletter of the Crop Circles - 2004

    Sometimes the crop circles feel like a family reunion of old friends I’ve known for years or of people I’ve just met but seem familiar. Such is the case with these pictures. In the photo on the right Dr. John Sherwood, a famous researcher, stands with a Heartlink member in the crop circle reported July 17 in Wiltshire( What makes this extra special is we just watched a video of a crop circle documentary by Dr. Sherwood and we really wanted to meet him. I find synchronicity operates frequently on these sacred pilgrimages. Sure enough we met him in this crop circle.

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