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Merlin, Thoth, Hermes Z its all the same..

Time is a state in which we all exist. Bend time and space and you change reality.

Spiritual understanding of existence is beyond love it is a state of being. If you exist with just love you live a limited existence because this is where you need to be. To expand beyond is to know being.

UNiversal knowledge is available to all with a unique mind and ability to be one with all things is to recognise that all life be it plant or animal or other is all the same.

Money does not buy happiness and yet many think it does. Sorry but for you to understand what we do would be impossible to buy as the value is to great so you are therefore unable to aquire it.

Some say they are successful and yet know nothing about their own existence and what they do when they depart this body and this world and yet those who have nothing physically but know about the true nature of one and their bond with this universe are far richer than those who do not know.

We are all equal so we should also respect each as such.

Magic of space and time is the knowledge that all elements within the universe are made of energy and all are linked and accessed through conscious thought when understood.

All things therefore can be made to react through the application of mind.

If thought and sound together can change the composition of elements then other things are also possible.

Your brain can repair parts of itself if damaged once certain energies are active. Yet medicine does not know this and how it works and yet it is a simple process.

Metals can be changed, shape can form dynamic energy and if components were built in specific shapes the results would be far greater than what are presently obtained so much is still to be learnt if only the human mind were more open to other possibilities and not closed by ignorance and greed and arrogance in not being able to accept what is really possible.

People think Merlin is a myth, or Thoth is someone else and yet time knows what is real and what is not.

For who would believe that miracles can and do happen and are made by those who know. We know who we are do you?

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  1. moryah4 Says:

    Quote; Dr Jon Sherwood:
    (October 14th, 2008)

    “Magic of space and time is the knowledge that all elements within the universe are made of energy and all are linked and accessed through conscious thought when understood.
    All things therefore can be made to react through the application of mind.
    If thought and sound together can change the composition of elements then other things are also possible.
    Your brain can repair parts of itself if damaged once certain energies are active. Yet medicine does not know this and how it works and yet it is a simple process.”

    The year was 2002 I was staying in England ,in Wiltshire in a farmhouse near Alton Barnes, the small infant I looked at should have been dead . Pneumo chochlia menegitis ,like Mad Cow’s disease ,take’s its toll rapidly causing the disintegration of the brain’s tissue, turning the brain to turn to mush.Kill the command centre and it’s game over.
    Worse the pathology team at the research lab connected to Troughbridge hospital had discovered the disease was man-made! So what hidden elements were tied into this thing?
    But the Doc is a man of patience and has his own research team whose capabilities stretch beyond anything you could imagine.
    Bear this in mindthough (unknown to most)when you treat a child of seven years or under (whatever the condition),you first of all, or silmultaneously, need to treat the parent.This is because the child’s brain-wave pattern is intrinsically tied into the influence of it’s parent ,much like the sea to the movements of the moon.Children’s conditions will manifest from the parent’s belief system/attittude.
    So after instructing his wife ,assisting her to analyze her attitudinal weaknesses,he quickly had to resort to using his knowledge of the body’s natural magnetic energy to build up the support for the disintegrated brain tissue in his son ,which was quickly becoming like porridge.Another thing to add to his son’s list of woes was that the hydrocephlic fluid made his son’s brain cavity swell up beyond belief .
    So patient through each moment like a hawk on the wing Dr Jon used an ancient Kai li process specially adapted to this condition( by his guide Lin Toc ).He created an artificial energy grid to surround the brain tissue girdering its fluid state nicely.
    Doc Sherwood defied all known science on this subject.The specialist Dr Popov of Troughbridge has the x-rays.Unbelievable.They still do not know how the child was not dead with a brain turned to mush.
    A good friend of mine and Dr Jon’s sister-in law had contracted skin cancer around about the same period.The melanoma infected from a mole on her back had unexpectedly hit her blood-stream causing a similar type of situation and she was dead within four days .We did not find out until it was too late but this,this, was infintely worse.Wwatching Doc work his distraught but stoic partner through her moves while watching every little nuance,movement,transformation, etc, in his son’s physical state,including the multiple epeleptic fits of this tiny 18 month kid ,was a heart-rendering process.Not helped by a cold callous nurse who shoved a great hyperdermic needle repeated into the child’s tiny little arm repeatedly trying to find some semblance of a vein.
    Watching the Doc you would have seen immense restraint as his Sherlock Holmes-type mind worked through the problem frame by frame.His crew of assitants could give him all the advice,techniques,modifiactions in the world but ultimately it was his concentration,instinct and logic..his call.And bar raised higher with each unexpected distortion of his son’s health he preceded to find answers to this life-threatening man-made killer using a very forensic type of process to eventually save his son’s life.
    Most kids die from Pneumo Cochlia Menengitius.And in the advance state of deterioration young Sammy was in had there was nothing to compare.
    But the Doc has never lost a battle.It took years to get things even half right.Sammy now is profoundly deaf from the disease’s effects his eardrums were honey-combed in the melt-down of the disease ,and Sammy is some years behind the other kids in his year at school in his development,”But wait the Doc is closing those gaps!..and fast”
    Even deafness can be overcome with patience! Hearing can re-routed through the advanced quantum mechanics of the Kai Li therapy Doc teaches.
    Yes he’s a stubborn bastard is the Doc.He holds onto life like that hawk on the wing .Anyone with a serious affliction who has tested his skill over the past four decades will afirm to that.He will always show you too, that healing is a 50-50 process,and just like now, we,you need to pull our fingers out to see results in your life.Anything can be overcome wheter it is loss of income or cancer or a broken heart it’s all in the approach ,and of course it takes patience,ask Dr Jon.
    Also nothing postive in this world is ever just given.If you want thing easy-no effort then go grab the negative alternative-which is ultimately the path of self-destruction.
    But if you want to learn,grow,rise like an eagle participate in a project like Rajon,buy a book or write on our blog we are kind of getting tired of doing this on our own .we can’t make the leap on our own.

  2. moryah4 Says:

    (Quote Zarlen,(who was also Merlin, Thoth, Hermes ):
    “We are all equal so we should also respect each as such.

    Magic of space and time is the knowledge that all elements within the universe are made of energy and all are linked and accessed through conscious thought when understood.

    All things therefore can be made to react through the application of mind.”

    When Dr Sherwood lived in Auckland pre-1986 he had a regular radio slot there,a psychic talk-back program.
    One day Dr Jon recounted a story to us of an incident that happened on the show, how a gentleman rang up,a local man.
    He told Dr Jon that there was another man who lived in Auckland who was always trying to run him down.
    “How?”he asked Dr Jon,”Can I get him back”
    Zarlen came through Dr Jon and said something akin to ,”It would not be wise or productive to seek revenge on his enemy but instead to do the following exercise:

    1. Close your eyes and visualize your antagonist.
    2. Mentally vent your spleen at him/her,telling them in your mind,(in your thoughts)how they are upsetting you and how it feels.You can swear at them and basically say whatever you would love to say to their face,but do this only in your mind.
    3. Then to complete this exercise visualize the one who angers and upsets you at peace,calm,happy serene,and one with all.
    4.Finally let go of all thoughts concerning this person and concentrate on something else.

    So the businessman went away and was not heard from for some time.
    One day a month or so later he rang up the program and siad on air.
    “You know that gentleman I applied the technique you mentioned.”
    “So what happened?” asked Dr Jon.
    “We are now in business together.”

    So you can see this is an exercise you can apply.Is there someone who you feel is attacking your quality of life,dragging you down in a direct or indirect way.
    Perhaps you sense a nameless,faceless person or people manipulating your life,by manipulating the world stock market or the business world or your workplace and it is impacting on you.
    Or it may be someone whose face you know who seems to overtly hate you or cause you hell by their actions knowingly or unknowingly.We call them “dream-destroyers”.Well then may we suggest applying the exercise mentioned and give it time to work it’s magic.By trusting in yourself your thoughts will find their mark and you will find you have entered into a very interseting adventure where perhaps for the first time in your life you call the shots.Anyway it can be a great way to be true to yourself.
    Check it out for yourself anyway don’t take our word for it.

  3. moryah4 Says:

    (Quote: Zarlen)

    “Some say they are successful and yet know nothing about their own existence and what they do when they depart this body and this world and yet those who have nothing physically but know about the true nature of one and their bond with this universe are far richer than those who do not know.”

    When I met Dr Jon Sherwood in 1986 after he restored my internal polarity via his Kai Li therapy program,(formerly called Zarlen therapy), I started to attend some of his meditation classes on Friday nights
    Many times I experienced altered states,leaving my body and my essence travelling elsewhere,gaining messages inspiration etc.
    The first time I lay down on the floor ,cushion under my head in his centre with about 15 to twenty other attendees I did not know what to expect.
    Candles lit around the room created an enchanting atmosphere while the music “Paul Horne In The Great Pyramid OF Egypt” filtered out through the speakers.
    Each flute note created a resonnance which seemed to reverberate through my whole body and I would start to feel my ‘true essence’ slip out of the binds of my physical shell.I would also feel like I was in a deep sleep but I was actually fully conscious.
    Following Dr Jon’s guided meditation this particular day as he pin-pointed which parts of the body to focus on,eventually my physical body would be totally relaxed.
    Then this happened..
    Dr Jon said “Now bring your concentration to the top of your head until you start to get a sensation”
    Suddenly the inside of my head was engulfed by a white just flooded in .I felt total ecstasy.. desperately I tried to hold onto to this state of being,but as soon as I concentrated on this it just snuffed out like a cloud…boof!…gone.
    This was not long after I had had the main healing application from Dr Jon and did not previosly rrealize the significance of what had been done to my energy.Somehow I knew the Kai Li therapy had blown away the cobwebs in my head and doorways,powerful doorways were now open for me, to the other dimension of myself.
    Well at this time I happened to be reading a book called “The Initiate” by Elizabeth Haich.This non-fiction autobiography told the story of a woman in England who was born with and developed certain psychic powers who ,at a certain age has flashabcks to having lived a previous life in Egypt as an initiate to a high priest.She learns meditation techniques and the powers of her mind from a certain powerful figure.
    Now here I was listening to this Paul horne sitting in the Great Pyramid having mind-blowing experiences feeling myself disengage from my body etc and floating away to other places,which I could see in my mind’s eye.
    When I sat up I felt incredibly energized like I was re-born or had slept for days or something.
    Then I gazed at the flame of one of the candles and as I closed my eyes I say the colour imprint of the flame stay in my mind or was it imprinted momentarily on the retinas of my eyes.I visualized myself walking towards these colours in my mind,(guess I wanted see if I could enter what looked like another realm).I chastised myself for being foolish
    When I got home I got the urge to light a candle of my own and did the same thing I had done at dr JOn’s centre,only this time when I lit the flame and focussed on it it rose up really high into a needlelike taper.Two tiny sparks shot of the flame one headed left then another headed right.
    I got a bit of a rise of energy in my headas well.
    “Oh well” I thought,thinking not much more of it.
    The next day I walked into Dr Jon’s facility where I worked sometimes doing some graphic artwork,designing posters etc.for his courses .Dr Jon’s wife was sitting by her type-writer.I greeted her and said hello to Dr Jon.Suddenly the Doc goes to his wife,”Simon’s guides (i.e. his spirit guides) want to communicate through yout to him”.
    (You see Ingrid his now-ex-wife is a psychic,and at that stage the Doc,Zarlen etc.were teaching her the ropes).At that stage they encouraged her to do ‘automatic writing’ whereby you sit with a pen in hand and let spirit take over your body and communicate messages to certain individuals who need help.
    I was curious and Ingrid obliged.
    Here is the message she gave me:
    “As the flame rises so will you in the knowledge of the healing ability you possess.The sparks at this stage represent your direction (i.e. to to the the right) at present unknown.
    So even though I had seemingly been at home alone lighting my candle these beings had been there communicating with me…and now Dr Jon knew this and his wife could convey the message my guides wanted me to hear.
    Ingrid described my main spirit guide(which stands on your right side) as an Egyptian high priest from ancient times,who was a former incarnation of myself.He ,as Egyptian high priests did at the time carried high candles,and from his reality back in the past he used the power of his mind to manipulate the candle I had focused on to communicate a message to me.But it was Dr Jon’s psychic power which goes off the scale which allowed me to determine and strengthen my belief in this previously secret spiritual world and gain confidence and fulfilment that I am not alone…never…not at all.

  4. moryah4 Says:

    I remember when Dr Jon got back from the united states in the late 1990’s he had experienced a past life regression process with one of America’s best,in a vivid experience the Doc found himself back in Ancient Egypt amongst mighty structures,buildings with pillar bedecked in incredible jewels seeming to stretch into the sky.He was a genetic scientist and he was there with his last wife (he had several) suddenly two assasins lept from the shadows and grabbed his partner the love of his life and cut her throat as she gazed helplessly into her eyes.Then they disappeared into the shadows.Distraught it was only a matter of days before they ambushed him driving a spear into his side.
    As Dr Jon lay on the bed sweating profusely experiencing the vivid sensations as though it was total reality he felt the agony of the spear which was still wedged in his side.
    His mind now flicked forward to another incarnation once agin..pain,agony impaled by hands and feet on a crucifix another spear driven into his side.
    Keeping a dialogue running the past-life regressionist told him to pull the spear out.
    The agony was he gripped the spear and pulled it gradually out of his body the metal and edges of spear-head twisting against the nerve endings of his flesh as he gripped in in vice-like grip.
    “Now you are free of this..” said the regressionist.

    In time we will show you the mulitple areas of evidence that the Doc has existed as many well-known figures in history guiding and teaching humanity.
    Suffice to say the anti-matter side of yourself is perpetual and that you too will make many journeys in many different incarnations experienceing both amle and female state in order to get a grip on this third dimensional aspect of your existance.
    The awareness of this multi-dimensional aspect of your existance is one of the most exciting,enlightening and guiding aspects that can happen to you.
    If you move through life doing your best to be humble.sincere and you trust,you will always have this and be watched over.
    Oh and the form whose live Dr Jon re-enacted was Zarlen (or as you now as Thoth)…and as the Doc stated once to me once,”I can tune into other people’s experience and knowledge but nowadays I only draw off my own.”
    So it is we find certain form down here now who claim to be channeling Thoth etc,such as the one known as Drunvalo Melchizedek to be false as Universal Law states that’ “No two spirits shall occupy the same space at the same time.” and only one form has the ability to access the knowledge froma previous lifetime that he alone experienced unless he or she can access the Akashic Records and experience proves there are few of those.
    To do so requires one to be able to cross the Bridge of Transition and this is a secret these days only known to a few.So be careful of whom you say you channel .
    The form known as Drunvalo Melchizedek claiming to channel Thoth provided a ’so-called ‘healing experience for a friend of Dr Jon and mine form the UK some years back.She had eye-sight problems.So she as she was doing a tour with Mr Melchizedek in Egypt asked for his assistance.I don’t think she would be rendered temporarily blind and her eyesight to get worse.
    Now I don’t know what became of this form wheter he is still aroundbut I do know there are various refernces,books and teachings of his still circulating (some believe as some sort of gospel of truth).
    But the truth always comes out in the end so be vigilant folks follow your instincts,and use logic.
    In the aforementioned example Thoth was mighty healer a creator of life and this is still a constant.

  5. moryah4 Says:

    “One thing that stays constant as you incarnate between lifetimes as you transpose your spiritual magnetic source into different physical shells to experience and control the variances of emotional state the one thing that stays constant in your physical form is the eyes.Thus when Dr Jon saw himslef as being Thoth and he gazed into his wife’s eyes in that regression experience he realized she was his present wife.
    I remember when i was doing some artwork and I had to learn how to use pastels a mdium I struggled with.Dr Jon channeled through the greatest artist this world has ever known and I experienced a unique art lesson.
    “Who was that artist ?”I asked Dr Jon
    “Who painted the most famous work of all ?”
    “Van Gogh ?” I answered .
    ‘No” he said,”Who painted ,”The Mona Lisa,that is the most famous,universally-known painting in the world”
    “Oh Da Vinci ! ” I said
    “No not Da Vinci” said Dr Jon,”He did not paint the Mona Lisa”
    “Yes he did “I said
    “Uh uh why do you think Da Vinci nevr signed the Mona Lisa ?”
    “Because Rembrandt did it”
    “Correct Da Vinci started it but Rembrandt who was a contemporary and friend of Da Vinci finished it.Rembrandt was a master of surface work,depth and realism was he not.That is why Da Vinci never signed the work.
    So one of the biggest kept secret’s in the art world ?
    It was Rembrandt who painted the Mona Lisa,the most famous painting in the world.”
    Excited by this I suddenly twigged.If Dr Jon,as a psychic channel only ever draws off his own knowledge I wonder whether Rembrandt has Dr Jon’s eyes.
    Flicking through book of Rembrandt’s collected works of paintings and drawings I was staggered at one particular slef portrait,coincidently about the same age as Dr Jon..for there staring back at me was the spitting image of the Doc!
    Now here’s an exercise for someone in the know to somehow find a way of cross-relating the dna or doing thermal imagery or such of the Mona Lisa and some of Rembrandts works to see wheither the relationship is ,because I would bet my bottom dollar you would have a match in technique and form as dna proof as well.
    Just a typical day with Doc.

  6. moryah4 Says:

    …actually in that last antidote I did not guess Rembrandt was theoretically the greatest artist that was (that was a error),the Doc told me.I wish I was that good a dectective.But the Doc is..

    One of the most interesting revelations for mankind back in the mid-Eighties was the the discovery and reconstitution of the Ra-Mu charts and the knowledge that they represent by Dr Jon.
    It happened like this…Ingrid,Dr Jon’s ex-wife who is one of the world’s best psychic’s trained by the aforementioned found a book with a photo of a part of a piece of a stone tablet which had strange symbols etched in it ,arrows pointing in different directions,and little pictograms that looked like letters ,numbers and maybe some kind of astrological or astronomical signs.
    Well the stone slab was an artifact taken from Easter Island and exists in a museum somewhere in the United States.
    As we (the class) in Brisbane Australia,back in 1986 were to discover Easter Island was part of the greater continent of the former giant landmass known as Lemuria or Mu.It consisted of Australia the Pacific Islands and Easter Island.It was the first human civilization on Earth and existing tens of thousands of years ago.
    This was a spiritually advanced existance with the high priests being able to meditate (astrally project) and forewarn of all coming conditions,control future environmental conditions like crops and the weather and through the astral state seek advanced knowledge about human life existance and the universe at large.
    This civilization was wiped out by a massive astroid .The continent of Australia once enjoyed a environment like the Amazon jungle with many uniques species of animal,birds and plants.But now it is 2/3rds desert of which is virtually inhabitable.Although various strange creatures and birds still exist here(think the kangaroo,the paltypus,the Emu etc. etc.) a throw back to those times.
    When in the NZ navy the Doc discovered the U.S. Base in Antarctica have discovered a pyramid down there which previously buried under the ice(the ice now melts!) has been exposed.That is part of the orginal greater land mass of Lemuria,you can see this if you ultrasound the Australian coastline.And there are various secret sites of artifacts from them around Australia as well.
    Jonathan’s(Dr Jon’s) spirit guide Keeyah was our teacher with the Ra-Mu technique.
    Keeyah who existed in a proto-type human form in Pre-Lemurian times ,stood about 8 feet tall and by my recollection of the description looked a bit like ET with only four finger on each hand and beautiful green eyes (forgive me if I have deviated form the original description!).He was agenetic scientist.
    The thing that characterizes Keeyah his sense of humour which would even throw Robin Williams or John Cleese of their punchlines.
    e.g Describing potatoes,and their nutritional value:
    “Most of the protein of the protein of the potato is directly under the skin,yet many people cut of the skin,well if you want your protein you will need to be like Spiderman and climb up and lick it off the ceiling.”
    -Class splits in laughter

    Also Keeyar (whose name we were told is the description of a parrots cry)
    loves using the simile for ‘duality’ of a peanut.So evry second or third paragraph goes something like this:
    “Well if I take a peanut and break it into two…blah..balh..blah”
    This not only provides lighter moments in some of the brain-heavy topics Doc teaches but also provided the ‘key’ signature(identity) of which spirit guide Dr Jon was channeling at the time.Sometimes in any topic ,(and Dr jon taught over a thousand subjects throught the late Eighties through to the mid-Nineties here in OZ) a different spiritual identity would slip in and out .
    Thriough studying the (Lemurian) Ra Mu technique we learnt about the learning process a spiritual being will go through as it enters into ,through and beyond the third dimension of our existance.
    It will take a typical life form between thirty five to fifty lifetimes to learn about and control the various emotional states.
    We also discovered the fact that the third dimensional state is characterized by being a ‘free will’ zone .
    more soon…

  7. moryah4 Says:

    (Quote Zarlen:October 14th, 2008 )

    “Magic of space and time is the knowledge that all elements within the universe are made of energy and all are linked and accessed through conscious thought when understood.
    All things therefore can be made to react through the application of mind.
    If thought and sound together can change the composition of elements then other things are also possible.”

    (Quote:Chapter One:”Zarlen Speaks A New Beginning”)

    By Dr Jonathan Sherwood

    “The Internal Polarity is the controlling factor in your existance in relation to your thoughts;this is important in assisting you in controlling your life and your health.
    The Inner Polarity gives you the ability to think clearly and gain control of your physical health.When we understand that a disease like AIDS is in actuality not a disease but a condition,in relation to the value of energy,of you internal physical immune system,or in other words ,the last line of defence against the bacteria already present within the body,we begin to recognise what it is that supports the immune system within ourselves.
    When your Internal Polarity breaks down ,you are then cut off from the supply of energy necessary to maintain the internal immune system.
    The next step in this process is the release of various chemical elements in relation to the immune system.The human force has various types of bacteria and keeps them under control collapses due to the lack of necessary energy on the cellular level,the internally contained bacteria are released.
    To support this all you have to recognise is the fact that the AIDS state works from the inside out and the autonomic areas of the physical body-namely your blood system and other relevant areas in relation to it-will break down first.
    Further along, the state will start to affect your thoughts and your concentration will begin to fail;again this supports the fact that it is energy related.
    Later on you will lose weight and begin to deteriorate from the inside out.
    Anybody can have AIDS,simply because it will be initially conected to an emotionally stressed out state in which you were involved.”

    So what Zarlen is telling you here is that the AIDS bacteria more so than any other bacteria is ‘thought-activated’.You only have to believe you have AIDS and you start empowering the organism that naturally lives in your systemas it lives of the fear(emotional) energy.The disease is subsequently classified as a sexually-transmitted disease when you are the one manifesting it on the scale necessary to kill you through your thoughts(attitude).
    The Doc says gay people suffer so much form AIDS as they are naturally ostrasized from society at large.
    Also black Africans more so than other countries as they too are not regarded as highly.

  8. moryah4 Says:

    Keeyah (Dr Jon’s guide) told us that Ra mu technique used by certain high priest during the Lemurian civilisation speaks of the ten areas of knowledge to be learned in the third dimension we exist in.But becuase there is a sprtitual and physical side to everything.These ten areas become twenty and a further area whereby you have full awareness and control of all of the above,making in a total 21 ‘life lessons’ to learn.
    This approxiamtely 35 to 50 lifetimes to complete this cycle.
    By this we mean that your ’superconscious’ which consists of your sum collective energy(knowledge) which is part of the pure positive positive universal energy which is the source of all life in the universe,will keep transposing itself back into different incarnations to learn about the various emotional values which exist in this (3rd dimension) domain and using its various spiritusl abilities gain control of these.
    Your superconscious will transpose itself into physical form much like a butterfly begins as a caterpilllar in a coocoon to emerge in full evidence of its beauty and power.
    Your superconscius will also transpose itself alternating form male to female from lesson to lesson or vice versa.It is logical to assume that you will experience both states..
    Zarlen has stated that one lifetime provides a mass amount of data to your collective source(superconscious)
    More soon…

  9. moryah4 Says:

    If every ‘life lesson’ you complete in the 21 life lesson sequence adds knowledge exponentially to the whole and it takes approximately 35 to 50 lives to complete this, then what would you have if you had a life form who had evolved far beyond this ?
    A life form which had transcended farther, beyond the first three dimensions further into the twelve(each dimension a larger time scale)beyond anything else ?
    What would you have if that life form had complete knowledge of one of the twelve areas of knowledge that can be learned ?
    What if the Nazarene was just one part of the existance of this life form ,the Nazarene having complete awareness of a complete awareness of one of the twelve areas of knowledge-that area of knwoledge being the art of he Healing?
    What if the Nazarene had complete knowledge of all healing but the only thing he could not control was the ‘free will’ of the people?
    What if the new inacrnation of our age can ?
    What would you have ?
    Someone from the ‘Brotherhood of Light amongst us ?
    They who can take any formaand appear anywhere in the known universe -usually at times of major transitions,part of a collective of twelve of whom the twelve would never all be in the one space(world)at the one time(unnecessary) but all aware of each other constantly.Something actinfg counterpoint to all of the collective consciousness of that one world,a shepherd ,here to save the life forms from self-destruction form their own hand,with respect to their ‘free will’ when possible.

  10. moryah4 Says:

    As I wrote the above.The guy sitting next to me started interrupting me.
    “I gotta show you this,”he said,”I’ve got something to show you”
    Again he kept interrupting me,and again,this is a test in concentration I thought.
    Trying to restrain that Basil Fawlty part of my personality I somewhat irritatedly looked at my Brazilian companion patronisingly.
    “This…”he said fiddling with his camera phone,”I took this picture the other day.”
    What the ‘f’ does he want to show me now I thought.
    With him as he enhanced the image on his camera ,I saw a shot of the Gold Coast skyline come into the frame,the characteristic highrise buildings along the beachscape etc.
    Then I saw some objects emerge in the sky above the highrises as my friend tightened up the resolution on the camera.
    “Three,there were three of them, “he says.
    I am staring at an amazing photo of three classic-looking flying saucers flying above the Gold Coast,sighted presumably within the last two days.
    “What time did you see these objects?” I ask
    “about two O’Clock in the afternoon.”
    So now he will download these images and email them to us and we will post them on this website as my contact has not posted them anywhere else.The pictures got interesting as he forced the resolution quite high and it gave some interesting definition.So hopefully you who mess with this stuff can check ‘em out for us.
    Which brings me back to the initial questinn I asked above.
    Who and what is this mystery life form whose collective the’ Brotherhood of Light” the Andrians turned to when it was discovered the very fabric of the universe was collapsing upon itself(revealed in Dr Jon’s Book “Andreas One-Assignment” and revealed to them that in order for the universe to expand upon its present state,a life form needed to be created that could create life from life (the beginning of the human life form)
    So the father of the ‘Grand Experiment” so to speak.The ‘cosmic king’ if you like,who is this?
    Why Zarlen of course.
    He whom so loved his creation that at great risk to himself has transposed himself down here in various forms,some 1300 lifetimes to teach, to assist,to guide we human beings.
    The Nazarene being just one of these lifetimes.
    The Nazarene ,says Zarlen, arrived on Earth when there was a great drought of belief and as though you took a Being 747 back in time and landed next to a bunch of stone-age men is the kind of affect you had of he who arrived in Jerusalem.Carrying advanced knowledge many thousand years ahead of his time,alien in origin he created an aura that has transcended thousands of years.But for the violence reactions to the positive energy the form emitted,the genuine,gentle forthright nature of the form things took a bad turn placing him at physical risk.
    The peoples of this region of the middle east at this time were living under great fear,suppression danger from the violent Roman invaders.
    The people’s of this time thirsted for a leader someone to belief in.
    Hence he came in a time when people were searching for a messiah.
    Trained in the mystical order of the Essenes the Nazarene inadvertedly filled a void created by the Roman terrorists who in their ignomious action drew swords shedding people’s lives at the drop of a hat,bringing their inhuman torture techniques to this region.
    The Nazarene arrived in these times a powerful healer and the people empowered by his presence used him to fill the void in their lives, in their society ,their belief in his power overwhelming.Such that they ended up healing themselves in this fervour,simply by touching his cloak the blind could see,the deaf hear.But who in actuality was doing the healing half the time?
    The Nazarene,Zarlen says,walked around with a golden orb of enrgy in one hand ,the other hand conveying the etheral force to the afflicted.
    And as some groups,and a linage of his ancestors, intimate,says Zarlen,the Nazarene did not die during his torture on the crucifix.He was rendered unconscious by a certain chemicals(snake poison) and later revived with the assistance of some of his apostles,Lazarus,and his future wife Mary Magdalene, etc.
    More I suppose will be revealed in time…

  11. moryah4 Says:

    One of the best references,a more balanced factual account of the biblical times when JC walked the land is found in Barbara Thiering’s interpretation’s of the Dead Sea scrolls in her books “Jesus the Man” her first book caused quite stir at the time it was released both here in Australia, and around the world in different religious (mainly Christian) camps.But as the Dead Sea scrolls,written by the members of the Essene community,are one of the most recently discovered records of the times,they are able to show more than most of the written accounts of the time what really went on when the Nazarene was doing his thing in those times of turmoil. They are worth looking at .
    I believe the Jewish scholars who hold the ancient scrolls found in terracotta urns in a series of caves in Qumren(?) in Israel have released this material painfully slowly and selectively, to other scholars ,so it is a great credit to Thiering ,who is of Church Of England denomination and very neutral and grounded in her outlook,that she has done such a good job in deciphering the meaning of these writings,which were so cleverly recorded for future generations.
    Employing the ‘pescher’ technique of interpretation ,evolved by Jewish biblical scholars,it allows for the fact that encoded in these accounts are ‘double entendres’,one meaning for the intellectual elite,(the religious scholars perhaps ),and one meaning ,simple and basic ,for the ‘common man’ .The meaning for the common man tended to mask the true recorded event in a child-like story which hid the truth ,acting like a decoy,entertaining and guiding them to some point but not tothe gritty press report the social,religious or scholarly elite would read.
    Thierings works describe the political scene of these times.The twelve apostles being like political figureheads,and other different factions all over the place,and then the Romans dictating over the top of this.
    Forming under the Nazarene’s new banner of ideas the apostles had to clandestinely get the Nazarenes words(which were designed to promote change )out on the street.
    Ingrid Dr Jon’s ex-wife who is a ’seer’(clairvoyant and clairaudient) trained by Zarlen said when she looked back to those times she saw the apostles popping up here and there in their society rapping JC’s word’s out on the street then disappearing with a snap,crackle and pop into the scenery.This was precipitated ,says Thiering in her book by events like when the Roman’s one day hid cloaked in hooded garb of the time ,in a crowd of people who were listening to a discourse from a certain philosopher,and at pinpointed signal the Romans jumped out,raised their swords and hacked into the by-standers creating bloodshed and mayhem.The romans were a piece of work says the Doc still not understood toady as ti the damage they did to humanity over the centuries.
    Hence in the future after the above event, somewhat nervous and clandestine appearances of the ‘twelve main devotees’ were in reading the Nazarenes decrees from the scrolls he had given them.
    The first thing I felt within myself the day the Doc applied the Internal Polarity (Kai Li) healing technique to me back in July 1986(which is as we know it the strongest internal energy balancing technique on the planet )was ‘guilt’.That feeling was so clear.I found myself saying to Dr Jon ,”Did I kill you in a past life?”
    He smiled gently,”No” he said.
    But I knew in an instant he was the Nazarene,felt it in my bones.He has never admitted this by the way.We just know it.
    Later Ingrid (Jonathan’s ex) confirmed I was there too and she and Jonathan’s present wife Rachel.We were closely connected.
    And a major theme in my life is redemption.
    According to Thiering the Nazarene took a stand with one of Lazarus’s views which put him on the authorities hate-list.
    Cause old Laz was a mighty figure back then,a showman,an egotist too,but the Nazarene backed him up.
    Now prior to this the Naz was super-cool with all factions.He was ‘the man’ ,I mean he was the dude who would be on anyone’s guest list.
    His best friend was John who is down here too and lives in Australia.
    the reason I still feel the burden of guilt was the agony in the garden scenario.When the Doc took the rap for me and along with the others I slept.Isolation,aloneness while you are waiting for a violence,a humiliation,a torture,an animal-like cruelty from your own ‘creation’,the life form you in your ancestor spirit state created to assist the universe to heal ,be born again and grow,especially when you had the ability to walk away and leave this creation to sort itself out ,that is a burden to carry beyond words….

  12. moryah4 Says:

    There were many amazing and extraordinary event og a healing nature that occured after Dr Jon Sherwood opened his healing centre in the heart of Brisbane on August 7th,1986 but the one that struck me the most was the case of Skye Alderslade.
    Skye was born with massive brain damage and had a high probability of being deaf,blind,cerebral palsied,epileptic and profoundly mentally retarded and that was the optimistic medical appraisal.
    Having grown-up with two relatives a cousin and second cousin,one with Autism and one with Downe’s Syndrome and having done some volunteer-wrk in a menatlly retarded hostel at secondary school I had some bearing on these types of conditions and the life in store for Sye and her mother but This kid was almosta blob on the ground,barely able to flip a limb and my heart immediately wnet out to this vulnerable creature who Doctors suggested could be lucky to see six months of life.
    Needless to say after Dr Jon treated the kid and her mother,it was an interesting experience when the child was five years of age to see her walk across the room of Dr Jon’s waiting room like a normal five year old angel and thank the Doc for making her better.Absolutley normal.
    Doc said in reality the hard part was healing her Mum ,parents are the problem until a child turns 8 years of age .As the parent tends to influence the childs attitude overwhlemingly until that age.
    A miracle?
    A normal day’s work for the Doc?
    So what did he do to treat her ?
    More soon…

  13. moryah4 Says:

    Cleaning the ghouls out of Brisbane.

    When I first met Dr Jon it was July 1986 in Brisbane CBD.
    He had arrived with his ex-wife Ingrid in 1985 and at that stage was doing lectures at a space called the ‘Inner Sun Growth Centre’.
    Being smack in the middle of Brisbane it acted like one of the main hubs for people who were seekers of all things spiritual.
    What the Doc slowly figured out after his year of arrival in Brisbane from New Zealand was that under the repressive Joh Bjelke Peterson government the State of Queensland was in pretty bleak shape spiritually.
    Joh’s National party government were anti-aboriginal,far-right,anti-people’s rights,anti-gay,anti-basically anything that wasn’t Christian or big business (of course anyone in big business would be encouraged to feed kickbacks,graft payments and bribes to Joh and his cabinet for grants for building and construction approval).
    Under Joh’s regime he and his cronies got very rich and any innovation,originality,and freedom of expression by the people he ruled was either extinguished ,repressed or they moved elsewhere(overseas etc.)
    So the Doc set himself the task to sweep this government out of town,or at least expose the huge vein of corruption, racism,and lack of freedom of expression.So he studied the Joh status Quo and how this city and as such State ticked,pinpointing its weaknesses over time.
    Inadvertently Dr Jon,whom I new as simply Jonathan back then discovered too that Brisbane was infested with people into black magic and witchcraft and satanic rites etc.In fact the very healing centre he worked in was riddled with people claiming to be healers,shamans and psychics,but the further Doc (our version of Sherlock Holmes) began to discover that these people were not only feeding false manipulative information out there into the community, they were also sucking off people’s energy.
    Probably the worst was a man who worked at the ‘Inner Sun Growth ‘Centre where Dr Jon worked, I never met, called Patrick Displace.Louise Dr Jon’s other artist told me how Jonathan uncovered Mr Displace’s satanic agenda ,and had managed to place many in the Brisbane spiritual community under his control,differnet people who had sought healing from this supposed healer.
    The penny started to drop ,said Doc, when he went to help a patient who was suffering from a haunted house.This house was next to a cemetery in a Brisbane suburb.
    The Doc rolled up with a group from the Inner Sun Growth Centre.A group of supposed ‘ghostbusters’.
    In the group was Patrick Displace ,a clairvoyant (female), Dr Jon and Ingrid Dr Jon’s ex-wife.
    When they entered the house the clairvoyant (the female)was way over the top and hammed it up saying stuff like “Get OUTTTT!!!!!!! GET BEHIND ME ,OH SPIRIT LEAVE!!!!!!!!!! etc. and she began to white light herself(i.e. ask the spirit world for protection)
    The Doc is totally opposed to any of this.He is totally normal.after all a ghost (’lost soul’ as he calls them ) are just like you and me they just don’t have a physical body any longer,and they are ’stuck’ (i.e. eartbound )and just need to get home. Dr reasons also why should you need to ask for protection(i.e as the clairvoyant Zelda was doing) when you already have an aura that protects you from other spiritual forces that exudes three feet minimum all around you.To ask for protection ,he says, is to doubt in your own natural abilities.The outcome the clairvoyant ,Zelda ended up flat on her back when the spirit(ghost) in the room was charged by her static energy(emotion,fear etc.)The Doc said he spent the rest of the night picking Zelda off the floor,as she had had that many holes in her aura she was a mess and frightened the spirit that was floating around ,and this was a powerful one!
    At one stage Ingrid (Doc’s ex-wife) told me a handkerchief rose into the air and burst into flames in front of all of them.
    Meanwhile Ingrid who Dr Jon had taught to use her natural clairvoyant state saw a ghost of a mother nursing her baby ,sitting on the bed scared.Ingrid was able to converse with her.She had been killed with her baby in a fire in the house.So Ingrid was able to direct the spirit to the energy vortex Dr Jon had created in the house which acted like a portal to the ‘Other Side’ finally freeing the earthbound pair.
    Meanwhile Dr Jon used his advanced telepathic/telekinetic abiliites to change the vibration of the house structure and raise the frequency to protect the space.
    But unbeknownst to the Doc ,Mr Dispace their other companion (the black magician) who was supposed to be this great healer/psychic etc,had suggested he would case the cemetery next door,was actually releasing all sorts of earthbound spirits from the cemetery into the neighbourhood.
    Later Mr Displace made the mistake of sitting in Dr Jon’s favourite chair at the centre.The Doc’s energy which is very high acted like a spotlight revealing Mr Displace’s aura which was a filthy black colour pitted with holes.
    The Doc evidently played nonchalent until shortly thereafter, Displace( a black magician) who had hidden various occult diagrams directing the power of the Inner Sun Growth centre to his domain ,attempted to do a Lord Voldemort and threw a surge of energy at the Doc to manipulate him.
    All witnesses to this event say Displace literally flew through the air backwards slamming into the wall behind him,as his curse bounced off the Doc and effected itself on him.
    After confronting Displace,he was marched out of Brisbane ,well Doc’s gaurdians bounced him out and not long thereafter we presume he wiped himself out,as you end up doing when you get into the black arts.
    Now all Dr Jon had to discover was where Displace had hidden his evil satanic diagrams in the space and find out what he had done to his patients,retrieve as many of them as he could and reverse whatever evil Displace had commited as he was still able to suck off his victims life forces.This was the difficult task that lay ahead,but there was much,much more mystery and intrigue to unravel…
    more soon…

  14. moryah4 Says:

    “Some say they are successful and yet know nothing about their own existence and what they do when they depart this body and this world and yet those who have nothing physically but know about the true nature of one and their bond with this universe are far richer than those who do not know.”

    These words and others on this blog are some of the last words of Dr Jon Sherwood.Those who were particularly close to him called him Jonathan.All who knew him treasured their time with him.
    Fifty something years of age but spiritually infinite in his wisdom.
    Dr Jon taught that to effect a healing result from healer to patient.You needed 50% application of effort from the healer, and 50% application of effort from the patient.
    Dr Jon came to effect healing to the world and its people in a critical time in history.
    Anyone who was privy to Dr Jon’s life from its humble beginning in the England across the world to New Zealand,Australia,Egypt,the United States,Asia,Europe etc. will know he lived a prolific life embracing the adventure in every day,a teacher, a writer,a documentary maker,an expert in western medicine and alternative therapies,a scientist,a philosopher,and the many,many otherhats he wore in his brief time here on earth,provided an inspiration to all who knew him and to all who entered into his path.
    Dr Jon gave his 50% to people of this world,to assit us in our very own survival of what was and what is to come.
    We now need to apply our 50% to complete this healing cycle.
    The Doc reached the threshold of effort of how he was able to assist all of us,and at this point in time there was nothing else he could do here.That’s why ‘upstairs’ have now pulled him out of this system.
    Otherwise we will never learn or apply the appropriate effort.
    After all any positive gain in our life takes effort.
    In his time on earth the Doc continually reiterated to people that humanity through the reincarnation cycle we exist by,was going through a retroactive interplay.
    Various human civilizations we have had on earth and others we have had on other planetary systems have been more or less completely destroyed by ourselves and now we are doing it again.
    For example Zarlen the Doc’s guide said three-quarters of the present human population that exists down here today existed in the time when Atlantis was destroyed wiping most of ouselves out.So we have come back to get it right this time.
    The continent of Lemuria which existed between the Indian and Pacific Oceans (Australia and the Pacific Islands are remainants of this) was the first civilization to be wiped out on earth.This civilization was highly spiritual but lacked the material grounding.Hence they were hit by a comet (this is why Australia is 2/3rds desert when once it was similar to the amazon jungle).The survivors of Lemuria headed for the mountains.These people became the Tibetan Llamas.Their secret history is evidently hidden in a secret library somehwere in Tibet.Some say it now resides under the Potala Palace acessed through a secret entrance .
    In 1900 at Dunhuang a smalll desert town on the border of Tibet,a Taoist monk found a hidden library inside a cliff honeycombed with caves.The room had been walled up with bricks in the eleventh century to keep it from falling into the hands of invading barbarians for eight hundred years the books had lain there,preserved by the dry desert air and maintained in excellent condition.Then the famous explorer and archeologist Aurel Stein passed through and persuaded the monk to allow him to view the treasure
    which was at that time still kept in the secret cave.He found budhist texts in many languages-Chinese ,Tibetan,Sanskrit and some in languages that were completely unknown!
    Just how old some of these texts were was impossible to tell,but they had probably already been copied over several times from earlier texts .The originals had been written hundreds and in most cases thousands of years ago.
    According to the famous astronomer Carl Sagan a book entitled “The True History of Mankind Over the last 100,000 years was housed in the Great Library in Alexandria Egypt.Although believed by historians to have been burned Dr Jon Sherwood claimed that this whole library was secretly spirited away by the Egyptians to the Hall Of Records under the Sphinx (probably by the Secret Brotherhood Of Tat) and is secretly preserved there.
    The Doc was able to use his advanced telepathic technique to communicate with Zarlen and other beings in the channeling sessions and access these hidden caches and read to us from these ancient texts.
    Some of this information you can hear on the taped sessions for sale on the website or from the Zarlen Channeling books.
    This information clearly defined how human civilizations havew over time continually chose to wipe themselves out.
    Ego,greed,selfishness,arrogance,violence all factors which play a part in human demise.
    The fact that the Doc has ‘checked out’ of this world so early was a massive curve ball to all of us who knew him.Even though he had continually intimated he would not be around for us to lean on for ever.
    Dr Jon achieved enough in one lifetime that would take one such as ourselves many,many lifetimes to achieve.Soon the cosmic Alliance will bring the ‘magnetci circular grid system’ on line.The Doc was their anchor point,he initiated the activation of the Great Pyramid of Egypt (Cheops),Stonehenge,the activation plate at Crete etc.All of these had lay dormant for about 145,000 years(see the book “Andreas One”) Plus he intiutiated repairs to the (Bruce Cathie) back-up grid(the square one) which allowed the work for the other grid system (the circular one) to be begun.
    Previous the Alliances flying saucers and shuttle craft(which use magnetic propulsion and travel along the grid sytem had been at risk from breaks (anolomies in the integrity of thi system).Some carft said Dr Jon were even tricked by the US (Covert) government/Retillian alien alliance to areas where hole existed by being fed false co-ordinates.
    The battle Dr Jon,Zarlen and his other differnet identities(incarnations has been fought for hundreds of thousands of years and is almost over.
    Do you choose to be a survivor ?
    Are you thnking of our future generations to come an what sort of world we are leaving them ?
    THe Doc repeatedly stated that the Mayan Calendar,The Egyptian Hieroglyphics in the Pyramids at Giza,and various other prophecies do not predict the end of our world as we know it but the flatlining in these methodolgies points to a 2000 year period of spiritual peace and harmony.can you even imagine this ? No wars,no violence inner peace and harmony carried in the minds and hearts of all earth dwellers.
    Of course the Doc sees us using our technology to colonise other world’s too.
    So the question is do you want to be a part of this?
    Find a quiet spot preferably early in the morning, in the calmest spot you can find and ask yourself this question now and again an see where this leads you.
    But as the Doc says pure good intention and the love factor will not do it need to learn to use the hidden energies which exist within yourself,which your religous organisations have done their best to push you away from for so long.
    On this Rajon website we can assist you to unlock these hidden doorways in your self.
    The Doc in reality is not dead.Physically he lives in his written and audio-visual material.
    He also passed his healing knowledge to a select few.Who would love to share this knowledge,the therapies with you on an equal basis.
    But don’t expect to be given this knowledge for free.In fact it will take more effort than you have ever put in in your lifetime to become one with your self but the satisfaction,you will never have experienced anything like it.
    One more thing the Doc will be back,he already hinted how,so chinup folks.We do want a future don’t we?

  15. moryah4 Says:

    We who knew Jonathan (Dr Jon Sherwood) here in Australia could tell you about some of the amazing experiences with the Doc Regarding UFO’s and evidence of his connection with the extra-terrestial groups we have mentioned on this site.We have witnesses multiple witnesses who have him seen him call in flying saucers to within relative close viewing range (one such incident while he was awith a group on top of the Great Pyramid of Egypt in 1991) but he once orchestrated the moment of the three massive motherships( the Andrea research vessels) in front of a class at night on the Gold Coast that same during 1991-1992.They describe the experience long-distance viewing as seeing three stars juggle their positions (These vessles are 5 1/2 thousand kilometres long.
    Dr Jon is the reason I ended up moving to the Gold Coast in the first place from Brisbane.He mentioned several times that under Mt Tambourine in the hinterland of the Coast(which is an area that is former volcanicaly- formed elevated territory bedecked in sub-tropical rainforest with reasonable human development and still some expanse of World heritage listed forest,is one of the largest undergound alien bases in the world.
    “Whose base the gooies or the badies I asked once.
    “Whose do you think?”he replied.
    I thus presumed it was part of the alliance’s (Sirain-Pledian-Andrean) hardware.
    Doc always claime to have a stream of telepathic communication coming form this group forewarning him with directives if the enemy alien force were seeking him.
    He was as he reccounts once or twice being knowingly pursued by the so-called “Men In Black” .
    Once in New Zealand when he figured out who built the Great Pyrmids in Cairo.
    Subsequently craft pursued his every movement up the Australian East Coastline.
    But he was well-protected.
    Sometimes he would find his consciusness melding with the brain of the commander of the “Andreas One ” craft whose Captain Shontar came through and spoke to us in the Channeling sessions Jonathan (Dr Jon) held at Paradise Point on the Gold Coast.
    Jonathan would experience Shontar contolling the Andrea One,the incredible research vessel built like a massive domed city thousadns of kilometre long.
    I myself was privy to UFo sightings both in Dr Jon’s company and otherwise.
    But the greatest honour was within twelve hours of Dr Jon’s passing three flying saucers appeared above the Gold Coast skyline above the highrises and the sea in alignment,(position :28th Parallel South ).One of Dr Jon’s beloved territories near the sea,a place he always sought to return to as his energy would rise being near water.
    I have the photo of this UFO appearance given to me from one of the cleaners at my work who photographed the appearance as it occured.I believe this is an ultimate tribute whom the Pledian,Sirian and Andrean forces at some stage in public all called him a friend and ally.
    (Write to this website if you want access to this photo.)

  16. moryah4 Says:

    Over the years Dr Jon taught many people from all walks of life the natural abilities that exist inside of ourselves (the human life form).
    All human beings have the ability to raise their energy ,and importantly achieve a state of neutrality in the brain ,so that there is a balance between the electrical and magnetic forces which predominate on either side.The reason this is a desirable state to achieve,(preferably eventually on a permanent basis) is that there is a continual stream of consciousness flowing from your superconscious to your brain providing instinctive direction to enable you to not only achieve the tasks that you have come down here to achieve, but your very survival depends on this.Various times Dr Jon stated that the human brain is actually a highly developed transmitter and recieves input from your superconscious in the form of a universal magnetic energy (which you could describe as energy with intelligence ).
    So what is your superconscious ?
    I suppose you could view it as the collective energy of all of your life experiences as you have had many lifetimes not just the one you have now. Every positive learning experience you experience in a lifetime becomes part of this collective magnetic energy source.There is a massive amount of input of data from a single life experience.Every waking moment you have your five physical senses inputting experiences as energy with sensation,into your collective ’superconscious bank’ ,plus there are the relatively unrecognized sixth and seventh senses interpreting data as well.Even when you sleep you learn as you draw together unconcluded data slung together in wierd tapestries which we we call ‘dreams’ to interpret these loose elements of knowledge.
    Only positive energy,concluded event get sent back and filed in your ’superconscious’.The rest of the ‘unconcluded data gets stored as emotion in your physical body in your cells.what is emotion then inconcluded data stored as sensation.This will later be released in regular cyclical periods say seven years later for larger events in what is known as ‘retroactive interplays’ where you release the enrgy from your cells and your life plays out a ’similar drama’ to the one you had before,where you just did not get things(might be an anger situation or emtional spat),and hopefully you stay ‘calm’ this time relax your breathing,face your fear and figure out whatever you have to figure out.Concluding the event ,(a learned experience ) you gain as each learning experience has positive energy assciated with it which therefore gets added to your superconscious and the emotional energy,associated with the past formerly inconcluded event (which is stored as physical sensation in the bodiy’s cells and is incomplete energy) gets released.
    The reason people end up with diseases and disorders in the body is becusea of a build-up of this emotional enrgy in the body to excess .
    Doc said the creation of the “Grand Experiment” was the brain child of Zarlen a member of the ‘Brotherhood of Light’ who are the highest form of universal council connected to our existance but existing far beyond this.”The grand Experiment was created to meet the dilemma discovered by the Andrian fleet research team who discovered that the expansion of our known universe was threatened by a strange and highly dangerous anolomy which threatened the existance of all life in it.
    This account of our origins can be read in Dr Jon’s e-book or hard copy ,”Andreas One-Assignment” (available for sale from this website and other providers) which I hope as it did to me blows your mind!
    So Zarlen came up with the necessary plan to create a life form that could perpetuate its life existance beyond just one lifetime and evetually create lie from life,in example duplicate its own life spark.(Yes,this is your ultimate state after many lifetimes you becomes two!)
    In this way the anti-matter(spiritual energy) that is your core and actual reality not only perpetuates but expands the infrastructure and source enrgy of the entire universe.So the universe acts like a massive ocean,expanding and contracting through all of the learning and expression of knowledge by all of the universes life forms.

  17. moryah4 Says:

    Another lesson learnt by me(the hard way)…

    Doctor Jon has always stated when you are given knowledge question,question,question until you are absolutely satisfied,NEVER EVER ACCEPT INFORMATION AS FACT until you have looked at all of the angles of a situation and your instincts the calm energizing sensation you feel in your head (not your physical body) is there.
    Sensations you look for in your body that something is positive i.e. corect,and of benefit (something you need to do) is that churning,fear,apprehension you feel around you solar plexus chakra(where your belly button is).The reason your physical body feels challenged from the neck down,is that the physical body is always in a process of adapting to the spiritual(magnetic)enrgy that is inputted into its system ,which is it’s opposite value.Also your collective (magnetic) vibration grows higher with each new learning experience hence the physical body’s first reaction is to resist the new experience,run away from what it fears.How many times do we run away from what we ultimately could have benefited from,when if we had of been brave,used our breathing pattern to calm down and faced down our fear we would have gained the knowledge associated with whatever the learning experience and grown (evolved) beyond our present level of experience.
    Jonathan (Dr Jon) would often use the example of say someone who is afraid of heights,determining to go to the feared altitude,relaxing their fear,relaxing and controlling their breathing so its nice and calm and overcoming it.Might seem like small potatao stuff but your life is made up of these little steps.
    Take a fear of spiders,I used Zarlen’s analogy of spiders in this fear-facing scenario to overcome this fear, as he said the spider is a good ally to have as he keeps fly and mosquito,and other garden pests at bay ,and you end up becoming their best ally as well.Later I even learned of the special significance the spider has in indigenous countries like Australia,New Zealand and around the world too.And now the spider is not only a good friend ofmine but a significant totem for me as well.
    So facing your fears can take to all sorts of places.
    Ignoring your instincts (that positive calming sensation in your head) however and instead following the fear in your body from your neck down will end up misguiding you and can also end up causing disorder and disease within your system and ultimately death.Dr Jon said emotional upset unchecked is ultimately the root of all disorder and disease.
    Which leads me to my mistake.I did not follow my instincts with the picture the guy from my work gave me of the three UFO’s flying over the Gold Coast skyline.Instead I was impulsive as it was the first UFO picture I have ever recieved from a first-hand source.
    Luckily Jonathan’s wife Rachel who is cautious at the best of times held back from publishing it and another one of Jonathan’s students who writes for a cryptology had his team pull the photo apart ,checking it using comparatives including photoshop and other tools of the trade.A steep learning experience for me.
    The Doc always said at least 90% of UFO photos are not alien craft but normal phenomena like planes,weather anolomies etc.
    He also said if you want something bad enough you will create these illusory events to feed your enthusiasm.
    “Your not very bright”He would say to me sometimes,but then he would qualify it with,”but neither was Einstein”
    (Damn it what did he mean by that? Was it the fact that he ultimately prove many of Enistein’s theories wrong-Take for example E=MC2.
    Zarlen always stated that the speed of light was not the fastest thing in the universe, “the energy of that creates your thoughts is infinitely faster.How do you think advanced alien life forms can propel their massive star ships from places like the Andromeda Galaxy to our galaxy in what we would call a very short span in time?)
    Sorry about the photo.The photo that er… um…never really existed..cough..cough.

  18. moryah4 Says:

    …Oh the photo turned out to be the some interior lights reflected in the guys window.Amazing looking but FALSE. Next!!!

  19. moryah4 Says:

    Where are the rest of the records?

    The Nazarene..whom many of our world’s population are still intigued by although he last lived about 2000 years ago.
    But concerning the gospels his aposteles wrote why do we only have four.If each of the twelve apostles wrote a gospel where are the other eight?
    And what did thay talk about?
    Doc said the bible or many versions floatig around tha planet have been altered many times by men with agendas to control etc.
    He said the other eight gospels are underneath the Vatican in Rome on stone tablets and are teachings concerning reincarnation,free will self awareness,considered tooo contoroversial for the CHURCH.
    Hence they will likely never see the light of day.Next the Dead Sea scrolls..

  20. moryah4 Says:

    And the ‘Dead Sea scrolls’ ? Zarlen referred to these as being a more accurate portrayal of the Nazarene’s time .
    .The Dead Sea Scrolls consist of roughly 800 documents, including texts from the Hebrew Bible, discovered between 1947 and 1956 in eleven caves in and around the Wadi Qumran (near the ruins of the ancient settlement of Khirbet Qumran, on the northwest shore of the Dead Sea) in the West Bank. The texts are of great religious and historical significance, as they include some of the only known surviving copies of Biblical documents made before 100 AD, and preserve evidence of considerable diversity of belief and practice within late Second Temple Judaism. They are written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, mostly on parchment, but with some written on papyrus. [1] These manuscripts generally date between 150 BCE to 70 .Dr Jon said the Dead Sea scrolls were written and stored in caves at Qumren by the Essenes a mystical order,who the Nazarene trained with.
    Zarlen said the closest interpretation of what the scrolls mean can be found in Australian academic’s Barbara Thiering work,her fist book on this subject “Jesus the Man” throws forth many controversial theories on Nazarene which show him as being more down to earth and reveal the true nature of his relationship with his future wife and apostle Mary Magdelene.The Dead Sea scrolls found 20 kilometres east of Jerulaslem are an academic scandal with three quarters of the 800 scrolls held back from being revealed by the finders to the greater academic world .Publication of the scrolls has taken many decades.As of 2007 two volumes remain to be completed, with the whole series, Discoveries in the Judean Desert, running to thirty nine volumes in total. Many of the scrolls are now housed in the Shrine of the Book in Jerusalem. According to The Oxford Companion to Archeology, “The biblical manuscripts from Qumran, which include at least fragments from every book of the Old Testament, except perhaps for the Book of Esther, provide a far older cross section of scriptural tradition than that available to scholars before. While some of the Qumran biblical manuscripts are nearly identical to the Masoretic, or traditional, Hebrew text of the Old Testament, some manuscripts of the books of Exodus and Samuel found in Cave Four exhibit dramatic differences in both language and content. In their astonishing range of textual variants, the Qumran biblical discoveries have prompted scholars to reconsider the once-accepted theories of the development of the modern biblical text from only three manuscript families: of the Masoretic text, of the Hebrew original of the Septuagint, and of the Samaritan Pentateuch. It is now becoming increasingly clear that the Old Testament scripture was extremely fluid until its canonization around A.D. 100.”Six of the Dead Sea Scrolls are currently on exhibit at the Jewish Museum in New York City until January 4, 2009.
    Zarlen stated several times that Julius Caesar created the present form of Christianity, that exists today,after the Nazarene’s death(disappearance?) .Zarlen said that in order to control the various factions ,marauding tribes,etc.,Caesar united them all under one common belief which he manipulated to suit his own end.
    Dr Jon stated that Julius Caesar and his Roman force were into the occult more than you can ever realize.Zarlen called Julius Caesar the first ‘Anti-Christ”
    Calendars in fact are an essential part of religion, and as far as the Western calendar is concerned, it has only been altered superficially since it was introduced by Julius Caesar in 46 BC.So the Nazarene’s birth and death are not the specific times stated by the biblical records etc.

  21. moryah4 Says:

    As stated before Zarlen has always stated the Nazarene never did die on the cross he was tortured on, unconscious and with the help of Simon of Zion(Lazarus) and Mary Magdelene he was given healing and eventually ended up moving to the South Of France,where he married Mary Magdelene and had several children and lived for another 40 years.
    Their is a family in France who claim original descendency from this union.
    The book non-fiction book “Holy Blood and Holy Grail” and fiction “The Da Vinci Code” touch on elements of this story.The Doc said the “Da Vinci Code” was so successful particularly among women,because they could sense an element of truth in it and the truth naturally liberates.
    Your churches tell you Jesus was celibate,his mother had a virgin birth(divine conception) and that Mary Magdelene was prostitute made good.
    But according to scholar Barabara Thiering ,Dr Jon and others all three of these long held Church doctrines are falsehoods introduced in order to make you subservient to their control and them alone.
    One thing Zarlen was upset about was how Chritians worship a cross.Zarlen said the Nazarene would never have endorsed this.
    Zarlen used to say”Why worship an instrument of violence(torture)?
    You might as well worship a gun!”
    It is like when you read all the violence in the newspapers every day you end up becoming acutely negative.
    The Nazarene represented spiritual peace,equality,and universal understanding.He did not preach violence,restriction and bloodshed.These are things the Catholic church have instilled in their belief system over time originally in a format as mentioned ,started by Julius Caesar whom the Doc called the first ‘Anti-Christ’, in order to suppress the human spirit,not what the Nazarene taught how to free the human spirit and discover your inter-relationship with all.
    One of the biggest and longest held secrets suppressed by the church is the power within the sexual aspect of yourself.Suppressed by the Church for millenia sexual expression,(the highest form of this being the point of sexual orgasm) ,coupled with the ancient Kai Li exercises taught by Zarlen through Dr Jon (and suprisingly also used by the Nazarene as well) can take you across a bridge of transition that can eventually give you ultimate control of your life.
    In my experience the most powerful healing technique you can learn about is the Kai Li technique and all of its applications that Jonathan taught.
    Rachel Sherwood wrote a book with Zarlen’s assistance titled “Ancient Healing Therapy” which covers the basics of what you need to know.
    Rachel went further with Dr Jon’s training than anyone else.
    She is incredibly articulate and her writing is like a cool refreshing breeze on the mind.(Her book is available for sale on this website)
    Also Dr Jon put displays of practical Kai Li self-healing exercise in the “Phoenix Rising” magazine.
    you can order any of the four back copies, or the latest copy online and learn these techniques on the spot.Where humanity is going the average person will need to know these types energy exercises to adjust.
    In future I and hopefully some of the other past students of Dr Jon will tell you some of the amazing case hsitories associated with the Kai Li healing application and the many,different variations of purpose that the Ancient Egyptian Hand exercise can be be applied to .

  22. moryah4 Says:

    In 1986 in Brisbane not long after Jonathan (Dr Jon) discovered that this city’s self-awareness industry was covertly infested with people into the black arts,witchcraft,satanic rites etc. that Regie Hale the petite,elderly manager of the Inner Sun Growth Centre,asked Jonathan to take over the reins of this bustling facility .
    I had only met Regie once when she came out and screamed abuse at the two female voluntary helpers who worked at the centre.they were Suzanne who was Dr Jon’s healing protege ,someone who had an infectious smile and incedibly helpful attitude and Loise a young artist. Both girls were beautiful and lovely in nature and held Jonathan and his healing and psychic abilities in high esteem.
    I was in shock when Regie screamed at the girls for something that wasn’t of any significance.Normally she wasn’t there ,and this centre with Jonathan at the helm was serene,calm and inviting .I would go in there every day and access the incredible esoteric library ,reading all about all sorts of strange topics like UFO encounters,self healing ,reincarnationas,meditataion etc.
    Then Regie as mentioned decided to leave full control of the running of this facility to Dr Jon,as she was retiring.
    It was at this stage that Dr Jon saw some of my artistic ability and asked me if I wanted to join his art team.I did calligraphy,cheerful animated illustration and cartoons for the psoster and pamphlets handed out to the general public and eventual magazine illustration.Whereas the other artist Louise did Renaissance-style portraits and scenes which were either used as posters ,magazine illustrations or sometimes turned in lithographs to grace the eventual magazine covers of Jonathan(Dr Jon’s) first publication -called “Lifestyle-Seasons”.
    Louise the artist/illustrator and I used to sit at the tables in the middle of the eastern half of the main lecture room,which doubled up as a waiting room until the facility ended up so busy we had to work on the kitchen table.The kitchen also doubled up as the tea room.
    Then it happened when the various other lecturers who used the Inner Sun Growth Centre discovered Jonathan (Dr Jon) was now the new manager there was incredible jealousy and anger,and ultimately we were to dicover many had had dark agendas working at the space.
    Using another facility self-awareness facility in Fortitude Valley (Brisbane) they were to launch a series of attacks both of the verbal kind and of the physical kind.Dr Jon had unearthed one of the main hornets nest of witches and black magicians in Brisbane city and they weren’t going to leave without a fight.
    First came the gossip attacks then they organised a consortium nudged Regie to agree and stormed in on one fateful day, while Dr Jon and Suzanne and I stood passively by ,violently stripped every piece of furniture,book,ornament ,lamp,curtain etc. etc. etc. out of the three rooms of the facility so that nothing was left just three empty rooms.
    When they ransacked the massive library many of the books and furniture had been donated by the genera public.These hoods all former lecturers of the facility literally samshed the books into the boxes dislodging the covers of some of what were very old and irreplacable books.
    Suzanne got emotionally upset when they did this because she loved books and that library,we all did.
    But Jonatahn stood calmly.
    “Don’t react”He said
    “Take a deep breath and relax”He whipered as they grew more aggressive.
    When they finally left and the dust ahgd setteld a weird balck silhouette outlined where the library had been.”That shows what sort of enrgy these guys were using “said Dr Jon.
    In a way Suzanne and I were still shocked and felt sorry for Jonatahn and felt a firm resolution to help rebuild thge centre.
    “well that was a good clean-out” He said.
    We would meet the next day to plan a new facility that would end up becoming one of the most extraordinary facilities of its kind in the world…

  23. moryah4 Says:

    Why I believe Dr Jon was a Star Person:

    “Star People! ”

    By Dr Joshua David Stone

    “The term star born refers to the feeling and knowingness by some people that they have come to Earth from another planet or star system” Brad Steiger - Author

    The term Star People was popularized by two books written by the well known metaphysical author, Brad Steiger and his wife Sherry Hansen Steiger. They wrote two books, one called “Star People”, and another called “Starborn”. The term Starborn refers to the feeling and knowingness by some people that they have come to earth from another planet or star system.

    Now it is important to understand here that everyone on planet Earth is an extraterrestrial, in the sense that we ..are all just visiting here. Even though this is the case, some people’s past life history is more centered in the school house called Earth, and other people have been a part of other schools in the cosmos first. One is not better than another, they are just different pathways people have taken on their way back to their creative source.
    Many of the star people have memories of these other star systems and/or experiences with other UFO beings. Almost all these people saw themselves as here to be of service to mankind as we move into the new age. Brad Steiger tells in his book, “Starborn”, that he borrowed the term star people from the traditional Native American Indians. They believed that the stars are the residences of spiritual beings who have a connection with the people on Earth.
    Brad Steiger began to make a list of some of the qualities of star people that he found in his investigations. Some of these qualities and characteristics are as follows:

    (Below I list Dr Jons’ known attributes next to this list)

    1.Eyes with an extremely compelling quality. (correct Dr Jon could hold anyone’s eyes in a conversation.He always taught, “Eye contact and self-expression will dominate any conversation)
    2.Great magnetism and personal charisma. (Correct, he bought whole auditoriums in Australia and New York to tears when he was channeling Zarlen the Atlantean High Priest ,
    One of Dr Jon’s other occupations was as a part-time stage actor as well where his command of comedy won him the lead role in a Gold Coast (Queensland Australia) theatre’s comedy play last year.He played the egotistical,bumbling,incompetent inspector Pratt in the GCL theatre’s 2007 performance of “Murdered to death.” Jonathan had them rolling bin tha aisles.
    Plus all his friends loved his warmth,humour and passion.

    3.Very sensitive to electricity and electromagnetic fields. (He was a sensitive and healer who was able to tune into and and emit any known frequency.

    4.Very sharp hearing. (When he had his hearing checked by an audiologist he could hear sounds beyond the human range that even a cat could not hear.
    His long-distance eyesight allowed him to discern cloud formations and star constellations beyond normal human eyesight.
    Though in the end his overusage of his computer paid its toll on this.
    His physical sense capability and immunity were checked out by the New Zealand Navy too,where he went off the scale.In tests where they used him like a lab rat.They would they coulod put copious amounts of drugs into his system including alcohol and his immunity system would isolate the chemicals in his blood stream and they would be excreted out of his system to no harm to himself.

    5.Lower than normal body temperature.(Uncertain.)

    6.A high percentage have an extra or transitional vertebrae. (Jonatahn Sherwood (Dr Jon) did have an extra verterbrae! )
    7. At a young age, some kind of extraterrestrial, religious, or mystical experience. (The Doc had contact with his spirit guides from an early age.
    At age three he recalled falling out of his cot,hanging there with a broken arm,somehow pulling himself back into his cot and healing the broken arm.
    At age five an old gypsy walke up to him and told him he was a cosmic king.

    8. A tremendous sense or urgency to fulfill one’s mission.(After he crossed,what he called ‘ the Bridge of Transition’ after a huge trial,where he had to face massive headaches which knocked him out for days,strange distortions of time and space,where everything sped up faster than normal or slowed down incredibly slow,his whole life
    became instinctive,whereby he was continually in his subconscious state following the directives in his mind provided by his spirit guides,chiefly his main guide Zarlen.He was totally trusting and dedicated to the mission Zarlen provided which was that of a mighty teacher,healer and energy expert.

    9. 65% were female and 35% male.(Dr Jon always claimed a good male spiritual healer would have more female energy than male(we all have both values).He claimed he had more feamle than male.
    He also said he had to mask his ’soft side’ using his acting skills to play tough and macho guy at times.
    Also there were many more females involved in learning about healing from Jonatahn than males.

    10. 90% have experienced a oneness with the universe.(highly evident when Jonatahn was channeling Zarlen ,doing Kai li energy movement(the Ancient pre-Egyptian practice ,a fore-runner of Tai Chi,or doing healing on a patient.)

    11. Chronic sinusitis (uncertain)

    12.Low blood pressure - 75%/70% (I believe so)

    13.Pain in the back of the neck (uncertain)

    14.Adversely affected by high humidity (Correct. I know his body had to accumulate a very large content of fluid to compenstae for his high energy.In the Kai Li healing therapy program,the practitioner uses the body’s high which is emitted out of one of the two hidden channels in the hands,activated by the ancient Egyptian hand exercise.
    Therefore Dr Jon tended to experience discomfort in hot or humid climates because of this.)

    15. Have difficulty in expressing or dealing with emotions - (Was highly selective about what he expressed to whom,would show full emotion to his own familyand whatever he sensed others i.e. his patients could handle.
    Loved animals etc.
    But one thing Dr Jon had to be careful about was the fact that becuase of his high energy people would end up reflecting their own state of mind off his more powerful aura.High energy in an individual will bring out others insecurities.
    Once when Jonathan was in the New Zealand Navy serving his time as a medic,he recalls going up to the canteen window to collect his meal.
    The guy who was serving him suddenly punched Jonathan(Dr Jon) in the mouth ,knocking out sevral of his teeth. Dr Jon asked,”Why did you do that!??.
    The guy did not know why.
    This happened to Jonathan several times in his life so he had to be careful about what sort of energy(emotion) he expressed to certain people.

    17. report out-of-body experiences. (Dr Jon did this with ease.Also when channeling could do the ‘full’ channeling experience where he left his body and a disincarnate entity like Zralen could take over his body.
    He taught many of us to do different forms of astral travel consciously too)

    18. claim the ability to perceive auras.(Dr Jon could see everyone’s aura and a person’s state of health through thus as well. He could also identify what your spirit guides look like and recieve messages for you from them.This phenomena was ongoing the whole 22 years I knew him.And I will tell you some stories about his soon.

    19. have experienced a white light during meditation. (correct)

    20. have been able to accomplish dramatic healings of themselves or others. (Totally true,during the filming of “Mission Impossible” the re-vamped series in the 1990’s on the Gold coast in Australia a 6ft 2″ African American woman in stillettoes accidently broke Dr Jon’s foot foot stumbling down a flight of stairs (Dr Jon was playing a zoo-collector).Doc used a self healing technique to not only get through finshing the scene,but after the X-0ray proved it was broken healed the break within one week back to normal.)

    21. practice automatic writing.(All of his books were written this way)

    22. believe that they have received some form of communication from a higher intelligence.(Was a walking talking example of this his entire life.)

    23. have perceived spirit entities.(Identified the seven master guides he
    had in the different channeling sessions he held mainly in Australia,with some in Egypt,USA ,New Zealand.) There were many times psychics,clairvoyants and mystics confirmed Dr Jon’s visions.
    Even once (myself,”We were going across Hope Island Bridge on the Gold Coast.
    I had never seen his spirit guide Zarlen,but his ex-wife had ,as well as psychic artist Esther Crowley (formerly South African born and married to author Brian Crowley) had drawn a pastel drawing of Zarlen.
    Anyway we were heading home after an uneventful day fishing when out of the corner of my eye a hand casting a fishing line came out of the ether!
    Without saying anything myself Dr Jon goes,”Did you see that!!!”
    It was Zarlen proving his existance to me in a very cheeky way.Catching me off guard when I least expected it I did not have time to block my inner sight with fear(like we can be prone to do)

    24. have experienced clairvoyance (Being a sensitive as Dr Jon was is the most highly evolved psychic state there is)

    25. have made prophetic statements or experienced prophetic dreams or visions that have come to pass. (Jonathan channeling Zarlen made thousands of predictions/prophecies 98.9 % came true ,I recorded the press clippings myself for years.
    38% report the visitation of an angel.

    26. reveal the manifestation of a Light Being. (His high energy would change the temperature of the room.It would become very cool when he was channeleng Zarlen.He had to keep drinking water during these sessions,or when he was doing the Kai Li healing as he would convert this water to energy to compensate for the incredibly combustive effect high energy(the spiritual force-otherwise known as ‘anti-matter can have on the physical body.
    Dr Jon always said water was the etheral force in material form and that a single glass of water can power a whole city the size of Syndey for a week if extracted properly.

    27. feel that they have been blessed by the appearance of a Holy Figure.(say no more)

    28. are convinced that they have a spirit guide (always evident.)

    29. admit to having had an invisible playmate as a child.(Thought everyone experienced this)

    30. state that they once spotted an elf, a “wee person”. (Always warned against getting distracted by these, what he called ,’lower elementals’)

    31. have witnessed the activities of the fairy folk, the “gentry”. (Same answer as above)

    32. are certain that they have encountered alien entities of an extraterrestrial or multidimensional nature.(Definitely-channeled them to a live audience as well.)

    33. report an intense religious experience.(to be religious means to believe in something.He believed in himself at all times)

    34. claim an illumination experience.(correct)

    35. have experienced telepathic communication with another entity, material or nonmaterial, human or alien. (He always had an advacned telepathic technique which he developed to its fullest extent.In the end he used this instead of the ‘leaving the body’ channeling terchnique to communicate information to individuals and groups of people.

    36. are convinced that they have seen a ghost. (Dr Jon Sherwood was a real live ‘ghost-buster’ who I was lucky to see in practice.I will tell you about this soon)

    37. have perceived the spirit of a departed loved one. (Sometimes he would but not often communicate a message from a deceased love one to a living client but liked to leave the deceased/newly departed alone as much as possible.)

    38. accept reincarnation as reality and have experienced prior-life memories.(Did re-incarnation readings for people used one of the most advanced programs ever called the “Ra-Mu”technique.Could access the Akashic records to gleen any past life information about anyone.)

    There are more questions in this survey but I think you get my point ?

  24. moryah4 Says:

    There is a typo above mentioning the word angel by mistake.Dr Jon did not ebleive in angels as such.He stated several times in his time down here that the concept of angels was a religious idea introduced in medieval times and that your spirit guides who are discarnate entities representative of your previous existances(lifetimes ) from before will play the game as you do.They can manifest to appear as angels if you believe they need to appear like you believe an angel should look.

  25. moryah4 Says:

    So what is a spirit guide?
    Well just as you can access your memory in this life,which according to Dr Jon is not part of your brain ,but as mentioned is a storage capacity that exists in your body’s cells(below the neck down),for incomplete knowledge-emotion(stored as energy with sensation),so you can access previous knowledge(energy with intelligence) from your past incarnations,(this energy is positive and complete).
    I mean if we are an intelligent life form created from an intelligent source,created to perpetuate itself then doesn’t it makes sense that the intelligence that created us in the first place would not want you to have to re-learn the same tasks over and over again that you have learned in previous lifetimes? For example it would be a wasteful use of time re-learn to hammer a nail or weave a basket if you had done it numerous times before in a past life,or even done this over many lifetimes.
    Hence you have this knowledge from the past being passed over to you via your spirit guides.This is able to occur because there is a stream of consciousness connecting you to the various lifetimes you have had before and even to what you will become in future lifetimes.
    Sounds trippy? But even Einstein said in reality there is no such thing as time,time can be bent etc.Well Zarlen via Dr Jon said on the other side of our reality ,what they call ‘the other side’ ,our true reality exists.He called our physical existance the illusion which we use as a vehicle to learn from,for it is the opposite energy to our reality state.Hence we gain the measure of our true spiritual potential in this physical world by learning to control this opposite value through expressing our spiritual force within the constraints of this physical world in which we live.
    Meanwhile on the ‘other side’, Zarlen said, there is no such thing as time and space.
    Also when you have passed over you will appear as you were when you were 35 years of age.This is because when you turn 35 years of age in the physical world you reach your spiritual peak in terms of the power of your spiritual force.After this point in your life you will either maintain this level of energy (which gives your life its level of control) or it will decrease through lack of effort/application.This is why most people,said Dr Jon,if they are going to commit suicide will do it by the age of 35 years of age,as they are no longer able to control this force within the constraints they have placed themselves.
    Zarlen said at all times under normal circumstances a typical person will have two spirit guides with them.One on either side of you.The main guide is on your right hand side.He or she is the one you are supposed to be communicating with.This guide can provide you with directives.These will be provided in the form of instinct relating to whatever you choose to focus on .Say for example you wish to pursue basket weaving as a hobby.Your right hand spirit guide at this point in time may be an Amazonian indian quite adept at basket weaving.This form if you are able to see ‘beyond the veil’(i.e. use your inner vision/psychic ability) would be you from a past life,how you appeared at 35 years of age,wearing whatever ornamentation this culture wore.If you have what is called claire-audient ability you will also get communication via thought forms (telepathy).Regardless of wheter you are aware of this process it is ongoing and your guide on the right hand side(your main guide provides continual instinctive direction).The learning you/knowledge you recieve from this guide takes place on all levels of your existance.Your five energies:physical,emotional,sexual,mental and spiritual.
    You can of course (and do) block these directions.This is called fighting yourself and does not lead to a positive conclusion in any learning experience.In fact Dr Jon said your guides will play the game as you do.If you want to stuff around with your life,they will give you that.If you are prepared to appply effort and earn answers you will recieve excellent timely knowledge.
    Also your guides can change various times in your life depending on how many lifetimes you have had,the depth of knowledge you have built up before ,the ‘life lesson ,you are on and the level of difficulty you have created for yourself this time.
    The guide on your left is known as your energy guide and provides the life force as you create ceratin thoughts according the degree of concentration you use.

  26. moryah4 Says:

    ..thus a new centre was begun in Brisbane Australia by Jonathan Sherwood,at 11/99 Elizabeth Street Brisbane on the ashes of the old.
    An amazingly industrious and changeful year for Brisbane city it was too.
    The previous owner of the healing centre (which was called the ‘Inner Sun Growth Centre’ ),Regie Hale had ,as mentioned,resigned leaving the space for Jonathan to run.Then most of the other lecturers who worked in the centre doing lecturers,workshops and healing appointments, many whom Jonathan discovered were into the black arts tried to gang up against him .
    They had been busy ripping off the members of the general public in Brisbane for some time,people who came seeking healing and spiritual guidance and were already living under a repressive ,religious,corrupt state government.These members of the general public were being manipulated their money taken off them, and their energy usurped off them in the ‘guise of healing’ instead .
    As mentioned the previous ‘imposters’ formed a group and after convincing the former owner ,were permitted to come and strip the whole premises of all furnishings, leaving just some large empty rooms for Jonathan!
    Thus began the clean-out had begun…
    Around about that time Dr Jon(Jonathan) had also found a Black magic diagram hidden behind the cupboard in the kitchen.
    It had been placed there by Patrick Displace(the black magician) ,who Jonathan had already outed.This diagram (which Zarlen Dr Jon’s guide understood) depicted the energy levels of the human form and satanic symbols were placed over certain ones to enable the former to maintain control over the patients he had ‘claimed’ to heal.
    Jonathan was guided by his guide Zarlen to place the diagram into the sink and run water over it.The diagram burst into flames!
    Meanwhile the conspiracy group who worked via a new age centre in Fortitude Valley and a few other places,tried to cover their act by palming the furniture they had appropriated from the space off to a charity group called S.W.A.R.A .After S.W.A.R.A. recieved the furniture their building mysteriously caught on fire.
    “Bad energy has that effect “said Dr Jon.
    Thus on the 8th of August,1986 a new centre was founded by Jonathan (Dr Jon) Sherwood on the second floor of 11/99 Elizabeth street Brisbane.
    The whole city was abustle with new building projects and many people coming form interstate and overseas in an unprecedented shift.
    We were to later to learn the sheep tend to flock around the shepherd.
    My own appearance in Brisbane had been quite random.Well I had been sitting in a backpackers in sydney and I threw a thought out to my ‘higher self’ something like ,”Please take me where I can do the most good with life”my life ,I did a few coin flips and within twenty four hours I was mysteriously being drviven by a kind stranger to Brisbane.
    Jonathan on that fateful day in August changed the name of his new centre to the ‘Queensland Awareness Centre”.He felt the old ‘Inner sun Growth centre name was too neagtive.The sun’s rays emit negative enrgy so that name has bad connatations .
    we were scratching our head s for some time ,What does this name mean?”
    But words have power and Zarlen having been Thoth wasmaster of word choice in this regard.A great power was unleashed and the place was to blossom,first came donations of furniture and books from everywhere…

  27. moryah4 Says:

    Zarlen first appeared on the scene in early 1987.
    Jonathan Sherwood was now running this bustling healing centre in the heart of Brisbane city called the Queensland Awareness Centre.
    Having arrived from Auckland New Zealand the previous year with his (now ex) wife Ingrid in late 1985,he had initially started doing psychic readings from his home but then after discovering the centre(previously called “The Inner Sun Growth” centre) he had begun establishing self-awareness and basic healing courses .It did not take him long to get his name out there in town and even around the country as he had become known in New Zealand as his knowledge worked! plus his style of teaching was highly absorbing and entertaining (but students knew he would make them work hard work to boot,being a healer is not easy but highly satisfying) .
    Now some of Jonathan’s(Dr Jon’s) past students were part of the new classes at the new Queensland Awareness centre.Some of them were young but some were quite old.There were at least two septuagenrians and two near octuagenarians cackling away at Dr Jon’s spirit guide’s jokes it was a delight to see.In his compny they were mischievious school children.Like the two oldies in the Muppet show or the oldies in who discover the secret elixir of youth in the movie,Coocoon.
    Jonathan taught classes on Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday and intermittantly he held weekend workshops on Saturday and Sundays plus running the busy healing clinic during Monday to Fridays.
    To boot Ingrid (his ex-wife was pregnant and gave birth in December to their first daughter together .(Doc already had three kids from a prevous marriage back in New Zealand)
    Meanwhile Dr jon taught over a thousand subjects form ESp to medtatation to astral travel ,from basic healing to advanced spiritual healing.
    Then In 1987 Zarlen arrived and a whole new ball game began.
    Jonathan sitting in his chair channeling Zarlen was an ama experience
    here is an exaple of what was said

    Zarlen Channelling: The Zarlen Material V. 1
    By Jonathan Sherwood,M1

  28. moryah4 Says:

    How did it begin?
    …Zarlen ?
    It is difficult to describe really had to be there to experience what happened.You would need to have been there for the past six months of intensity before Zarlen arrived that fateful day.
    Take for example the regular Friday night meditation classes Dr Jon ran.
    It was just a great set-up.I amgine you’ve jsut finished work in your office after a week of -blah!-you know what I mean..stuck in an office all week..trawling away through the pile of paperwork your boss has kindly dumped on your desk.meanwhile you-dreaming of that holiday in Europe or a tropical island.
    “Is this what life is all about -paperwork,stuck cooped up here.”
    so you finish work,file out of your office,or shop-assistant job,mill thrugh the crowd in the Brisbane mall,always a colourful affair, do a bit of shopping at the numerous shops,grab a bite to eat,then …you do something different..instead of umping in yur car ,bus or train and going home where you would put your feet up, soaking up a tv screen (and all of the junk that goes along with the good stuff),you head down to 11/99 Elizabeth Street which sits above the bustling,colourful,’new-age’ type Elizabeth street arcade.The Eliabeth Street Arcade with its ‘hippy-type’ boutiques and gift stores,avant guarde fashion shops,esoteric and second-hand book-stores ,vegetarian cafe,standard cafes and mexican restaurant.
    You head up the stairs to the 2nd floor,you clomp down the dark corridor right to the end,step down a tiny staircase and there you are.
    The room semi-dark is lit by candles.Beautiful and enchanting relaxation music wafts through the air,music unlike anything you have heard before,creating an aura of mystery which causes the butterflies to rise in your stomache.
    That is off course unless you are a regular ‘groupie’,whereby you will be in the kitchen gathered around the large kitchen table sipping on coffe,tea or herbal tea and joining in one of mnay ‘chinwags’(coversations).the most animated are is usually the one who engages Dr Jon.This British-born, New Zealand and Australian-raised individual is a classic story-teller and he is ususually joined by Mary Markey a similar aged (or slightly older) shop assistant from Ascot whose family are race-horse trainers,Daphne,Les Bartlett, a former Ampol engineer,Frank west a retired professionel(Architect?)and former pilot from World War and of course many young twenty-somethings as I was and Louise(the artsis/graphic designers of the team) and Suzanne,the Doc’s lovely healing assistant.
    After a point the Doc would break from us and go into his spiritual ‘zone’ where you did not interrupt him,becuase the meditation class would involve,advanced telepathy a type of channeling and Jonatahn needed to have totally neutral state of mind.
    When it was 7 pm we all filed out into the room each grabed a cushioun,place under our head and lie falt in a comfortable position(lying down got ready…..
    Thus it began…

  29. moryah4 Says:

    (1986 the Queensland Awareness Centre,Brisbane,Australia)

    …The music initially played for these meditation was stuff like “Paul Horne in the the Great Pyramid of Egypt “(Paul Horn was a jazz flutist who was one of the first to experiment playing his flute in the Pyramid).
    With the candles ,and this particular soundtrack playing I remember the first time I lay down I felt like I was on a raft floating ,alone out in the middle of the ocean.
    Then… Jonathan with the directives of one of his spirit guides began…
    “I want you to concentrate on your breathing.Take a deep breath and slowly let the air roll out on its own…”
    Now repeat the process…”
    “Now bring your concentration down to the tips of your toes…
    starting with the bones in the little toe…Now work your way through the rest of your toes ,and the then the bones of your feet, keeping your breathing relaxed..”
    And slowly as we were instructed to make our way,concentration-wise,through our legs,I started to feel myself… my concentration disengaging from my body.
    Dolphin-like my mind was slipping and sliding all over the place.The music helped contribute to that altered state of mind but I could feel energy coming from where jonathan sat in the north-west corner of the room.It was a pleasant, deeply relaxed spinning-type sensation and when he got up at some stage and began walking around the room I could feel beams of energy radiating around the room.
    Then as the flute music of Paul Horne kept rising in pitch ,in his random -type composition, the Doc (Jonathan),his guides…dealt me the spiritual ‘coup de grace’.
    “Now bring your concentration to the top of your head…”
    I think it was the total unexpectedness of what happened then ,that I had nothing to compare with what was to happen that allowed ,from my life experiences,that I was able to be almost blown out my head ,as a flood of white light came streaming inside my head,until I became engulfed…ONE, with this incredible illumination ,that was life,REALITY…It was fulfilment and contentment,beyond anything I had ever experienced..want of nothing…Then it was gone…
    Cartoon-like, I had mentally clutched at this state like a man trying to clutch at extacsy disguised as a incredible cloud of brightness..but as soon as I did that ,”Wump” gone.. vamoose! gone..
    Several days before Dr jon had done this spiritual healing technique he then called the Inner Polarity,which was later called the Kai Li program.this technique only needed to be applied to an individual once in a person’s entire life,and it did as the name suggested re-aligned the polarity in the human brain, the forces of positive and negative,physical and spiritual,electrical and magnetic,yin and yang, whatever you want to call them…basically the two opposing forces you are made up of.
    Dr Jon had warned me at some stage I would get a surge of energy but he did not warn me that I would have a major spiritual awakening.In the therapy he had opened the door .I had just stepped in.
    After this episode the instinctive side he told me he had enhanced in me through his therapy became pronounced and I became even more sensitive to energy.
    One time when we did a another meditation session as I came back into my body.Because..yeah we(the class) were finding we were leaving our bodies and tripping all over the place under Dr Jon’s guided Visualizations,in partial astral travelling states.
    Jonatahn told us there were two types of stral travel partial and full.
    Full astral travel you do every night unconsciously when you go to sleep at night.This is where your spirit exits out your solar plexus chakra point .Youir stream of conscious takes the knowledge you have acquired during the day back to your superconscious.
    The second astral-travel state is done via your ‘third eye’ ,which is the only chakra point of the seven that you have which can emit as well as recieve energy.dr Jon also used the music to keep our spiritual projections conatined within the meditation room.
    Sometimes people would even get stuck out of theri bodies and Jonathan had to give directives to one woman and an enrgy technique to bring he back down again.
    Anyway one particular meditation session we did to music called “Ionspheres” and then “The Enchanter” Dr Jon had guided us somewhere ,where like a waterfall out in a tropical jungle and as per usual you came floating back down,guided by Jonathan’s..
    “See yourself like a feather now floating down from the sky ,slowly drifting back to your body”
    I was as per usual so energized that I simply did not feel physical anymore more like a vibrating mass of force ,utterly relaxed when laying there I using the power of my mind concentrated that enrgy into my mind.Kind of like squeezing a sponge..intensifying it…intensifying it … when “Smash” I heard something glass break in the kitchen.Later we found an ash-tray had just expolded in half.whic takes at leasta an eighth octave doesn’t it.
    That is the type of energy Jonatahn was able to generate,to assist us a s a group to go through these altered states…and it got trippier… when we found out how Jonatahn could enhance the enrgy spiral in the room whic it turned out he had set to the same frequency ad the Great Pyramid of Egypt….

  30. moryah4 Says:

    I don’t remember Jonathan (Dr Jon) mentioning it but he seems to have downloaded the entire first “Phoenix Rising” magazine onto the net.
    Anyway it came out last year and is worth checking out.All the editions of ‘Phoenix Rising’ have continuing segments.So once you read this you can order the other back copies of the magazine and obtain the full picture.
    I am not sure whether Rachel (Dr Jon’s wife) who is the other half of Rajon (whose name takes itself from both of their names (i.e. Ra- from Rachel and the -jon from Jonathan) will be continuing with this amazing mag.She has ahad a lot to do with compiling it in the past ,writing articles etc.But it is a lot of work and she has two children under 11 years so she is pretty flat-out being a mother.
    But one things for sure is that Rachel got closer than anyone to the Jonatyahn (Dr Jon).She accompanied him all around the world to Egypt,united States,australia,New Zealand,and she learnt much of the secret knowledge, and how crop circles work,etc. on his research trips,also being privy to much of the advanced knowledge Dr Jon taught to do with the healing modalities Dr Jon developed through his spirit guide Zarlen and the others, and she recieved the highest qualifications in the high energy side of the Kai Li healing program than anyone else in the world .She is alos a brilliant writer and is an amazingly powerful woman who has been through a lot.
    But right now she has lost the love of her life,which she will never get over I am sure.But expect lots from Rach in the future,and she is now in full control at the helm of Rajon and I and others expect big things from her and a continuation of the work.
    Various writers have offered to step and and contirbute articles for “Phoenix Rising” so their is a strong probability it will continue.If you want to get involved in distributing the magazine in your nook of the world the contact Rachel at the “Phoenix Rising” magazine website or the rRjon website here.
    We need to keep this interesting chain of knowledge connected,don’t we ?
    Here’s the file for the first edtion of “Phoenix Rising” w9th a picture of Dr Jon and Rachel in Egypt.Doc always siad she was his wife in a past life.
    Was it in Egypt ?

  31. moryah4 Says:

    Harry Houdini(March 24, 1874 – October 31, 1926) whose birth name in Hungary was Ehrich Weiss[1] , was a Jewish Hungarian American magician, escapologist (widely regarded as one of the greatest ever) and stunt performer, as well as a skeptic and investigator of spiritualists, film producer and actor. Harry Houdini forever changed the world of magic and escapes.
    Mystery surrounds a code left by Houdini and supposedly known to only him and his wife Bess .He promised that after his death if possible ,he would communicate from beyond the grave.His wife would then affirm the communication if the pre-arranged words were arranged in respect to the code.
    It is said Mrs Houdini requested his presence.
    The previous year, on 8 February, 1928, Houdini’s mother made contact with Arthur Ford while he was in a trance state. She passed to him the word ‘forgive,’ adding, that Bess(Houdini), and Bess alone would understand. She did.
    The Reverend Arthur Ford,( the minister of the First Spiritualist Church in New York City)was then, almost a year later, asked to come and see her at her home. He duly arrived, and while there, went into a trance and relayed a message to Mrs. Houdini, apparently from her late husband. The message contained ten words, one single word, plus a nine-word code that she and Houdini had secretly arranged for this very purpose - as proof of life after death. The code itself was the same one that she and Houdini had used many years before in the psuedo-mindreading act. It consisted of ten words, each word representing a number. That number in turn represented a letter of the alphabet. Here is the code with the first ten letters of the alphabet:

    Pray = 1 A * Answer = 2 B * Say = 3 C * Now = 4 D * Tell = 5 E

    Please = 6 F * Speak = 7 G * Quickly = 8 H * Look = 9 I * Be Quick = 10 J

    To secretly convey the letter F, one has only to begin a sentence with the word, such as, ‘Please, concentrate a little harder.’ By using combinations of the above words, any letter can be conveyed. For example, if the performer said, ‘Answer now!’ That represents the numbers 2 and 4, and the 24th letter in the alphabet is X. A good two-person act using a code like this will conceal the target words in longer sentences, and humorous remarks made to the audience. It is never quite as deliberate as the examples given. You must also remember that complete words need to be conveyed to the assistant, therefore the code has to become second nature to the partnership - a hidden language that is both automatic and natural. The first word delivered was ‘Rosabelle,’ the name of a song that Beatrice had sang during the first show that she and Houdini had done together. The nine words, or phrases, that followed had to be decoded using the system just given. This spelled out the word ‘B-E-L-I-E-V-E.’

    Mrs. Houdini, totally convinced that the message was genuine, signed an affidavit to that effect. She had no doubts.
    It is said this whole circumstance was very successfully buried by a group of sceptics at the time via the media etc.If not for the integrity of Arthur Ford and his close friend author and journalist Ruth Montgomery,who wrote a book called “A World Beyond” ,detailing latter incidents and contact she had with Ford perhaps we would not go back there…

  32. moryah4 Says:

    Ruth Montgomery

    Ruth Montgomery (1913 - 2001), a past president of the prestigious National Press Club, began her career as a Washington DC reporter. She wrote a book about the world-renowned psychic, Jeanne Dixon, called A Gift of Prophecy. Jeanne Dixon was the psychic who warned President Kennedy not to go to Dallas on that fateful day. Her book on Jeanne Dixon was very successful and Ruth began looking further into the paranormal phenomenon. She soon discovered that she had the gift of “automatic writing” by which she could communicate with various deceased personalities.

    Despite all the ridicule and criticism, she was able to channel a great deal of information from the other side, specifically from her deceased friend, the famous spiritualist and medium, Arthur Ford. Ford was the psychic who successfully revealed Houdini’s secret code from the other side. There was controversy with this, but it was never proven that Ford received this message any other way. From beyond the grave, Montgomery received startling answers to questions about life after death, such as: What happens after death? Where do we go? What is it like over there? Ruth Montgomery documented these revelations in a series of book: A World Beyond, The World to Come, The World Before, A Search for the Truth, Born to Heal, Aliens Among Us, Here and Hereafter, Threshold to Tomorrow, Companions Along the Way, Herald of the New Age, and Strangers Among Us. The following is an excerpt from her book, A World Beyond.

  33. moryah4 Says:

    The reason I have mentioned Ruth Montgomery is that I am reading her book “A World Beyond” which covers her contact with Arthur Ford, in his latter days of physical life,as well as after his death from beyond the grave,is that this book is soothing to my soul right now,as it presents an optimistic view of what transpires when we pass over,(presuming you believe our intelligence does not just evaporate into nothingness).
    There is a saying “The truth is where you find it.” So you may well analyze why you are here reading the comments I am writing here in this section of Dr Sherwood’s (Jonathan’s) blog.
    Knowing what I know about the man I would congatulate you on persevering thus far.The Doc told me that although I am a ‘high energy entity’ (a ‘walk-in’ so to speak) I am not a teacher ,I am a helper and part of an ‘experiment’.
    One of the reasons he said for the ‘appearance’ of ‘he’ said ,Zarlen once said,was because ‘due to nature of the way human societ had become on earth’ (so absorbed in the physical side of your existance) that not enough spirtis were crossing over the ‘Other Side’,becoming ‘earthbound’.
    Becoming earthbound is a condition whereby for example you believe so much in physical objects (which are illusory in spiritual terms) that you end up believing more in the material objects than you do in your spiritual existance.
    Zarlen said that when you physically die you have to stay at the physiacl site of your death fro a 24 hour period.Within that time frame a spiritual entity from the other side will cross over with enough energy to take you and themselves back to the other side.If you wander off because you are still attached to the people around you,the material objects you have acquired when that spiritual guide arrives and you are not at the scene of your completed physical demise then spiritual guide has only a limited time to find you before he must head back to the ‘Other Side’ as he will imperil his own safety if he stays here.
    Jonathan(Dr Sherwood) said in 1986 there were billions of ‘lost souls’ (ghosts) wandering around the planet at that point in time.Spirits taht had become earthbound.Thus one of the main reasons of the return of Zarlen and Jonathan’s other spirit guides was to set up vortexes,strategically placed around the planet ,which act as portals,to assist these disincarnate forms to get to where they were supposed to be,not allowing them to linger here on earth in ‘limbo’.
    Another thing is there was a lack of spirits circulating through the spirtual evolutionary chain and completing the function that Zarlen and the ‘Brotherhood of Light’ in conjunction the Andrian-Sirian-PLedian Alliance needed to maintain the “Grand experiment” .
    So completeing this task was one of the incredible unforseen sides of Dr Jon Sherwood (Jonathan’s) appearance here on earth and it was incredibly successful.
    Initially though Jonathan did various investigations and clearances of haunted houses in New Zealand and chiefly in Brisbane Australia.
    I am highly cautious when I listen to ceratin individuals psychics etc.,talking about being ‘ghostbusters’ and doing exorcisms etc.
    This is a highly contentious area and any Tom Dick or Harry could sate that they were a clairvoyamt,medium,whatever but how do you know they are genuine ?
    That’s why I would choose to firstly to use the 90% rule that Jonathan used .This rule states that at any given time there is usually the level of fraudulence in these profession(not even necessarily fraudulence,but people with no or little psychic ability getting carried away with their imagination.You have to use your and trust in your own instincts (which is the subtle positive sensation you get in your head) at all times to ultimately guide in whom you are to believe.
    I was fortunate in that I was to travel to some of these haunted houses with Dr Jon and witness him doing exorcisms on certain people etc.
    And one thing’s for sure you have to know what you are doing and you need to have a deep understanding of how the high energy levels within your existance work and how to control them.
    Jonathan did not mess around in this area of his work everything was under his complete control,and nothing was EVER done in a sensationalistic fashion like you will see in portrayals in Hollywood movies.
    Once as mentioned Dr Jon had one of Brisbanes so-called top clairvoyants with him in one of the most highly charged haunted houses in Brisbane with handkerchiefs flying into the air and bursting into flames etc.
    Jonatahn spent half his time picking her off the floor as in dramatic ‘Hollywood-style’ she would be chanting such things as “Get out spirits! Be Gone back to the spirit world! “,etc. She was also doing a process called ‘white-lighting’ herself all over the place.
    This process is the belief that you have to ask the spirit world to enhance the auric protection(enrgy field) which exists around the human form.
    Dr Jon’s guide Zarlen always stressed,” Why would you need to ask for spiritual protection when the auric field is always there?”
    This field exudes approximately 30 cms all around your physical form even permeating into the ground beneath your feet.It protects you from attack from the ‘thought energy’ from another,’psychic-attack’ whatever you want to call it.
    So to ask for spirtual-protection,to ‘white-light yourself(i.e. to imagine your aura encased in white light) is not only unnecessary ,Zarlen said it actually weakens your protection.This would be like if you asked the spiritual world for assitance with anything else you do autonomically or with spiritual and physical confidence.This would be like if you were to ask your spirit guides to assit you to walk ,when you do this naturally evry single day with complete confidence.Soon enough your confidence would start to suffer.Instead of naturally getting out of your bed or chair you would start to ask or command the spirit world to “Give me the ability to walk’,”Help me to walk” etc.,and so your guides would ,as Dr Jon used to say,play the same game you do.This particular game would include ‘doubt’.One day you go to get out your bed and boom! you colapse or you stumble,or your legs don’t work at all-such is the power of your believe.
    So a rule of thumb from Dr Jon and co. YOU DO NOT EVER NEED TO WHITE-LIGHT YOURSELF.
    To build your confidence in yourself ,believe in yourself,and in your own ability to control your own energy .And in terms of spiritual healing all a good healer ever does,said Dr Jon,was to assist any given patient to heal themselves.And from the ‘Other Side” I swear I hear Dr jon go,”Here,here!”

  34. moryah4 Says:

    (Fast Forward to mid to late 1988…)

    By this time Zarlen was on the scene.
    Zarlen’s presence was first made aware to me when Dr Jon ask me to a poster to with a Thursday night trance-channeling session that would be held every night at the Queensland Awareness centre beginning at 7pm.
    When Jonatahn gave me the text for the poster I drew a picture of a wise looking man with a pointed Jesus-type beard.I had done the calligraphy for the poster but had not finished the sketch and left it on the art shelf when I headed home that night.
    When I came in in the morning I noticed someone had modified/defaced my drawing.My initial gues was the child of a client or something.So I loudly denounce the fact that someone has touched/interfered with my art work.
    The drawing had dark rings now drawn around the eyes,wrinkles and more depth.
    Jonathan admitted modifying the drawing when I saw him.
    “Do you realkize who you have drawn here? He said.
    “No..” I replied.
    “You have drawn a picture of Zarlen!
    So don’t tell me you are not following your instincts! The only thing is his face needs more depth.That is what I have attempted to show here,he said,but it’s still not quite right..Depth..this is something you need to learn more about,to apply, in your artwork.”
    Later in 1989 a Jewish psychic artist from South Africa called Esther Crowley ‘off the bat’ would go into trance and draw Zarlen’s portrait in full colour pastel.
    Zarlen had never revealed himself to anyone before besides Dr Jon or his ex-wife Ingrid who Jonathan had trained to be one of the best clairvoyant/claire-audients in the world.
    Zarlen’s image revealed by Esther showed him in his golden Egyptian style headress and white robe.
    There was a rainbow-coloured necklace around his neck Also incredible purple and gold beams of light radiating from his head forming a dynamic aura.Above Zarlen’s image in the right hand corner were some purple or violet ‘flaming’ Hebrew letters.
    Esther’s husband Brian Crowley is an author (he co-wrote the book “the Face On Mars” with J.J. Hurtak)and is also is an expert on Ancient Hebrew,Sanskript,and Egyptian hieroglyphics and he immediately went to work flitting through great big texts he had on hand looking for a match of the symbols appearing in Esther’s portrait of Jonathan ,interpreting every element including the colours etc. of this portrait.
    Even though they had only met Dr Jon a couple of days prior,and knew nothing about Jonathan channeling Zarlen,or even who Zarelen was, through the drawing Brian had a plethora of information about him him and he told Jonatahn that this ‘being’ (Jonathan’s (Dr Jon’s) spirit guide Zarlen) was revealed to hold a high position in what was known as the ‘Brotherhood of Light’,a small select group of interdimensional beings who were capable of travelling ,and helping,developing life forms (civilizations) at important times in their transition.The ‘Brotherhood’ were capable ,it was said, of transposing themselves into any form human ,animal or otherwise to assist in these changes,to teach, to guide to help.They did so at great risk to themselves.
    Zarlen’s aura and multi-coloured necklace denoted his ability as as a spiritual master who had the ability to encode dna(i.e. create life).
    The ‘flaming’ Hebrew letters Brian decoded stated that Zarlen had ‘total knowledge of healing’-This meant tht out of the twelve universal masters that exist (each having total knowledge of one of the 12 areas of universal knowledge) Zarlen was the ‘master’ of healing.
    Finally one more piece of proof from this outside source to the Queensland Awareness Centre that confirmed what Zarlen first told us when he arrived in that first channeling session in 1988.
    Zarlen had stated that he had not been down here among mankind for 25,000 years and that he had last been down here as part of a pre-Egyptian civilization that he had helped foster after the demise of Antlantis.
    Brian went ferreting through his texts of ancinet Egyptian hieroglyphics,and disappointedly could not find Zarlen’s name.
    Then he said something akin to “Eureka!”.
    Brian remembered that the Egyptian’s of that era i.e. 25,000 years ago did not usea ‘Z’ in their alphabet instead they used a ‘K’.Brian excitedly flicked through the photo’s and hand-drawn hieroglyphics…it was there…AND NEXT TO THE GLYPHS WAS A DATE STATING IT WAS FROM AN EGYPTIAN ERA EXISTING APPROXIMATELY 25,000 YEARS AGO.
    When brian looked for the name Zarlen

  35. moryah4 Says:

    And it was the subtlety which we,Jonathan’s students were introduced to the incredible healing therapies Zarlen taught,that it became apparent were capable of treating any known disorder,even conditions standard medicine could not treat.The remarakable thing was most sessions only took about two visits and and had a permanent life-long effect
    Sometimes Jonathan’s spirit guides,of which about seven became apparent over time,would be researching new techniques modified to suit disorders which were had never been seen before.
    It is apparent that certain G7 nations we know and trust for example are as equally guilty in researching bacterial warfare,and ‘roadtesting viruses etc. in small doses in the whatever country they choose,even their in their own allies’ territories.
    So Zarlen and the ‘monk’ and Lin Toc etc. would modify new Kai Li processes sometimes over a sequence of sessions.
    the classes as mentioned were life-changing and demnding beyond anything I had ever experienced.The main therapy called Kai Lei for example(at that stage in 1987,called Zarelen Therapy) involved having to have 100% control of your concentration.You were not allowed to let your thoughts waver when you were practising this technique.We were advised to practice our training exercises using the supplement of green tea with apinch of sage for example(as this can assit one with mental alertness).The mental and high energy exercises put us through intrnal clean-outs and some even caased nauseau and stimulated slight diversion,altering from the time-space continuum,internal visions(psychic sight) and energy sensations unlike we had ever experienced as at ceratain stage we would be on a development cycle that entailed us waking up at and focussing (meditation) at various intervals 4 to 6 equidistant times over each 24 hour period to maximize our concentration during certain energy portals(’peaks) that exist in these brackets, to enahnce our ability to do high energy healing.
    One thing became apparent during these training sessions,although we could master most of the healing techniques taught us by Zarlen and co. none of us could emulate Jonathan and apply 100% concentration-this we all failed.Random thoughts would creep in and none of us could match Jonathan’s ability to stay focused telepathically to go inside the patient’s brain find thier life-force,re-align it correctly in the brain and strengthen it with a band of enrgy so that the balance of energies(between positive and negative(neutral) would never go out of alignment .
    How a patient’s polarity was thrown out of alignment in the first place was because of an induction stress.This could be an emotional upset,a relationship break-up,a car accident.If this induction on the brain was 15% or less an individual can re-align themselves using again,but a payload greater than this 15% value will knock a patient’s brain’s polarity the balance of electrical and magnetic force that exists there out of whack.One side of your brain (the right hemisphere)handles a predominatly positive(magnetic)enrgy value,the other handles a predominatly negative(neutral)value.You still have both values on either side but the above just indiactes the predominant value.
    Anyway once your polarity is out of balance a steady decline takes place,your concentration,energy and memory deteriorate,you end up in the world of the hallucinatory and a steady decline of your health takes place.This was another reason we have the appearance of Dr Jon (and thus Zarlen) down here.Otherwise too many life forms dropping off too fast.
    The Doc had planned technology to do the above with the ‘blue-prints ‘ in his head he ahs thus gone.But will he re-appear to pick-up these loose threads ? And how soon? Becuase he is capable of thus.
    Regardless of what is possible he has left a plethora of information on the healing techniques and sel-development exercises you can use.But as he once said you only get out of something in proportion to what you put in and the Doc was adamant you ‘earn’ this right of healing,in order to respect it.
    So my advice is buy his books,read his material,there is even a degree you can take.
    The Zarlen Therapy is a hands on telepathic healing technique,utilizing an ancient pre-Egyptian ‘hand exercise’ that activates the ’secret channels’ that exist in your hand.No other instruments are required, other than occasionally in the advanced areas of its applications where a fine quartz crystal may be used to focus energy more precisely. The Zarlen Therapy has various levels of application associated with it. For example, there are the basic Zarlen Healing Therapies, Intermediate techniques, and advanced techniques. Discovered by Dr. Jon Sherwood, (author of Zarlen Speaks: A New Beginning) in 1984 in New Zealand.
    And just quietly personally I don’t make a cent out of rajon,I have nothing to do with their business interests,I live in a separate country alone.
    I am just a ‘blue-collar’who paints wildlife and lives by the sea in Australia,(bit of content gyspy soul you could say).No commune,no cult,just a dude who met a mighty healer and desires that ‘you’ might also learn about the secrets of healing that you were originally encoded with, your natural heritage you could say.You have a healing ability which is powerful and chances are you are not using it.The world is less of a place to me AND ALL if you are less of the person you can be.
    Dr Jon contacted me early this year and asked wheter I would like to read his blog and leave a comment on it.As you can see I have posted continual comments as well as been a bit of a cut and paste terrorist.But not my fault Jonatahn was such an inspiration to me and so many others.He our catalyst we now like shooting stars spiralling across the universe.but even the momentum of a shooting star does not carry it for ever,so I invite you to choose a path that with a creatin amount of effort will change your path forever.
    As the great,late Dr Jon said “Life is supposed to be fun.It is not adeath sentence.there is always a way if you are prepared to turn over every stone.But concentrate on one stone at a time,don’t mix healing modalites,if you choose acupuncture don’t mix it with herbal medicine on the same day,concentrate on one thing on one day,preferably one are of knowledge over a period of time until you have concluded that learning,don’t mix ‘em up.So I Dr Jon(Jonathan )has rolled a stone in your path it’s called Kai Lei. over 40,000 words have been transcribed on this subject and other related information but these other texts will not become available,released by Rachel until you turn,commit and start turning the pages of the first book.

    (Queensland Awareness Centre ,1987..)

    I had seen a man have an epileptic fit in Melbourne in 1982,quite terrifying really,as he involuntarily smashed his head on the tiled floor of the shopping paza in Melbourne city blood splatted everywhere foam pured out the side of his mouth.What the hell do I do I thought,in total shock!
    Now five years later de ja vu!
    A “Crystal Healing Workshop” by Jonatahn Sherwood.We are paired up ,one prson sits in the chair,while the other stands next to the ‘patient’.We have ‘activated’ the Kai Lei hand exercise and ,fisting our left hand are instructed by Dr Jon to turn the crstal in a clock-wise direction near to but not physically touching the patient’s temple.
    After we do this exercise as instructed ,suddenly a gentleman in one of the chairs,’a new-comer’ I had never seen in the classes, starts going into epileptic seizure.It is ugly,and frightening to me.
    As mentioned previous,Dr Jon glides across the room like a heat-seeking missile and in about two minutes clicks his hand exercise opens his energy manipulates his hands(elevated above,but not touching,the gentleman’s head)into differnet positions and it is as though we are witnessing a feather sashayng down to the ground,the guy’s enegy just levelling out.His motions cease he sits still,calm.He is healed.Never again did the gentleman have another seizure so I am told.
    So my question is does this not sound like one path future medicine can take.A non-invasive non-surgical,non-drug-induced healing program,that is effected in minutes ?
    Hello Mc Fly ?Anyone home ? The clock is ticking….

  36. moryah4 Says:

    Meditation we tend to think of someone sitting in the lotus position chanting “OHM..” etc.
    But we were fortunate at the Queensland back in the mid to late 1980’s to study a conventional western form with Jonathan(Dr Jon) Sherwood.
    As mentioned we lay on our backs took of our shoes ,put a cushion under our heads and “Bob’s your uncle!”
    The Doc would slip on music that is conducive to relaxation,like New World Production-type stuff ,light some candles then begin his guided visualization .
    He stressed the imporatance of doing these activities in class(group )situations becuase the collective enrgy(concentration) creates a conducive environment and those who are good at this activity can subconsciously assit the others too,our thoughts are powerful things and Jonatahn’s guide zarlen once said if you attrend a grou/calss like this and just can’t relax and have problems concentrating you can ask in your mind for those in the room who have the ability to assist you to help.I applied this myself and can vouch it works.
    Of course Zarlen(through) Jonathan was able to place eergy vortexes in spaces and there was a vortex which would in the North east corner which was continually activative and he would arc it up for the mediatation and on other nights for lectures.The enrgy in the room would be pronounced and in the channeling session on Thursday especially cool.
    getting back to Jonathan’s meditaion techniques though they were practical
    for the modern man.I mean you could get home and just lie on your bed ,flip some music do some breaths and the basci technique and enable your body to go into a ‘deep’ relaxation mode.
    Of course relaxed body and I mean virtually semi-comatose,means realxed mind.
    Also many of us were then able to astral travel and do remote viewing etc.
    More about this soon…

  37. moryah4 Says:

    Before Zarlen came down Jonathan had a different main spirit guide called the Duke,and one night in 1987 in one of the classes,I think it was the ESP course. Jonathan used the full channelling mode leaving his body and allowing that other entity(spirit guide) to take control .This was unusaual becuase Jonathan (Dr Jon) usually used a technique called ‘direct contact’ which refers to advanced telepathic contact with the ‘Other Side’ a form of communication where Jonathan would totally neutralize his mind and his spirit guide would use his brain as a transmitter.
    Anyway I presume it was the Duke who came through(whom I don’t know whether Dr Jon told us the origin of this spirit,i.e. the Duke came from,where and when he had been physically inacarnate etc.But you had to figure he was someone big down here in history because all of Dr jon’s spirit guides had been masters at something on earth and mighty figures in history.
    Anyway the Duke said,”It is time for me to leave you now I am heading home and there is a new spirit coming to take my place.”
    Well we were stunned we knew Joanthan was a ‘walk-in’ which is where another spirit comes into this world being born as a physical man and lives this life fro a period of time then at a certain age,usually accompanying a difficult period,like an accident or suicide attempt,or ends up incapacitated,leaves the physical form,i.e. retracts back to the spirit world(Other Side) and another spirit,a high energy spirit so to speak comes into and takes over the body ’set’ up for him/her.The reason being is that an advanced spirit,i.e. a very old soul (say one who is has finished on this plane(the third dimension) who is equipped to teach humanity the errors of their ways,and guide them to to percieve the spiriual dimension of their ways does not need to go through all of the emotional trauma,time etc.,of the early phases of human development.It has the wisdom and maturity(capability )to pick up the tab of this life that it takes over.The spirit that has ’set’ up the body had a task to do so and,i.e. live a life only up to say 18 years of age or whatever then it has finished that task.
    Meanwhile the ‘old soul’ that comes in has an initial task to complete whatever tasks (areas of development) the previous occupying spirit had begun before it can begin it’s new agenda.
    I believe the last time this process had taken place was when Jonathan’s life had reached ‘crisis state’ in New Zealand ,sometime after he finished his military duties in the Navy i.e. ,when he had those mind altering experiences whereby his brain recieved enahancements from the spirit world which caused him to shift out the normal perception of reality,i.e. the normal ‘time/space’ continuum and he was knocked out by those massive headaches etc. It was also at that stage that the consternation of this situation plus seeing everything in his environment suddnely speed up (like watching a movie reel) and then alternately go into slow motion,caused him to make an attempt on his own life.I believe after this experience is when he said a new spirit came into his body.The first ‘walk-in state occurred.
    During (or soon thereafter) this ‘crisis’- type event takes place,i.e. a suicide event etc. occurs the ‘transition’ begins with the old spirit leaving and the new spirit coming in .A personality change will become evident in the person as was eveidneced with Jonathan back then,evently new abilities become evident and pronounced.
    Anyway the Duke came in in this direct channeling communication through Jonatahn and sis he was leaving and that a more powerful spirit a teacher was coming in.
    Hard to believ.But we all ,the class felt incredibly sad,becuase whoever this spirit was we had shared his life through Jonathan.Soon Zarlen would appear.
    I can see fingerprints on figures that Jonathan was in history in their actions,abilities,in what they said did and achieved.
    I’ll give you an example Dr Jon’s guide Zarlen,said one of his other name’s was Thoth,whom we know of in ancient Egyptian mythology.
    Thoth was reverred as a the wisest of the Egyptian gods.A living god of wisdom and technology. Commonly represented as a man wearing an ibis mask, Thoth was revered as the inventor of mathematics, engineering, astronomy and botany. According to Plato’s Phaedrus, Thoth also invented writing; he is frequently depicted as a scribe.
    Thoth was the measurer of time and devised the solar year. The curved beak of his ibis mask was associated with the moon, and it was to Thoth that the ancient Egyptians ascribed their knowledge of the stars.
    Originally, Thoth was a god of creation, but was later thought to be the one who civilized men, teaching them civic and religious practices, writing, medicine, music and magic. It was Thoth who was thought to have taught men the mode and pronunciation of his writing - prayers and magic spells could fail if not intoned correctly - and so he was the master of magic.
    We would discover this soon in Jonathan…

  38. moryah4 Says:

    Charles Hoy Fort (6 August 1874 – 3 May 1932) was a Dutch-American writer and researcher into anomalous phenomena.
    For over thirty years, Charles Fort sat in the libraries of New York and London, assiduously reading scientific journals, newspapers, and magazines, collecting notes on phenomena that lay outside the accepted theories and beliefs of the time.
    Fort in his lifetime must have taken tens of thousands of notes — he is said to have compiled as many as 40,000 notes, though there were no doubt many more than this. From these researches Fort wrote seven books, though only four survive. These are The Book of the Damned (1919), New Lands (1923), Lo! (1931) and Wild Talents (1932)
    Examples of the odd phenomena in Fort’s books include many of what are variously referred to as occult, supernatural, and paranormal. Reported events include teleportation (a term Fort is generally credited with coining); poltergeist events; falls of frogs, fishes, inorganic materials of an amazing range; unaccountable noises and explosions; spontaneous fires; levitation; ball lightning (a term explicitly used by Fort); unidentified flying objects; unexplained disappearances; giant wheels of light in the oceans; and animals found outside their normal ranges (see phantom cat). He offered many reports of Out-of-place artifacts (OOPArts), strange items found in unlikely locations. He also is perhaps the first person to explain strange human appearances and disappearances by the hypothesis of alien abduction and was an early proponent of the extraterrestrial hypothesis, specifically suggesting that strange lights or object sighted in the skies might be alien spacecraft. Fort also wrote about the interconnectedness of nature and synchronicity. His books seem to center around the idea that everything is connected and that strange coincidences happen for a reason.
    Many of these phenomena are now collectively and conveniently referred to as ‘Fortean’ phenomena (or ‘Forteana’), whilst others have developed into their own schools of thought, for example, UFOs into ufology, or the reports of unconfirmed animals classified as cryptozoology. These new disciplines per se are generally not recognized by most scientists or academics, however.
    In his books Fort holds up the unorthodox to the scrutiny of the orthodoxy that continually fails to account for them. Pressing on his attacks, Fort shows what he sees as the ridiculousness of the conventional explanations and then interjects with his own theories.
    What I mention Fort here is because I find his theory on poltergeist/haunted houses theory is very similar to Dr Jon’s as we were able to investigate haunted houses in Brisbane in 1986 and explore what was causing them.
    Fort is quoted in his book “Lo!” (A Hypertext Edition of Charles Hoy Fort’s Book-Edited and Annotated by Mr. X)as saying,”I do not know that poltergeists can be considered spirits. It may be that many of our records — see phenomena of the winter of 1904-05 — relate not to occult beings, as independent creatures, but to projected mentalities of living human beings. ”
    This same belief was held by Jonathan (Dr Jon).And he wrote an atricle on this in the September/October edition of the “Queensland awareness Centre’ magazine which I will try to hunt up for you to read.
    Regardless once Jonatahn had set up the new Queensland awareness Centre as I said on the 8th of August,1986,he firstly had it leaglly made a non-profit organization and set up a constitution to protect the space from any individual from taking any of property donated by the people of Brisbane as had been done before(as previously mentioned).
    Then once the new place was set up re-furnished ne library and the healing clinic renwed and lecture space organized,a second room opposite across the corridor was procured and rented out to a Yoga crowd who did huge business.
    Then Jonathan had a huge task as word got out about his healing clinic and waht he could do ,see(inner vision) and hear(clairaudient) people came flocking in from everywhere.For the Kai li Therapy program for lectures as mentioned the place was continually visited by an array of people from all walks of life,from shop assistants,to fashion designers, from travelers,severely sick people with cancer and AIDS, to doctors, to tradesman,to unemployed people ,there seemed to be a place for everyone.
    Unbeknownst to most was that Jonatahn had been guided to come over to Brisbane from his home in Auckland,because Brisbane at that time was one the most spiritually suppressed places in the world,where people’s free will was most manipulated.some years later he would visit and set up in Houston Texas for the same reason.
    As mentioned Brisbane had been suppressed through the Joh Bjelke Peterson government,which Jonathan’s vortex was cativated to expose the corruption of such.As the rot came out of the wood,other rot came out on a grass-roots level with various black magic and witchcraft people and their antics ebing exposed in this town as well.They did their best to attck and shut down Jonathan but like Gary Cooper in “High Noon” he was ready.
    After the Patrick Displace (black magician) was exposed parading as a healer in the previous centre,Jonathan then did his best to reel in the various patients displace had put blocks on .I told you about Jonatahn’s guides telling him to look for the occult drawing Displace ahd hid behind the cupboard in the kitchen,which when they(Dr Jon’s guides) told him to throw in the sink it burst into flames.Well The drawing i believe depicted the either the enrgy levels or chakra points of an individual with occult symbols blocking certain points.Thus causing the patients to be open to having their enrgy drained off them by Displace.So as Jonathan retreived each patient he would have to use a similar technique that Displace initially used but alter it with the Kai Li hand exercise.This was completely successful.I remember a girl a friend of Suzanne’s,Amy who flew down from Townsville (Nothern Queensland) one of Displace’s victims who had been very sick since the incident and did not know why.Anyway Dr Jon realigned her polarity putting in that high energy protection >i was sitting in the next room reading Catherine ponder’s book the “Seven Laws of Cosmic Consciousness” and following the exercise in her book imagined a beam of white enrgy being sent from my third eye to the patient .Jonatahn and Suzanne were working with who had been violated.
    I felt an overwhelming sense of ‘feeling’ and just got out of my chair and walked across and walked through the curtain and grabbed the girls hand As She opened her eyes all thre of us were with her and tears were she,and you got a sense of what dr Jon was doing there,as Amy was ‘whole’ again through DR Jon’s high enrgy healing.
    Also there were many cases of people delving into the dark arts and losing their ‘link’ and getting into all sorts of trouble.You see when you use the negative side of your thoughts ,say put a curse on someone etc. you will lose the ‘link’ you have with your spirit guides for the rest of you are not supposed to manipulate or violate another’s free will..Thus i witnessed Jonatahn do the first exorcism I had evr witnessed.It was not pretty…more soon

  39. moryah4 Says:

    To re-iterate Dr Jon’s spirit guides came through in his nightly course usually the ESP course which covered over a thousand diverse subjects to do with self-awareness and the various abilities an individual has in connection to the power of your thoughts.
    Normally when you create via your thought process the positive magnetic energy ,which is universal in nature,(and termed positive magnetic energy), that which you may call the ‘life force’ or ‘god’ force comes in through the crown chakra which is at the top of your head .
    This is in reponse to whatever you choose to concentrate on.Say you visualize the house of your dreams.The universal magnetic energy comes in via the crown,the value according to the strength of your belief and is projected from the brain which Dr Jon used to say is a highly sophisticated transmitter.Through interaction with your brain this enrgy now has two components magnetic(a sub-value of the source) and electrical(the physical or by-product of the magnetic0.
    Then the thought is propelled out into the environment by the electrical value and the magnetic part of the thought is what attracts like elements to what you concentrated on in the first place.In our example ‘the perfect house you desire’.
    If your attitude is correct and your belief strong you will end up drawing the ‘created idea’ to you from the environment.
    With a positive thought too when applied correctly that enrgy goes out and comes back double,because of the trip out and back this thought enrgy like a boomerang with momentum creates this response.
    When you get enmgaged in withcraft or black magic you use the same process,say to amnipulate someone to give you’ the house of your dreams’ but the unkown factor is that when the negative thougt returns to you it will negate the to the same value emitted from your life force.
    this is the dilemma Dr Jon had to deal weith in treating patients who had done evil acts like this…more soon..

  40. moryah4 Says:

    I hope I kind of made it clear to you how I came to be in Jonathan Sherwood’s Queensland Awareness Centre in the heart of Brisbane working as an artist,calligrapher,doing posters advertising his courses etc., which we put around town.
    Well I was joined by another girl who worked there,Louise a pretty long-haired brunette who did beautiful illustrations. It was a fun environment and Louise and I were in our zones.we were volunteers but Jonathan had given me (a misfit 22 years of age and very little to show for my life) a new sense of purpose.
    I did not realize as I watched his patients come in and like a fly on a wall in a heightened state of awareness(art does that to me and any sort of creative work is good for any of us to help us to heal and will silmultaneously stimulate your instincts.)why I was allowed to be so close to the action until years later in retrospect.I, a young man placed in this amazing healing centre being equipped with my supersonic hearing(I do not have ears I have Aracebo-type satellite dishes attached to each side of my head and can literally hear the coffee brewing in Brazil).So I must admit I was the ‘perfect evesdropping instrument ‘to know some of what went on behind the curtain Jonthan’s healing room.I would see the incredibly afflicted people come in wheel chairs or with eye problems or diseases etc and over time and catch snippets of conversations.But in the end you really only get a very watered down version of what an incredible environment this place was,and only a glimpse of what was going on and his incredible agenda,because the therapies Jonathan(Dr Jon ) Sherwood was using were about fifty years ahead of his time and he was always modifying programs to suit individual cases.
    I remember once an film make-up artist came in and she was terribly addicted - binging and it was starting to wreck her life.So Jonathan’s main healing guide Zarlen did her Kai Li therapy but modified it with a special program,it being that everytime she took drugs after that time she would be violently ill everytime she even attempted to put such foreign bodies into her system,needless to say she kicked the habit and life got better for her.
    He would incremently improve someone’s spasticism (if that’s what it is called )where the person’s arm was bent and gnarled and they would lose control >The doc would gradually get the patient’s arm straighter and the patient applying the right attitude .
    There was a boy Damien who had been hit by a car and thrown fifteen metres or so and he was semi-comatose and Jonathan bought him out of the coma and incremently each weekly session would rebuild his physical co-ordination.Jonathan got him able to use a computor.Which he loved etc.
    Another person’s eyesight would be built-up and so it went…each day a wonder to behold.

  41. moryah4 Says:

    …The one major problem with the latter process ,i.e. with Zareln the ancient Atalntian High Priest introducing his advanced magnetic (high energy) healing techniques into australian society was in order to effect a healing process the patient is part of this process.The patient’s 50% is their attitude.And unfortunatley this is one area severely neglected in Australia’s present society,the kids at school are taught nothing about the power of their mind at all .
    Australia’s present society is the offshoot of an initial origin as a European(British) penal settlement which began sevaral hundred years ago,and began as a purely male-domain.This ‘macho’-side remains deeply entrenched even unto this day.Unfortunately this created problems in initiating momentum of the type of ’spiritual renaissance Dr Jon bought to Queensland and ultimately Australia as a whole.
    For example the obstacles for his miraculous healing process born out of Australia’s restrictive environment were that he would say heal a girl who had cysts on her ovaries,as she described’as big as lemons’.All would go well the pain,swelling and condition would dissipate.But the attitude of the patient long term,could manifest any number of things not conducive to maintaining the long-term effect of the Kai Li therapy and in the latter case let me explain why as a general by-product of the society she lived in.
    In this case the girl we will call her ‘Sharon’ was fortunate in that she had some mentla training as a child being trained in martial arts (a black belt in Karate) so to speak.So when Dr Jon re-aligned her polarity(the alignment between the two brain hemispheres(bringing the magnetic and electrical into alignment,what this effectively does is ‘plug’ you in again maximizing your brain function,and enhanced the three parallel of unity,your concentration,your memory and your energy.None of these factors will be on par if your ‘polarity’ the balance of spiritual and physical energies in the brain are out of balance.If you analyze yourself do these three factors (i.e. your concentration,memory or energy)function well ?
    If not (say you have a lousy memory,or your energy levels are crap,or you have poor concentration )then the sgtrongest probability is that yor polarity (in the brain) is out.(This is why Rachel Sherwood’s book “Ancient Healing Therapy” is so important,because although Dr Jon is no longer with us in the flesh so to speak,Rachel’s book which was written under Zarlen’s tutelage addresses healing self healing exercises you can do to guide you to not only heal yourself ,but to find others who can assist you as well as ultimately enlightening you to your own healing ability.Yes you have a healing ability and the world needs you right now,so think about this.
    aNyway lets get back to our case study ‘Sharon’ Dr jon did her therapyn,she improved dramatically,so much so Dr Jon offered her a job as a typist/secretary and healing assistant.
    something irked me about this girl she had an attitude problem.Now don’t we all?
    But in this case she was insensitive in many ways,arrogant,egotistical etc.
    Jonathan said ‘arrogance (i.e. to think you know everything) is a major syndrome with Australian people(particularly afflicting those who had not travelled out of the country).
    Well because Jonathan (Dr Jon’s) healing centre in Elizabeth Street (Brisbane,Australia)was like an enhancer of the magnetic energy that flows through the planet’s grid system (google Bruce Cathie’s work on the ‘magnetic grid system’ to get an inkling of what we talk about) and was actually placed right on one of the grid cross-points and he was able through his vortex system to harness the same frequency emmission as the Great Pyramid of Giza well the environment we were working in had an inherent way of exposing an individual weaknesses,’ripping of the mask so to speak’.
    Well this girl ‘Sharon’ made a move on Jonathan who was happily married with one child at this stage and when Sharo found she could not have her way with him she tried to create a backlash gainst him,saying he was a fake etc.,and this and that,trying to pin her intent on him by ringing his wife.Needless to say this patient who Dr Jon(Zarlen) had given her an opprtunity to work in a highly unique healing centre.In fact the only one of its kind in the world.Well I know when this girl left she regressed in her health and her original condition became manifest again.This is how important ‘attitude’ is.In order to heal yourself takes humility,sincerity and trust as well as patience.You apply these same principles in healing others as well.
    Other Australian patients who came in saw Jonatahn had the Kai Li process were healed but then went away and someone else would step into their life and say “OH don’t go and see him or something,and because that patient would rather believe in that family member or ‘friend’ than themselves would not come in again.sometimes they would regress although also they could realize years down the track that they had been manipulated by the opinion of their ‘loved one’.
    Some came in with a big attitude problem,Aussie men could be particularly ‘macho’ as mentioned.this is thwart with pitfalls,becuase being
    macho means ignoring your feminine side.A man suppressing his female side causes him to blocks his instincts. Also manifests like physical problems in the aussie male.Australian men have one of the highest rates of prostrate cancer in the world(and as Dr Jon’s guide Zarlen said this part of the male body is the ‘most sensitive’ part.So macho male blocks acess to most sensitive part of his body by blocking his feelings.Also Aussie males have one of largest suicide rates in the world.Blocking your feelings alienates one not just from each but nature etc.Causes epression early grave.these were the problems Jonathan faced healing the Aussies.

  42. moryah4 Says:

    But regardless Zarlen has never lost a battle before and Australia was taken to a point it needed to be in its development.
    Now it is up to their citizens to do their 50% of the healing process.
    As mentioned previously Jonathan stated before he passed away that Australia is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world right now because,as Zarlen’s famous philosophy states ,”The environment represents the state of your own state of mind.”
    Australians are negligent of their role in global warming in that they still mine ,use and sell coal as a major power source,mine uranium in on a smaller scale,have decimated their environment and caused the extinction of many species of creature and plants and are still involved in Iraq and Afghanistan, wars which are not serving ANY positive purpose.Collectively when the effect comes back in relation to this cause and effect state ,the prophecies mentioned on this website that Zarlen has made concerning this country seem a likeliehood at present.
    But lets go back to 1987.. when Jonathan ran his amazing healing centre in Brisbane.
    A Brisbane taxi-driver comes in one day a few weeks after having his polarity ‘aligned’ with Dr Jon’s Kai Li therapy.
    Taxi driver: “That therapy you gave me did not work.Nothing happened.
    It was a rip-off etc…”
    “Is that so… ” says Jonathan
    “Yes!” (taxi driver leaves in a huff)
    The next week taxi driver comes in (tail between his legs).
    “Oh I just realized something…”
    “What’s that ?”,says dr Jon.
    “Um before I came in here I was kinda’ insomniac and was lucky to sleep a couple of hours sleep a night”.
    “Uh huh…”
    “Well since I left you I have been regularly sleeping 6 to 8 hours a night.”
    “Uh huh…”
    “Sorry about giving you a hard time.”
    “Does not worry me “says Dr Jon “I KNOW THESE THERAPIES WORK.I trust ‘upstairs’ and the enrgy to do the trick.In fact if someone goes away and I never see them again I regard that as a good sign as they have probably got their act together.
    Any good healing program is about assisting a person to heal themselves.
    when we re-align someone’s polarity,they effectively command the maximum amount of thought potential they have developed up until that point in time.And this does not mean aperson can no longer wipe themselves out too.In fact because your thought potential is stronger now you can wipe yourself out twice as quick.What the Kai Li therapy does is prevent strong emotional impacts which cause fluctuations in your overall enrgy to debilitate your ability to get control of them and “re-right the boat so-to-speak.
    Generally if your inner polarity goes out it only takes a hit of 10 to 15% to knock your this alignment of energies in your brain out.If it is a 15% or more emotional event,shock etc.,in ratio to your overall enregy potential then you cannot re-right your inner polarity without the intervention someone else, a high energy healer like myself.
    Failing to re-balance the inner polarity of the brain is the cause of all major ailments that exist in your world todayand this condition will eventually result in death.
    This is why we are down here amongst you at present because human civilization is not designed for the amnount of stress it faces ,and we recognize you need a hand.”

  43. moryah4 Says:


    There is a famous stories of Jonathan Sherwood and his connection to the planet involving the energy work(healing) that he did here from 1990.
    Invited to the 1990, 2nd ‘World Congress of Healers for Peace’ held at Waikato University,Hamilton, New Zealand to lecture on the ‘Zarlen Therapy’(Kai Li Program) as well as hold a healing clinic on campus for the duration of the three day event Jonathan arrived with a group of his students from Australia.
    Things started off a bit rocky for everyone at this festival ,unfortunately, as the MC,who was supposed to address everyone at a big assembly of all of the delegates,and hold a group meditation at the begin of each day had many personal issues surfacing.This event was a huge event and held on traditional Maori territory(New Zealand) so many everyone was going through a ‘clean-out’ energy-wise,as the Maoris are regarded as being some of the most spiritually aware people in the world,and people obviously end up going through personal transitions at events involve various positive people coming together at genuine healing junctures like this in their lives.
    I am not totally sure what transpired,I believe it may have been a tragic event that left the Master of ceremonies(female) unable to address the morning meditation session so the administrators then asked Jonathan ‘on-the spot’ to step in and take control and give the meditation session in front of all the lecturers,admin and and other delegates to start the day on a wholistic note.
    What they did not know was that ‘upstairs’(Zarlen) had something ‘big’ planned.It was not by chance this group of some of the best natural healers from all around the world had descended on Waikato for this auspicious event .Their actions it woulod appear had earned the participation in an amazing event.
    Zarlen had previously told Jonathan that the magnetosphere surrounding planet earth had depreciated over time and was in a dangerous state of deterioration.Whether this was because of mankinds collective negative thoughts)which are energy(remembering the environment represents the state of your own thoughts).
    When you think about it the magnetosphere is the planets aura.
    The spiritual one.You see you have two fields like this as you possess two energies ,one magnetic, and one electrical ,or plainly, a physical aura and a spiritual aura.Your spiritual(magnetic) aura eminates outwards by 3 feet from your source enrgy and is obviously the more important aura of the two.
    So the planet’s aura was damaged,meaning the planet’s polarity was out.
    So on this particular day Zarlen (DR Jon’s guide) had cosen to Kai Li the entire planet.
    What transpires was one of the most extraordinary events ever but just another day in the life of Joanath Sherwood.
    Firstly Zarelen told the crowd to form a large ring around him which they did.Then he told them to do the Kai Li exercise and join hands.
    Those who had visionary ability said they saw this next a big rainbow-coloured vortex descended down in the midst of the circle where he had also energized himself and acted to conduct the main vortex and it descended on him.The crowd meanwhile was swaying involuntarily and people found themselves shedding tears as this incredible feeling of sincerity immersed them.The crowd acted like a container.Then Zarlen through Jonatahn got the crowd to close of their enrgy and silmultaneously Jonathan focussed the built up magnetic energy on the planet.
    Those who could see ‘beyond the veil said there was a purple light around the sky(planet).People came in the next day having had dreams of rainbows,and rainbow-colored vortexes and visions of mother earth bathed in purple light and yet Jonathan had not told these people what to look for.
    One lady did an amazing painting which had a rainbow vortex in it as well and if you look at the cover of the program for the event which was designed months in advance of the congress there is a picture of a what the artist (graphic designer)called a ‘rainbow warrior’ as depicted in indigenous stories from different parts of the world.But if you look at the figure the artist has portrayed her painting depicts Zarlen! He is standing there with his customary staff and medallion.She had obviously tapped into her psychic ability !
    Meanwhile the next two days of the congress went like clockwork,amazing healing processes took place,people came together in peace harmony and learning.Many took advantage also of the marvellous hospitality of the organizers and to learn the wonderful traditional spiritual crafts of the Maori (like wood and stone carving ).
    But there was one more event shared by only one other besides Jonathan.
    On the day of the world energy enahncement(group meditation) in the afternoon ,a lady healer at the festival offered to give Jonathan a massage.
    Well they sat the two by a duck pond on the Waikato grounds,she massaging him gently in appreciation of his control of the morning event and nearby some ducks drifted by.
    Just before Jonathan’s companion had finished massaging Jonathan two of the ducks wobbled out of the pond not far below where Dr Jon sat.
    They waited motionless looking at him.
    The masseur and Jonathan looked at each other.Scratching their heads.
    “What’s this all about ?” He said.
    When the lady had finshed the massage they both sat talking when one of the ducks moved forward and reaching out to its wing plucked out one of its ‘flight feathers’ and placed it at Jonatahn’s feet an stepped back to wher its comapnion sat.both ducks looked at Jonathan.
    Jonathan intrigued and bent down and picked up the feather.
    At this the ducks wobbled back and hopped in the water.
    This was not lost on Jonathan as he instinctively knew it meant something when a duck plucked out one of its own ‘flight’ feathers as these are highly prized by birds.It could of been any creature why Mother Nature chose a duck as her emissary we may never know.But one gets the impression Mother Earth took the time to say thank-you to a mighty healer.

  44. moryah4 Says:

    (Quote: Dr Jon/Zarlen, October 14th, 2008 )

    “Magic of space and time is the knowledge that all elements within the universe are made of energy and all are linked and accessed through conscious thought when understood.

    All things therefore can be made to react through the application of mind.

    If thought and sound together can change the composition of elements then other things are also possible.

    Your brain can repair parts of itself if damaged once certain energies are active. Yet medicine does not know this and how it works and yet it is a simple process.
    so much is still to be learnt if only the human mind were more open to other possibilities and not closed by ignorance and greed and arrogance in not being able to accept what is really possible.

    For who would believe that miracles can and do happen and are made by those who know. ”


    (March 9th,2006.)

    ANCIENT THERAPY - The First Book Ever Written on One of the World’s Best Natural Healing Therapies is Now Available
    The Kalei healing technique heals an incredible amount of ailments and has healed broken bones in seven days or less. This astounding technique healed their own son of Meningitis when he was only six months old and it literally kept him alive.

    London, United Kingdom (PRWEB) March 9, 2006 — After more than 15 years of work and research and also personal tragedy Dr Jonathan & Rachel Sherwood have released the very first manuscript as an ebook for this amazing natural healing technique following years of research working on patients in USA, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom and also animals.

    Using the therapy to save their own sons life made them realise how amazing the technique really is after their six month old son Sam suffered Pneumococcal Meningitis and even the doctors some of the best in Britain stated it is what saved Sam’s life even though they did not fully understand what had taken place.. The results could be seen in Sam’s physical condition which showed no sign of being affected by the disease and yet MRI scans showed major damage to Sam’s brain from the initial seizure state.

    The technique was able to isolate the body from any further damage thus allowing the healing process to kick in. The Kalei healing process is as natural as it gets and has an astounding case record in numerous areas from healing color blindness in seconds to healing broken bones which would normally take six weeks to be repaired in days.

    “The results are astounding,” states Dr. Sherwood who has studied medicine for many years both in the armed forces and now he has discovered this process.

    The rate of healing is accelerated 10 fold it really is amazing and I do it and it still stops me in my tracks with amazement.

    “I remember when we tested it on animals they responded so fast and healed so quickly and we could not influence them thought wise in any way as we were being careful back then with autosuggestion so that’s why we chose to test the process on animals,” states Sherwood.

    It is purely just a hands on process nothing secretive really but once you know what to do the results speak for themselves. In the newly released ebook available on the internet now includes self applications that many can practice at home with ease and there are many case histories and part of Sam’s diary of recovery is included.

  45. moryah4 Says:

    The most striking case histories of the Kai Li therapy occured in the United States on a brief but highly satisfiying trip taken by Jonathan to the Whole Life Expo in New York in 1991.The main reason was to promote his first book “Zarlen Speaks A New Beginning” (which was published by New york publishers Vantage press).
    This was also after Jonathan’s guide Zarlen had given him the keys of Enoch meridian charts.
    This had happened in Brisbane.Jonathan had established a healing centre at inner city Kangaroo Point where a few of us lived in.One day I came home from my job(at that time as a confectionary salesman) to find Jonathan had a full sized body chart of the magnetic acupuncture lines which permeate your physical form,that provide infrastructure for your internal(spiritual) energy to circulate creating and achieving the functions of that form and so much more.
    We know of the Chinese acupuncture charts,which according to Dr Popov of Troughbridge hospital in England can be seen by the physical eye using the MRI scanning unit.But according to Zarlen the Chinese point/meridian charts are on the ‘physical energy’ charts.If you want to permanently solve a physical disorder you need to go to the source of that energy and that is the magnetic charts (Depicted in the ‘Keys of Enoch ‘charts).
    So Jonathan had half of the bodies magnetic lines drawn and he asked me to continue by copying the lines angled somewhat to the missing side of the body.So off instinct I copied these lines,which in turn made this chart the human bodies internal enrgy lines into a crystalline-lattice form which is utterly fascinating to look at.
    Then it was colour-coded a large copy printed .
    This was atken to New York for the Expo.
    Well Dr jon took a stall at the festival where he held a healing clinic so people could experience the Kai li therapy(then called Zarlen Therapy)
    One day a man came in who had serious health problems.He had been to see his traditional acupuncturist who had diagnosed that just about every major point in his body was out.So the Doc did his Therapy .
    Anyway the next day the acupuncturist came flying in like man on a mission,wanting to know what the hell Jonathan had done as every meridian point in the guys meridian system was now in balance and the therapist had never seen anything like this before.So as was usually the case this guy had Jonatahn do the therapy on him as well.Well it was not unusual for doctors to come in after their patients had been treated by the Kai li therapy and decide to have it themselves.
    The main reason Jonathan found he got such incredible responses from the American people at this time and ata subsequent tour of the west Coast of the United States was that it was that positive attitude was instilled in the American people right through their life.The stuff they were taught inschool the ceremonies they do like the allegiance to their country,flag etc,that all plays a part in building positive mental attitude,that ‘can do’ spirit.
    Well this proved out when he had a patient then in New york who had been colour blind for his entire 30 years of lfe.And there is no medical cure for colour-blindness and after the Kai Li he could see the full range of colours l any normal person could see,and there was another guy that Zarlen came through in the channeling and asked him if he wanted tom get rid of his glasses he was dependent on for reading and he said “Yes” and everyonje in that large Auditorium at that New York Hotel cried because Zarlen’s approach was so beautiful and sincere and he asked for a volunteer to stay in touch with the young man to make sure he did not rely on his glasses again.A refreshing experience for these people unlike any they had evee experienced before…

  46. moryah4 Says:

    The first memory that comes to mind was when I initially walked into the space in Brisbane city,Australia ,(that was to become the Queensland Awareness Centre )where Jonathn Sherwood(Dr Jon )worked was hearing a peice of music called,”The Fairy Ring”.There was something about the mysteriousness and the tenderness of that piece that told travellers and strangers to the space that they were welcome and were allowed to express their feeelings and that this was a safe environment.
    In fact the thing that was evident in evry pahse of the wonderful “Queensland Awareness Centre” environment and of all the extraordinary learning and healing that took place in that space was it was always punctuated by delightful tracts of inspiring music taht Jonatahn selected.We also used music with the friday night meditation classes and it was always evident when Jonatahn and his healing assistants were doing ‘high energy healing processes’ (like the Kai Li ,a once only life-changing technique)on various patients.
    The Doc must have sensed he was ‘checking out’ soon for his well-earned break from the physical world as I am discovering messages he left us tucked away on this his website,such as advice to help us in the coming days.
    Take a walk through the site,you wil probably be quite suprised what you find and learn.The emphasis is that we are all one and need to go within and become aware of our thoughts,build a positive, peaceful, and harmonious future for ourselves and all life ,and use our thought- ‘building blocks’ to do this,in order to work together, in order to survive and prosper.It really is not that hard.
    Here are some of Dr Jon’s last words:

    ” Thoughts are the creation process in all things in your life.

    You attract what you think!

    Bold words and the answer to many questions as to why so many people struggle.

    From birth to death you are influenced by the influences and thoughts expressed by others and unless you become in control of your own thoughts and how they all work success will depend on how you think!

    There are many books on the subject and many people who lecture on the process of positive attitude and motivational seminars, but none discuss the power and how it works and why words have that power and what influences shape has in your ability to succeed or whether the shapes around you dampen what you are striving for.

    It’s a little like being positive in a dark coal mine where you have to stay in the dark and be positive during the entire time even when you are not allowed out.

    Your surroundings work against you in many ways and unless you become aware of those situations you are competing against them. Once you are aware of those shaped influences around you then you can override them and reach beyond where you are and what things hold you back.

    Words compel matter into form through a process of energy interaction with the forces at work in the environment and the universe as well as the universe within. You get what you ask for all the time.

    Each time you reach out with feeling and grasp a hold of that which excites you you feel good. You feel right. Music does this it soothes the soul and helps through a process of harmony to make you feel!

    Next time you want to reach out and create positive try music with the thoughts you have, use music that makes you feel good. It takes feeling for the success to happen and then achieve it!

    Remember that all people are different and it takes only compassion and love to heal all wounds. We all have to understand that our thoughts create our worst fears and nightmares, so change the thoughts, the words you use as every letter in a word has shape so it also has energy so positive words are the way to a peaceful and successful life!

    Treat others as you would have treat yourself and recognize the life within you as well as others and then your thoughts will also change and heal not only you but also the planet as well.

    Say I can do this with feeling and it will happen!

  47. moryah4 Says:

    To get a sense of the amazing energy of the ‘Zarlen Speaks’ channeling evenings Jonathan Sherwood (Dr Jon ) held in Brisbane and Gold Coast you really need to have been there.I never knew a souls who wasn’t affected by it.Several film crews ,one from Queensland University who were making a documentary for commercial distribution,a natinal commercial television crew and several overseas film crews ,one from Germanynand another from Japan interviewed /filmed Zarelen coming through at the Great Pyramid Of Giza sit(where he revealed who built the pyramids and their purpose) from 1986 to 1993 .But the next best bet is to check some of the transcripts from the available.
    Jonathan(Dr Jon) was different from Edggar Cayce in that he developed from the ‘full’ trance channeling (like Cayce) where he completely left his body and remined in the astral state untill his spirit guides had communicated their messages the audience, to ‘direct communication’ channeling whereby Jonathan would neutralize his brain and allow the communications to come through using the guides using his brain as a pure transmitter.this involved advanced abilities more than most people can fathom.
    The second best way to experience the Zarlen books of the transcripts of the actual live events all recorded on cassette tape

    such as :

    Zarlen Channelled Transcript


    I am Zarlen one with all! Good evening. Questions! You have questions. Understand the thought in your mind. Understand the power of that thought. Close your eyes and feel the sign! The power of yourself, think inside yourself. I am one! I am one with all! Feel the peace inside, identify calm peaceful reactions on yourself. These are states and conditions from your thoughts, identity, understanding, belief, learning, speech communication with self. Who has a question they wish to ask!

    Question… Could you explain a walk-in?

    Zarlen… High spirit value, one higher than spirit value beyond your present state. A being of light capable of more than the average spirit, so advanced it does not need to endure the early stages of development within a physical form. So a spirit which only requires a small amount of knowledge to conclude an event, will develop the physical form until such time as the walk-in decides to enter. A walk-in is just a highly evolved spirit, which decides to come back to do a job, usually of an energy nature. To identify the truth behind these situations one must first understand the knowledge which can be obtained, when this is understood belief becomes apparent. Does this answer your question? If it is not clear please say so!

    Response… I am still not clear on why they would have to enter within the life lesson sequence.

    Zarlen… A walk-in is a spirit value beyond your lesson period, it understands all the factors of every life experience, it can only enter through this process, because of its knowledge and understanding, once its understanding is maintained, it then has to experience and complete the tasks already previously set by that earlier spirit. These are the conditions of becoming a walk-in, all previously set tasks must be concluded before new tasks are set, then the learning will begin. Does this clarify the situation, remember communication with self can also take many forms, your understanding, the expanding consciousness of yourself, the identity, the belief, the pure nature of your being, these are the things that you need to identify and understand in order to realise your existence and your life. You must through the energies of your thoughts, feel the directions you are given, you direct yourself, you teach yourself. Are you an individual, an island in the universe, do you classify yourself as one of these examples, or do you make up the whole universe, remember that you are the one grain of sand, if each would be less through the removal of that grain of sand. Do we have another question?

    Question… Over the years of us being on this earth, it seems apparent that we have been visited by people of a much higher intellect than ourselves, and around about this time now there seems to be a visiting of these people for us, to be seen. Are they here to be of service as yourself or service to themselves?

    Zarlen… An experience which creates a learning process must obviously be of benefit to the person viewing that experience. Is this part understood? Therefore any experience of an external nature must be introduced according to the levels in which you can accept it, there is no point in instilling fear through alternate presentation, when the intelligence that would end up causing that fear, understands how the fear would be created, therefore gradual presentation is the obvious course to take, subtle, slowly, humans find it hard to believe in themselves, never mind anything inside, therefore this introduction must take precedence over anything else regarding the communicative factor, if you wish to communicate with something higher than yourself and you are afraid of it, how can you expect communication to take place, your fear is like a barrier of communication, no understanding. Through understanding you eliminate the fear, curiosity will be your guide. This sensation which you possess which you call curiosity, can act as a guiding factor throughout the whole of your life, providing you understand it. Is this understood? An interesting subject, one that occurs numerous times in your day, many of which you are unaware of. There are what you classify as aliens amongst you, being superior to yourself, capable of obtaining any form, walk-ins as was previously explained, can be classified as one of these conditions, but only if you are prepared to accept that state, and you be aware that if that communication is taking place with you in specific.

    Question… Sometimes I will get information in my head which sometimes I will follow and other time not. Where does this come from and how?

    Zarlen… Where to you think the information came from. Your identity of such knowledge can be recommended, providing you believe in what it tells you. Be aware of the idiosyncratic patterns introduced by the person communicating such knowledge, in many instances communication can be distorted according to a persons view upon the information being given. Therefore, do not take every word as gospel, feel the information. Jonathan is not here. Feel inside yourselves. Close your eyes please. Focus on the central part of yourself, and realise with your mind the energy of yourself increases and comes to the surface of your physical form, you may classify this as heat, or a slight tingling sensation, be aware of it please, understand this energy it is your life force, it is your soul, it is being, it is what you are, it is your intelligence past life and present, every factor of your understanding, is part of the knowledge, part of the energy, if you increase this energy by a value you know of as one, you have added another piece of knowledgeable understanding to yourself, if you were to not learn, you would die, physically and to a certain extent, spiritually. This is occurring in your species, unless you identify that energy as yourself, keep your eyes closed, focus on that energy inside yourself, believe in it, for it is you, you are sensing no one else, as it reaches the surface open your eyes. You have questions, speak! In order to learn one must ask, there are many questions in your minds, many focus points of which you need knowledge, in order to obtain guidance one must ask, you ask questions of yourself. In many cases you do not have the answers, where then do you ask, take the opportunity to communicate and receive any value of knowledge which can assist in any situation, within the development of yourself. There are many changes in your world taking place, many of which will be disastrous for many forms. If you wish to identify the direction of yourself, understanding, feel it become a part. You have a question! Ask!

    Question… Why do some people ask for protection. I was told to ask for protection whenever I found myself in a bad situation?

    Zarlen… Come and stand by me. Hold out your left hand. Face it down one foot away from my left hand. Feel! Take it to the limits of your sensation. If you can achieve this, then put your hand up so you can feel it, slowly. Interesting, nurture the experience. Be seated. In order for you to understand the value of your energy you must understand that you are all part of that universal value, you are equal, your aura gives you that protection. Why do you need to ask for protection when you already have it. Many people walk into what you classify as haunted houses, dwellings, whatever! And immediately start asking for protection, to do this opposite action, is regarding lack of trust in your own abilities to have that protection already there, you weaken yourself. You will be taken over by anything that is present in that dwelling. This form will never be taken over because it understands this energy. Do you have fear? Are you afraid of something you cannot see, hear, smell, taste or touch. Something that goes beyond your five physical senses, an example. Close your eyes please. Concentrate on your face. If you feel the slightest sensation, no matter how strong it may be going across your face. Open your eyes. To understand the values of yourself, there is nothing to fear, the only thing you fear is the undeveloped unrecognised areas of yourself. These do not need to be feared, they need to be understood. You have the same abilities as I, the only difference is the value of the energy. Are you any less of a person because of this? No! Yet you underestimate yourselves, in many cases you underestimate the values of your thoughts, you run yourselves down, constantly, through statements which have no logic, through this action, you begin to destroy areas of yourself, insensitive to certain portions of your life, through this action, eventually breeds what you call disease, which is a destructive force within your body, this can be altered, reversed, changed, improved but only if you believe in yourself. Close your eyes again please! This time focus your energy above your head, concentrate outwards, up into the sky, mentally projecting. I am one with all! Keep applying this thought until you feel what you are creating, turning into the true value of yourself, your achievements can be many, your success can be complete. Through understanding the oneness of yourself comes serenity, calm, peace and harmony, through the distortions of your beliefs comes confusion, stress, tension, misdirection and various other states, too numerous to mention, project upwards until you feel it, eyes closed, concentrate. When you feel a surge come through the top of your head and down through your body, rest. Eyes closed! Thinking of nothing. The power of the thought can change your life.

    This has been an extract from the Zarlen Tape library. The full transcript is available in the Zarlen Channelling Book which is available in the catalogue section of this website.

    See more samples of this information here :

    These are samples of what is available in the books.

  48. moryah4 Says:

    More Case histories of the main therapy of the Kai Li process,formerly called Zarlen Therapy:

    The following list of case histories is from a lady in Conroe Texas, who helped with healing appointments there.

    These are her words:

    One 35 year old man had been Dyslexic all his life, and after his treatment he could read with ease. Now, four months later he says that his comprehension and understanding has improved. He doesn’t have to reread things over and over. He estimates that his overall improvement is about 70%. He also says that part of the miracle is that now he wants to read instead of having a fear of reading. He’s no longer afraid.

    When an 11 year old child with learning disabilities came in to see Jonathan, he appeared very agitated and had his fists clenched. He said, “I am not going to listen to a word he say’s.” However, when he came out of his session he was a totally transformed child. He was sweet and loving and friendly. Four months later when Jonathan returned to Conroe, his mother said that her son had definitely changed for the better and she wanted an appointment for herself and her daughter.

    A woman with crippling rheumatoid arthritis so badly that her knuckles were gnarled, was having trouble moving around for the first few hours each morning. After seeing Jonathan, she now can get out of bed and begin her day immediately without pain.

    Fifteen years ago a man working construction along the side of the road was hit by a car and thrown 85 feet. Prior to meeting Jonathan this mans body imbalance was weighed by a chiropractor and a 40 pound difference from one side to the other was found. After seeing Jonathan he returned to the chiropractor and found his weight was evenly distributed, the same on both sides. He says that he is now carrying his weight on his hips instead of his lower back and feels more balanced. His wife reports that after her second session with Jonathan she is much more intuitive.

    The Zarlen Therapy has healed many ailments, these are just a small example of the many successes we have had with this technique.

    (From the main site)

  49. moryah4 Says:

    More from The Kai Li Therapy Healing clinic:

    The first paperback book ever written on the Ka-lei therapy was available in 2007

    Ancient Therapy now available in ebook and paperback format order a copy now from our shop.

    or go to to order.

  50. moryah4 Says:

    November, 1987.There were so many unusual people.cases etc. coming into the Queensland Awareness centre once word got out the street Jonathan knew he was doing,regarding advanced spiritual (magnetic) healing.
    The main healing therapy initially called ‘the Inner Polarity’,(then Zarlen Therapy,then finally the ‘Kai Li’ program was unique in that it only had to beapplied ‘once’ in a person’s lifetime.Dr Jon was capable of generating so much power beyond normal human control and awareness that once this program was applied it was like that person was given a ‘totally’ fresh beginning again,to pick up wherever they created the ‘major’ stuff-up’ in their path they initially ’sensed’ was right for them but became distracted and diverged away from.
    Jonathan said when a human is born for the first seven days that form and their spirit guides have complete control of their life ,nothing can get in their and manipulate you or do anything that wasn’t pre-programmed by yourself on the ‘Other Side’ in the first place.There is an integrity oh energy in this state.I believe this is why we generally as a species find new borns so charming as they are buzzing with spiritual energy ‘untainted’ by the physical world.
    Well after you have had the main Kai Li therapy the same principle applies (no matter how ‘weak-willed’ you may have been in your life) after the Kai Li has been applied your spirit guides and your ‘inner self’ have control of you for the next seven days afterwards and wherever you find yourself wandering or studying or doing tends to reflect revealing information about your true spiritual identity(i.e.where you are in the scheme of spiritual evolution,past life information etc.) and where you need to be heading to fulfil your life quest.
    This was a profound period which I look back on and think what was going on there was major in terms of human development.
    I know I have mentioned this story before but I will use myself as an example.
    I turned up to get the Kai Li Therapy for several reasons.One reason was one of Jonathan’s pretty graphic artist had told me that Jonathan not unlike the characters in Shirley Maclaine’s book acclaimed autobiography “Out On A Limb” had extraordinary abilities to see spirits and auras and recieve messages to help people in their development.
    Also I sensed there was something different about the people who had had the therapy done.For one they tended to looked vibrant,their eyes shone crystal clear and the females all looked gorgeous afterwards.I release in retrospect how high enrgy healing does that; i.e. brings out your inner beauty.
    As a prelude to having the therapy applied I was heading out the door where of the backpackers I was staying and a medium size puppy darted out in from of me.It bent its body and head ‘low’ to the ground as if it ‘expected’ me to belt it.As if that was it learning in life.
    ’shocked’ I knelt down and gently beckoned the dog towards me.The dog gradually edged forward then as I connected with it when it realized I wasn’t going to hurt it was just about ecstatic as I brushed it wiry fur with my hand.This bought back vivid flahbacks of my simple chilhood.From two years of age I would stand by the front gate greeting evry strange face with a chirpy,”Hello!” and of course no dog within reach anywhere was safe from my petting.Of course the reality sets in after that fiorst dogbit and once you get to see the other side of the human species.
    Then realizing I would be late I bid the dog goodbye and stood up heading down the laneway to the highway to catch the bus to Jonathan’s centre.
    when lo and behold the dog took off and sauntered out onto the highway.I watched as this being I had just connected with sauntered out in front of the oncoming traffic.Buses cars trucks were within a short 50 metres away so I yelled,and waved and ,motioned frantically but all had that ‘peak hour glaze over their eyes and no one got or responded to my ‘crazy dance’ and yelling.
    I watched various vehicles run straight over the dog.Everytime it would attempt to get up and fianally its whole body crushed it raised its head one more time ,looked up then a bus came down on top of it.
    In my stomach I was numb ,in my head I was numb and I resigned that this was the way of my world.This was the way things went and numbly moved on.
    When i finally got to Jonathan’s centre in the heart of brisbane centre.In complete oppostion to the world ‘outside’ I had just experienced there was soft caring music playing,the piece called the “The Fairy Ring” (by Mike Rowland?) was playing.So straight away this caused me to connect with my feelings.
    I remember before having only recently arriving in Brisbane standing out side watching a pure white owl sitting in a tree in broad daylight revealed by a large black crow.The crow was trying to attack the owl which it cold sense was ‘vulnerable’ and i realized that somehow this simile (reflection) from nature was telling me I was vulnerable,I had spiritual curiosity and natural abilities untapped but was open to attack as my energy were open and I could be manipulated.
    When Jonatahn walked out I cold hardly look him in the eyes.He commanded that much presence.I felt hopeless the music was gettting to me ,its tenderness digging into my pain.
    I told him abot the dogg being run over.
    He said ,offering me a box of tissues, “That is the way yor world has become,shut off from nature,rolling straight over the top it,most of the time oblivious,not realizing nature is an extension of yourself.”
    Soon he would apply the Kai Li technique on me…

  51. moryah4 Says:

    (continued)..One of the key elements mentioned in wanting to get the Kai Li Therpay done,where Jonathan re-aligns the spiritual enrgy in the brain ,bringing everything into balance was that I back in 1985 had read “Shirley Maclaine’s book “Out On A Limb”,this had became a cult classic amongst spiritual seekers since its release and A friend of mine in Melbourne a world Traveller who explored the far reaches of the world reccomended.I distinctly remember reading this book in 1985 and being really euphoric and when I went to sleep and ended up astral travelling into the future and it was the period at Jonathan’s Elizabeth Street centre I managed to tap into.
    This book I would reccomend reading.It’s easy to pick up a copy on ebay,or at any 2nd hand bookstore .If you have not read this book basically the true story etails the bold self-discovery the famous actress, renowned through Hollywood ,makes as she travels around the world on location for her work and diverges to explore the spiritual dimension of herslef.She explores different healing modalities,psychics,channels,indigenous cultures and their ways in order to get closer to herself.Maclaine has a way of taking you into her journey whether it’s trekking up the Andes to a remote location with her mysterious guide who has had contact with UFOs and extra-terrestials or sitting in on channeling sessions in Sweden.She holds no bars and takes you into her all areas of her life including her liason with a married man.
    I read all of her initial books “Dancing In The light”,”From Here To There”
    Each text taking me further into her honest and rewarding spiritual quest.
    The truth is where you find it and personally I would not recommend her later work “The Camino” etc as she goes off on some wierd religious tract which seems to distort reality.But her initial books acted as ‘primers’ for me to be ready to understand where Dr Jon was coming from with his work.
    Shirley Maclaines books are honest and she convincingly portrayed many of the thousands of spiritual pathways and abilities you can possibly access in your devlopment.So in meeting Dr Jon who covered over a thousand different esoteric subjects the ‘Maclaine prelude’was a good fit.
    “You can ask Jonatahn what your spirit guides look like loise said as we sat together designing posters in the Queensland Awareness Centre’s main room,” Louise said.
    “Really” I said excited and nervous.
    So the next day when Jonatahn started to apply the inner polarity process to me I was thinking nervously about asking him.
    Firstly Jonathan got me to sit in a chair and analyze myself inside and out.
    He meanwhile swept my arau with his hands and locked in my frequency.As all knowledge carries energy your individual spiritual identity you have accumulated in all of the lifetimes through evrything you have learnt resonnates as a particular frequency which is as individual as your fingerprint.
    Next Dr Jon opened out the channels in his hands to exude the highenrgy to provide an induction to attract my ‘life force’ which had shrunk inside my physical form as my inner polarity(the balance of physiacl-spiritual energies) had been knocked of balance when I was younger.(Three-quarters of human society this is the case,and more often than not require an external induction of high energy.
    Jonathan’s spirit guide Zarlen (who was Dr Jon’s main ‘healing guide’ )would have been standing on his right hand side,providing the instruction as to what procedure,(healing technique), to apply to me and any modifications to go with it,enhancements etc.(These instructions take the form of instinctive thoughts).His other guide on his left-hand side (you have two at all times one on each side) would have been providing the energy to meet the demand.
    As I sta I felt a light sensation on the top of my head and sensations start to become internal inside my mind.Zarlen told us to expect the high energy to be ’subtle’ as it is eternal above the enrgy of the physical form and unable to be sensed so much by the physical senses.But it is infinitely more powerful than any physical therapy at it is the creative source for everything/function in the physical form and in the Kai Li process you are using high energy way above and beyond the physical form that can not be tampered with.
    In a couple of years some of we students of the Queensland Awareness Centre ,would be trained in the dynamics of the Kai Li Therapy but as yet not one of us has evr reached the parallel(level of high energy needed to do the main technique.This requires 100% cannot let your concentration waver one iota.You cannot think “Hmm.. I wonder what I will have for dinner tonight” or “I wonder what the patient is thinking.” etc. as you have to have complete ‘neutrality’ of mind (balnce of positive and negative factors in the brain.The brain being the transmitter through which you recieve the high universal magnetic energy via the crown chakra.this enrgy is thus transferred to the hands and emitted out of one of the two channels of the hand.The other channel extracting excess physical energy/emotional energy (stress) from the patient.
    Healing as such in this manner is not so much of pouring high energy into the patient to heal them .It is emitting the higher magnetic force to attract(through resonnance the same energy from the patients internal core.Bringing their energy to the surface so through positive mental attitude instruction they can then thereby heal themselves.The internal ’spiritual’ energy shrinks when a persons internal polarity goes out through a certain induction of stress.Also your ‘kundalini’ (physical storage energy)which sits at the bottom of the spine,and you are not supposed to touch except in severe physical exhaustion(like running a marathon or giving birth etc.) gets released and your chakra points will end up opening up (not supposed to be open except when you are asleep or in meditation).Hence problems will normally become apparent as a consequence at this stage…(more soon)

  52. moryah4 Says:

    …Once Jonathan had balanced everything out in me through the Kai Li procedure he then performed a manouvre to create a type of force-field around the internal polarity using a band of energy,so that even though you could end up out of balance again through another induction of stress,and your aura could deviate out of its normal alignement the energy could re-right itself a lot easier .Although that said,having the Kai Li technique done to you certainly did not make you impervious to wipe yourself out.In fact this is why it was critical for Dr Jon to make you aware of your attitude in relation to this (how you focus your thoughts etc.) because the Kai Li process enahnces your thoughts and makes them stronger.You can still choose to think positive or negative,but after the Kai Li process has been instilled you will get stronger results.The long and the short of it is, if you choose to think fear thoughts,or other adverse emotions , you can end up wiping yourself out,and a lot faster.
    It is like buying a faster and more efficient car ,it’s you the driver in it who determines your safety in the end.Choose positive thoughts you end up healing yourself,improving and extending your life.Choose negative… and well …you can see where I am heading with this.
    After the Kai Li therapy had been done to me and I had been brought back into balance.I was then given the ancient pre-Egyptian hand exercise process to apply.This is one of the most powerful meditation(self-energy-activation exercise you can ever learn in a lifetime)
    Afterwards I was asked by Jonathan to analyze myself ,inside my mind and inside my body.This analysis, I discovered later, is a ‘critical’ part of the process(cleverly this self-analysis brings your efforts in the whole procedure.To remind you again, all true healing is a 50/50 process,whereby the healer applies 50% of the effort and you apply the other 50%.
    The true healer’s goal is to show the patient/student that they are really the master of their own destiny,and that they have the power to heal their own life.
    The ‘free will’ factor was so important to Dr Jon that he would always send the patient away for 24 hours to think about whether they ‘intuitively’ felt that getting the Kai Li therapy process applied to them felt ‘right’ before he would evr apply the technique to them. The patient would then sleep on it and hopefully wake up knowing for sure that it was want they wanted/needed.There were ceratinly cases where Jonathan sent patients away again if he felt they were in ‘doubt’ or getting the therapy done for the ‘wrong reasons’.He would simply say,”You are not ready for this yet.Come back and see me when you are.My doorway is always open to you.”
    The Kai Li process can only ever be applied once in your lifetime as well,and the decision to have the technique applied needs to be in balance with your genral orderly development.Because the therapist has to be exceptionally ‘in tune’ to apply the process,part of their responsibility is to evaluate the patient before,after and during the Kai Li process.Failure to observe these laws and the healer can lose the ability to apply the Kai Li therapy altogethe(.i.e the spirit world will take this ability away altogether)All in all being a healer of this calibre is a huge responsibility, and the healer’s life,although being hugely satisfying,is never an easy path.
    Thus I did the ‘hand exercise’ which Jonatahn taught (it being part of my involvement in my own healing process.I later discovered this ancinet energy exerice causes a connection-activation of yourself to the energy enhancement and re-balancing that has just been applied to you in the Kai li technique. The ‘hand exercise’ also teaches you how to enhance and heal yourself ,and further build stronger instinctive direction.
    So where did this Kai li process/technique take me during this fateful period,it now being a seven day post-period after the therapy which allows nothing external to disrupt your life, and your spirit guides and your ‘inner self’ have complete control of you for the next seven days ?
    I will talk about this ‘after-effect’ (re-birthing period so to speak,) soon…

  53. moryah4 Says:

    So where are we up to in the Nostradamus predictions?

    A tiny hint…

    Nostradamus VIII-17

    “The well-off will suddenly be cast down,
    the world will be troubled by three brothers;
    the enemies will sieze the marine city,
    hunger,fire,blood,plague,all evils doubled”

    Les bien aisez subit seront desmis,
    Par les trois freres le monde mis en trouble:
    Cite marine saisiront ennemis,
    Faim,feu,sang,peste & tous maux le double

    (Sorry about missing the accents on the French words but none on my keyboard)

    Here’s my take on this prediction:

    “The well -off will suddenly be cast down,” - speaks of the past six months global melt-down stimulated by the “Wall Street write-down”

    ” the world will be troubled by three brothers”- How many Lehman Brothers there ? (Just happens to have been three).

    “The enemies will seize the marine city” -The invasion of Georgia by Russia this year.Georgia is largely located on the Black Sea.

    And last but not least :

    “hunger” - World hunger increased exponentially because of world farmers diverting to using corn crops etc,(farmlands) for growing for bio-fuel market thereby depleting major food source of various 3rd world countires .Also global ‘melt-down’ sends most countries eonomies spiralling,food prices rising.

    “fire” - California and other places extreme fire storms

    “blood” -Aids figure continue to rocket worldwide .

    “plague” - New diseases and old pop up around the world .Here in Australia the latest causing havoc was the ‘horse flu’ virus

    The next verse don’t look that good either…

    ,all evils doubled”

  54. moryah4 Says:

    I remember Jonathan saying how the one common denominator you will find as far as the forms you take from lifetime to lifetime in relation to the reincarntion process,of which you will occupy various throughout the ‘Life- Lesson Sequence’ is the eyes.
    “The eyes stay the same” said Zarlen.
    This is interesting becuase as I track through pictures of famos figures doing similar work of their time to the type of work Dr Jon (Jonathan) did done here as part of the ‘Brotherhood of Light’ guess what many of these figure’s portraits have the same eyes.
    Jonathan never walked around boasting he was this or that in a past life but subtlely ,over the 22 years I knew him, some things were intimated and me having a bit of steel-trap of a memory for spiritual titbits, never forgets things I am told of this ilk.
    Locked-in these jigsaw puzzle pieces bonce around in my memory until ‘bloodhound-like’ me track the scent of me mighty majestic masterly mate,me called Jonathan in time.
    According to the Ra mu technique the average period of lifetimes it takes to reincarnate through the third dimension (in which we presently exist) is 35 to 50 lifetimes .Meanwhile Jonathan ,being a member of the elite ‘Brotherhood of Light’ has incarnated throught human civilization(who although having finished his spiritual development here eons ago) and chose to return here at great risk to himself over various lifetimes stated he has been here 1300 times.His development is thus that he comes down as a ‘walk-in’ each time now.Whereby another spirit comes down witha short task sets up a body so to speak and at some stage the present occupying spirit will leave,usually some physical shift takes place the form may go through a crisis situation,and eventually the ‘transition’ will become noted through a massive ‘personality changeAnd the neww spirit in this case dr Jon comes in and finishes the loast spirits task before beginning his own agenda,which is usually to teach guide assist the society it has inherited.
    When I first met Dr Jon in Brisbane back in 1986 and gradually got involved in his first Australian centre,Q.A.C.(the Queensland Awareness Centre) he was using the ancient Ra mu charts/technique to do reincarnation reports for people.
    As the name suggests the Ra Mu technique originated in the ancient cotient of Lemuria and when Dr Jon found the ancinet hieroglyphics revealing the form it was only a samll part of the ‘original’ wooden tablet and it was writen in the famous rongo rongo script.Well using his access to the Akashic records(very few forms on Earth can access this etheral library )her was able to piece it all together and there were hundreds of of these reports done.
    Jonathan trained his his ex-wife Ingrid (who had already recieved training from him to activate her natural clairvoyant ability) to also do these reincarnation readings as well.
    It was found that when information was revealed through the Ra Mu chart and coupled with further detail from Jonathan or Ingrid’s psychic side very interesting revealations were made about people’s past lives.Well they would solely focus on an individual’s very last life because this is the one you will least remember(as you are still closely connected to it) and it is the one that will most affect in this life.

  55. moryah4 Says:


    “People think Merlin is a myth, or Thoth is someone else and yet time knows what is real and what is not.

    For who would believe that miracles can and do happen and are made by those who know. We know who we are do you?”

    (from the encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology)


    “The thrice greatest Hermes,” the name given by the greeks to the Egyptian godthoth was alluded to in later egyptian writings “twice ver great” and even “five times very great” in some demotic or popular scripts(ca.third century B.C.E)
    As “scribe of the gods,”Hermes was credited with the authorship of all the greek swacred books,which were thus called”hermetic.”There were 42 of these,according to Clemens Alexadrnus and they were sub-divided into six portions,the firstdealing with priestly eduction,the second with temple rituals and the thrid with geographical matters.The fourth division treated astrology,the fifth recorded hymns in honur of the gods and was a textbook for the guidance of kings and the sixth was a medical text.
    ..As “scribe of the gods” hermes was also the author of all sacred writings.For convenience the name of Hermes was placed at the head of an extensive cycle of mystic literature produced in post-Christian times.Most of this hermetic or Trismegistic literature has perished,but all that reamins of it has been gathtered and translated into English.
    Examinations of early mystery writings and traditions has shown that the main source of the Trismegistic tractates is probably the wisdom of Egypt and that they “go back in an unbroken tradition of type and context… to the earliest Ptolemaic times.” (..and beyond)

  56. moryah4 Says:


    Hermes is the messenger of the gods in Greek mythology. An Olympian god, he is also the patron of boundaries and of the travelers who cross them, of shepherds and cowherds, of thieves and road travelers, of orators and wit, of literature and poets, of athletics, of weights and measures, of invention, of general commerce, and of the cunning of thieves and liars. His symbols include the tortoise, the rooster, the winged sandals, and the caduceus. The analogous Roman deity is Mercury.
    The Homeric hymn to Hermes invokes him as the one “of many shifts (polytropos), blandly cunning, a robber, a cattle driver, a bringer of dreams, a watcher by night, a thief at the gates, one who was soon to show forth wonderful deeds among the deathless gods.”


    He protects and takes care of all the travelers, miscreants, harlots, old crones and thieves that pray to him or cross his path. He is the messenger of the gods and does his job very well. He is athletic and is always looking out for runners, or any athletes with injuries who need his help. Hermes is a messenger from the gods to humans, sharing this role with Iris. An interpreter who bridges the boundaries with strangers is a hermeneus. Hermes gives us our word “hermeneutics” for the art of interpreting hidden meaning. In Greek a lucky find was a hermaion. Hermes delivered messages from Olympus to the mortal world. He wears shoes with wings on them and uses them to fly freely between the mortal and immortal world. Hermes, younger than Apollo, was the youngest of the Olympian gods.Hermes, as an inventor of fire, is a parallel of the Titan, Prometheus. In addition to the syrinx and the lyre, Hermes was believed to have invented many types of racing and the sport of wrestling, and therefore was a patron of athletes.
    According to prominent folklorist Meletinskii, Hermes is a deified trickster.[5] Hermes also served as a psychopomp, or an escort for the dead to help them find their way to the afterlife (the Underworld in the Greek myths). In many Greek myths, Hermes was depicted as the only god besides Hades, Persephone, and Hekate who could enter and leave the Underworld without hindrance.

    Along with escorting the dead, Hermes often helped travelers have a safe and easy journey. Many Greeks would sacrifice to Hermes before any trip.

    In the fully-developed Olympian pantheon, Hermes was the son of Zeus and the Pleiade Maia, a daughter of the Titan Atlas. Hermes’ symbols were the rooster and the tortoise, and he can be recognized by his purse or pouch, winged sandals, winged cap, and the herald’s staff, the kerykeion. Hermes was the god of thieves because he was very cunning and shrewd and was a thief himself from the night he was born, when he slipped away from Maia and ran away to steal his elder brother Apollo’s cattle.

    In the Roman adaptation of the Greek religion (see interpretatio romana), Hermes was identified with the Roman god Mercury, who, though inherited from the Etruscans, developed many similar characteristics, such as being the patron of commerce.


    His epithet of Logios is the representation of the god in the act of speaking, as orator, or as the god of eloquence. Indeed, together with Athena, he was the standard divine representation of eloquence in classical Greece. The Homeric Hymn to Hermes (probably 6th century BCE) describes Hermes making a successful speech from the cradle to defend himself from the (true) charge of cattle theft. Somewhat later, Proclus’ commentary on Plato’s Republic describes Hermes as the god of persuasion. Yet later, Neoplatonists viewed Hermes Logios more mystically as origin of a “Hermaic chain” of light and radiance emanating from the divine intellect (nous).
    (Brotherhood of Light ?)

  57. moryah4 Says:


    Hermes is the son of Zeus and Maia (daughter of Atlas). He was raised by the Nymph Cyllene in Arcadia. He grew quickly and as soon as he could, sneaked away looking for adventure.
    Coming to Pieria where Apollo was tending his herd of cows. Hermes waited until night before stealing the herd (as well as Apollo’s bow and quiver), and then hid them in a cave. On the way back he discovered a tortoise and using its shell, stretched ox-hide and reeds, made the first lyre. Then he returned to his nurse Cyllene, who was unaware that he was missing.
    Apollo discovered the loss the next morning and by means of divination determined that it was Hermes who’d done the deed. Going to Cyllene he accused Hermes of the crime, to which Hermes denied and Cyllene did not believe possible. In frustration Apollo seized the infant and carried him to Olympus to ask Zeus for a judgement.
    Zeus was amused by the prank but had to give Apollo, another of his sons, justice. Hermes at last confessed to the deed and lead Apollo to the cave where all but two of the herd were hidden. Hermes however showed Apollo the lyre and played it for him. Apollo, impressed by the instrument, traded the herd and a golden staff for it. From then on, Apollo became a god of music and Hermes a god of flocks and herds, and they became friends. The other two cows had been slaughtered and served up into twelve portions, one for each of the gods of Olympus and one for Hermes, who was then accepted as an Olympian.

    Functions & Abilities
    Zeus was amused by Hermes audacity and humour, but concerned about his thievery, so he made Hermes responsible for treaties, commerce and free travel. Hermes became a herald for Olympus and was given winged sandals, a circular winged hat, and caduceus. later Hermes gained the ability to tell the future, and served as psychopomp or conductor of souls from earth to underworld.
    Like Iris, he is a god of travel, and has impunity to enter the land of the dead.

  58. moryah4 Says:

    Merlin, Thoth, Hermes Z its all the same..

    My Hermes (Thoth) was a busy man…

    He was also closely connected with bringing dreams to mortals. Hermes is usually depicted with a broad-brimmed hat or a winged cap, winged sandals and the heralds staff (kerykeion in Greek, or Caduceus in Latin). It was often shown as a shaft with two white ribbons, although later they were represented by serpents intertwined in a figure of eight shape, and the shaft often had wings attached. The clothes he donned were usually that of a traveler, or that of a workman or shepherd. Other symbols of Hermes are the cock, tortoise and purse or pouch.
    Originally Hermes was a phallic god, being attached to fertility and good fortune, and also a patron of roads and boundaries. His name coming from herma, the plural being hermaiherm was a square or rectangular pillar in either stone or bronze, with the head of Hermes (usually with a beard), which adorned the top of the pillar, and male genitals near to the base of the pillar. These were used for road and boundary markers. Also in Athens they stood outside houses to help fend off evil. In Athens of 415 BCE, shortly before the Athenian fleet set sail against Syracuse (during the Peloponnesian War), all the herms throughout Athens were defaced. This was attributed to people who were against the war. Their intentions were to cast bad omens on the expedition, by seeking to offend the god of travel. (This has never been proved as the true reason for the mutilation of the herms.)
    The offspring of Hermes are believed to be Pan, Abderus and Hermaphroditus. Pan, is believed to be the son of Hermes and Dryope, the daughter of king Dryops. Pan terrified his mother when he was born, so much so that she fled in horror at the sight of her new born son. Hermes took Pan to Mount Olympus were the gods reveled in his laughter and his appearance and became the patron of fields, woods, shepherds and flocks. Abderus, a companion of the hero Heracles, is also thought to be a son of Hermes, he was devoured by the Mares of Diomedes, after Heracles had left him in charge of the ferocious beasts. Hermaphroditus (also known as Aphroditus) was conceived after the union of Hermes and Aphrodite. He was born on Mount Ida but he was raised by the Naiads (nymphs of freshwater).
    It was Hermes who liberated Io, the lover of Zeus, from the hundred-eyed giant Argus, who had been ordered by Hera, the jealous wife of Zeus, to watch over her. Hermes charmed the giant with his flute, and while Argos slept Hermes cut off his head and released Io. Hera, as a gesture of thanks to her loyal servant, scattered the hundred eyes of Argos over the tail of a peacock (Heras’ sacred bird). Hermes also used his ingenuity and abilities to persuade the nymph Calypso to release Odysseus, the wandering hero, from her charms. She had kept Odysseus captive, after he was shipwrecked on her island Ogygia, promising him immortality if he married her, but Zeus sent Hermes to release Odysseus. Legend says that Calypso died of grief when Odysseus sailed away. Hermes also saved Odysseus and his men from being transformed into pigs by the goddess and sorceress Circe. He gave them a herb which resisted the spell. Hermes also guided Eurydice back down to the underworld after she had been allowed to stay for one day on earth with her husband Orpheus.
    Known for his swiftness and athleticism, Hermes was given credit for inventing foot-racing and boxing. At Olympia a statue of him stood at the entrance to the stadium and his statues where in every gymnasium throughout Greece. Apart from herms, Hermes was a popular subject for artists. Both painted pottery and statuary show him in various forms, but the most fashionable depicted him as a good-looking young man, with an athletic body, and winged sandals and his heralds staff. His Roman counterpart Mercury inherited his attributes, and there are many Roman copies of Greek artistic creations of Hermes.

  59. moryah4 Says:

    The eyes have it.

    If I look at pictures of Nostradamus,Shakespeare,Rembrandt,Sir fancis Bacon all the eyes look the same,the same as Dr Jon’s.
    If Thoth as the cosmic king,he who holds the highest office in the ‘Brotherhood of Light” has been continually reinacarnating down here then his magic becomes apparent in time.But also subtlety is also required because history tells us what happens to men of peace.
    Think the Nazarene or even Thoth who eventually following the assasination of his beloved last wife was killed stabbed in his side by a spear.
    Now everyone expected the Nazarene to appear as he originally was but could you second-guess a cosmic king with designs on peace for all ?

  60. moryah4 Says:

    Merlin, Thoth, Hermes ,Zarlen, the Nazarene its all the same..

    “Now everyone expected the Nazarene to appear as he originally was but could you second-guess a cosmic king with designs on peace for all ?..”

    Over a twenty two year period I witnessed a mighty healer who seemed to be the counterbalance to all of the catastrophe that had been going on in the world and previous.
    I often thought would not it be a wonderful cosmic conspiracy whereby people truly required humility,sincerity and trust to find the Nazarene when as prophesized he ‘re-appeared’.
    I have noted in my years on planet earth in this my 540th lifetime just a baby in the scheme of things accorded to Zarlen that your religious leader of Christian ilk try to take ownership of the prophecies of the return of the “Lamb of God” and their egos and false sense of security cuase them to make statements with authoritive tone.Back then in his time the Nazarene was not regarded by the many Jewish prophets and religious scholars as the Messiah they said it was two early two thousand years too soon.So what if the Nazarene still had some refinements to make over more incarnations to human civilzation and (possibly) to his own spiritual development/adaption to this place.
    And then when he appears he takes the guise of a humble looking sort,a guise where he could be a janitor in a building a university lecturer,a truck driver,a tobbaco picker.The type of face that just slides into any crowd,to observe where humanity is at,to see how he treats his fellow man,to see where he places his values,on caring for his brother or perhaps placinga value on material things instead like money etc…
    Perhaps he is saddened by what he sees in his role as observer of something he has concieved in the first place.
    throughout a 22
    year period in the work of the greatest healer I ever met,I saw one turn wine into water and raise the dead,and heal the sick of any disease,and disorder and subtlely disapppear into the crowd…

  61. moryah4 Says:

    Friday night regular meditation session (November 1986,shortly after I had Jonathan had applied the main Kai li therapy (then called Zarlen therapy).
    Listening to the music “Paul Horne in the Great Pyramid of Egypt”,we were being giuded through a simple chakra point meditation ,when (as mentioned a beam of white light/energy flooded into my head and I had an major paranormal experience.For the brief point of canatact I had with the ‘higher side of myself’ or the universal life force or whatever you want to call it,it sereved to make me aware of what Dr Jon/Zarlen had done to me in the previous healing session.I was not the same person now I was much more illuminated to energy sensations and my instincts became heightened beyond anything I had ever experienced before.In a lot of ways I was still the same f***ed up emotional basketcase,oversensitive,out of control,selfish,arrogant,restricted,lazy at certain things but I was definitely given an extrasensory enhancement.why dr jon told me so when i had the therapy applied.We have enhanced your instincts by 45%.
    So when it came to meditating I could feel myself flitting around the room.Well we (the class) lay on our backs in comfortable western style just as you lie in bed,but flat on our backs hands by our sides,never crossing hands or feet.
    So through Jonathan’s guided visualization we would take differnet astral journeys once we had used our breathing and focal point techniques to switch off our physical concentration and induce our physical forms into ‘deep relaxation’.
    Me: “Jonathan I think I was just imagining this, but ,when I left my body I was looking at things around me and well it was like watching a movie.surrounded by all sorts of goblins and fairies and so real,looked like characters out of the Jim Henson movie the “Dark Crystal.Guess i was imagining it all huh?”
    “What you were viewing was the ‘lower astral plane’.There are two lower astral planes you must traverse before you reach the third.
    These lower astral planes are what you call the ‘fairy plane” .
    The beings which occupy this plane are ‘lower elementals’ representing the astral aspect of one and two dimensional forms.The ‘first dimensional’ forms have one basic ability, to ‘think’ ,which is the ability to use postive energy.The ’second dimensional’ forms have the ability to think and feel .they can apply positive and sometimes neagtive to ensure their survival.
    When you travel through these state you are not supposed to communicate with these beings as they are lower elementals to you they will try to distract you away from your sense of purpose,goals etc.
    The form in history some of you have referred to as Madame Blavatsky (1831-May 8, 1891),a famous figure in the occult world in London,a founder of Theosophy and the Theosophical Society was one of the first to endorse people to ‘communicate’ with these lower elemental or ‘fairy beings’ and now there are whole communteies dedicated to this.From places like Findhorne to various groups and idividuals around the world.there are shops and books written but if this is a wise and productive exercise why did Madame Blavatsky end up in a mental asylum asked Zarlen asked us one day.
    Other meditataion experiences where you would be guied by Zarlen(Dr Jon ) to visualize yourself as a bird in flight and experience the very real sensation of flying,soaring, coarsing above the earth.I lked to experience flying over the ocean and dive down into the depths of the water to see what I could find.Sometimes I would find myself guided to a waterfall in the middle of a vast rain forest or in the heights of a mountain range and feel the water cascading on my skin as real and energising as the real thing.
    Sometimes figurs would emerge and you would be guided by Dr Jon(or hsi guides) into a cave which you would explore,or be shown mysterious dusty old books bound in thick leather covers with ancient knowledge calligraphised .I would not always ’see’ sometimes i would just let my mind sense but the knowledge would be in my head when i returned to my body.

  62. moryah4 Says:

    ..So one day in one of these meditation sessions I thought well if it’s like as Dr Jon says we are able to travel anywhere in this natural meditative state why don’t I investigate the mystery of Mars.I mean that photo of the ‘pyramid’ and the ’sphinx’-like face (construction) on Mars that’s been floating around in different magazines etc. for a while.What’s that all about ?
    So when I relaxed to the music playing may( have been “Ionospheres or “Ascension” I followed Dr Jon (Zarlen’s lead) and soon was zipping away. When I was out of my body (in third eye (partial) astral projection)
    I comanded my thoughts or (spirit guides) to take me to Mars.
    so it was focussed on the mystery monoliths (pyramids and sphinx) that tweaked the command.So what happened?
    As I looked in my mind it was like a movie real playing a series of images of wierd and wonderful cultural thing,exotic costumes,sci-fi type stuff,well to be quite honest I thought “I gotta be imagining this” as these images keep flicking through the projection screen in my mind when suddenly this history of this civilization in which the beings look like they humans but wearing colourful outfits like I had seen recently on a book cover ,like some of th out fits you might see in some 70’s 80’s comic fantasy,ceremonies and stuff..WHEN BANG! my right arm suddenly PAIN-like a short paralysis state-indiced by shock.this should not have hppened I was extremely relaxed,like melted into the floor relaxed.
    what was that all about I thought as our meditation evening session broke and we went had had a cup of tea etc.
    So when dr Jon is free I mentin my experience thinking I am sure what I saw was a hallucination.But the ‘pain’ in my right arm
    “You (mankind) had a civilization there” said Dr Jon.”but you wiped youself out,destroyed the atmosphere etc…”
    Later I was to learn that when this happened the males of the mars population a previous human colony impregnated their women put them into flying discs(ships) and sent them to earth while the males and the rest of the population perished due to loss of solar protection(ozone ayer etc).
    “So the right arm reponse,the pain”.
    “right side of the body from the neck down carries predominantly physical energy as you know.You linked into the experience where many physical forms lost their physical lives”
    I was stunned.Was i part of this civilization,oe of the ones sending our females afar for the preservation of our species.What a tragedy I thought destroying the ability to live on your home world.Then sacrificing, forfeiting your own life for others.
    Later I was to learn another human colony elsewhere in our galaxy managed to blow up a whole world due to a war.The debris of this still comes back to ‘haunt’ us here on planet earth as a decent-sized asteroid could decimate parts of or even all of our world,at certain given times.
    “You have had three civilizations on this planet before,each wiped itself ot,now you are on the fourth and about to do the same thing.Previous to this world you existed on these two other worlds (civilizations of man) .
    Of the previous two colonies,one had a high density gravity environment,producing the physiology known as ‘asian’.And the other was closer to the sun producing darker pigment and a taller life form ,you know of this as the ‘negroid’ physiology.but origainally all three world’s began as the same life form,all looked the same but the different gravities,magnetic effects,planetary placements to sun and various othe anolomies create the otward differences anolomies created

  63. moryah4 Says:

    ..And I wasn’tthe only one have life-altering experiences in these meditative sessions.Picturew the room on friday night the large space lit by candles around the room,the nergy starts to peak,contorlled by the vortex Dr Jon is linked into in the north west corner.He is telepathically -linked to it and it has the same harmonic as the Great Pyramid of Egypt.”If Mohammed can’t go to the mountain-Mohammed will bring the mountain to Mohammed” so to speak.
    So the ‘goupies turn up on friday night,lots of young people but plenty of oldies as well.
    Rudy was a young fashion designer,tall ,wearing and elegantly styled grape coat ,a mane of black hair and an aristocratic look about him.
    his girlfriend Nicole petite almost ‘waif-like’, strawberry blond,’all-knowing eyes’ by his side.
    After attending Jonatahn’s meditation sessions after having their Kai li therapy done by Jonathan one night Nicole wakes up and sees all around Rudy’s head blue light eminating he is chanting in some strange tongue-so alien to any human tongue known.she is mystified ,bedazzled as her partner is quite avant guarde already,
    Jonatahn whoo can see your spirit guides,auras etc.,tells rudy he has spirit guide who is an alien.
    This piques everone’s curiosity.From which planet we wonder?
    And one question like this raises another
    But we never asked any more questions ,perhaps Rudy did ,privately. Rudy was already flamboaynt and outspoken a go-getter with lovely Nicole adding tha passive grounded side to their team.
    Wonder what became of them?
    Miss those days.Nothing was typical..something different(thought-provoking) every day…

  64. moryah4 Says:


    Throught the fortunate 22 years I was privy to Jonathan’s (Dr Jon) Sherwood I learnt a lot and he set me straight on a lot of things..
    “Your not a teacher he told one day,to help me to temper my enthuisiasm one day.That is not what you are down here to do .You and the others are part of an experiment we are running.
    I got the idea we Dr Jon’s ’support crew’ were ‘road-testing’ different conditions,different stratas of society in different cultures in the world like probes for the other side to see where humanity was heading in this neck of the woods.
    Zarlen who spoke though Jonathan a lot, not just in the ‘channeling sessions’,but surfacing and any given moment in conversations Jonatahn might have with us or other people, told some of us back in 1991 ,that we seven, each held an ‘individual’ frequency key of which there were seven and we had come down to back Dr Jon up in a main task.This main task was ‘re-booting’ the Great Pyramid of Egypt.
    I wondered whether we seven were assembled this, because Jonathan was in danger of being asassinated because of the ‘alien’ and dark forces opposing this event,he had had run-ins witht he ‘men in black’ in Auckalnd New Zealand.His second wife would testify that when he moved with her across to Australia in 1985 he was followed by ufo craft all along the East Coast Of Australia as he headed to Cairns.everytime they would leave a town there would be ufo sightings above that town the next night.
    If not for the ‘telepathic’ transmissions he was continually being fed from the ‘alliance’ of Sirius-Pleides-And Andromeda,which continually streamed into his mind picked up by his clairaudient senses he felt that he would have been in danger.
    Getting back to the group of seven Zarlen told us we would be initiated into what we needed to do at the appropriate time and assembled in the respective areas in Cairo etc.The reason for this plan was because Zarlen who has never lost a fight always has a back-up plan.As it was however our ‘group of seven’ involvement proved to be unnecessary,and we were by-passed.Dr Jon informed us at the Paradise Point centre (on the Gold Coast we had failed to pass a set of personal tests ,tests involving humilty,sincerity ,trust,effort,perseverance and of course teamwork.Needless to say we were embarassed and disappointed and when Jonathan/Zarlen brought in seven new males and females to replace our roles and modified their energies to suit the ‘activation task .We were later told of the profound nature of the Egypt trip and the results obtained by Jonathan incorporating the groups made up exclusively of males and females using free-form ‘tone’ patterns to produce a conglomerate energy key to assist the activation of the vortex in the great Pyramid ,a ceremony that stunned even the local Egyptian caretakers who agreed the enrgy was ‘much better now’.Jonathan laughed one day after getting back from this particular Cairo trip,”you know the locals In Cairo” he snickered ,”there all bloody psychic.From the old guy with the donkey to a businessman driving past,living near the pyramids somehow seems to affect them bringing ot their ESP.
    Prior to Jonatahn and his companions arriving in Egypt on that fateful day a supposed ‘channel’ from America,a woman called Solara,or was that the name of the entity? had come to the same Pyramid and done a cetrtain ‘ceremony’,pandamonium and disturbance had ensued not just in the cairo area but to other areas that were interlinked.
    Through the science of ‘vortex control’ Dr Jon /Zarlen had ‘interlinked’ us,our Paradise Point centre at Matthew Flinders Drive residence to the energy of the Giza Pyramid complex ,set up a conduit so to speak .

  65. moryah4 Says:

    …So in the first Egypt trip Dr Jon had to correct the work of the dark forces who had done a ceremony they called the “11-11″ activation .Like I said some one going by the name Solara(possibly the channeled entity coming through) but it became inevitable this so-called channel was creating disturbance and chaos as she had visited another one of the world’s 12 sacred sites and done a ceremony there with her followers which managed to trigger a collapse of part of the peak of Mt Cook .(Dr Jon knew something was not right to what she was doing it.
    Solara and her group of devotees arrived at the Great pyramid prior to Jonathan’s trip there and her so-called activation caused a black vortex to appear in the Queen’s chamber.As a result because we were linked to the Great Pyramid at Dr Jon’s facility at Matthew Flinders Drive we ended up with a balck vortex in our living room as well.As Ingrid Sherwood who is a clairvoyant trained by Dr Jon,can see beyond the veil and told us it was there creating a disturbing influence in the centre and meanwhile Jonathan was in Cairo what were we to do!
    Meanwhile as he located this main black vortex in Khufu that Solara had instigated.(It turned out the Orion alien grouping had used this woman as a focal point to initiate a strong adverse ‘malevolant force’ into this major power site.The dark forces could sense Dr Jon wwould attept to re-activate these sacred sites to help get the grid on line.They would attept these types of sabotage.
    Because Jonathan could see the black vortex in Khufu it served to show him where the main enrgy source-vortex should be located so he was able to re-initiate a new positive magnetic vortex in the same spot,so he was able to eradicate the adverse energy vortex/spiral thing.
    He later said even the dark side serve a purpose because if they had not commited the act of sabotage he would not have known where to direct the new vortex.
    “The dark side use the same type of techniques as we do ,but they cannot generate the same power,”said Zarlen.
    Meanwhile back on the Gold Coast,Ingrid who was initiated to her own enrgy abilities through her hausnad at he time (Dr Jon) knew waht to do with the black vortex situated in our centre that caused me to feel depressed.We formed a circle,with a candle situated on the table between us an did the ancient Kai Li ‘hand exercise’ joined hands and visualized the vortex being decimated,exploding into bits.When we had swiped our hands,the vortex dissipated into nothing, right before her eyes said Ingrid.
    The next year when we located at the new Hollywell centre Jonathan took the groups of seven into Khufu to do the toning-activation of the Giza pyramid complex,meanwhile although the seven secret key of which I was one did not participate.Rachel Sherwood and Jonathan’s ex(Ingrid) played a vital role at Hollywell as they manned a ‘massive double clear quart crystal and initiated into a ’secret ceremony’ at the ‘vital’ time of the Great Pyramid activation enahnced the crystal ,meanwhile the Andromeda One craft fired a beam of energy down heating the crystal which was feed via the conduit to Cairo to the DR jon who had already depolarised the Pyramid and now had his groups in their position doing their toning males in the male chamber females in the female chamber…

  66. moryah4 Says:

    ..And the rest is history so to speak.
    Actually I believe 1991 was the year of the first Egypt trip and 1992 was the latter trip..
    Here is Report on the 1992 Experiment and Ceremony in Egypt in Jonathan’s words:
    “Here we were in Egypt with an expedition of 52 people who were taking part in a special ceremony in the early hours of Friday, 4 December 1992. In fact, 4:45 am to be precise, and the fresh morning air of the Giza Plateau mixed with the smell of the desert met us as we walked up the hill from the Mena House Oberoi Hotel by the pyramids - a short walk taking about 15 minutes. We were met by an old Egyptian who unlocked the gate and slowly , after a small preparation period, one by one the group entered the Great Pyramid of Cheops. As we touched the walls they felt slightly warm and had a comforting feel to them.
    Step by step as we entered deeper into the structure the smells of the interior became more prevalent. It had a sense of extreme age and yet a certain mystery about it also. For the first hour it was exploration and discovery as the group moved quietly about the inside of this giant of the desert. Access to everywhere was made available by the authorities and some braved the long climb down to the Lower Chamber (pit) a drop of some 300 ft. on a decline of 26 degrees and 17 minutes. The climb up was just as steep except a low crouch was required.

    At precisely 6:56 am the soundings began the whole structure resonated to the vibrations produced. Along the Grand gallery one person stood at the top and one at the bottom. Suddenly the soundings stopped and all went quiet. The timing was imperative if the process was to be successful.

    In this first session the soundings were of a frequency that would de- polarise the structure. This was done by placing the females in the Kings chamber and the males in the Queens chamber. There were also 6 people placed in the Lower chamber - 3 males and 3 females.

    The whole structure went cold.

    For the next hour 6 males and 6 females were chosen for the final stage and the remainder were asked to wait outside and surround the structure for the realignment. At 7:56 am the final ceremony began and immediately things began to happen. Firstly the women were now in the Queens chamber and they reported movements like people moving around besides themselves. The lights all went out and a male in the Kings chamber touched the north wall to the left of the vent, glowed white, and then disappeared through the wall. All males present witnessed this event, myself included (author).

    After carefully examining all people present afterwards as the last group exited the structure we started with 52 and ended with 52 persons. The disappearing person was not part of the initial group and no other persons entered after the gate had been locked with all of us inside. This person appeared and disappeared inside the Pyramid.

    Later as we entered the lower chamber to do another ceremony using sound we found that all of the lights in the structure went out. Stone blocks could be heard moving inside the walls when certain resonances were made and the heat lamp in the lower chamber was flashing on and off like a normal light bulb.

    Again we heard footsteps in the room which was in total blackness for some time and then were were met by a small group of people that had come down to see us. As they entered we saw a man in a white shirt and brown trousers like the man that had disappeared in the Kings chamber earlier. He stood and watched us for a time, then all the torches (flashlights) went out as we continued our soundings and when they came back on the man in the white shirt was gone. He could not have gone via the descending passage as it was blocked by one of our group that had arrived 5 minutes earlier. Upon observing the lower chamber afterwards we found a small marker which was not natural to the surrounding rock. It had a smooth appearance and had 4 rows of dots in a set pattern: rows of 8 dots and 2 rows of 16 dots. Taking a drawing I decided to consult a friend and associate of mine in San Francisco. Report will follow later. We also found that when a certain tone was produced the vortex of the pyramid could be physically heard to be spinning. This was not evident before.

    All of the earlier ceremonies were held on Friday the Arab holy day. This went down very well with the locals. But again all carefully timed and planned.

    After the morning ceremonies flocks of people arrived by the hundreds and bus loads of children arrived and everyone wanted to touch and climb all over the pyramid. One local guard who had been on the plateau for nearly 30 years stated that he had never seen anything like this sudden interest and desire to touch and feel.

    Zarlen (see attached explanation at the end of this report) had previously informed us after the morning ceremony that the 53nd cycle could not be activated due to a lack of imprints on the large crystal plate that exists beneath the Giza area. It would be necessary for humans to touch the pyramid so that the patterns could be restored.

    Upon our exit, we found our little group surrounded by 12 camels and their riders. (Symbolic 12) They sat quietly and said nothing until we had finished. Then they pointed to me (Dr. Sherwood) and one of them stated in English, Cosmic King. He smiled, all turned and drifted back into the desert as mysteriously as they had arrived.

    In the afternoon we were informed by Zarlen that we had to return with 4 people - 2 females and 2 males to refine the mornings work.

    During this expedition many other events occured. One event was very significant . During my time next to the blind corridor which is supposed to not go anywhere, someone grasped my hand while the lights were out and then gently squeezed it and let go. It could have been passed as someone playing a a trick if it had not been for the fact that my hand was through the bars of the gate extending out the other side of the gate when it took place. No one could have done it from my side of the gate - and there was not supposed to be an entrance on the other side!

    Around my neck I wore a medallion which was suspended on a silver chain. After the 3pm event when we exited the pyramid the chain had turned to a golden bronze appearance. It was no longer silver! The medallion has since disappeared! Not lost - just disappeared.

    So, after we had concluded our sounding at 3 pm we returned to the hotel to contemplate the days events. The whole morning had been recorded and the afternoon event also. The tapes had sounds on them which we had not generated and the harmonics which we can now align to these recorded sounds are very significant.

    In one section of the recording the tape has a sound almost identical to a recording Billy Meier had made of a UFO flying overhead.

    Obviously there are many areas still to be examined but we feel that this is a major step forward in understanding the Mystery of the Great Pyramids of Egypt and who built these giants of the desert.”

    I was fortunate to hear Jonathan’s tape of this event and its amazing how all of the human voices toning congloerates into one powerful vibrating energy which stimulates a semblance of the vortex they created in the pyramid and puts you into an altered state.
    This taped session was available for sale at one stage,and people were warned not to play it while driving.
    And there is also a second tape not the same which is missing believed to held by one of the tour group who attended the conference in 1992.We are hoping to get a hold of it at some stage.

    Thanks to Thothweb for preserving this info on Dr Jon’s work.

  67. moryah4 Says:

    When Jonathan began holding the myriad of courses in Brisbane 1986,for all of us it was the most extraordinary enlightening time of our lives and so easy to take for granted.
    The courses ranged from $15 to $25 a night at the time.Which for Brisbane Australia,caused those who paid to exert the correct value of concentration.
    Dr Jon called it “Hip-pocket logic’.
    some people have the impression ’spiritual knowledge’ should be for free as that’s the more ’spiritual thing’ to do.
    But Zarlen came through and said if this knowledge is for ‘free’ it would not be repescted,particularly In places like Brisbane Australia and Houston,Texas,two places Zarlen chose to work as were two of the worst places in the world were ‘free will’ in relation to spiritual development was restricted,people manipulated way from their own ‘power’ so to speak.
    Zareln made this famous quote about Australia once.
    He said ,”Australians are interested in three things beer,sport and horse racing.”
    This in a country where we have 0.3% of the world’s population and possess three quarters of the world’s poker machines.Where many times sportspeople are more likely to take the front page of daily newspapers or nominated as “Australian of the Year” as opposed to people involved in humanitarian or environmental work.
    In fact out of the most important lectures Zarlen gave which gave furturistic prophecies of event to come and taught enrgy techniques for expansion and development of human potential ,Zarlen used to say these discussions were supposed to be held in fornt of larger audiences but many of the Australian populace were not getting the point.He said we were living in a city(Brisbane) which concentrated on a physical positive and a spiritual negative (for human development and expansion of a spiritual nature this needed to be in reverse.)
    He would reflect how New Zealand which sits opposite Australia is the more more spiritual of the two countries,beacuse the Maoris had maintained their original culture through ‘thick and thin’ and their faith in their ancient beliefs was the true ‘powerhouse’ of this country. Zarlen said their true origin of the Maori people was Egypt.Even some of the Maori elders carried this ’secret’ and some came out recently and admitted this but this is not widely known.
    During his classes or in conversation Dr Jon used to reminisce about the marvellous times he had growing up there of which he he had many adventures.It was there he also discovered the ‘power’ of his spirit guide ZARLEN…

  68. moryah4 Says:


    I believe this story took place when Jonathan (Dr Jon) was between 15 to 17 years old in Auckland.
    Jonathan had a male friend who was an apprentice baker who had been involved in a car accident.
    I don’t know the circumstances of the car crash but evidently his friend’s girlfriend had died in the crash.
    Sometime not long after the accident strange occurances began to happen in his friend’s life.
    For example his friend would be mixing up a cake or bread at his work and all of a sudden blood would appear in the flour in the mixing bowl!
    Or his friend would be driving along on his motorbike and it would start to career all over the road,out of his control!
    Yet when Jonathan took control of the bike ,as they were driving over the Auckland bridge, and his friend rode pillion, no irregularities occured.
    Then one day Jonathan his friend and others were assembled in a room (holding a seance) to try to get to the bottom of this ,when suddenly Zarlen came through.
    Everyone in the room was rooted to the spot ,frozen, but there began an audible dialogue going on,something akin to the following;
    “You have blamed your boyfriend for your death and you have been manipulating his life!
    Universal Law states no spirit is allowed to manipulate the ‘free will’ of another!
    “You must now face responsibility for your actions !”
    -Screaming,crying,wailing from the spirit of the physically deceased girlfriend.
    Still no one in the room able to move.
    Jonathan(Dr Jon) said Zarlen called the place he sent the spirit of the girlfriend to a place called ‘eternity’ the worst place a spirit could be sent.
    ‘Eternity’ is being place in a ‘void’ which is total isolation from all other life forms.In this state you find yourslef having to contemplate your actions entirely alone .This is nothing that you could imagine in your present physical form.Nothing is comparable including any experience of isolation in the physical world,to being shut off from the feeling of ‘oneness’ you experience with all life in your spiritual ‘reality’ state.
    We students asked Zarlen whether one would ever be released from ‘eternity’ he inferred yes,eventually but that it was very difficult to fathom trying to work out the meaning of your ‘misdemeanour on your own’ and that you would not even wish to contemplate the experience in any way shape or form.
    We will refer to the ‘Universal Laws’ Zarlen stated in previous discussions at various times,in the future. Laws which overrule any physical laws in your world,(some of the latter actually work counter to the Universal Laws) which help maintain peace,harmony and general orderly development in the known universe.

  69. moryah4 Says:

    1986 Queensland Awareness Centre,Brisbane.

    (About November)

    I was sitting at the large table near the library(which also served as a waiting room for the Doc’s patients) working on a poster design for one of his up and coming courses.
    Damn I loved my job.Here for the first time in my life I was doing something I really got into (artwork,(cartoons etc.)calligraphy,and painting(colouring-in) etc.) past-times I found I had boundless energy for,talk about motivation!
    Coupled with this I was in close proximity to the most fascinating person I had ever encountered in my life -Dr Jon ,plus there was a myriad of remarkable people being drawn to the energy of this space that Zarlen had created.And I am fortunate too that I was already capable of seeing the remarkable in everyone anyway,but this was different imagine some lady comes in to see Jonathan and gets the main Kai Li energy therapy done,maybe does a few meditation nights with him (Every friday night),comes back in and (Conversation) goes something like this:

    Margaret (a secretary somewhere in Brisbane CBD) : “Jonathan guess what happened to me ?”
    J.S. (Jonathan) looks at her all-knowing,suppressing a smile (acts dumb): “What ?
    Margaret :I was out walking in the local park on my lunch break and heard a small child’s voice in despair.Lost,confused,disorientated .”
    J.S. :”Uh-huh.”
    Margaret: “Well I thought I better come and see you because I not only heard one child’s voice but soon theri were others,young innocent and confused.They are asking me questions.What is going on etc.
    What is going on ???”
    Jonathan: “Welcome to your new job”
    Margaret (who is a fifty something,smoking,work toughened,life toughened woman who has probably seen it all looks perplexed: “Huh?”
    Jonathan (who is probably channeling Zarlen or another of his guides):
    “It is not just adults who die unexpectedly and become ghosts or as we term them ‘lost souls’ we also have ,millions upon millions of children wandering around the planet,in limbo ’so to speak’.No one to guide them ‘home’ (across to the ‘Other Side’).
    Like I said ,welcome to your new job,’Upstairs’ have given you this task.(Margaret worked not far from the centre) .When you find the kids or rather the kids find you you are to bring them here and when they are in this space ,this space possesing a spiral in that corner over there,acts as a portal for the ‘Other Side’ through which they can transit back home,to where they belong.
    Maragaret: “Oh, (suprise)..O.K…I guess..(amazement) ”
    Margaret would appear at different intervals at the centre each day with her string of orphaned children.
    She would describe to me and Louise it was just like walking beside a three,four,seven,eight year(whatever) old,although they were completely invisible .They would be asking questions bewildered in their innocent,vulnerable voices.Margaret ,patiently,grandmotherly giding them along,taking their hands(so to speak).

  70. moryah4 Says:

    (continued) November 1986.

    One day I was in the centre on my own when Jonathan and
    Ingrid(Jonathan’s ex-wife) walked in .Ingrid was pregnant at the time, almost full-term with her first child Bianca.
    Being summer and she being extremely pregnant Ingrid was carrying a lot of fluid and waddled down the small flight of stairs.
    I enjoyed Ingrid’s company she was a bright cheery Kiwi (New Zealander) with a sunny personality ,and intense disposition when it came presentation ,and an attitude focused on eventually becoming successful.
    To boot Jonathan or I should say Zarlen had put her through an initiation meditation to to take her to the beginning of the highest threshold of Claivoyance she could obtain (within the life lesson she had come down on).
    Ingrid was clairaudient and could see energies,spirit guides and also hear the messages from them, (her spirit guides).
    Jonathan had taught Ingrid to do the ‘Ra Mu’ technique Reincarnation charts too detailing clients past-lives and not only was she one of most accurate clairvoyant psychic-type in Australia,and highly rated in the world but she was very good at what she did.
    Today she was ’switched off’ meaning her ability was not activated she was running off her conscious like the rest off us.
    I did not know Ingrid very well at this time and I was sitting in the main library at the table sketching an illustration for a poster,and Ingrid was typing out a reincarnation report in the kitchen.
    Meanwhile Jonathan had a client a man called Des.
    Des I had found out through Louise ,(the other artist), who was not there that day had been involved in black magic.
    Jonathan had told already told us various times that to get involved in black magic has serious consequences.One being ,the proponent of such ‘loses theri link’ .
    What does ‘lose their link’ mean ?
    It means their spirit guides will not provide them any intuitive direction.It means for the rest of this lifetime you will be in ‘limbo’ at the mercy nof your a dervish in the desert until you physically die.
    Plus any energy you generate through spells etc.,to manipulate others against their ‘free will’ will return to it source ‘YOU” and negate the same value of energy you used to manipulate your victim.
    Zarlen said mental asylums are full of the above.
    And believe you mean I saw various of these shells of peole come in to see jonatahn in the aftermath of what they had done and also their victims and Jonathan was there undoing the damage wherever he could.
    on this particular day.I was sitting there doing my own thing when I became awre it was Des in their with Jonathan.
    Jonathan was doing some form of Therapy to the man,when he gave an almighty roar,”IT”S FIERCE!!!”
    Des could be heard writhing in pain,giving verbal testimony in a shaking,but loud ,gutteral voice.
    “IT’S FIERCE!”
    I jumped to my feet nearly colliding with a very rotund Ingrid who came flying(waddling at superspeed out the kitchen door)
    Ingrid was frantic.
    Des was protesting .It became eveident he was being exorcised of a possesion by Zarlen.Due to his balck magic activities he had opened up his chakras,and his inner polarity was out of whack so he was incredibly vulnerable as you become if you get into witchcarft,black magic ,voodoo etc.
    Des had been possessed by the spirit(ghost) of his mother.She was indside his body!
    To boot a lower elemental creature (from the lower astral plane)
    was attached to his aura as well.
    Bascially the fear came about because Des could see the lower elemental .imagine a giant bacteria-like creature with tendrils oozing muccous waving its cillia at you and you will get the picture.All the time Jonathan(Zarlen) was calmly reading Des his illicit activity history in this life ,making him aware that he had put himself in this state and now once Jonathan(Zarlen)had removed the attachments(possessions),including his own mother, all he could offer was pain relief.des was now in limbo until he physically ceased to be whenever that would be.
    I was suprised how I felt the strength ‘well’ up inside me when I thought Jonatahn may have been in some kind of danger and saw Ingrid frantic.She was pregnant after all and you know the hypersensitivity that puts a woman emotionally.But Jonathan like knights of old but with the wisdom of a druidic master like Merlin was ALWAYS ,camly and methodically in control,with his powerhouse of Master spirit guides like Zarlen and the others guiding and shadowing his every move with the ancient Kai Li energy techniques.

  71. moryah4 Says:

    Jonathan Sherwood was Zarlen.
    Zarlen was Jonathan(Dr Jon).
    A spirit guide merely being part of your self.
    A previous existance in another lifetime.
    A previous existance (or incarnation) exists on the ‘other side’ as a separate entity but still part of the whole.
    All spirit guides exist on the ‘other side’ in what is termed the fifth dimension.
    Zarlen holds a high office in ancient ,mystical order of the ‘white brotherhood’ or Brotherhood of Light’ as Jonathan referred to this highly secret group.
    Jonathan and Zarlen also being the 1300th incarnation of a superconscious being termed ‘Zen’.
    Your superconscious being the collective knowledge of all of your life entire lifetimes.
    Zen appeared to Jonathan as a skull with glowing eyes.
    When Jonathan went to bed at night he continued as his body rested in its sleep pattern to do his spiritual work connected to his work as a spiritual master on the ‘other side’.
    what is the ‘other side’ ?
    The wise ones who know will tell you it is actually the true reality side to your self,while conversely our physical existance is merely a projection -illusion- an ‘opposite’ energy vehicle’ and associated environment created to learn from .
    You can get a sense on this other ‘true reality existance’ you have by reading the Ruth Montgomery material or Edgar Cayce ,etc.
    According to Zarlen you can never have 100% perfection in our physical existance (world).The most you can attain is 99.9%.So when you read Montgomery’s communications with Arthur Ford or Edgar Cayce’s descriptions of what goes on on the ‘Other Side’ you still need to follow your own instincts.If something does not sound write in any body of information ,be it book or otherwise,as dr jon sais,”Question,question,question until what you are reading or hearing feels ‘right’ and makes logical sense.
    Montgomery for example bandies the GOD word around a lot.
    Dr Jon,very rarely used such a word.Zarlen said the word ‘GOD was an acronymn for ‘General. Orderly. Development.’ , referring to a universal order existing in each relation to each souls spiritual development.
    Zarlen also sometimes called the universal positive energy that creates and binds all life together in the universe as the ‘god’-force.
    But never taught about a male figure sitting on a white cloud determining our fate.This he said was a religious idea taught around the world to suit a specific purpose ,i.e. manipulation, (to get you to believe that instead of you having the power ‘within’ to change your life ,that instead you are controlled by something ‘outside’ of yourself).
    Zarlen always said that when you place your belief in something outside yourself and not within you place yourself at huge risk because just say that ’something’ gets taken away? What happens then???
    An example, a large UFO descends in front of you,unexpectedly,causing you to realize,to question that perhaps, all that you know,all you have learnt and believe in ,is FALSE.
    This can facility your fast demise,because without BELIEF their is no LIFE.

  72. moryah4 Says:

    ..So jonathan would turn up at the Q.A.C in the morning sometime looking the worst for wear.As memeber of the ‘Brotherhood of Light’ one of his tasks was to oversee the transition of varius spiritual forms across from our physical reality back to the ‘other side’ .
    Jonathan was as busy or even busier when he was asleep!
    Zarlen sia that when we go to sleep at night we will al astral travel across to the ‘other side’ transferring the knowledge we have learnt as energyback to our ’supeconscious’ state,(our collective enrgy experiences).
    we would also do tasks on the ‘other side’.But unless we meditated and were awre of our thougts would be oblivious to all of this,wasting time,unaware

  73. moryah4 Says:

    Jonathan trusted fully in his spirit guides and his life was lived totally off instinct.The only times he seemed to get a hard time from Zarlen and his ‘team’ he called ‘da boys’ was when he was soft on his female partners.They would give him lectures the whole night long .He would come in exhausted realizing fighting himself was a pointless task.
    Zarlen structured Jonathan’s life so that he did not interfere with the development of Ingrid his second wife or Rachel his last partner,or any other life form.His life was lived in total equality and respect of all other life.
    In 2002 Jonathan told me Zarlen made him leave his previous first two wives,before Rachel as him staying in the marriages would have hindered both women’s development.Becuase he was so gifted,powerful and possesed total knowledge everyone who came into contact for more than a brief pewriod of time would become ‘reliant’ on him and tend to ‘ease’ off the effort they should be applying in their life.Jonathan also confided in me that he was afraid that Zarlen would take him away form Rachel who was now the love of his life.Kindred spirits,he and Rachel,she sacrificed a lot to do her best to conform to the ‘unique journey Jonathan had to make,globetrotting around the world,continually uprooting and disbanding all of their mod-cons and possessions.
    This had driven his second wife crazy,continually letting go of their ‘castle’ and their life in a particular place in the world.rachel however adapted quite well to this lifestyle.An extreme situation sometimes,for example trekking through ancient Egypt on a quest of discovery,at one point in the late mid 1990’s lying under the turret of a mounted machine gun under the iron deck of a cruise ship going down the Nile being guarded by the Egyptian army at a time when Muslim extremists where taking potshots at tourists.That was dedication to your partner.
    Jonathan (or I should say Zarlen) would never allow that.It comes back to that philosophy we were talking about that when you place more belief in something outside of yourself than in the power of your own mind then you are at risk,sometimes the stakes being your own life.take the guy who works the same job for 40 years and suddenly gets retrenched aor the company folds.Can end up pushing up daisies soon thereafter sometimes a week or tow after the fact because that is all he knows (believes in) and so it goes.
    this philosphy had jonathan flitting around the world when ceratin places became too dependent on him for assistance or conversely did not enlist his advice when they needed to .In the latter Zarlen shoot dr jon and his family to some other place where he would be appreciated,needed and embraced or conversely leave him to do his own thing(research,write books, etc).

  74. moryah4 Says:

    …Because Jonathan (Dr Jon)was capable of crossing the ‘bridge of transition’ this meant when he ‘tuned in’ (which initially involved him doing he would initiate by using the ancient Egyptian hand exercise .
    Very few people in the world are capable of making this transition.For starters achieving this level of conscious involves specific development exercises and these type of concepts have been suppressed by groups like your religions for many centuries.It is also how one can access extraordinary information like the Akashic records and gain knowledge associated with any event that has occured ever occured in this universe as all events that have ever occured in this universe are recorded energy imprints.each lifetime you have exists as an separate orb of energy within this energy-field and guarded by a singular life form,called,(you-guessed it) ,’the Keeper of the Akashic Records’.
    The famous ’sleeping prophet’Edgar cayce had access to this place and others,probably Nostradamus,but of course there are many false prophets or deluded individuals,and dreamers out there who make all sorts of claims they too can access this place .Access also involves an advanced telepathic technique.
    I have correlated much informatin that Dr Jon/Zarlen provided from the Akashic records with reality and found a 99.9% accuracy rate. i.e. correlating the life a person had last time with what they are doing now.There is always a relationship and sometimes you carry through more than 50% or more of the past personality,including pastimes the person is passionate about,interests,,occupation skills-base etc.
    Another thing, about the ‘bridge of transition was it gave Dr Jon access to the ‘Other Side’ when he was applying his high energy healing techniques .This meant he could access specific enrgy values relating to the whatever energy disorder a person had. He described this to Louise one day ;
    Jonathan: “It is similar to this reality,except the colours,hues,etc. are that much more vibrant and every aspect of this true reality is intensely more beautiful.I walk past others who are there and they greet me and I greet them ,then I go and locate the energy orb I need and bring it back ,saying goodbye to the life forms existing there .It is quite remarkable really.
    Zarelen said once that the Nazarene used to walk around with an orb of golden enrgy in his hand and use the other hand to heal those individuals or groups of people who sought him out.

  75. moryah4 Says:

    Raising The Dead.

    The most remarkable story I ever heard about Jonathan goes like this…
    When Jonathan/Zarlen or any other practitioner of the main Kai Li energy application apply this technique to you,as mentioned,you will go through a seven day clean-out cycle.sometime this cycle can last a lot longer months or so.
    high spiritual energy causes the emotional enrgy stored in the cells to be released a lot faster and more profusely than you the ability to speed your spiritual development.Re-creating the innocence and spiritual power you possesed before the inner polarity in your brain went out in the first place.
    The release of energy from the therapy causes (as mentioned),a ‘retro-active’interplay.The reality being in order to heal yourself from a condition you need to go through the same doorway to get out of it as you went in.But this time the ‘experience you had before,associated with the stress that caused your inner polarity (balance of positive(magnetic) and negative energy(electrical) in the brain) to go out in the first place.
    For instance I used to get a nasty rash form a plant called the ‘russ’ bush when i was a child.It used to make my face swell up like a pumpkin with slits for eyes and horribly itchy,irritated disfigured skin.
    When i had my polarity done on about the second or third day I had a slight manifestation of this rash but it was only tiny and somewhat mild.
    Dr Jon always said that during the post-Kai Li period when you were going through this ‘clean-out’ to just go with it and let the mild physiacl symptons associated with your past turmoils be released,using your breathing pattern to calm it all done.
    One day a girl came in about 18,tall pretty with short fluffy blond hair.She looked a bit demure and reserved.
    Jonathan did the main Kai li on her.I think she ws part of a group of new friends of Suzanne Jonathan’s vibrant and somewhat extroverted healing assistant.
    Anyway let’s just call her Prue,unbeknownst to Jonathan had been raped sometime in her life in a savage encounter.So the emotional energy of this she carried in her cells,was released during her ‘clean-out’ period.
    Now your thoughts being composed of electromagnetic energy attract like to the thought that is expressed according to the ’strength of that thought.Well this deep trauma she released caused her to attract a similar situation and walking home at night she was shortly thereafter raped again.
    She was deeply re-traumatized by the repeat of this type of scenario in her life again and she went home and committed suicide.
    Jonathan meanwhile when he does your Kai Li therapy tunes into your vibational frequency and this is stored in his memory never to be forgotten.So he ‘immediately’ picked up her entry into the ‘other side’.
    When she had had the therapy Prue had not mentioned initially she had been raped once upon a time and Jonathan, who although at that time was probably the most powerful sensitive(high energy sensitivity/psychic state) on the planet, did not invade someone’s thoughts(read their mind) without their permission.”That is against Universal Law ” he once said .Thus was not aware of the nasty’scenario’ Prue would attract.
    Prue was clinically dead but Dr Jon crossed the brdige of transition and bought her spirit back to her physical form because he felt ‘responsible’ and possessing the capability to do so he did.
    He also wiped the memory of either of these events from her memory as energy can be erased as simply as it is created if you have the ability to generate any known energy and emit such.
    History tells us prue was physically dead of an overdose but was miraculously bought back to life-a happier life without a particular series of traumatic memories to draw on and haunt herself by.

  76. moryah4 Says:


    Throughout late 1986 and early 1987 Jonathan (DR Jon) started to get requests to do house clearances on haunted houses in Brisbane.
    One day I happened to overhere DR Jon and Suzanne talking about it.
    So I nervously I asked could I tag along.Guess I kind of thought they might say,”No you’re not ready for this or something’ but it never failed to amaze me when they or the Doc would generally accomodate my curiosity.
    So the next day we headed out to Mary Anne’s place in the outer suburbs of Brisbane.I remember reading in a Aussie newspaper that Brisbane is the sixth widest suburb in the world,whether this is true or not doesn’t worry me but I know it is spread out far and wide.
    Which is why I found it amusing when Jonathan still relativly fresh from New Zealand who did not know the route to get to Mary Anne’s place,the suburbs etc.,yet after a 2 second look at the referdex(street directory),zooms off in his red Celica and makes a virtual bee-line for Mry Anne’s.They say the Australian aboriginal’s originally have this unique natural compass within enabling them to transverse any type of landscape the same way disarming way(this being noted by the first European settlers here).So here we were in the Doc’s slick car zipping out to a haunted houses out in the far reaches of Brisbane.
    “This is wild” I thought to myself.You gotta remember any time spent with the Doc was a blast,he was a cool cat.So ack to the haunted house.
    The Doc’s brief:
    Haunting status: Mary-Anne who is an Irish ex-pat and works downstairs from the Q.A.C. (Queensland Awareness Centre) in the Elizabeth Sreet Arcade is married(or in defacto) with a guy from the West Indies(or someplace similar,somewhere were they practice vodoo).
    The go is that Mary and her partner (Paul?) have two children who have been waking out of bed finding someone,something (a disincarnate entity of some kind) lying on top of her trying to suffocate them.
    When we arrive them I get nervous.Thinking what if I don’t see anything.I enerally don’t see spirits,auras,energy or hear the voices of my spirit guides in my mind? I am here for experience ,what if I prove to be useless ?
    The first thing I note is Jonathan begins a gentle interrogation of Paul.
    He asks Paul ,who is a drummer in a local Brisbane band if he has ever had anything to do with voodoo as Jonathan gets images of chicken feathers in his mind.After around of this style of questions it turns out Paul is the problem.He has,deduces Zarlen had a voodoo curse placed on him.
    So Jonathan offers to do his main Kai Li therapy.Then I, who feel a bit insignificant in the whole process sit on the shag pile contemplting the walls at low level altitude.When suddenly I pck up a power surge as Jonathan places his hands over pauls head in the initial Kai Li movements of the therapy.Then another ! Wow is this related.
    “What did you do to Paul” I said to Dr Jon
    “Firstly we removed two possessions he had-lower elementals.We call them limpets.They atach to your aura when your internal polarity is out and your life force shrinks.These entities attach like molluscs and suck off your energy,unble to provide their own.”
    After this no dramas in the house any more.
    WHO YOU GONNA CALL! GHOSTBUSTERS..(There were more of these type of encounters to follow)

    More soon….

  77. moryah4 Says:


    Who really understood who DR JONATHAN SHERWOOD (Dr Jon,’the Doc’ or simply Jon Sherwood was ???
    He was though a man many people were drawn to.
    Whenever he moved somewhereunprecedented amounts of people would start moving there,streaming from all around the world,as thoughtey were subconsciously beig summoned into action to learn something.
    Zarlen came through in the trance channeling session one night and said “The sheep will naturally flock around the shepherd.”
    Also because Jonathan and his team(i.e. his spirit guides) were masters of energy,they would help him set up healig centres with hidden vortexes,which caused the place to be like power stations.
    Initially they used simply enrgy structures in the mid 1980’s but as time rolled on they implanted magnetic vortexes which extended up and out for many kilometres over a whole region such as Brisbane,Gold Coast, Houston etc.
    Once activated (it tokk 24 hours for the vortex to reach its peak) the Doc was telepathically linked to it and through thought inflection he could control whatever environmental elements he needed to.Elements such as the weather,elements such as realted to human development.I remember he instigated a massive political change in Brisbane in 1986-1987 which caused the political party at the time to be exposed for what it was a manipulative,suppressive force deeply entrenched in corruption.
    It is presued that the ‘Brotherhood of Light’ have appeared at different intervals of history to steer humanity way from ceratin cliffs.
    The weather control scenario began in late 1986 as well,where Zarlen would come through in the channeling sessions and give a couple of dozen predictions in similar form to what Nostradamus did and later Zarlen siad through the vortex action these prophesized events would be instigated by upstairs to prove a point inrelation to amount of control they had over our world.
    Zarlen challenged us to keep track of the thousands of prophecies he gave which covered things like natural disaster(earthquakes,floods,storms,droughts,bushfires etc.),political events,deaths of famous people,wars,famine,aircraft and shippig accidents,UFO appearances,or successes of the channel (DR Jon),etc,etc,etc.
    The group of people who watched the chanelling sessions each week was usually aout 20 to thirty people,sometimes less ,rarely any more than this.
    I and only a few others took the time to write down Zarlen’s predictions and less people followed their occurence,but the amazing thing was that 98.9 to 99.9 per cent of the prophecies came true.
    Now you could say well anyone could take an educated guess that a storm,earthquake ,or plane crash could occur in certain places arond the world.
    But the deining feature about Zarlen’s predictions was that invariably each prophecized event would be the worst of its kid ,like theworst flood for a region for a hundreds or even hundreds of years.
    Now you might say well why would a positive figure a creator and teacher of human civilizations through eons past,instigate dramas and life threatening earth changes ?
    “It came down”,said Zarlen said to”certain lessons being learnt by the recipients being learnt.
    You may wonder why Houston Texas and places like Florida gcopped it recently,with hurricanes and massive floods and China got earthquakes,and Aussie got floods,but then you look at the environmental records of each of these places ,how Hoston and such have been Bush strongholds and their hold to the damaging fossil fuels.Floods always indicate that youare wasting your time on an endeavour,i.e clinging to the use and aquirement of wealth through OIL.
    The bushfires that California and Australia attract,matching the aggression emmitted by these two societies.They would disolve such through acting to remove their people from certain war zones,and initiating programs for peaceful resolution of coflict scenarios ,not just within international boundaries but even within their own neighbourhoods .Agression predominates fire predominates.
    Jonathan also had a ’steel-trap’ of a memory and if anyone ever crossed him they would pay-i.e get their dues back served cold on a plate.
    Take Chzecholsovakia…
    You can read about the political melting pot this place had become during the Cold war era here : to get a fix on what was going on when Dr Jon Sherwood and his ex-wife happened to be flying to Europe on their honeymoon and their plane began running low on fuel.
    An emergency stop was organized to taxi down to Prague Airport to be serviced.
    When the plane stopped uniformed Chzec soldiers with guns invaded their cabin and in storm trooper-style put guns to evry traveller on that plane and fro-marched everyone to dark rooms where they were imprisoned at gun point while the plane was re-fueled.
    Dr Jon/Zarlen were infuriated by this treatment og themselves as ‘unexpected guests’ .So if you google the major flood that occured in Prague in recent years you will see the eventual outcome of that interaction some years later.Memories…..etec.etc.etc.

  78. moryah4 Says:

    ..well I had commented to Jonathan about the extraordinary flooding in Prague,in 2002..

    The event went something like this:


    (Tuesday, 13 August, 2002)

    “As the worst floods in more than 100 years hit Prague, one of Europe’s most beautiful and historic cities is struggling to protect its heritage.
    Prague’s historical core - some parts of which date back to the 14th Century - is on the Unesco World Heritage list.
    Known as the “golden city of 100 spires” and a “symphony in stone”, Prague boasts architectural styles ranging from the Renaissance and Baroque right up to the art nouveau and cubist styles of the 20th Century.
    Under communism the city was one of Europe’s best-kept secrets…
    Prague’s authorities say they are prepared for a flood on the scale of the city’s last major deluge in 1890, which inflicted major damage on low-lying areas of the city. ”
    That’s when Dr Jon told me about the horrendous treatment he and his partnergot from their Chzec hosts back in the 1980’s and how this was this flooding was their retribution.
    Perhaps this is why certain countries in the world, like my own(Australia) stand in the firing line because of the way we use and abuse,treating others inequally to ourselves ,thinking selfishly and not preparing the way for a ’smooth path’ for the future generations.
    I have been told you some of the other things Zarlen has prophecized for other countries, like Australia,the United States,Europe etc. and there is more to tell in the future.
    Now it seems we have a decision to make we can choose to quake in our boots or we can summon ourselves to positive action.
    Some of us know as Jonathan taught that all energy has to return to
    its source.Like a ‘heat-seeking missile’ all energy returns to it’s creative source.Your thoughts are electromagnetic enrgy which gets propelled from your mind(brain) into you environment so you cannot run and hide when the energy associated with what you what you created returns like ‘proverbial boomerang”.If a positive thought was emmitted then it returns double the energy back and prosperity and fulfilment is attained.If the thought was negative the energy returns and deits your enrgy to the same ‘value’ as you emmitted.Extreme negativity,manipulative thoughts etc. keeps debiting your life force until… deteriorate..on all levels.For example if you manipulate you end up in a mental institution, skitsophrenic etc. This is a condition where all of your chakra points are open as your internal polarity is out of balance,your life force has shrunk,all in all leaving you very vulnerable to attack and manipulation from begets like etc..
    So how do you rebuild by applying positive thought even if you know bad things cometh to you by applying the positive you can transmute the results.
    Sometimes the worst that you think that comes is but a small hiccup,an molehill instead of a mountain.
    A couple of times I felt the harsh end of Zarelen’s tongue
    “ONEDAY SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN TO YOU BECAUSE OF YOUR SELFISHNESS!” and evry cell in my body took note and shuddered in fear.
    So evry waking moment of every day I wait to face with uncertainty whatever this outcome is.
    But this treatment which I recieved several times was the best thing that ever happened to me.Some individuals like me need a good whack on the head with a piece of 4″ X 2″ or we keep inflicting our insensitivity,selfish acts on the world.Our actions good or bad create chain reactions.
    So no matter how bad your own personal scenario is remember positive energy(thought) can self correct.Your whole life which you may come to realize is one big trail of destruction can be turned around within 24 hours if you apply effort to find the correct procedure and are prepared to turn over every stone .
    Dr Jon (Zarlen) said to me once, “There is in reality no such thing as failure.It is just a case of an individual not having enough knowledge at the time to complete his or her goal.”
    “There is always a way” he said “Are you prepared to turn over every stone ?
    The truth,the answers you seek can be found in your world . Sometimes the truth is buried deep but it is there nonetheless so dig you must and through sheer persistance will find what you seek.
    Your future can be bright you have so much to be grateful for,amazing technology to assist you and imagine all enveloped/forged in spiritual peace and harmony.It is possible and begins with one step(one thought) from one individual,like yourself…”

    That’s when he told me about the horrendous treatment he and his partner
    got from the Chzecs hosts and how this was this flooding was their retribution.
    Perhaps this is why certain countries in the world, like my own(Australia) stand in the firing line because of the way we use and abuse,thinking selfishly and not preparing the way for a ’smooth path’ for the future generations.

  79. moryah4 Says:

    Haunted House No.2 …

    (November 1986) West End,Brisbane…

    I faced the hatch in the ceiling of the small room as Jonathan gestured.
    “We need to look up there.Zarlen said there is an object it is something owned by the spirit who is haunting this place.He lived here when he was physically incarnate and like all ghosts who occupy physical structures he uses the ‘object’ hidden uop there to tune into to get into this house each night.The object carries his original vibration.
    Do you want me to climb up there and get it ???”
    “That would be good,thanks.”
    Me (gulp!)
    So we pull a chair under the ceiling hatch and I climb up,Dr Jon giving me a leg up.
    I scramble through the hatch into this dry and dusty place.
    “Nothing much up here” (gulp!) “Well accept this little marble”
    “That’s it” Jonathan says,”That’s all that it takes”
    It is a wooden marbel from one of those old chinese checker sets,loved by kids of old.This is the object our ghost tunes into to access this West End home.
    Jonathan has been busy putting in(activating) a series of energy spirals in this room.To me it feels like a spiritual powerhouse or ‘generator room’.But why so much ‘fire-power’?
    Our brief began witha Brisbane nurse who came in to see Jonathan(Dr Jon)
    Her comment:
    “I was lying in bed when I woke out of my sleep.
    Something was lying on top of my face trying to suffocate me!
    I had my eyes closed but in my ‘mind’s eye’ I could see and physically feel a ’sting-ray’ like creature on my face like a hand trying to smother me.
    I felt a sense of abject terror.My heart palpitating I could not move through fear.I had to wait until I calmed down and then the whole experience dissipated as the sun came up.”
    Jonathan asked a round of questions concerning did she have any children,was there anyone else in the house etc.
    we fond out object in the house moved on their own sometimes and most importantly Maragaret had a son who lived with her.He was adolescent,angry and difficult.
    But Jonatahn also deduced that Margaret’s dominant self-expression caused to suppress the son who had a highly developed brain activity and was more spiritually evolved.In short the kid’s develoment and self-expression was inadvertently being suppressed.This is a common denominator in what are termed poltergeist states.

    (more soon…)

  80. moryah4 Says:

    …Researcher of the paranormal Charles Hoy Fort (1874-1932) was one of the first to bring to people’s attention the connection between poltergeist events and the presence of a distressed or mentally disturbed young person.Dr Jon/Zarlen confirmed this fact various times with Zarlen stating that most poltergeist states can be attributed to the above.The human brain is highly sophisticated and their are thousands of applications connected to your power of thought.One way or another if a person of high brain activity is suppressed that built-up energy that that individual generates ,if suppressed will be released consciously or unconsciously.
    With a poltergeist state when this ‘rampant energy’ which has the signature(personality) of its emmitter, can attach itself to the nearest material object, which may even be the physical structure of the house itself.And if the person’s energy that emmits the ‘rampant’ thought energy is higher than the person/ people who originally built the house,painted it etc. then their ‘rampant’ energy will end up overriding the vibration of the house structure or any other material object it locks into (the same) and this is where you see objects move on their own in the house, or the house structure(windows,doors etc.) move on their own.Yo see your thought is energy with intelligence and carries the personality of its owner. So in a poltergeist state the house if invaded can now carry the mischievious or angry personality of the young person whose thought energy controls it.
    So one thing Jonathan had to do was tune into the frequency of the ‘haunted’ house and at the appropriate time access enrgy higher than other humans can generally access to elease the energy hold of the poltergiest emitter,reclaim control of the houseand then reduce the enrgy level of the vibration to what it was before.This whole process uses the ancient Kai Li process .Remembering Jonathan is also a highly developed sensitive, that is a state of spiritual development much higher than a psychic enabling one to sense,access and emit any known energy value.So Jonathan (Dr jon) always knew what he was doing.
    Nevertheless anyone can learn the Kai Liapplications and that they will carry you through in good stead through for life.
    In fact Dr Jon said before he died that he did not see much hope for human society unless they learnt these types of applications because right now mankind seems to be a one-way destruction course.huan civilization has always anaged to wipe itself off the earth when he least least expects it.
    I like the philosophy “Always expect the unexpected”
    We need those who are vigilant to making sure we don’t make the same mistakes of the past and to assume as it were that human beings through lack of awareness are always going to be capable of stepping blindly off the unseen cliff .We need some to to be waiting to prevent that fall where possible.The Kai Li is a tool, to access your higher energy,that which controls not only everything in your physical environment but your own physical health as well.
    Getting back to the haunted house (in West End) story…
    Zarlen came through Jonathan and told us the reason he ad put all of the energy spirals in the room in Margaret’s room was as “bait” (enrgy bait) forany spirits that were occupying the house.Eventually he hooked one an old man.
    He apologized he did not know how to leave the house,to get to where he needed to be,as most spirits are disoreintated ,’lost’ so to speak,this is usually because they have become ‘earth-bound’ (tied to the material world in which they live).
    The spirit of the old man said, before Zarlen took him to the portal he had created across to the ‘other side’ ,that be careful there is another here MORE POWERFUL than me.But this was just the poltergeist emission of the young man,as the enrgy he had released had manifested the anger to draw down a ‘lower elemental’ creature shaped like a stingray which was eliminated by Dr jon’s technique.

  81. moryah4 Says:

    Merlin, Thoth, Hermes Z its all the same..
    People think Merlin is a myth, or Thoth is someone else and yet time knows what is real and what is not.


    “The eyes have it.”

    Jonathan Sherwood channel of Zarlen claimed he had reincarnated in various forms throughout mankind’s history 1300 times.
    “This is our last appearance” Zarlen told me shortly the last time I saw Dr Jon in person.
    But one thing I have learnt is always expect the unexpected with this cosmic king and that if he feels it necessary he will break the rules,do the unexpected,use psychosymatic techniques to assist we stubborn humans to change our ways.
    If Zarlen is not coming back BE AFRAID.
    I say this because Zarlen pointed out a crop circle patternthat appeared this year in Wiltshire england, that previously has appeared in ancient times at intervals prior to humanity virtually wiping out whole civilizations.This crop circle geometric design is not widely known and is called a ’shimmer’ pattern.Looks kind of like some kind of ‘buzz-saw’ blade.
    My advice to you is to check it out at Dr Jon’s http://www.cropcirclexplorer website.

  82. moryah4 Says:


    October 14th, 2008

    The ‘Khitat’ lists several Arabian sources,one after another,which contradict each other as to the construction date of the (Great) pyramid.. The following is only one example:

    Abu Said al-Balhi states:On the pyramid was an inscription written in their language.It was understood,and it read:”These two pyramids were built when the ‘Falling Vulture’was in the tropic of cancer.”So they calculated from this point to the Hegira of the prophet and came up with two times 36000 solar years.

    Who was this provident King Saurid? Is he a mythical fantasy figure, invented in a dream world of wishes and desires, or can he be realistically placed ? The ‘Khitat’ states that he “was Hermes, whom the Arabs called Idris. “It is said that he was personally instructed by God in the science of the stars and that God told him that a catastrophe would befall the earth, but that a part of it would survive and would have a need for scientific knowledge. Consequently, Hermes (a.k.a. Idris , a.k.a Saurid ) had the pyramids built. The ‘Khitat’ is even more specific:
    There are people who say: the first Hermes, who was called the “triune” because of his function as prophet, king, and wise man(he is the one whom the Hebrews call Enoch ,the son of Jared, the son of Mahal’aleel, the son of Ca-i’nan, the son of Enos, the son of Seth, the son of Adam-blessed be his soul-and that is Idris),read in the stars that the flood was about to come. So he had the pyramids built and hidden inside of them treasures, learned writings, and all those things which he feared might get lost or disappear, so that they would be protected and well preserved.
    People in the West are not used to thinking in dimensions preceding the Great Flood and so we ask,in our confusion, why the Arabian historians insist on dating the pyramids to a time before the Great Flood.
    Muhammad ben Abdullah ben Abd al-Hakam submits an excellent argument.:”In my opinion,the pyramids can only have been built before the Flood; if they had been built after, people would know more about them.”
    A very good argument indeed. Irrefutable.
    The statement in the ‘Khitat ‘that Enoch, in the Old Testament, is identical with Hermes and Idris is very exciting, much can be derived from it.
    Enoch (a.k.a. Hermes, a..k..a. the ‘Khitat’ )is not the only source to identify Saurid as the builder of the pyramids .Ibn-Battuta, a fourteenth-century Arabian explorer and writer, also assures us that Enoch had the pyramids built before the Flood “to preserve in them books about science and knowledge and other valuable objects.”

    When Zarlen first came through Jonathan in the channeling sessions back in the mid 1980’s,alongside saying he had not had contact with the human race for 25,000 years, he also said when he last existed down here last had many different names., some were not widely used and would be used for security purposes later, “…As there will be many false prophets, who will claim to have been various great teachers of old”
    Brian Crowley an expert on ancient writings, like ancient Hebrew, Sanscript, and Egyptian hieroglyphics
    discovered the cartouche with Zarlen’s name on it and dated it to 25,000 years, proving Zarlen (who also went by the name Thoth. )was telling the truth.)
    So Zarlen, being Hermes (a.k.a. Enoch , or the biblical Noah) had many more names and there are various records of his having existed ..It fact is almost unbelievable that one person achieved SO MUCH when you add up the different accounts of all of these different personalities who existed, but where in fact only ever the one person !

    That is why when a certain sewing-machine repair man, originally known as Akbar an ex-student from a Sufi community founded a school in New Mexicol in 1987, peremptorily announcing that his name was Drunvalo Melchizedek and that he was a “walk-in” from the thirteenth dimension and that he had travelled across millions of years of galactic time and arranged to “borrow” the Sufi’s body. and oh, by the way he was also actually the channel for mighty ‘Thoth’, warning bells went off in my head.
    Firstly, according to Zarlen the universe is made up of twelve dimensions NOT THIRTEEN.
    Secondly if Akbar or Drunvalo Melchizedek is the channel for Thoth then why does he not know any of the ‘security authorization procedures’ , hidden mathematical codes to do with the pyramids and other ancient sites , the secrets that relate to the locations of ancient records in Egypt and in other places around the world.
    Zarlen provided to Jonathan secret information which he used to help the Egyptian government to find the locations of ancient Egyptian tombs and other ancient sites.
    Zarlen revealed the secrets of the human DNA, and ancient healing techniques that were literally used to create ‘life’ itself, in mankind’s distant, distant past.
    And what about the hidden art of ‘tone’,? Was not Thoth the master of compelling matter into form ?
    We indeed have many false prophets but to FALSELY REPRESENT yourself as being the COSMIC KING,the mighty Thoth, the head of the ‘Brotherhood of Light’ you set yourself up for a big fall.
    There is a universal law stating that “No two spirits shall occupy the same form at the same point in time”.
    So when Jonathon was in physical form channeling Zarlen in physical form, or even by direct telepathic contact this was because Jonathan and Zarlen are/were one in fact the same being , connected as we are to our past lifetimes by a stream of consciousness, ’one’ ,(Jonathan) being a continuation of the ‘other’ (Zarlen).
    When Mr Akbar or Drunvalo Melchizedek started the Naakal Mystery school, an Australian writer, Scott Taylor, was asked to be its director , being the first person to be taught the what Drunvalo Melchizedek terms the Merkaba..
    Scott writes : “in effect I presided over the collapse of an experiment ..confusion was a by-product of the work we were doing…the school lasted only a few months.”
    Later I was to hear first hand accounts of people people who had ‘so-called’ received healing from Melchizedek (Akbar) and their health condition, disorder had actually gotten worse not better. One lady I spoke to in Wiltshire found her eyesight actually got worse not better, whereby she went from poor eyesight to virtually being blind. Sorry but this is not exactly positive feedback that the Merkaba and Melchizedek techniques work.And that he is who he says he is.
    Nowadays we hear complaints of people in places like Akbar’s ( Melchizedek’s) native Turkey about how he and his followers ripped them off in certain business ventures and there is a lot of bitterness towards this so-called spiritual teacher, and channeler of THOTH???.I believe Mr Akbar now sells ‘super-ionized’ water on-line now and has probably made a lot of money masquerading as a channel, spiritual sage etc..
    False prophets abound, using strands of truth mixed with either lies or fantasy, and can sound convincing .The new-comer who is still getting their footing in ancient esoteric knowledge may choose to align themselves with someone who seemingly knows more than they. But what if the teacher is false?
    Think of the children’s fable the “Emperors New Clothes”, where one pretends he has invented ‘invisible clothes’ of great beauty ,and ‘the inventor’s’ power of persuasion is so convincing that even the Emperor buys it and through the power of ‘auto-suggestion’ believes this to be so ..So the story goes, the Emperor thinking he has inherited some special magical garments he thus parades himself ,(in this case really ‘naked’), in public.
    If you buy the FALSE KNOWLEDGE of FALSE PROPHETS some will see the obtuseness of what you espouse and perhaps you will be open to their guidance, assistance back to the land of reality. But perhaps through ego, and arrogance or false sense of security you will hold onto knowledge ,which you may even ‘sense’ is not right but are too afraid to challenge it.
    Zarlen had a philosophy, “A man will not begin to believe in what he thinks he already knows”
    If you are off track, how long will you leave things as they are.(sit in your comfort-zone etc) when life can be so much better, clearer , enriching ,and rewarding.
    The society in which you live can even be waiting for your contribution of ‘inner knowledge’ and ‘personal truths.’
    It’s very survival may in fact depend on it fact. It comes down to self-analysis of what you know.
    Ask questions if of your self if you are in doubt of something you hold as a belief.
    As that famous Zen tale exemplifies :”Always be prepared to empty your cup in order to take in more tea (new knowledge )
    One thing Zarlen taught us (his student) was that knowledge on a certain subject is multi-dimensional like the different prisms of a crystal and you need to take the facts you have and turn them over in your mind ..If something does not ‘add up’ challenge it. Question ,question, question it until you are satisfied it is right.

  83. moryah4 Says:

    (Quote :Zarlen)

    “Some say they are successful and yet know nothing about their own existence and what they do when they depart this body and this world and yet those who have nothing physically but know about the true nature of one and their bond with this universe are far richer than those who do not know.
    We are all equal so we should also respect each as such.Magic of space and time is the knowledge that all elements within the universe are made of energy and all are linked and accessed through conscious thought when understood.
    All things therefore can be made to react through the application of mind.
    If thought and sound together can change the composition of elements then other things are also possible.
    Your brain can repair parts of itself if damaged once certain energies are active. Yet medicine does not know this and how it works and yet it is a simple process.”

    According to a recent Harvard Medical School study, Americans are flocking to practitioners of alternative therapies in greater numbers than those who go to traditional doctors. In all, some 40 percent of Americans have tried alternative medicine. In 1997, we collectively logged 629 million visits to alternative practitioners — nearly 250 million more visits than were made to standard primary care physicians. This represents an increase of nearly 50 percent since 1990.

    The $21.2 billion windfall spent on alternative medicine in 1997 ($9 billion of which was covered by insurance companies, according to the Harvard study) served as an abrupt wake-up call to mainstream medicine. As a result, a growing number of liberal conventional docs are adding elements of alternative medicine to their traditional practices or shifting their focus entirely. Indeed, the ’90s have seen the terms “complementary” and “integrative” born into medicinal vocabulary .The reasons for this explosion in popularity are varied, ranging from frustration with conventional treatments to the desperate yearning for a solution when other responses come up short. Alternative practitioners can also offer a soothing contrast to the worst of conventional medicine — a managed care mess in which many patients no longer have a continuous relationship with their doctor and feel that their personal importance has been sacrificed to the maw of a faceless bureaucracy. Alternative practitioners, for example, claim to spend more time just chatting with their patients, finding out about their lives and how stress might be affecting their health. This perceived attentiveness gap has led many conventional doctors to reassess the way they interact with patients. In some cases, doctors are mixing traditional treatments for physical ailments with what is seen as the more empathetic manner of alternative practitioners.
    All this causes deep dismay among many conventional doctors,The traditional medical establishment can see alternative medicine as a threat to its own patient supply.
    Critics charge that alternative therapies simply do not work, that there is no evidence that they do, and, in fact, evidence that they don’t. And though it’s difficult to know how often this happens, conventional doctors say alternative treatments endanger the lives of patients who, believing them to be proven and effective, seek out dubious cures for life-threatening problems, instead of choosing scientifically documented responses.
    Alternative practitioners say just the opposite: that conventional doctors are blocking advances because alternative medicine doesn’t fit into the mainstream medicine paradigm. Trial-and-error is entirely essential to what they do, but the double-blind process that traditional medicine relies on is unrealistic for testing many alternative treatments. According to Donna George, co-director of the Marino Center for Progressive Health, a Cambridge-based center of traditional and alternative medicines, “it is impractical to use double-blind studies for something like acupuncture, yet people have been using it effectively for 2000 years. If they demand a placebo, it rules out so many treatments. We say that if we think that something is safe, let’s see if it will be beneficial to a client.”
    (It is interesting to interject here and state that Dr Popov of the Troughbridge hospital in Wiltshire commented to Dr Sherwood in 2002 that it is not widely spoken of or revealed to the public that the previously theorized ancient Chinese meridian system of acupuncture lines actually become physically visible when a person is placed under an MRI scanning device)
    Dr Jonathan Sherwood channelling Zarlen and bringing through an even more advanced healing system with an even more advanced (internal magnetic) energy meridian system) called the ‘Keys of Enoch’ was a reality some mainstream medical fraternities would look upon with a certain dubiousness,without looking at the myriad of case histories involving the Kai Li process,backed up by various medical records ,(including the case of his own son Sam) .Dr Sherwood’s research covered just about every major medical condition that exists.
    But without looking at or being privy to one iota of Dr Sherwood’s research
    Dr. Stephen Barrett, a now-retired psychiatrist from Allentown, Pennsylvania, who in 1985, was asked by Consumer Reports investigate the efficacy of alternative therapies.
    Barrett called alternative therapies “absolute and complete rubbish” which shows where he is coming from.
    Barrett started a newsletter to monitor the evolving world of alternative medicine. The newsletter has since morphed into a Web-page,, which remains dedicated to debunking alternative therapies.
    He list DR Sherwood’s Zarlen therapy as: (a mental healing technique in which Zarlen, the past life incarnation of Dr. Jonathan Sherwood, repatterns a patient’s brain functions and energy flow, all in a three-minute session).

    This information he presents is not even factually correct as a practitioner of the above you use the techniques/knowledge which Zarlen taught to effect the change .The indiviual healer works with their own spirit guides not Zarlen.
    The fact that these powerful high energy takes minutes to effect extraordinary changes in a patient who is prepared to apply a positive attitude,belief,and effort in the self healing techniques they are instructed in as their 50% of the healing process is TRUE.
    Throughout his career as a healer which really encompasses his entire life Jonathan Sherwood (Dr Jon Sherwood)never ever sought media attention to do with the results he achieved with his patients even the dramatic cases like the resurrection of the severely brain-injured infant Skye (Catherine)Alderslade,who was written off my the medical field as being out of reach of assistance,and would either be profoundly deaf,dumb and blind,disabled etc or die within months.Catherine was bought back to normal by the Kai Li therapy.She wa of many successes of the Kai Li process.
    When we look at the western medical system which Dr Jon never disowned,as he was originally trained in medicine in the New Zealand Navy,specializing in neurology and infectious diseases,we see a healing system that in 200 years has not come upo with a cure for the common cold,that cuts through live human tissue ,which according to Dr Jon causes a complete ‘mismatch’ in the magnetic meridian system and takes innumerable Kai Li sessions to repair once this type of ‘damage’ is done.
    I mean have you ever seen someone who has had a back operation or a hand operation actually ever make a full recovery from the pain experienced in that part of the body ? I haven’t .those who i know who have had operations of ANY sort seem to continually experience grief in these respective areas in their future.
    Also many of us know about the placebo experiments in the United States of the ‘1960’s where patients were given tablets consisting of nothing but chalk and told the tablet was the latest anti-biotic,pain-killer and through this power of ‘auto-suggestion’ were able to cure themselves of whatever physical problem was ailing them.So this gives a probabilty to the fact that a patient has the power ‘within’ to heal themselves,a premise of the Kai Li Therapy.
    So in realtion to ‘retiree Dr. Stephen Barrett’s ‘Quackwatch’ website the guy never approached Dr Sherwood,nor asked him ONE SINGLE QUESTION about what he did ,what he taught,how his alternative medical principles (which are about 50 years ahead of their time work) he merely made an opinion based on his bias and ‘assumed’ Dr Sherwood’s work was bias.
    Kind of shows what an ignorant,insecure,restricted and lazy man this Dr Stephen Barrett and the fraternity he represents is.

  84. moryah4 Says:


    Even a walk down to one of the innumerable snack bars around Brisbane city was a enchanting adventure with the wonderful wizard of Bris’ (Dr Jon).

    Conversation with Louise Williamson late 1986.

    Louise: It was fascinating walking along Elizabeth Street with Jonathan today.

    Me: Why was that.

    Louise: Well you know how he can see auras ?

    Me : Yep.

    Louise: well he can tell whose Polarity (Inner Polarity) is in and out.
    Becuase you know how an individuals aura will shrink when the balance in the brain hemispheres goes out.Well jonathan can see it as their aura which normally extends about 3 feet (36 centimetres outwards) will be lop-sided(uneven on one side of their head.
    So we are walking along and he is going ,”That one’s in.that one’s out.That one’s in ,out,etc.,etc.,etc.
    Seems like about three quarters of the population are out of tune…
    Anyway then we get to a set of traffic lights and you know how Jonathan has an advanced telepathic technique ?

    Me: Uh-huh.Well he’s mentally projected himself inside the traffic light control switch.
    He said inside there is a token kind of like a washer which gets pushed around on a metal loop activated by a timer,causing the trafic light display carrying the little icon (of a man walking in green) to change from an icon to a man in red (indicating not to walk.) and a sound system to go from a fast pulse sound to a slow sound when this happens.
    Anyway Jonathan used telekinesis to click the token back to the ‘WALK’ activation just as it changed to DON’T WALK.It was hilarious!
    We really don’t know have the stuff he does.

    *[Telekinesis is a term denoting the claimed faculty of moving material objects without contact or with only limited contact,'presumably' by psychic force.
    The movement of object,with contact or with only lmited contact was observed in the seance room.Phenomena included rappings.table-turning,levitations,the conveyance of apports,and other material phenomena.Spiritualists belived these were caused by the intervention of disincarnate spirits.Magnetists belived in the existance of some kind of fluidic or enrgetic emanation as the cause of such movements.others discounting such phenomena suggested some forms of telekinetic theory which held that all these varied facts are accomplished by the hoghs of mediums and sitters,independent of muscular enrgy,whether diector indirect.
    The term has more recently been supplanted by psychokinesis or PK]

    * Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology-5th Edition.

    The Doc believed it was the latter too and he could move it.As he started to predict ceratin storms and their intensities ith greater an dgreater frequency until one day a class of seven of us were undergoing a form of mental training at South Stradbroke Island.Each of us stood in the sand dunes and Jonatahn (Zarlen) mentally directed a small storm cell directly above.One which which spilt a great torrent of water onto us as the sky spat lightning bolts and thunder roared across the sky making you feel lke like you were standing inside a great kettle drum .
    I looked across at one of the other members of our group who was female and 78 years of age.She ,a danish woman was tall and gaunt to look at.I watched as she got drenched to skin.I mean this keen woman barely had any flessh left on her bones! Her clothes were saturated,the lightning crashed all around us !
    I looked up at the thick black cloud levitated above our heads,incredulously at the same time ,wondering what type of mental or energy technique I was supposed to be using.
    Then I watched the ‘Merlin’ of weather-control (Dr Jon) use telekinesis to shift the storm back out to see in a few moments, and then srcatched my head when Dr Jon mentally ‘punched’ a hole in the sky allowing the sunlight to radiate down on us to us like a stage spotlight to very rapidly dry our clothes.
    You just had to be there!

  85. moryah4 Says:


    CORRECTION: The following line in the previous topic “TELEKINESIS” was supposed to read :

    [..Others discounting such phenomena suggested some forms of telekinetic theory which held that all these varied facts are accomplished by the thoughts of mediums and sitters,independent of muscular energy,whether direct or indirect.
    The term has more recently been supplanted by psychokinesis or PK]

    Sorry about all the typos I have made on this blog but I don’t have my own computor and am always chasing time at some internet cafe or the local library or at my work to write this stuff down and once I submit I have not found anyway you can edit mistakes here.(If you find out could you let me know)
    Which leads me to an interesting topic : ‘IMPERFECTION’
    When I started working for Jonathan Sherwood ,I would notice that sometimes there would be mistakes in his written text,say in his magazine articles he was writing or on posters or whatever.
    When told about this he would just leave it there.
    In the end it did not overly worry me but I was curious about his blaseness about this.
    Jonathan used to say living in this physical 3-dimensonal world you can NEVER have 100% perfection.
    There is always something that will trip you up so to speak so DO NOT EVEN TRY ACHIEVE IT because you will be battering your head against a brick wall.Near enough is good enough in this world.And those who seek it perfection as a spirit living in a ‘physical world’ end up putting a ‘noose’ around their neck and are very easy to trip up becuase of the fact it makes you vulnerable (i.e. trying to do the impossible.)
    In the spiritual world you are perfection,your thoughts which are your spirit are perfect,taht is all.In the physical world you are ‘imperfect’,so you need to accept it.
    Dr Jon (Zarlen) said that typicallly the thing that will prevent people from attaining ‘pefection’ is their conditioning.Certain behaviourial traits that you have been imprinted with by your parents etc.,that are out of your control ,behaviourial traits that cause you to ‘trip over your feet’, so to speak.
    Also another reason why Jonathan(Dr Jon) would leave mistakes in his work, (be it written philosophy or whatever), would be that the ‘mistakes’ would ‘act to repel those who were insincere and sought to attain ‘perfection’, and were invariably (almost) ‘perfect’ hippocrites themselves .
    You know maybe, we have all been like that at sometime,where we walk up to a friend or colleague’s work and start picking out all of the mistakes.They could be creating the most inspiring,beautiful piece of creative writing ,or artwork ,or an engineering project, that is masterful to say the least,but there may be some tiny or smallish flaw and the critic(s) come along be it you,me ,or a third party and we pick on the flaw.Stuff the fact that something really ‘brilliant’ for that it is worth has been developed,we ‘enhance’ the public lense on the ‘flaw’.
    This can upset or even kill a good idea,that can NEVER be perfect anyway.
    Always be aware of another’s sensitivity.As if you are persuasive you can stuff another person’s life up this way.this accounts for the fact that Dr Jon Sherwood often purposely allowed a certain quota of ‘flaws’ in his stuff.this would annoy the hell out of the insincere,the negative,those with (sought after)’perfectionist’ tendencies.these peole would disappear out of the Doc’s flow and instead of wasting his time trying to teach people who were negative and resistant,he would end up ‘weeding the out’ and get the dedicated ,flexible,and humble ones.
    Yes we are a tight bunch those who trained with the Doc,becuase we all know to a large degree,where each is coming from.

  86. moryah4 Says:

    Zarlen always said “Time is an illusion,and that you live multiple lifetimes all at the one time.All connected by a stream of consciousness eminating from a central source.That source termed your ’superconscious’ by Zarlen is like the conglomeration of all of the knowledge you have attained throughout this seies of lifetimes(which exist as a universal magnetic energy with intelligence).These life existances could be viewed as ‘interactive probes’ where your anti-matter self is confined within its opposite physical medium.Each life a learning tool where the emotional responses.The physical forms ‘reaction’ to the anti-matter side of yourself (your thought energy).Provides feed-back to your brain which is merely a highly sophisticated transmitter to your superconscious or ‘true reality’ state.Each lifetime is supposed to be a progression on the previous.And where you are (which life existance you are aware of at this moment) depends on where your superconscious is pacing its concentration at that point.
    Zarlen said when you go to sleep at night, or conciously in your ‘wake state’ in controlled meditive states,you continually relay data, as a stream of ‘intelligent’ positive magnetic energy (thought) back to your superconscious (central data bank ).
    Your thoughts are electromagnetic.The electrical(physical) part of your thoughts acts to ‘propel’ the positive magnetic(spiritual) side of your thought energy back to the conglomerate of intelligence you really are-namely the superconscious or ‘god-force’ that you really.Some say life is a remembering or re-acquainting of our true divinity within which lie the ’secrets’ of the universe.
    Here is how the ‘take’ some famous scientists ones whom we consider some our brightest sparks have on the concept of time;

    ‘Albert Einstein and the Fabric of Time’

    By Gevin Giorbran

    Surprising as it may be to most non-scientists and even to some scientists, Albert Einstein concluded in his later years that the past, present, and future all exist simultaneously. In 1952, in his book Relativity, in discussing Minkowski’s Space World interpretation of his theory of relativity, Einstein writes:

    Since there exists in this four dimensional structure [space-time] no longer any sections which represent “now” objectively, the concepts of happening and becoming are indeed not completely suspended, but yet complicated. It appears therefore more natural to think of physical reality as a four dimensional existence, instead of, as hitherto, the evolution of a three dimensional existence.

    Einstein’s belief in an undivided solid reality was clear to him, so much so that he completely rejected the separation we experience as the moment of now. He believed there is no true division between past and future, there is rather a single existence. His most descriptive testimony to this faith came when his lifelong friend Besso died. Einstein wrote a letter to Besso’s family, saying that although Besso had preceded him in death it was of no consequence, “…for us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one.”

    Most everyone knows that Einstein proved that time is relative, not absolute as Newton claimed. With the proper technology, such as a very fast spaceship, one person is able to experience several days while another person simultaneously experiences only a few hours or minutes. The same two people can meet up again, one having experienced days or even years while the other has only experienced minutes. The person in the spaceship only needs to travel near to the speed of light. The faster they travel, the slower their time will pass relative to someone planted firmly on the Earth. If they were able to travel at the speed of light, their time would cease completely and they would only exist trapped in timelessness. Einstein could hardly believe there were physicists who didn’t believe in timelessness, and yet the wisdom of Einstein’s convictions had very little impact on cosmology or science in general. The majority of physicists have been slow to give up the ordinary assumptions we make about time.

    The two most highly recognized physicists since Einstein made similar conclusions and even made dramatic advances toward a timeless perspective of the universe, yet they also were unable to change the temporal mentality ingrained in the mainstream of physics and society. Einstein was followed in history by the colorful and brilliant Richard Feynman. Feynman developed the most effective and explanatory interpretation of quantum mechanics that had yet been developed, known today as Sum over Histories.

    Just as Einstein’s own Relativity Theory led Einstein to reject time, Feynman’s Sum over Histories theory led him to describe time simply as a direction in space. Feynman’s theory states that the probability of an event is determined by summing together all the possible histories of that event. For example, for a particle moving from point A to B we imagine the particle traveling every possible path, curved paths, oscillating paths, squiggly paths, even backward in time and forward in time paths. Each path has an amplitude, and when summed the vast majority of all these amplitudes add up to zero, and all that remains is the comparably few histories that abide by the laws and forces of nature. Sum over histories indicates the direction of our ordinary clock time is simply a path in space which is more probable than the more exotic directions time might have taken otherwise.

    Other worlds are just other directions in space, some less probable, some equally as probable as the one direction we experience. And some times our world represents the unlikely path. Feynman’s summing of all possible histories could be described as the first timeless description of a multitude of space-time worlds all existing simultaneously. In a recent paper entitled Cosmology From the Top Down, Professor Stephen Hawking of Cambridge writes; “Some people make a great mystery of the multi universe, or the Many-Worlds interpretation of quantum theory, but to me, these are just different expressions of the Feynman path integral.”

    (below is not in book)

    What is still not quite resolved in modern physics is how to properly combine Quantum theory with Einstein’s Relativity Theory. It appears evident that time is purely a direction in space but how then do we explain the uncertainty of quantum mechanics? Why does it appear that God plays dice with the world. The two theories, each having been proven by their usefulness, do of course tell the same story about this one universe, but we just haven’t learned yet to hear the story right. The best modern theory going is probably the No Boundary Proposal, put fourth by Stephen Hawking and Jim Hartle. This theory introduces a second reference of time which has been inappropriately named Imaginary time. Hawking, writes of the no boundary proposal, “The universe would be completely self contained and not affected by anything outside itself. It would neither be created nor destroyed. It would just BE.”

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