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The force of free will

Even though we placed a vortex in New York before 911 it could not protect the city as the free will involved in the 911 action is not under the vortex influence free will is exactly that it cannot be manipoulated or affected in any way it is a universal law that cannot be broken and if it is the consequences for the person affecting it is not worth thinking about. To manipulate gfree will has to be a deliberate act of manipulation.  When you think about who did what and why back then the coverup in the U.S. governemnt circles involving some very covert groups is nothing short of astounding but then most of the population nowadays has been brainwashed to accept that terrorsist did it. Thats true in a way but not the ones you think.

The wars that occur today is a challenge to human free will and you all have to remain strong but also be true to yourselves and always investigate and not just accept what you are told. Positions of authority always create a belief that those individuals know what they do and say but it also goes the other way in that they are also in the position of manipulating large groups to think a specific way thus manipulating free will.

Think about it for awhile and really on your feelings and instincts if something even in the slightest way is not ringing right then question or find out. Humanity has some remarkable abilities to sense its time to get back to reality and allow yourself to feel again.

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  1. moryah4 Says:

    The interesting thing though when people do come come together to deliberate on peaceful processes in a zone where DR sherwood ahs placed a vortex or series of vortexes and then you do see amazing progress beyond one’s imagination.
    During the time Tony Blair (the former Prime Minister was in office) he was involved in brokering a series of peace deals between the UK,Northern Ireland and the IRA.
    The peace process was revitalized after Labour Party leader Tony Blair won a landslide victory over John Major’s Conservative Party in the May 1997 British parliamentary elections. After taking office, Blair declared the talks a top priority. The IRA renewed its cease-fire in July, and after the British government dropped its demands for complete IRA disarmament, Sinn Fein joined the negotiations. Initial progress was limited. However, the talks gradually proceeded with the help of Blair and Irish prime minister Ahern and under the oversight of former United States senator George Mitchell, who set April 9, 1998, as the deadline for agreement.
    This is when Dr Jon put in his vortex.
    He created a vortex within the middle of Hyde Park.
    The probelm being it takes 48 hours to build up to its full power and you cannot have anyone wandering into its center .Normally he will place vortexes inside a structure like an average building because then he can tune into the frequency of the structure,be it say a room(a toilet cubicle for example) then he will place an energy seal over the doorway so the space where the vortex is placed cannot be interfered with .
    The concept of the vortex in Hyde Park was for the perimeter to cover Parliament House.The energy influence would be to help support the political figures involved in the debate to pursue their peace-agenda becuase it was waivering all over the place.
    So even Dr jon himself was quite stunned after he placed the vortex in the middle of the park where a statue stands with no protection for the vortex whatsoever ,when a workcrew mysteriously appeared and started erecting a barriers around it .
    The workmen also stayed nearby in a van for the 24 hours need for the vortex to reach its peak and continually sustainable momentum.After the 24 hours the workmen packed the scaffolding back in their van and after having done no maintainance or anything to the statue whatsoever drove off.
    Although many feared the peace process would collapse, former United States senator George Mitchell kept the talks on track. On April 10, after an all-night negotiating session, and slightly past the deadline, the talks culminated in a historic agreement.
    The Northern Ireland peace agreement, commonly known as the Good Friday Agreement or the Belfast Agreement, authorized the creation of a provincial assembly for Northern Ireland to replace direct rule of the province by the British government. An executive cabinet would oversee this body. The agreement created a North-South Ministerial Council to coordinate policies between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, and a Council of the Isles to allow representatives from both parts of Ireland to meet with representatives from the British, Scottish, and Welsh legislative bodies. It also called for the Republic of Ireland to amend its constitution to drop its territorial claim to Northern Ireland.
    The peace agreement was put to a vote in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland on May 22. In the Republic of Ireland an overwhelming 94 percent of voters endorsed the agreement; in Northern Ireland, the peace agreement won support from 71 percent of voters.
    Despite several false starts and many delays, the British Parliament formally transferred a wide range of powers to Northern Ireland’s provincial government on December 1, 1999. The following day, the Irish government issued a statement formally renouncing its territorial claim on Northern Ireland, and Irish and British officials signed an agreement setting up the North-South Ministerial Council. In the years ahead, however, an unresolved conflict over the pace of IRA disarmament triggered a series of crises that repeatedly put Northern Ireland’s provincial assembly on hold and threatened to undermine the peace process.
    The peace process finally bore fruit in 2007, when the Protestant and Catholic factions in Northern Ireland agreed to share power and form a government. In March a historic meeting took place between longtime foes Gerry Adams, leader of the largely Catholic Sinn Fein, and Ian Paisley, leader of the predominantly Protestant Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). A new power-sharing government took office in May.
    Now what the above parties found out was that at some stage of these initial delicate deliberations a rogue IRA cell not happy to see this historic and hard-earned and heart-felt agreement take place had packed a vehicle with explosives was parked within close proximity to London Bridge and triggered to go off by a dialled call .To this day it remains unclear to Scotland Yard why those bombs did not go off,which in doing so would have at best have set the peace process horribly behind and worse their may have been no resolution.The rest is as they say history……

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