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Awareness and obvious results healing and design

I recently in 2007 did a lecture in LOndon about ancient temples and energy. To my amazement most of those present missed the obvious point completely simply by being misled by a small amount of data that raised questions about the secret dynamic built into all the churches built by masons in Britain. Here was a lady standing for the first time in what 15 years without her walking sticks and in no pain whatsoever and it was missed. Awareness is a state of mind folks. TO miss an obvious result like this was missing the point entirely. All design no matter the shape has hidden dynamic forces at work just because you cannot see it does not mean that it does not exist.

The woman was proof!

All temples along the nile delta that are special spaces have design specifics unique to each one and if you do not know what to look for you will miss it entirely.

So those that were there in London who know who you are if you read this I hope you now get the point.

1 year on!

I work in many mysterious ways and always there will be evidence it just comes down as to whether you are aware of it or not! Or even bothering to take a look. The choice is yours after all!

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  1. moryah4 Says:

    When I traveled to Wiltshire in England to the Crop Circle season of 2002 I was fortunate to enjoy the courtesy of Dr Jon his wife Rachel and lovely family.
    On day the Doc took me to visit the remains of the Glastonbury Cathedral which was supposed to have been first been constructed around the 10th Century or so.
    Here are shots I have just googled:

    Although somewhat in ruins there is enough of the internal structural designs and outer architecture to realize what a massive church this was. What an extraordinary achievement for its time with its incredibly ornate and complex designs both external and internal , and decorative elements such as beautifully designed stain glass windows which I believe were gold-plated at that time .
    Standing in the huge church perimeters was like standing in a football stadium-sized space and you got a sense that it would have been a transforming experience for the worshipper/visitor. It made me sad that we humans do not put such passion and workmanship into things we make like this any more. It was as though the architects had poured their lifeblood into this once complete and magnificent structure and part of the original architect’s presence was still there in the atmosphere from this haunting place.
    I tried to get my head around envisaging a church attendance in the Tenth Century. The church would have accommodated so many of the people. I wondered whether any peasant and his poultry would have been able to walk into this magnificent place of worship or was it just for the elite ?
    But the mind-opener was when Dr Jon in a very nonchalant started breaking down the designs engraved the boss’, arches, capitals, cinquefoils, crockets the indentions all used sacred geometry,so many different designs and shapes interlinked in complex but harmonious paths,just like the crop circles and Tibetan mandalas but in 3-D.
    If shape generates energy the people who walked into this place must have had their circuitry recharged and re-routed and their creative aspects spread across a varied spectrum !
    I contrasted this to the square architecture ,bland dwellings we 21st century human inhabitants tend to live in no wonder we have created the world we now bestow to our children.
    Then Dr Jon told me how it was the masons who built this church and other structures like it, incorporating their secret knowledge into all of their intricate designs.
    Each year the mason initiates would be sent to Egypt to study with the high priests, at the ancient monuments that are strung along the Nile, culminating in the Great Pyramids them selves. The Masons would learn about shape dynamics and hidden spiritual knowledge to then be able to create the most harmonious designs to promote human awareness back in their buildings in England.
    So next time you get dragged along to that boring old church be aware in it may reside not only a mystery, but hidden knowledge and a key to your hidden but not lost greatest power. And remember some of these designs of old are but part of ancient traditions carried down through the ages that have secretly helped keep human society more intact and more on track than they could have ended up in times where spirituality was suppressed and barbarism ruled.
    And the next time you go on about how evil the masons are just remember there is good and bad in everything, and the ‘dark side’ do their utmost to get into secret or even open traditions that benefit human potential and attempt to corrupt it. There are good and bad masons like everything else. Sure George W Bush is in masonic order but the Doc should know about the masons as his Dad was one, a good and honorable man who taught him certain spiritual principles from the original masonic traditions which have stood him well in his life There are good and bad citizens in everything from M16 to your local church religious group best to keep an open mind and follow you own instincts which reside behind your eyes and are felt as calm, to discern who is who in the zoo and what does what.

  2. moryah4 Says:

    Zarlen teaches how you can tweak your living space ,no matter how limited the shape is in design,to improve the energy potential,and increase increase the flow of such so you don’t necessarily have to abandon a space of limited design.As energy movement can stagnate in the human form so it can stagnate in a living space.
    So if you don’t feel revitalized in your present home you can improve it until it feels 100% better.
    It does not matter if you live in a typical box-shaped 21-21st century home ,you are able to change the dynamics of it to allow maximum flow of energy, peace, harmony and healing simply by altering some of the elements in your home.
    The ancient science of placement form Dr Jon teaches as taught by Zarlen comes from principles formerly used in pre-Egyptian civilization and is called Kai Li. ‘Kai’ meaning ’sun’ ,and ‘Li’ meaning ‘energy’.
    I know very little about Kai Li which is a huge subject but one aspect of Kai Li Dr Jon taught me was the use of water features in your home to stimulate energy movement,create harmony and generally raise your energy.He told me to put the water feature,(a plug-in indoor water fountain for example is good, generally any size or shape),on the northern wall or in the middle of the room of the main living room , somewhere where it can pick up on the north-south corridor.Or failing this in the same location (i.e northern wall or middle of the room) in any any room of the house works as well.
    You only have to realize you are two-thirds water ,and somehow being near water especially moving water raises your energy.
    Zarlen teaches you through the science of Kai Li though there is a lot more to it than that ,for example water a neutral element is required in your body to stabilize the anti-matter(positive magnetic) energy (or what we call spiritual energy) in our body, to stop ourselves burning up.
    Water is also the same force (i.e antimatter etc) in material form, so you being what is called a ‘light sensitive element’ will covert water to energy continually throughout your existance.
    Water has been proven to have the ability to imprint healthy values(geometry-wise) through placement next to healthy water specimens too (see the work of Dr Masuru Emoto or Dr Hans Jenny for example)
    Unhealthy water can be influenced by harmonious sound and harmonious shape to chnage to similar .The 70% water value within you can mirror the movement of the flowing water fountain promoting the healthy circulation of energy within your body .Sound imprints on water too so how would the sound of water trickling freely ‘imprint’ on this part of your essence do you think ?
    As well as this Dr jon/Zarlen say we absorb the flowing water from the fountain as energy via the atmosphere.
    Another thing that Kai li will teach you is never shut down the water feature keep it running 24 hours a day becuase guess what it is a form of vortex.So Kai li says keep it running-it takes 24 hours to rwach its peak whereby it will create the same stable peak value constantly>but don’t forget to keep topping up the water well at the bottom of the feature,as YOU WILL DRAW ENERGY OFF IT AND THE WATER WILL EVAPORATE.SO KAI LI SAYS KEEP IT RUNNING 24 HOURS A DAY IN THE NORTHERN POSITION OF THE LOCATION MENTIONED OR DESIRED ,KEEP TOPPING UP THE WATER LEVEL AND WATCH WHAT HAPPENS.
    Now this is one tiny aspect of Kai Li.There is so much to this newly re-introduced but ancient science.From health to material wellbeing the Doc has road-tested this art with various clients.
    I am reminded of the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas :

    When they first built the pyramid aspect of this complex, all of the guests who entered into the space started to feel nauseous and were repelled away,which was not good for business.
    Somehow Dr Jon who was at a party in California at this time around in the early 1990’s was introduced to one of the hotels architects .
    After he expressed the dilemma to the Doc,Zarlen told told the gentleman the problem would be averted by raising the roof in the upper ceiling in the pyramid by an extra twenty metres.
    The outcome?
    -The nauseous responses stopped,and instead a flood of business occured.
    Now this is Kai Li !
    -Shape generates energy and it is the understanding of this that can dramatically change the results you obtain in your life,from your personal health,environment ,relationships etc.So Check out Dr Jon’s articles and books on the subject.I believe his last book on the subject sold out So my advice nudge him along with the next book or some more articles if it is harmony,success and happiness you are after in your life.

  3. moryah4 Says:

    (Quote From Dr Jon ,September 15th, 2008 )

    “All design no matter the shape has hidden dynamic forces at work just because you cannot see it does not mean that it does not exist.
    All temples along the nile delta that are special spaces have design specifics unique to each one and if you do not know what to look for you will miss it entirely.”

    King’s chamber and DNA (Great Pyramid of Egypt)

    Sonic experiments performed in the King’s chamber showed that the King’s chamber has a series of acoustic resonance frequencies that correspond with perfect musical notes! The coffer inside the King’s chamber for instance has a perfect resonance frequency of 440 Hz, the ground note A, the frequency of a tuning fork.

    Four other resonance frequencies were found in the King’s chamber. These correspond with the musical notes F#, A, C# and D#. These notes are the notes of the F sharp melodic minor scale (F#). Indian shamans tuned their ceremonial flutes to F sharp because they believed that it is a frequency that is attuned to mother Earth.

    Now we may remember from the Cymatics studies that the Platonic solids emerge from the perfect sound frequencies of the diatonic musical scale. So it would be no surprise if pure tonal frequencies were found in the Earth grid frequencies.

    The amazing thing is that the resonance frequencies of the King’s chamber correspond with the resonance frequencies that were found in the 4 nucleotides of the DNA molecule. This amazing structure has only 4 basic building blocks, the DNA bases adenine (A), cytonsine (C), guanine (G) and thymine (T). Two out of four of these nucleotides can be joined to form a base pair and these base pairs are sequenced to a DNA string. The complete DNA is a spiralling helix of three billion of such base pairs.

    Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry David W. Deamer of the University of California, Santa Cruz measured with infrared light the resonance frequencies of all the 4 bases of DNA. Each base resonated to an average of 15 frequencies, 60 frequencies in total. In 1988 Susan Alexjander, holding a Masters degree in Music Composition and Theory and presently teaching at university level at several universities in California, contacted David W. Deamer with a simple question; ‘can we hear frequencies in the body’. As a response, David Deamer provided her with the data from his research on DNA frequencies.

    From here Susan Alexjander started her own research to find out if these resonance frequencies from the DNA bases were completely random or contained some hitherto undiscovered relationship, such as the ratio’s defined in music. The first thing that came to mind was to use a technique to make these high electromagnetic frequencies audible. She used a technique that is often used in music and transposed the higher octave frequencies of light down to the octave of sound. (Remember from our chapter about sacred geometry that the colours of the rainbow are the 7 keys in the diatonic scale transposed to the 48th octave)

    The next thing Susan did was she fed the 60 transposed DNA frequencies into a Yamaha DX7 programmable synthesizer. The pitches were not perfect musical notes, however after a few weeks of ‘tuning’ she found that the frequencies were centered around 4 pure musical notes. The notes that she found, you guessed it, are the same resonance frequencies of the King’s chamber in the Great Pyramid!

    Susan Alexjander recorded her DNA music played on the DX7 synthesizer on a CD titled ‘Sequencia’. People that listened to the CD reported feelings of connectedness and familiarity.

    Now this discovery lends much credit to the claims made by Edgar Cayce and others that the Great Pyramid was used for healing. It seems no coincidence that the resonance frequencies that were used in the King’s chamber correspond with the resonance frequencies of the DNA bases.

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