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Vortex points cancelled

Just so folks know we have cancelled all the vortex points we had placed around the planet so folks will be able to see how they were protecting the different areas.

Here is a list of where they were.

These were cancelled out 1 month ago.

Houston,Washington,Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Bangkock, Tokyo, Brisbane, Sydney,Melbourne,Auckland,Singapore,Kuala Lumpur,Paris,London,Alton Barnes grid,

This is just a few of them but I think you can see we have been all over the place. Now its time for folks to see what can happen when those energy points are no longer maintained by us.

Vortex energy points are programmable and can maintain weather cycles and act as a protective field against all sorts of elements. They can also create change.

12 Responses to “Vortex points cancelled”

  1. moryah4 Says:

    August 13, 2008.

    I got a sinking feeling in my gut when I heard the following:
    (Quote Dr Jon):
    “We have cancelled all the vortex points we had placed around the planet so folks will be able to see how they were protecting the different areas.
    These were cancelled out 1 month ago.
    Vortex energy points are programmable and can maintain weather cycles and act as a protective field against all sorts of elements. They can also create change.”

    I can’t tell you (the reader) how this vortex programming works but just that I have been witness to the incredible effects of it over a fairly lengthy period of time, and have gained small insights to the big influence this type of physically unseen force can and has had in maintaining and stabilizing different environments around the world .
    It would probably take a book to recount certain experiences of this I have seen, felt and heard.
    Think of how you personally influence your environment through your attitude.
    You will find you are either in control most of the time, some of the time or not much at all. But at some stage you will have experienced a level of awareness where things flowed well in your life and you felt at least part of it was under your control. Now take that memory and remember how good it felt. Maybe you have planted a vegetable garden and watched the plants emerge over time under your care. Or perhaps you have been lucky enough to mentor other human beings and see them grow.
    Well Vortex energy is an outward extension of that type of control –which is thought energy control-it underlies every part of our existance-the electromagnetic thoughts we create-many people are not aware of how this energy
    ‘draws’ the elements we need, the material things and even other people, life forms etc. to us in accordance to the strength and type of frequency of thought we generate.
    Now I want you to extend your belief a bit further and imagine within your thoughts are varying levels of energy seven to be precise, existing within you, within each thought. Like par levels ascending , or musical notes doing the same .Modern science, medicine calls these our brainwave patterns.
    So far our western medical technology knows and measures four of these patterns: beta, alpha, theta ,and delta but many decades of research by Dr Sherwood has identified the other three levels but even beyond this radiating out from the physical form are another five, making up twelve different levels of strength and influence.
    It is the identification, understanding and harnessing of these levels of energy that provides an individual with an, incredible, unprecedented ability to positively manipulate one’s environment beyond your wildest dreams.
    To make anything work in a positive fashion in one’s life is ultimately to be aware of and program your thoughts so that whatever you wish is for not only your own personal gain but for the the improvement of this whole world. Many people say you cannot change the world ,but you can, and you can create and learn to continually feed a thought program (attitude) which has this “I want this to improve the whole world.”- ‘clause’ built into every goal. This is how Dr Jon operates, no matter how he is perceived there is universal love, understanding and care underlying every step of his life and it is that way because he has applied the effort to make it that way.
    But getting back to Vortex energy ,from what I can understand of how Dr Jon initiated his energy vortexes in select positions across the world energy grid. It appears to me as an outsider, student and observer and as the Doc will tell you not what you would call bright) that to my observations he has harnessed the higher magnetic energy connected to the brainwave pattern, ‘cloned’ it ,anchored to the specified grid point (position in the world), while still being able to maintained a mental/telepathic conduit to it.
    The vortex energy that Dr Jon harnesses is able to be accessed, programmed, and enacted by telepathic command from anywhere on the planet.
    Rest assure if you (the reader) can accept what I tell you at face value at this point in time or at least consider the possibility, know that Dr Sherwood not only possesses a remarkable, advanced telepathic technique and a multi-faceted concentration second to none and that these natural abilities have also been well-tested by institutions like the New Zealand Navy, medical doctors in various countries around the world and other conventional specialists. activate, program.
    Through the vortex program Dr Sherwood has been able to enact environmental influences from assisting patients to heal themselves of just about every known type of medical problem , helping assist people also to improve the peace states within themselves and within their own personal environments, to stabilizing weather patterns, (even the severest storms), even to stabilizing the most violent seismic activity amongst many other types of environmental influences and effects.
    I have seen the effects of Dr Sherwood’s vortex influence in all of these areas.
    I first met Dr Sherwood at his facility in Elizabeth St Brisbane in 1986 where he put in his first vortex. The location
    Being right on a cross-point of the magnetic grid (Google Bruce Cathie’s work to get a relative explanation of to what I refer here.
    Dr Jon programmed this vortex to clean out corruption in the Queensland State government.He stated this to that point the government was well entrenched and had had done a good job for years to suppress religious freedom, people rights,( the party leader made strikes and protests illegal),downgraded and imprisoned the indigenous(aboriginal )people, and generally worked in cahoots with ‘big business’ to rip everyone off, receiving kick-backs,graft payments ,and extraordinary hidden ‘gratuities’ for passing approvals for building sites etc.
    Simply ‘google’ the words ‘corruption’ and Jo Bjelke Peterson government and the years 1987,1988 or 1989 or Queensland government corruption for those years and you will find out what ensued.
    It was simply the beginning of thousands and thousands of events (political,social,environmental(i.e. earth changes etc.)that Dr Sherwood , Dr Jon, predicted would happen and they did. Someday I will write a book as to attest to some of the amazing events that ensued over these past 22 year in observation of the Doc’s vortex experiments,we shall have to wait and see .
    But for now watch your environments you who live in the places stated.
    Houston,Washington,Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Bangkock, Tokyo, Brisbane, Sydney,Melbourne,Auckland,Singapore,Kuala Lumpur,Paris,London,Alton Barnes grid,
    Here are three dramatic things out of the ordinary which are extraordinary relating two three previous specific vortex locations:
    Houston the storm on September 13th 177km winds –1km short of a category three storm-and an 8m-plus storm surge.Its wind and rain bands were far wider than those of Katrina (New orleans 2005)and spanned the entire state of Texas.
    THAT IS NOT A NORMAL is what happens when you take down a invisible rteaining wall/dyke and let an ocean pour into your living room.
    Dr Jon stabilized Houston-TEXAS in the 1998 and it is why you have hardly seen much disharmony at all their and tremendous financial stability and growth over the years.
    Another incident was the recent train crash in Los Angeles also in the past two days. The violent nature of this accident-NOT NORMAL for this region.
    Dr Jon placed vortexes in every major city on the West Coast, Los Angeles, San Antonio, San Francisco to assist stability in areas like human development etc., much the same as Houston and everywhere else as well ,another part of the program was to stabilize the San Andreas faultline movements.Our planet is young for sure so it is still expanding and contracting and you have to allow some give-but NOT TOO MUCH and not too much incident to human life. So watch this fault-line now folks-follow your instincts.
    Finally I mention Britain, where Sherwood completely surrounded the circumference with vortex protection:
    The Sunday Mail September 14 reads:
    The British tourism industry is in turmoils with the collapse of one of its largest operators, leaving an estimated 90,000 Britons stranded abroad and another 200,000 holding worthless airline tickets.
    THIS IS NOT NORMAL considering the economic security /stability Britain has enjoyed in this area(tourism) for some years now(except for the the London bombings for which moral and business was salvaged very,very quickly ) And so stability can be emphasized, environmental condition, human condition which inflences the latter through the thought form.
    The places to watch for extreme unusual influence have been mentioned. There is a leson in this for all of us including my own country which is highly vulnerable-envronmentally, economically etc,etc,and now the shields have been removed for how long? Who knows?
    This is an exercise in positivity folks.
    My advice concentrate on the slightest positive thing that does go right ,but also OBSERVE-watch the extremes-see where they are check your list.Sherwood had placed vortexes in many other locations too but for now –observe and see what you find…

  2. moryah4 Says:

    Dr J put a vortex in New York City when he attended the “Whole Life” Expo there in 1992.
    He was there partly to promote his first book “Zarlen Speaks A New Beginning”
    He gave his one and only lecture in the hotel auditorium where the conference was held,
    The main lecture on what was then called the Zarlen Therapy (now called the Kai Li program was an experience no one who attended that day will ever forget.
    This channeling experience Zarlen provided applying the Kai Li therapy to various individuals as well,
    Well the sincerity was sensed by the whole room and there was not a dry eye in the house.
    Through Dr Sherwood he applied the Kai Li therapy to: a gentleman who was dependent on reading glasses(now no longer needs them);a colour blind man (from that point no longer colour blind);a dyslexic gentleman (from that point no longer dyslexic); a gentleman with all of his meridian points out of alignment (as assessed by one of New York’s best acupuncturists)(from that point assessed as every point being in balance),shall I go on ???
    One client who came to see Dr Sherwood while he was there was a Wall Street stockbroker.
    He commented, “Wow when I went back to work out on the floor, after the therapy you applied on me, it was as though I was surrounded by a bubble of protection !
    Nothing affected me or phased me!”

    There was one more ‘gift’ Dr Jon left New York ,a city he fell in love with at that point in time, an energy vortex to help stabilize and maximize the positive direction the American people were headed ,(at least at that stage).
    Over time though the American populace, as a whole started placing money ahead of people,and began to veer away from what would have been the ‘correct path for peace and human wellbeing ,not only for the US but for the world as back then New Yourk was the major city of the world’s leading power and was respected for that responsibility.
    But by not electing the Clinton-Gore administration and instead choosing the Bush-Cheney path the US chose an altrenative future for itself..
    Dr Jon /Zarlen said at the time the CIA set up Clinton - Monica Lewinsky was a plant - (an operative) used to discredit him
    Meanwhile Zarlen said Al Gore was a financial whizz who would have built the U.S. economy from the healthy position he, Clinton and the rest of their administration already had placed the US in.
    Instead the U.S. chose Bush.
    Zarlen says in the old forgotten dialect that Nostradamus spoke the name ‘Mabus’ he mentions-the third Anti-Christ’ simply translates as ‘Mr Bush’.
    Also if you look at how the US economy has been downgraded if it was crime scene Mr Cheney’s dna would be all over every element of it as he has been the ‘behind the scenes player’ in three presidencies and has exerted more influence on U.S. affairs than George W Bush.
    Thus one month ago Dr Jon took away the New York vortex and the Washington vortex,etc.,etc.,etc.
    And thus we have new developments for the U.S. to deal with and we hope this time Us citizens choose wisely .

    *Hint :Veer away form world conflict.

    (Quote :Matthew Stevens) “The Australian” newspaper ,September 16, 2008.

    “Now, if you had said 18 months ago that three US investment banks would fail or be forced into shot-gun marriages to avoid failure, people would have looked at you like you had two heads. Particularly if those people worked in the investment banking sector. But nothing in that sector is certain any more…”

  3. moryah4 Says:

    I always wondered why evn though Dr J had placed the vortex in New York how the whole scenarion regarding the September 11th -twin Towers bombing had occured.Why did it not provide a shield of protection over this vibrant city.
    But Zarlen mentioned this philosophy “When you apply violence IN ANY FORM to resolve ANY ISSUE you forfeit whatever rights you had to defend in the first place.
    Unfortunately the United States has right since its inception been founded on violence and bloodshed.The movies glorify and justify getting ‘physical revenge’ on someone if the do something to offend or affront you.But according to the above philosophy which Zarlen calls ‘Universal Law’,physical violence of any VALUE is completely wrong.
    Higher forces understand if a country is attacked by an outside force that in a way the countrymen of a country which is being attacked are ‘obligated to stand and defend their families’.So in the case of the US defending Kuwait from Iraq’s invasion there was a certain fairness about it,as a certain responsibilty was maintained by the United States to assist an ally.But according to journalists Lois Dubose and Jake bernstein the invasion of Iraq by the George W Bush-Cheney administration was laid out in detail five years in advance before any so called suspicions of ‘weapons of mass destruction occured’,by Paul Wolfowitz and was based on the gaining control of Persian Gulf oil fields initiall Iraq’s.Dick Cheny was the one who ended up embracing this plan and could be called the main instigator and mastermind of the war for oil profits.
    Zarlen has said on numerous occasions that the ‘9-11 scenario’ was an inside job.
    He aid the CIA leased the 21st floors of both towers and both these floors were cleared and detonated prior to the planes hitting the towers .

  4. moryah4 Says:



    By Victor Thorn

    NEW YORK CITY, N.Y.—On the morning of Sept. 11, 2005, New York City auxiliary fire lieutenant Paul Isaac Jr. asserted, yet again, that 9-11 was an inside job. “I know 9-11 was an inside job. The police know it’s an inside job; and the firemen know it too,” said Isaac.

    The ramifications of this statement are immense: One of New York’s own firefighters says publicly that 9-11 couldn’t have been the work of Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda, but instead was planned, coordinated and executed by elements within our own government.

    He also added, after pointing to throngs of police officers standing around us, that, “We all have to be very careful about how we handle it.”

    Isaac reiterated what a 9-11 survivor told this journalist during our protest at Ground Zero on Sept. 11, 2005—that emergency radios were buzzing with information about bombs being detonated inside the World Trade
    Center towers.

    Also, Isaac directly addressed a gag order that has been placed on firemen and police officers in New York.

    “It’s amazing how many people are afraid to talk for fear of retaliation or losing their jobs,” said Isaac, regarding the FBI gag order placed on law enforcement and fire department officials, preventing them from openly talking about any inside knowledge of 9-11. There is more information related to Isaac circulating in on-line and print reports, so here again we are hearing first-hand evidence from individuals who were on the scene, such as live witness William Rodriguez, saying that the World Trade Center towers were brought down not by the airliner’s impact or the resulting jet fuel fires, but instead by a deliberately executed controlled demolition.

    Tragically, due to heavy-handed pressure from officials at the city, state and federal levels, we are still not hearing the entire story.

    Researcher Vincent Sammartino, who was also at the WTC “open grave site” on the afternoon of Sept. 11, 2005, wrote the following on the on-line news web site APFN: “I just got back from Ground Zero. People know the truth. Half of the police and firemen were coming up to us and telling us that they know that 9-11 was an inside job. They were told not to talk about it. But they were supporting what we were doing. I had tears in my eyes.”

    Victor Thorn is the author of New World Order Exposed, and co-host of WING TV. For more information, visit Thorn’s web site at or write P.O. Box 10495, State College, PA 16805-0495.

  5. moryah4 Says:

    Wednesday, August 13, 2008
    Operation Northwoods
    “It has been officially revealed via declassified government documents that the US military and government has covertly planned to perpetrate acts of terror upon innocent civilians in order to justify an engagement in conflict that would have, at the time, benefited the government’s wider geopolitical agenda … According to ABC News, In the early 1960s, America’s top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba. Long hidden documents, uncovered in 2001 by former ABC News investigative reporter James Bamford, code-named OPERATION NORTHWOODS, put a haunting perspective behind the events of September 11…

  6. moryah4 Says:

    the Northwoods Document.

  7. moryah4 Says:

    The ‘War On Terror’ is said to have begun on 11 September 2001. But is it possible that the war began before this date? Some people point to US government complicity in the events of 9/11, either by not doing enough to prevent it, or – more ominously – by actively planning for it. Whatever the truth may be, there is plenty of conjecture that what happened on that day doesn’t add up to the popular version of the events. What is not in dispute is that public support for the ‘War On Terror’ was far greater after these attacks than it would have been on 10 September 2001. Could it be that the attacks were allowed to happen to create public clamour for a war which would otherwise have been inconceivable? Many people have pointed to the possibility that 9/11 was a clone of Pearl Harbor, an attack on the US that was deliberately allowed to take place in order to further the war aims of a president. But a more sinister comparison has been made by those sceptical of the motives of the Bush administration . They claim that what happened was more akin to Adolf Hitler’s burning of the Reichstag, the German Republic’s parliament, on 27 February 1933. Hitler blamed the fire on Communists plotting against the state. But historians widely accept the view that a member of the Prussian interior ministry set fire to the building deliberately, on Hitler’s orders……

    Read more…

  8. moryah4 Says:

    One of the most interseting sites where Dr Jon activated a vortex was at Stonehenge around about 1999.(correct me if that date is wrong Dr Jon).
    This ancient site Zarlen stated is the initiation site of the universal energy into the world magnetic grid and is the first of the ‘Twelve Major Power’ sites.It is linked to the Avebury site and Silbury Hill and I remember Wood henge being mentioned somewhere in reference to this.
    Avebury,Salisbury and Glastonbury form the mysterious Wessex triangle,in Wiltshire home of a great profusion of ancient monuments (many in ruins)but many the names and some traditions of these places seem to have survived in the local villages by word of mouth,maps and history books.
    This region of England is also home to the greatest occurrence of and most intricate designed crop circles in the world which appear seasonally with the crops.
    When i visted dr Jon near Avebury in 2002 he took me around to show me some crop circle patterns and then the first major ancient power site we visted was the Avebury stone circles:

    As we stood next to the long avenue of large stones that formed the avenue.
    Dr Jon asked me whether I knew what this site was for.I looked dumbfounded.
    He looked gravely disappointed .
    The same when I raced around Stonehenge worried I was holding he and his family up.
    I had not realized the self guided tour with headphones was a must.I wanted the place to give me some divine answer but it did not.
    All I know from the little Dr Jon told me wa this site was site is highly significant,as it acts like the Crown chakra of the planet(i.e. the entry point for the magnetic energy that powers the magnetic grid and that this energy strikes Avebury stonecircle travels along the stone avenue and then hits Stonehenge,and I am pretty sure he said Silbury Hill house/acts like an antenna.So similar to the three Great pyramids in Cairo ,Egypt the function is three dimensional, you have a reciever,a transmitter and an aerial.
    From Stonehenge the energy feeds to the second major power site (location not revealed yet) .Dr Jon said every time the energy moves from one ancient power site(of the twelve world locations) around to the next the energy is multiplied by the number that site is in the sequence.So the energy that feeds from Stonehenge gets multiplied by two when it bounces off the second site in whichever country it is in.
    Of course When it reaches the Great pyramids of egypt it gets multiplied by three becusea that is the third site in the sequence of twelve.
    All of these twelve ancient sites were predominantly off-line for about 145,000 years when the Pledian guardians were tricked by the reptillian races of Orion to close the network down.
    Thus began the demise of the human energy schematics(but that is a story for Zarlen to tell ,or you you may wish to read about these events in the “Andreas One Assignment” books written by Dr Jon Sherwood)
    Regardless since I have known Dr Jon (1986 until now) he has,guided by Zarlen been gradually continuing a trek to activating the energy vortexes in all of the the 12 ancient power sites in a secret sequence that is not in nummerical order.
    The work is painstaking involves research and physical stamina journeying to exotic locations in various climates and terrains.
    Anolomies about the Stonehenge-Avebury Circle-Silbury Hill site over the years before Stonehenge was re-activated by Zarlen/Dr Jon have ,(as far as i can gather), have mainly been associated with events like time distortions etc.(with time variations experienced by different people in the same area,sometime barely metres apart),Here is one Example:

    “The Stonehenge Disappearance”

    The mysterious standing stones of Stonehenge in England was the site of an amazing disappearance in August, 1971. At this time Stonehenge was not yet protected from the public, and on this particular night, a group of “hippies” decided to pitch tents in the center of the circle and spend the night. They built a campfire, lit several joints of pot and sat around smoking and signing. Their campout was abruptly interrupted at about 2 a.m. by a severe thunder storm that quickly blew in over Salisbury Plain. Bright bolts of lightning crashed down on the area, striking area trees and even the standing stones themselves. Two witnesses, a farmer and a policeman, said that the stones of the ancient monument lit up with an eerie blue light that was so intense that they had to avert their eyes. They heard screams from the campers and the two witnesses rushed to the scene expecting to find injured - or even dead - campers. To their surprise, they found no one. All that remained within the circle of stones were several smoldering tent pegs and the drowned remains of a campfire. The hippies themselves were gone without a trace.

    and here’s a description of time travel event that is supposed to have occured at Avebury:

    Getting back to Dr Jon ,Zarlen and what transpired at Stonehenge though…
    Witnesses have stated that when Dr Jon activated Stonehenge he quietly and confidently strode out into the centre of the Stonehenge Circle ring with an gold-painted cobra cane given to him by a member of the secret brotherhood of Tat ,( this benefactor had appeared in the alley-way of a twisting Egyptian Bazaar in Cairo out of nowhere after the Dovc acivated Cheops).
    “Master you will need this when you come back to reveal the library ” the old man had said.
    A cheaply painted gold twisted spiraling wooden cane was the gift to the the Doc.Zarlen told Dr Jon to bedeck the cane in specific jewels,so he did.I remember he used garnets for the eyes.
    Anyway witnesses say ,like Merlin of old (who was supposed to have done his secret ceremonies at this ancient stone circle in a past era),when Dr Jon raised his cobra cane in the air ruby-coloured laser-like beams came out of the eyes.
    When Dr Jon had performed the ritual ,as specified by Zarlen,an one might assume the spirit of Merlin looking on the the power site at last was activated again and the portal at last again was stabilized.
    In the aftermath Dr jon looked at the cane he held in his hands but it was not the cheaply painted object ,defying belief it appeared to have been exposed to some kind of alchemysing-process as it was now covered in a strange bright metal that looked uncannily like gold .
    Unwittingly dr jon opend up a portal in time at alter time a few years later after entering a crop circle pattern opposite Stonehenge but that my friend is a story best told by the Doc…

  9. moryah4 Says:

    Scientists set out to unlock secrets of Stonehenge

    Posted April, 2008

    Archaeologists have set out to unlock one of the secrets of Stonehenge, the majestic monument in southern England - when were the first standing stones placed at the ancient religious site?

    The concentric stone circles that make up Stonehenge, 130 kilometres south-west of London on the sweep of Salisbury Plain, consist of giant sandstone blocks or sarsens and smaller bluestones - volcanic rock of a blueish tint with white flecks.

    Stonehenge experts Tim Darvill and Geoff Wainwright will use modern carbon dating techniques and analysis of soil pollen and sea shells to work out when the stones were set up, in the first archaeological dig at the World Heritage site since 1964.

    “If you want to find out why Stonehenge was built, you need to look 250 kilometres away to the Presili Hills in north Pembrokeshire, where the first bluestones that built Stonehenge come from,” Mr Wainwright told reporters as the two-week dig began.

    The two archaeologists, who have worked extensively in the the Preseli Hills in recent years, believe the bluestones, which made up the first stone circles at Stonehenge, were thought to have magical curative powers.

    The massive standing stones, set up as long as 5,000 years ago, dominate the even older religious site, marked by numerous burial mounds or barrows.

    “If you want to find out when the first stone was placed at Stonehenge, you need to dig a small trench round one of the stone’s sockets and date what you find. That is what we are doing,” Mr Wainwright said.

    Theories of the role of Stonehenge range from the supernatural - one says the legendary wizard Merlin built it - to sacrifices linked to sun worship.

    Mr Wainwright, president of the Society of Antiquaries, and Mr Darvill, archaeology professor at Bournemouth University, hope their findings will support their theory that Stonehenge was the ancient equivalent of a health spa.

    “This was a place of healing, for the soul and the body,” said Mr Darvill. “The Presili Hills is a magical place. The stones from there are regarded as having healing properties.”

    Some 80 bluestones, weighing between one and four tonnes each, were transported by land and sea from South Wales to the Salisbury Plain site between 4,500 and 5,000 years ago.

    Only about one-third of them remain on the site, the rest having been stolen or broken up over the millennia.

    “In the early 1900s there were signs in Amesbury (the nearest town to the site) offering the hire of a hammer so that people could come up here to chip off their own bit of bluestone,” Darvill said.

    They are distinct from the massive sandstone sarsens that make the monument instantly recognisable.

    The excavation has even been blessed by Druids, spiritual descendants of the learned priests of pre-Christian Celtic Europe, who had links with the site in ancient times.


  10. moryah4 Says:

    UK experts say Stonehenge was place of healing
    by Raphael G. Satter

    The Associated Press 22 September 2008

    LONDON (AP) - The first excavation of Stonehenge in more than 40 years has uncovered evidence that the stone circle drew ailing pilgrims from around Europe for what they believed to be its healing properties, archaeologists said Monday.

    Archaeologists Geoffrey Wainwright and Timothy Darvill said the content of graves scattered around the monument and the ancient chipping of its rocks to produce amulets indicated that Stonehenge was the primeval equivalent of Lourdes, the French shrine venerated for its supposed ability to cure the sick.

    An unusual number of skeletons recovered from the area showed signs of serious disease or injury. Analysis of their teeth showed that about half were from outside the Stonehenge area.

    ‘People were in a state of distress, if I can put it as politely as that, when they came to the Stonehenge monument,’ Darvill told journalists assembled at London’s Society of Antiquaries.

    He pointed out that experts near Stonehenge have found two skulls that showed evidence of primitive surgery, some of just a few known cases of operations in prehistoric Britain.

    ‘Even today, that’s the pretty serious end of medicine,’ he said. Also found near Stonehenge was the body of a man known as the Amesbury Archer, who had a damaged skull and badly hurt knee and died around the time the stones were being installed. Analysis of the Archer’s bones showed he was from the Alps.

    Darvill cautioned, however, that the new evidence did not rule out other uses for Stonehenge.

    ‘It could have been a temple, even as it was a healing center,’ Darvill said. ‘Just as Lourdes, for example, is still a religious center.’

    The archaeologists managed to date the construction of the stone monument to about 2,300 B.C., a couple of centuries younger than was previously thought. It was at that time that bluestones - a rare rock known to geologists as spotted dolomite - were shipped by hand or by raft from Pembrokeshire in Wales to Salisbury Plain in southern England, to create the inner circle of Stonehenge.

    The outer circle, composed of much larger sandstone slabs, is what most people associate with the monument today, particularly since only about a third of the 80 or so bluestones remain. The scientists argued that they were once at the heart of Stonehenge, and closely associated with its healing properties.

    As evidence, Darvill said his dig had uncovered masses of fragments carved out of the bluestones by people to create amulets. Any rock carried around in such a way would have had some sort of protective or healing property, he said. He said that theory was backed by burials in southwest England where the stones were interred with their owners.

    Today the bluestones are now largely invisible, dwarfed by the huge sandstone monoliths—or ‘hanging stones’—that were erected later and still make up Stonehenge’s iconic profile.

    ‘They are of course quite impressive when you see them,’ Darvill said. ‘But in a sense they are the elaboration of a structure which kicked off with the bluestones.’

    Both archaeologists quoted the 12th-century monk Geoffrey of Monmouth as saying the stones were thought to have medicinal properties. They also said that evidence uncovered by their dig showed that people were moving and chipping off pieces of the bluestones through the Roman period and even into the Middle Ages.

    Darvill said he felt the ‘folklore interest’ in the bluestones into modern times suggested some sort of lingering memory of their supposed healing powers.

    ‘That would be for me the single strongest piece of evidence,’ he said.

    Andrew Fitzpatrick, from British heritage group Wessex Archaeology, said Darvill and Wainwright’s discovery was ‘very important’ but that the healing theory, while plausible, was not the only one.

    ‘I don’t think we can rule out the other main competing theory - that the temple was a meeting point between the land of the living and the dead,’ he told the British Broadcasting Corp.

    The scientists announced their findings Monday, ahead of a documentary due to air on the BBC and the Smithsonian Channel on Saturday, Sept. 27.

  11. moryah4 Says:


    (Quote:Rachel Sherwood & Family)

    “Jonathan dedicated many years of his life traveling this planet to provide stability through a network of vortexes strategically placed around the world.”

    Although little understood by science Dr Jon’s vortex system worked .
    It was capable of being programmed by telepathic inflection.
    The vortex system he activated from his base in Wiltshire was designed to encompass the whole circumference of Britain.
    One part of that program was to neutralize explosions and prevent losss of life under peaceful circumstances.He had emphasized the threat of terrorism ,in the world ,especially from 2002 onwards , as the Bush administration had come into power and he said that the Arabs had stated if Bush got back in their would be a holy war.If the Democrats had of been voted in all would have been well.
    The Doc stated several times in recent years that when a person or country use violence that whatever rights they had to defend in the beginning are negated.So there was nothing the Doc could do stop September the 11th because he could not manipulate the people’s free will as the US people had voted to invade Iraq under false pretences and even though he had his vortex sytem in correct strategic places along the US coastline on both sides of the continent.It was the same with the London bombings.
    But the Doc could overule the ‘free will state’ in certain circumstances and this was rarely done and only on a case by case sitution.In the case of the West End bombing attempt and Glasgow Airport bombing attempts ,which was during the beginning of the UK’s Crop Circle season he felt it was necessary to intervene .The vortex system was activated in full defensive mode.
    The Doc felt the majority in Britain did not want war but through a series of manipulative events they were coerced into joining the US led invasion force .

    “Weekly Telegraph”
    (October 29 - November 4, 2008.)

    The first pictures of the two car bombs packed with gas cannisters and nearly 2000 nails and parked in the heart of London’s West End were shown to a jury recently.Islamic terrorists allegedly made a total of 15 attempts to set off the devices before fleeing to Scotland,where they drove a burning Jeep into Glasgow airport.The bombs were to be set off using mobile phones that showed a number of missed calls,Woolwich Crown Court in London heard.
    One of the vehicles,a green mercedes,was parked in a bus lane outside the tiger Tiger nightclub,where it was defused in the early hours.
    The bombs were allegedly to be set off by mobile phones that had been wired up to a circuit board console and a battery.The ignitin device was to be a syringe,which had been filled with match heads and a vehicle light bulb.Patio cannisters in the rear had been adapted to enable an explosion,the court heard.

  12. moryah4 Says:


    TWO MEN were arrested at Glasgow Airport yesterday after an attempted car bombing which caused widespread chaos but no loss of life.

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