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Shape and geometric form in teleportation

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Now who would have thought that a simple structure such as a pyramid could do such things and yet we have succeeded in doing it and did it back in the 70’s. So if geometric shape has the power to harness a dynamic force powerful enough to create such an effect then who is to say it cannot do more.

Shape and geometric principles have been missunderstood by science and humanity for many years and it is about time it was understood. We have worked with these principles for years and can tell you it is amazing what you can do with it.

Who remembers the days of pyramids sharpening razor blades or drying meat or other little experiments that were done worldwide.

If not here are some facts that many refused to accept back then. Bit like global warming and pollution control etc it was also reputed to be nonesense back then and yet here we are!

I say science is blind if the scientist is closed minded and is not prepared to accept alternatives that could exist and take the time to investigate.

After all is not science the art of understanding what is currently not known.

That covers a large area and you have to be open minded about it all. I remember the days just before and even during the early days of hubble when astronomers said if they point hubble at a darl area of space young or forming galaxies would be found and yet they were wrong older galaxies were found.

Just because you think you know does not make it so. Work towards knowing and go from there.

Teleportation is the knowledge of matter transforming and sending on an energy wave that can cover a specified distance and arrive  and reform in the same way it is structured. To accomplish this one needs to understand the aspects of matter physics in a way never before realised.

Transmitting matter over a wave form is not that difficult but keep it stable is. Thats where geometric shape comes into it. By holding the pattern in a shaped geometric form it will not degrade. A specific shaped type of crystal will do it. With 12 sides helps and size does matter.

(There is a secret make of it what you will!)

Alien contact and deals

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

I remember once when I was travelling on a plane to a UFO conference in Cairo from New York on Egypt air. Halfway through the flight the man sitting next to me an american with a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist called me by name and said he had something to show me. I was shown presidential papers with the seal of the white house and the current president and the letter was a contractual deal between the USA and alien contacts that in exchange for technology they were allowed to carry on with biological experiments and it was signed way back in the late 40’s. The whole thing was real and did happen and the second letter from the then chief of the CIA also confirmed who the guy was and what he was showing me. Now I have had all sorts of things happen to me over the years that data has just been shown us and it begs to wonder why. I suppose having friends in high places helps. (ie: alien contact ourselves)

Now there will be those out there that think this is all too weird but let me tell you something. If I was to say that we are about to be visited by some very large vessels and it happened, what would you say then!!

Feeding kids in UK schools & at home

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

You know I have sat and watched the way the local people feed their kids in UK as well as some of the food menus in schools and its a joke.

Jamie Oliver has it right when he says 6 out of 10 school kitchens should be shut down.

Food types are a problem and when you feed kids too much sugar or any kind of sweetner it causes an increase in energy that those same kids need to burn off. Then because the parents can’t control the kids the doctors prescribe Ritalin which is bad and not the solution as the population is now finding out. More stabbings and restless behaviour all mainly caused by bad diet and eating disorders.

Politicians have to get the problem solved otherwise Britain will be more than broken.

Other countries should also learn from this as to what not to do.

So hows it get solved.

Firstly in politics stop changing the head chef every five minutes and keep it stable. Then initiate a plan to get the local councils who run most of the bad kitchens to sort it out or shut it down.

Then educational plans in schools to teach parents how to properley feed there kids or learn from website instruction or make the time to find out how to do it and learn to say no to sweet stuff.

In moderation is ok as long as the main diet is controlled.

Do I know what I am talking about yes I do I have had many children both my own and also helped others and seen where things go wrong. My background being medical research I can tell you it seriously needs to change, bad diet causes a chemical cocktail imbalance that is a waiting time bomb ticking waiting to go off.

Physical health is also affected weight gain bad teeth rotting teeth and also diabetes and other serious ailments are created. If you want to decrease the NHS bill solve the cause and stop treating the result.

So Get cooking and look for ways to make a change both for yourself and your kids.

Unless of course Britain and other countries that have the same problem don’t care then what future for the human race.

I found meals in Australia for kids are better but not yet perfect.

Britain and Britains parents need to take responsibility and make some serious changes.

Get it together and make it happen!

USA bail out plan

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

This is not a good idea. Basically gives money to those who did the economy in in the first place. If you consider that before bush came in the USA economy was loads better. Then Bush came in and we had terrorism, economic collapse and now this. After thousands of deaths in wars and trillions of dollars vanish in bad deals and all during Bushes era and all the vote rigging that went on you have to start to think that it all comes down to that greed scenario and with greed comes corruption and with corruption comes collapse.

Now we see the thieves panicking as they are about to see all their cash vanish unless some rescue plan is implemented.

And so the greed continues and the tax payer has to pay for it.

I don’t know about you but I smell a very big rat!

Ozone hole and trouble ahead.

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

I said years ago that the ozone hole would expand again and so it has by up to 8% this year 2008.

This means that the southern flow will become more at risk from solar radiation.

Global pollution is on the increase and all the governments worry about is economy. Greed led to the pollution trouble in the first place and the coming events are the result of it.

If this planet and the people on it are to survive the coming chamges then faster responses need to be happening. I am saying it now if this has not changed re pollution in the next few years it will not be pretty what happens next!

Where are the bees going

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Well if you are a Dr Who fan then they are going home. If not then maybe this article will get you thinking.

Bees have a very close link to shape and design so what do you think happens when you fiddle with mature even to the slightest amount.

Read on for more and we do know why its happening.

Where did all the honey bees go? Lily Barclay investigates why thousands
of bees are being wiped out in the UK

What is the problem with honey bees?
A third of the UK’s honey bees did not survive this winter and spring. In
the US and other European countries this little-understood phenomenon has
been dubbed Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). No one fully understands why
this is happening.
What is Colony Collapse Disorder?
Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is used to describe the phenomenon in which
worker bees from a colony or hive abruptly disappear, and the colony dies.
It may be due to stress, or viruses, or a combination of both, or other
causes. But no one fully understands the condition, as hives and colonies
can collapse for other reasons, especially during the winter.

CCD was first reported in North America in late 2006 where in some
beekeepers saw losses of up to 95%. Today in the US overall honey bee
losses of 36% have seen significant drops in the quantity of honey
harvested. CCD has since spread and has been reported in Canada, Italy,
Germany and France. However, despite beekeepers concerns it is yet to be
officially confirmed in the UK by the Department for Environment, Food and
Rural Affairs (Defra).
Why does it matter?
Unsurprisingly, fewer honeybees means less honey. Many experts believe
that English honey will have run out by Christmas 2008, and will not be
available again until 2009. The consequences for the agricultural economy
could be significant - bees are reported to make an annual £165 million
for the industry.

But perhaps more crucially honeybees play a vital role within the planet’s
ecosystem by pollinating many fruit and vegetables. We don’t fully
understand the full consequences of their demise, but without bees many
flowering plants would become extinct.

These include most agricultural harvests making bees a critical link in
the food chain. Bees pollinate about 80% of flowering crops - this amounts
to a third of the food we eat, from raspberries to runner beans.
Why is it happening?
There are always natural dips in bees’ annual survival rate, and the
average drop in numbers over the winter period varies between 5% and 10%.
This year the British Beekeepers Association (BBA) reported that more than
30% of honey bees didn’t survive the winter and spring.

There are many possible explanations for this.

The main cause, however, according to Dr Sherwood ,is the increased usage
of genetically modified crops in the UK .
“The genetic sequencing is lacking data.” says Dr Jon, ” Lacking data the
plants do not form the same geometric shape when they grow to fruition.
Bees and other various other pollinating , colony-existing insects are
highly geometrically inclined .You only have to look at their eyes to see
they are made up of a sequence of equal hexagonal shapes and their hives
etc are the same.
When a bee flies into its hive it lines itself up with this geometry. When
the bees build a hive from GM pollen it does not make a hive of correct
proportions as the pollen sequence does not carry the ‘right’ information’
so they can’t match things up.
Thus Scientists in the UK as elsewhere ,in their arrogance and trying to
play God are unwittingly doing their
To wipe humanity of the face of this world.
Einstein apparently said this, “If you lose the bees humanity has four
years left.
Dr Jon Sherwood who can disprove many of Einstein’s theories concurs.

Spacial fractures and universal barriers

Friday, September 19th, 2008

Energy barriers are in place for obvious reasons. Fractures can be seen by those who have the ability. The thing is knowing that your eyesight is not fading or doing other things in a weird way.

Fractures are spacial energy, prismed into shapes that appear in visual range starting small and expand over a limited period of time. Imagine a small c made up of small 3 sided triangular prisms that shimmer. In the loop of the c you see other faint images not of the same dimension. Over time the c grows and shifts to the left or right and expands slowly eventually expanding so big it dissappears from your view and so the experience concludes. The direction is controlled or dictated by the rotational direction of the proton flow at the time in the space within the universe as they change from space to space. 3d one way 4d another etc as well as in each dimansion subtle other levels exist in time that also alternate in flow anti clockwise in one time and clockwise in another.

Difficult to explain but when you are able to see these things and they are only appearing at random in initial stages but then when something like the LHC is activated or tested you get more of them first on the right as the spin of the LHC is in one direction then they change sides and appear on the opposite side you start to wonder what the heck will happen next. Each time the LHC of other unit spins opposite flow it triggers rifts in time and space in some instance just the timeline is affected and the result will depend on which rotation is used.

Universal energy barriers are in place to keep these spacial levels in balance in a natural way so if things like the LHC are built and used and those same energy barriers are not happening in the same part in space because they are not understood then these space fractures rip the level open and you get spacial rifts floating about. Some can get so big you can step through them into other time and space levels as we have accidently done in the past.

And believe me you don’t want to do that deliberately.

You might think you see protons smashing into each other all the time in space but what about those things that allow it to happen in that part of space that you cannot see. If rifts and the c prism effect is happening more now then something else is going on and the protons have not been smashed yet. Luckily however we have learned to handle and close these c rifts using the power of our own mind and it took a huge amount of concentration to make it happen and its no easy feat. The tough part is doing it when they are bigger! All matter within the universe is thought active so can be controlled by the human power of thought but the conditioning and thought control training has to be extremely intense and focused. My personal training has been going on for years and I have had to wait sometimes months for it to occur in order to practice the control and that has only been recently since 2000. I have to say however that recent fractures have been very strong, stronger than normal. So took way more concentration and power.

In case you are wondering why I have had this for a number of years it started when the New York heavy one was activated.

I am a sensitive which is about 100 times up from a psychic and makes it possible for me to use energies that virtually anyone else is unable of accessing. I know what is required to keep control as have lived with this all my life some 50 odd years now. Control has become easy and it has allowed me the chance to help many thousands of people through the ability to focus the energy into a healing mind expression but this fracturing has occupied my time over the last 8 years and has been interesting. Where it will lead only time will tell. I have seen London 50 years ahead, other areas of the world ahead of time as time and space is linked. The fractures can give a glimpse of another place and time and you never know what it will be next as it is not controlled as to event or direction I just have to control the result of what causes it.

So LHC is a big question and one that could cause more problems if the scientists are not taking other areas into consideration. Embark on experiments yes but after you absolutely know what is involved. They do not know all about the elements that exist within the universe. I play with vortex energies that link 3d to 4d they would not know about those forces and how to balance them and yet they say they know. hmm! Time will tell whether it is arrogance or not!

This is the first time I have spoken about all of this and some of our abilities. Lets hope our own space is respected. As we thought it was time to let some of what we do out there. In the past I found myself being tested by certain people out there then left alone when they could not figure out what I was doing or how. I have since develop an understanding that it is sometimes best to keep well enough alone. Alone being the operative word except for wife and family at least this so called gift helped my own son be healed. And thats what I do really heal rifts in universe, mind body and anything else. I do what I do to help keep things in balance and no compensation is ever gained from much of what I do. It is simply done because I feel it needs to be and so calm is maintained as well as can be.

Let’s hope the LHC causes nothing worse. It is way more powerful than the earlier one in USA and much bigger. And that has had consequences that they are currently still even unaware of!


Healing the world

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

I have said it before and I will say it again. If you want to help the world and those living in it to change and cope with the coming changes and the ones happening now, sending out love and light is not the way to go as it is an incomplete process.  Over the decades we have seen much of this and the process does not work because the world gets worse not better. I am simply saying if you are going to do a job lets do it right!

Here is the reason why!

Love energy is an emotional based force made up of a bio electrical signature which is highly unstabe in any form and it takes a huge amount of self control just to keep it steady but its power is limited to just physical areas of existence. Now over the years I know there are many who believe that it is the way to go but if it was that good then why does it not work better than it has? Millions have done it and the world keeps on going downhill. The element that keeps all energy in balance is a spiritual one that is accessed through a process we call the hand exercise it is a simple process but has profound effects in any number of ways.

So what does work?

I am one person but I can tell you this one person creates change in a local area numerous times using this technique so what can millions do? There are many people out there who know me and what I can do so I can also say we all can make a major difference if we do it right. The old technique was ok but limited and so we now need to teach you all the full way to create change.

There are two forces in the body one esoteric energy made up of universal stuff to keep it simple and the other is the bioelectrical love feel that has been used in the past.

Now the problem in the past has been it is incomplete you have only been doing half a job!

One side of the process if you like but in order to create balance you need both sides evenly applied.

Now below is a way of leaving a comment if you are interested in doing it the right way let us now and when we have enough we shall pass on the right way to create change in a positive way. Love is a part yes but it needs way more than just that. Like I said in the past you have all only been doing half a job it needs the other half to work.

And if for one moment you think you have been having an effect then best read the rest of this as here are some facts.

The world is starving more now than ever before, more people worldwide are in poverty than ever before, there are wars popping up everywhere and corruption and stabbings and unrest is on the increase. Need I go on!

So if you are interested in taking part in a grand design exercise to create the biggest chage ever then leave a comment. If no one does then we shall see that humanity is not getting the message and leave you all to the changes about to take place.

The force of free will

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Even though we placed a vortex in New York before 911 it could not protect the city as the free will involved in the 911 action is not under the vortex influence free will is exactly that it cannot be manipoulated or affected in any way it is a universal law that cannot be broken and if it is the consequences for the person affecting it is not worth thinking about. To manipulate gfree will has to be a deliberate act of manipulation.  When you think about who did what and why back then the coverup in the U.S. governemnt circles involving some very covert groups is nothing short of astounding but then most of the population nowadays has been brainwashed to accept that terrorsist did it. Thats true in a way but not the ones you think.

The wars that occur today is a challenge to human free will and you all have to remain strong but also be true to yourselves and always investigate and not just accept what you are told. Positions of authority always create a belief that those individuals know what they do and say but it also goes the other way in that they are also in the position of manipulating large groups to think a specific way thus manipulating free will.

Think about it for awhile and really on your feelings and instincts if something even in the slightest way is not ringing right then question or find out. Humanity has some remarkable abilities to sense its time to get back to reality and allow yourself to feel again.

World economy and reserves limited

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Anytime you see financial business not getting support from reserve where the result could cause crash in world markets and thus lose billions if not trillions then the signs are grim as reserves are limited and so we see signs of collapse.

Easy to try to cover problem which is bigger but then no energy then no flow.

As for those who have to tidy the mess then that too can be at risk. Energy is energy and if not maintained properly then collapse is inevitable.

As for Lehman collapse this is only the start bigger is to come..