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Merlin, Thoth, Hermes Z its all the same..

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Time is a state in which we all exist. Bend time and space and you change reality.

Spiritual understanding of existence is beyond love it is a state of being. If you exist with just love you live a limited existence because this is where you need to be. To expand beyond is to know being.

UNiversal knowledge is available to all with a unique mind and ability to be one with all things is to recognise that all life be it plant or animal or other is all the same.

Money does not buy happiness and yet many think it does. Sorry but for you to understand what we do would be impossible to buy as the value is to great so you are therefore unable to aquire it.

Some say they are successful and yet know nothing about their own existence and what they do when they depart this body and this world and yet those who have nothing physically but know about the true nature of one and their bond with this universe are far richer than those who do not know.

We are all equal so we should also respect each as such.

Magic of space and time is the knowledge that all elements within the universe are made of energy and all are linked and accessed through conscious thought when understood.

All things therefore can be made to react through the application of mind.

If thought and sound together can change the composition of elements then other things are also possible.

Your brain can repair parts of itself if damaged once certain energies are active. Yet medicine does not know this and how it works and yet it is a simple process.

Metals can be changed, shape can form dynamic energy and if components were built in specific shapes the results would be far greater than what are presently obtained so much is still to be learnt if only the human mind were more open to other possibilities and not closed by ignorance and greed and arrogance in not being able to accept what is really possible.

People think Merlin is a myth, or Thoth is someone else and yet time knows what is real and what is not.

For who would believe that miracles can and do happen and are made by those who know. We know who we are do you?

Was Mars ever collonized

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Yes it was and there is tons of proof if you are prepared to travel the globe to find it.

For instance the Zulus in Africa have a tale that is also told by both Aboriginals and Maoris in other countries that humanity left the red planet by inseminating the females and placing them on flat discs and flying them to the blue planet.

All comes down to interpretation really.

Bit like trying to explain the concorde to stone age man.

He will see what he is capable of seeing and express it accordingly as to his words used at that time.

So! The face on mars and the so called pyramids on mars. Well we have found Nasa and others trying desperately to cover it all up but then things don’t always go accroding to plan.

Anything made of stone will weather with time but what if you are shown photographs that exists of the face on mars from GROUND LEVEL!

Well I was and did see those photos and can tell you how could ground shots exists unless someone has already been there.

If captured or obtained technology occurred back in the late 40’s then it is quite feasible and possible.

Cover ups of stories like alternative 3 and others are out there and all it takes is collection of the proof.

Secret alien bases do exist on earth and we have seen a couple so why is the governments of specific countries determined to keep the general public blind to all of this. Because of religious paranoia and the resulting social order breakdown that they see as a risk in the public arena.

Religious belief has a very strong hold on humanity but who has honestly been to airports in places like Dubai or elsewhere. Replicas of UFO’s etc are everywhere these days. So we as humans have to grow beyond the belief that we are alone because we are not and never will be. Gosh even the vatican knows that with what they have hidden underground.

Shape and geometric form in teleportation

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Now who would have thought that a simple structure such as a pyramid could do such things and yet we have succeeded in doing it and did it back in the 70’s. So if geometric shape has the power to harness a dynamic force powerful enough to create such an effect then who is to say it cannot do more.

Shape and geometric principles have been missunderstood by science and humanity for many years and it is about time it was understood. We have worked with these principles for years and can tell you it is amazing what you can do with it.

Who remembers the days of pyramids sharpening razor blades or drying meat or other little experiments that were done worldwide.

If not here are some facts that many refused to accept back then. Bit like global warming and pollution control etc it was also reputed to be nonesense back then and yet here we are!

I say science is blind if the scientist is closed minded and is not prepared to accept alternatives that could exist and take the time to investigate.

After all is not science the art of understanding what is currently not known.

That covers a large area and you have to be open minded about it all. I remember the days just before and even during the early days of hubble when astronomers said if they point hubble at a darl area of space young or forming galaxies would be found and yet they were wrong older galaxies were found.

Just because you think you know does not make it so. Work towards knowing and go from there.

Teleportation is the knowledge of matter transforming and sending on an energy wave that can cover a specified distance and arrive  and reform in the same way it is structured. To accomplish this one needs to understand the aspects of matter physics in a way never before realised.

Transmitting matter over a wave form is not that difficult but keep it stable is. Thats where geometric shape comes into it. By holding the pattern in a shaped geometric form it will not degrade. A specific shaped type of crystal will do it. With 12 sides helps and size does matter.

(There is a secret make of it what you will!)

Spacial fractures and universal barriers

Friday, September 19th, 2008

Energy barriers are in place for obvious reasons. Fractures can be seen by those who have the ability. The thing is knowing that your eyesight is not fading or doing other things in a weird way.

Fractures are spacial energy, prismed into shapes that appear in visual range starting small and expand over a limited period of time. Imagine a small c made up of small 3 sided triangular prisms that shimmer. In the loop of the c you see other faint images not of the same dimension. Over time the c grows and shifts to the left or right and expands slowly eventually expanding so big it dissappears from your view and so the experience concludes. The direction is controlled or dictated by the rotational direction of the proton flow at the time in the space within the universe as they change from space to space. 3d one way 4d another etc as well as in each dimansion subtle other levels exist in time that also alternate in flow anti clockwise in one time and clockwise in another.

Difficult to explain but when you are able to see these things and they are only appearing at random in initial stages but then when something like the LHC is activated or tested you get more of them first on the right as the spin of the LHC is in one direction then they change sides and appear on the opposite side you start to wonder what the heck will happen next. Each time the LHC of other unit spins opposite flow it triggers rifts in time and space in some instance just the timeline is affected and the result will depend on which rotation is used.

Universal energy barriers are in place to keep these spacial levels in balance in a natural way so if things like the LHC are built and used and those same energy barriers are not happening in the same part in space because they are not understood then these space fractures rip the level open and you get spacial rifts floating about. Some can get so big you can step through them into other time and space levels as we have accidently done in the past.

And believe me you don’t want to do that deliberately.

You might think you see protons smashing into each other all the time in space but what about those things that allow it to happen in that part of space that you cannot see. If rifts and the c prism effect is happening more now then something else is going on and the protons have not been smashed yet. Luckily however we have learned to handle and close these c rifts using the power of our own mind and it took a huge amount of concentration to make it happen and its no easy feat. The tough part is doing it when they are bigger! All matter within the universe is thought active so can be controlled by the human power of thought but the conditioning and thought control training has to be extremely intense and focused. My personal training has been going on for years and I have had to wait sometimes months for it to occur in order to practice the control and that has only been recently since 2000. I have to say however that recent fractures have been very strong, stronger than normal. So took way more concentration and power.

In case you are wondering why I have had this for a number of years it started when the New York heavy one was activated.

I am a sensitive which is about 100 times up from a psychic and makes it possible for me to use energies that virtually anyone else is unable of accessing. I know what is required to keep control as have lived with this all my life some 50 odd years now. Control has become easy and it has allowed me the chance to help many thousands of people through the ability to focus the energy into a healing mind expression but this fracturing has occupied my time over the last 8 years and has been interesting. Where it will lead only time will tell. I have seen London 50 years ahead, other areas of the world ahead of time as time and space is linked. The fractures can give a glimpse of another place and time and you never know what it will be next as it is not controlled as to event or direction I just have to control the result of what causes it.

So LHC is a big question and one that could cause more problems if the scientists are not taking other areas into consideration. Embark on experiments yes but after you absolutely know what is involved. They do not know all about the elements that exist within the universe. I play with vortex energies that link 3d to 4d they would not know about those forces and how to balance them and yet they say they know. hmm! Time will tell whether it is arrogance or not!

This is the first time I have spoken about all of this and some of our abilities. Lets hope our own space is respected. As we thought it was time to let some of what we do out there. In the past I found myself being tested by certain people out there then left alone when they could not figure out what I was doing or how. I have since develop an understanding that it is sometimes best to keep well enough alone. Alone being the operative word except for wife and family at least this so called gift helped my own son be healed. And thats what I do really heal rifts in universe, mind body and anything else. I do what I do to help keep things in balance and no compensation is ever gained from much of what I do. It is simply done because I feel it needs to be and so calm is maintained as well as can be.

Let’s hope the LHC causes nothing worse. It is way more powerful than the earlier one in USA and much bigger. And that has had consequences that they are currently still even unaware of!


Awareness and obvious results healing and design

Monday, September 15th, 2008

I recently in 2007 did a lecture in LOndon about ancient temples and energy. To my amazement most of those present missed the obvious point completely simply by being misled by a small amount of data that raised questions about the secret dynamic built into all the churches built by masons in Britain. Here was a lady standing for the first time in what 15 years without her walking sticks and in no pain whatsoever and it was missed. Awareness is a state of mind folks. TO miss an obvious result like this was missing the point entirely. All design no matter the shape has hidden dynamic forces at work just because you cannot see it does not mean that it does not exist.

The woman was proof!

All temples along the nile delta that are special spaces have design specifics unique to each one and if you do not know what to look for you will miss it entirely.

So those that were there in London who know who you are if you read this I hope you now get the point.

1 year on!

I work in many mysterious ways and always there will be evidence it just comes down as to whether you are aware of it or not! Or even bothering to take a look. The choice is yours after all!

Egypt and UFO’s

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Alien surgical instruments are there and so is much more all covered up so know one will know.


What a lot of folks don’t know is that much of the equipment underground is thought active tuned to specific brain frequencies aligned on genetic codes which cannot be found.

So if technology there were to be activated what then. You would not even have to be there to make things happen so maybe a few tests are in order to make sure things still work.

Keep watch! After all this is a secret base area and so is the one in UK. But then all the alien bases on Earth are connected.

Vortex points cancelled

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

Just so folks know we have cancelled all the vortex points we had placed around the planet so folks will be able to see how they were protecting the different areas.

Here is a list of where they were.

These were cancelled out 1 month ago.

Houston,Washington,Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Bangkock, Tokyo, Brisbane, Sydney,Melbourne,Auckland,Singapore,Kuala Lumpur,Paris,London,Alton Barnes grid,

This is just a few of them but I think you can see we have been all over the place. Now its time for folks to see what can happen when those energy points are no longer maintained by us.

Vortex energy points are programmable and can maintain weather cycles and act as a protective field against all sorts of elements. They can also create change.

Egypt ancient knowledge of man

Monday, September 8th, 2008

In times gone past humanity was wiser and more knowing of the land and the world in which they lived to the point of understanding a mysticism that today is only told in fabled stories but has a ring of truth when heard.

Ancient priests could change metal and form fields of anti gravity through a process of combined vibration using different forms of metal sheet which was thin and flexible. But then they also had the wisdom and access to wisdom of the ages in the form of ancient scrolls written at a time when men and women were young.

Atlantis was a wonderous place full of life and living and held mysteries greater than any man or woman could imagine today. Most of those that survived the cataclysm left for the stars on craft they had developed or retrieved from the dawning, a time of creation of life as we know it on this planet.

Time being what it is with space as its friend has existed for decades as a constant but it was not always that way.

Time can be manipulated along with space to arrive at another space in time and so you could find yourselves in future or past events as you saw fit. Only practiced by the priests of old the technique has long since been forgotten but can be ressurected even today.

Mystical and secret shapes with dynamic force held the keys to many of the mysteries and so the words sacred geometry were born. Many today however know nothing of the ancient secret forms that can propel anyone into the future or the past or take journeys into space with just the mind and have a real experience so exact and purposeful and alive that the sensation of physicality is as real as it will be.

In ancient times accessing powers for use in many applications was often done by a secret group of priests called the light brothers a close nit group who passed the secrets down from generation to generation. They still exist today in a silent order that is as secret as it can get and very few if any will encounter these remarkable people.

Living just as you do they live with a onesness of the universe that could not be explained in any words of this language or any other as theirs is a world of mystery and everything they do has purpose. They never meet but now of each others presence and now where each other should be at any point in time. They can become invisible to sight so they can exist right by your side and you would not know.

They live their lives in positive form, ever changing circumstance to maintain a harmony like no other. Of setting negative aspects of other lifeforms actions to maintain peace. They ask nor expect any compensation and do what they do for all humanity.

Few in number but as powerfull as ever they remain in secret for there are those about who would kill to gain control of what they possess.

So they live in secret and in this we say remain as such the time is not yet as it should be!

The mysteries of Egypt are still to be uncovered by the ones who know truth and believe in what is required. The secrets are not for those who ridicule or brazenly claim they do when they do not.

There are many false prophets out there and they are there to misguide and misdirect so be warned watch for those who speak falsehoods and not truths about themselves and others. All people are one and so should be treated as such. If the world is to survive the coming changes it must learn to live together as one and recognise the beliefs of others and live in harmony. Living life in limited fashion is not meant to be humanity was meant to be free not tied to any one belief.

“Zarlen Priest of the ages” extract from the channeled data of Dr Jonathan Sherwood taken from part of the “Records of time” channelled by Zarlen 2008.

Ancient knowledge in Egypt pyramids

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Time everlasting was one phrase I heard recently about the pyramids. And you know the secrets of these structures have yet to be revealed.

Anyone want to stand up and be counted?

There are many who are saying theyI have been there and done that! OK prove it!

I say they have not and so the story goes many out there are just after a name and so spin tales and get nowhere.

Engineers say they can duplicate them so I say prove it oh and building a smaller version does not do it sorry guys but it goes nowhere. Build one the same size maybe but little one nope sorry.

Has to be the same size or the meaning is a waste of time. Here is one reason why. Try pulling a stone block 200feet uphill and at 125feet take a 90 degree turn and see what happens. As you rise you can weight due to angle and height. PLus scaled down versions is like saying if you take a 1/4 of the size and do it then thats how it works. Garbidge! Ratios increase exponentially as they rise in rate.

As for shape and angle the structure harnesses an energy that no one has yet explained all shapes do! So design and shape as well as size are also important factors in why it is the way it is.

Thats something else thats not even been considered by others!

Something to think about!

Intergalactic radiation and Earth

Tuesday, November 30th, 1999

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For millenia now Earth has been protected to a degree by the solar barrier that is caused by the sun and the heliosphere is a state that acts a little like a shield.

However like all energetic fields due tothe source of their power they rise and fall a bit like a pulse or rythym and within the universe there are many rythyms that exist and all connected to that universal pulse source.

But having siad that this energy field can also be created artificially by beings much more advanced in spacial science than ours.

If this area of space were to have been developed once by an advanced race then things like the face on Mars (which  have seen a Nasa photo of it from ground level.) to the pyramids and other anomalies not yet reported out there are all artifacts which in some cases are still in use.

Moonbase systems over the next few months will be affected by a wave of energy as the system is being remodulated for interaction with a circular system so it could get real interesting soon.

Space type craft will become even more apparent in our skies especially over UK and the Salisbury Plain area and also along the western coastal region from Bristil channel south. London is also on the agenda.

We are all coming into great change and we have to remain flexible in the way we think of ourselves within this great universe of ours.

Weather clomates with be especially different this winter in the north and summer in the south with widespread changes and some rather surprising weather systems occuring.

This is all part of energy shifting so that new patterns can exist then its back on with the vortex systems in a year or so after it has passed.