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Arctic melt of sea ice second worst recorded on record

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

The sea ice around the north pole has again broken records but the warning signs coming out of Iceland are showing a large melt taking place of land ice in the glaciers of iceland with some measuring around 900 meters thick and losing 1 metre per year. Global warming is starting to kick in and unless drastic measures are taken it will happen faster than anticipated due to the exponential curve ratio in relation to heating verses melting ratios.

If the current calculation for these glaciers to melt completely will increase the ocean levels by 7 metres and at current rates will happen within 100 years then expect it faster as we have seen these type of calculations before and it ended up being much faster.

Ratios are variable when it comes to exponential melt.

For instance 1 degree equals say 1 year so if it then addes to say a 2 degree variation then that 2 degree increase by 1 degree becomes a 3 degree variations which supplies a 1.5 degree increase and so it goes. The 3 degrees becomes 4.5 degrees and so forth.

Current rates are speculative at best! As ratios change according to the curve.

There are any number of factors that have to be taken into account pollution increases in output from countries where they say they will reduce by 20% but the curve ratio is 35% so in actuality there is a further increase of 5% above the current level estimate in the 10 year period, you have to understand that increases are taking place due to the consistent use of fossil fuels and the burning of coal and fuel oil and emissions of other gases. Carbon trading only moves the problem about it does not stop it!

As the Methane is released due to melting of tundra etc we also see a further increase as well as releases of further carbon storage areas so the pattern keeps getting worse all it takes is for folks to run the numbers.

So unless serious thought and construction of sea defences is started asap it will happen faster than current predictions portray and cities will go under with no time for contruction of defences. Some urgent forward thinking is required.

Ozone hole and trouble ahead.

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

I said years ago that the ozone hole would expand again and so it has by up to 8% this year 2008.

This means that the southern flow will become more at risk from solar radiation.

Global pollution is on the increase and all the governments worry about is economy. Greed led to the pollution trouble in the first place and the coming events are the result of it.

If this planet and the people on it are to survive the coming chamges then faster responses need to be happening. I am saying it now if this has not changed re pollution in the next few years it will not be pretty what happens next!

UK should go for renewables and not coal

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

I have said it before and I will say it again. To go the coal way is to ignore the global warming that is currently taking place. To build new coal fired power stations in UK would not only be senseless but stupid and irresponsible as well. Money should be spent on future development of green energy power supply and there are loads of options for UK.

Nuclear power supply being taken over by EDF is also a bit of a worry as they always go for nuclear power plants and then you have the problem of getting rid of the waste as if there is not enough of that already.

EDF do have the capacity to go for renewable energy so in a way it will be interesting to see wether the French are thinking about the future or sticking to the past scenarios which shortly would become a problem.

Time for change UK and make some decisions about UK’s future.

Iceland is a good example of renewable energy and so is New Zealand with its hydro energy plants as well as thermal energy plants.

Either country can show one or two great options.

Where are the bees going

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Well if you are a Dr Who fan then they are going home. If not then maybe this article will get you thinking.

Bees have a very close link to shape and design so what do you think happens when you fiddle with mature even to the slightest amount.

Read on for more and we do know why its happening.

Where did all the honey bees go? Lily Barclay investigates why thousands
of bees are being wiped out in the UK

What is the problem with honey bees?
A third of the UK’s honey bees did not survive this winter and spring. In
the US and other European countries this little-understood phenomenon has
been dubbed Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). No one fully understands why
this is happening.
What is Colony Collapse Disorder?
Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is used to describe the phenomenon in which
worker bees from a colony or hive abruptly disappear, and the colony dies.
It may be due to stress, or viruses, or a combination of both, or other
causes. But no one fully understands the condition, as hives and colonies
can collapse for other reasons, especially during the winter.

CCD was first reported in North America in late 2006 where in some
beekeepers saw losses of up to 95%. Today in the US overall honey bee
losses of 36% have seen significant drops in the quantity of honey
harvested. CCD has since spread and has been reported in Canada, Italy,
Germany and France. However, despite beekeepers concerns it is yet to be
officially confirmed in the UK by the Department for Environment, Food and
Rural Affairs (Defra).
Why does it matter?
Unsurprisingly, fewer honeybees means less honey. Many experts believe
that English honey will have run out by Christmas 2008, and will not be
available again until 2009. The consequences for the agricultural economy
could be significant - bees are reported to make an annual £165 million
for the industry.

But perhaps more crucially honeybees play a vital role within the planet’s
ecosystem by pollinating many fruit and vegetables. We don’t fully
understand the full consequences of their demise, but without bees many
flowering plants would become extinct.

These include most agricultural harvests making bees a critical link in
the food chain. Bees pollinate about 80% of flowering crops - this amounts
to a third of the food we eat, from raspberries to runner beans.
Why is it happening?
There are always natural dips in bees’ annual survival rate, and the
average drop in numbers over the winter period varies between 5% and 10%.
This year the British Beekeepers Association (BBA) reported that more than
30% of honey bees didn’t survive the winter and spring.

There are many possible explanations for this.

The main cause, however, according to Dr Sherwood ,is the increased usage
of genetically modified crops in the UK .
“The genetic sequencing is lacking data.” says Dr Jon, ” Lacking data the
plants do not form the same geometric shape when they grow to fruition.
Bees and other various other pollinating , colony-existing insects are
highly geometrically inclined .You only have to look at their eyes to see
they are made up of a sequence of equal hexagonal shapes and their hives
etc are the same.
When a bee flies into its hive it lines itself up with this geometry. When
the bees build a hive from GM pollen it does not make a hive of correct
proportions as the pollen sequence does not carry the ‘right’ information’
so they can’t match things up.
Thus Scientists in the UK as elsewhere ,in their arrogance and trying to
play God are unwittingly doing their
To wipe humanity of the face of this world.
Einstein apparently said this, “If you lose the bees humanity has four
years left.
Dr Jon Sherwood who can disprove many of Einstein’s theories concurs.

Weather cycles about to change

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

The worlds weather is about to do another change as the plateau effect concludes. Global biospherical energy is changing and so we shall see major climate changes occurring much faster in this next phase which means things will rapidly occur faster than prior projections.

Vortex points cancelled

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

Just so folks know we have cancelled all the vortex points we had placed around the planet so folks will be able to see how they were protecting the different areas.

Here is a list of where they were.

These were cancelled out 1 month ago.

Houston,Washington,Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Bangkock, Tokyo, Brisbane, Sydney,Melbourne,Auckland,Singapore,Kuala Lumpur,Paris,London,Alton Barnes grid,

This is just a few of them but I think you can see we have been all over the place. Now its time for folks to see what can happen when those energy points are no longer maintained by us.

Vortex energy points are programmable and can maintain weather cycles and act as a protective field against all sorts of elements. They can also create change.

Ice cap melts 2008

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

I have said this for ages. I remember when they first came out with the idea that the icecap would not completely melt until 2050 or even 2100 so here we were saying nope sorry guys its all wrong it will vanish before 2010 and so who ended up being right.

Old timetables do not apply here you have a number of aspects that exist now that just did not exist in the past like humanity and commercial pollution and cars etc etc etc for one and two and more.

So due to the rate of exponential increase and 2 elements not just carbon dioxide but methane as well you get catastrophic change and accelration.

The biosphere is like a balloon, it will only take so much.

So whats the next phase well to be honest you are already in it.

But the worst is still yet to come. And as much as I would like to say it can be averted it is too late for that you had time but money came first with worry about economies etc. Well let’s see ya spend it when the planet goes boo!

Next phase is the ocean currents change not too long now.

Oh and land ice melt increases and slides into ocean and remember that mass of land ice in water tips the water level all at once not gradual!

Intergalactic radiation and Earth

Tuesday, November 30th, 1999

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For millenia now Earth has been protected to a degree by the solar barrier that is caused by the sun and the heliosphere is a state that acts a little like a shield.

However like all energetic fields due tothe source of their power they rise and fall a bit like a pulse or rythym and within the universe there are many rythyms that exist and all connected to that universal pulse source.

But having siad that this energy field can also be created artificially by beings much more advanced in spacial science than ours.

If this area of space were to have been developed once by an advanced race then things like the face on Mars (which  have seen a Nasa photo of it from ground level.) to the pyramids and other anomalies not yet reported out there are all artifacts which in some cases are still in use.

Moonbase systems over the next few months will be affected by a wave of energy as the system is being remodulated for interaction with a circular system so it could get real interesting soon.

Space type craft will become even more apparent in our skies especially over UK and the Salisbury Plain area and also along the western coastal region from Bristil channel south. London is also on the agenda.

We are all coming into great change and we have to remain flexible in the way we think of ourselves within this great universe of ours.

Weather clomates with be especially different this winter in the north and summer in the south with widespread changes and some rather surprising weather systems occuring.

This is all part of energy shifting so that new patterns can exist then its back on with the vortex systems in a year or so after it has passed.

Dr Sherwood

Tuesday, November 30th, 1999

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Jonathan Sherwood 1952 - 2008

Tuesday, November 30th, 1999

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Previous blog postings in tribute to Jonathans passing can be seen below by scolling down the page a bit, or using the following link, the posting Colin Andrews refers to is dated 3rd November 2008.

in addition the following is a link to a new special tribute page to Jonathan on our other website: