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Alien contact and deals

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

I remember once when I was travelling on a plane to a UFO conference in Cairo from New York on Egypt air. Halfway through the flight the man sitting next to me an american with a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist called me by name and said he had something to show me. I was shown presidential papers with the seal of the white house and the current president and the letter was a contractual deal between the USA and alien contacts that in exchange for technology they were allowed to carry on with biological experiments and it was signed way back in the late 40’s. The whole thing was real and did happen and the second letter from the then chief of the CIA also confirmed who the guy was and what he was showing me. Now I have had all sorts of things happen to me over the years that data has just been shown us and it begs to wonder why. I suppose having friends in high places helps. (ie: alien contact ourselves)

Now there will be those out there that think this is all too weird but let me tell you something. If I was to say that we are about to be visited by some very large vessels and it happened, what would you say then!!

Egypt and UFO’s

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Alien surgical instruments are there and so is much more all covered up so know one will know.


What a lot of folks don’t know is that much of the equipment underground is thought active tuned to specific brain frequencies aligned on genetic codes which cannot be found.

So if technology there were to be activated what then. You would not even have to be there to make things happen so maybe a few tests are in order to make sure things still work.

Keep watch! After all this is a secret base area and so is the one in UK. But then all the alien bases on Earth are connected.

UFO coverups

Monday, September 15th, 2008

How any government can expect the public to be so ignorant as to not notice UFO activity when it happens in front of their faces is beyond me. The USA goverment has been making deals with off world alien contact for decades how else do you think technological advancements can occur so here we are with a new thing about to happen and I sometimes wonder how humanity will accept this one.

“Large UFO craft approaching from deep space size 5,000 kilometers across with massive abundance of smaller craft onboard.”

So hows ya deep space telemetry now folks. Not sure where to look thats easy out towards Pluto.

Keep watching something different is about to happen oh and also UFO activity will increase as this next phase occurs.

Some people will ignore this as rubbish and thats fine thats where they are at but honest folks. The military boffins know its coming and now they wondering how we know!!

By the way for those Rendelsham forest fans there are some markers about to be left in the forest and me for one is off to see. These are no ordinary thing! But then why should they be.

Foxtrot 4 is a good place to start!

Alternative 3 well thats something else! Its grown since then!

Space fleet not US operated

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Even though we know that USA government does have a space fleet that has been backward engineered over the years and they do operate it and have a base on the moon etc etc etc.. Lots of etc’s too folks. We also know that other alien intelligences are watching them closely who have far more advanced tech so be wary US guys you are being watched!

UFO sightings worldwide and drones

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Well we are seeing an increase in alien activity around the globe and this is only the beginning. Drone craft have been photographed and UFO photos and sightings have occurred more this year so far than most in the past. Recent sightings of triangular shaped craft were seen over the gold coast in Queensland Australia as well as sightings of craft in formation over Russia recently and so we see that we are being watched even more as we wonder about our existence in the universe one thing is for sure we are not alone.

UFO contact on moon

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Back in the late 60’s when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and NASA was just getting the hang of things contact was made with alien craft on the moon. Ham operators in Florida and elsewhere were able to trace the communications wave that they transfered to when this occurred and the conversations followed the line of “We have alien craft on the moon on the otherside of the crater and they are enormous”

Why I have even seen letters with presidential seals dating back to the late 40’s when the uSA made agreements for technology in exchange for the alien guys to do experiments.

And so the stories go and the evidence keeps getting covered up. So where does all this lead?

Well it leads us to the area of contact that will be made soon on such a scale that it cannot be covered up anymore.

Get worried guys in suits and uniforms for its not far off now!

Intergalactic radiation and Earth

Tuesday, November 30th, 1999

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For millenia now Earth has been protected to a degree by the solar barrier that is caused by the sun and the heliosphere is a state that acts a little like a shield.

However like all energetic fields due tothe source of their power they rise and fall a bit like a pulse or rythym and within the universe there are many rythyms that exist and all connected to that universal pulse source.

But having siad that this energy field can also be created artificially by beings much more advanced in spacial science than ours.

If this area of space were to have been developed once by an advanced race then things like the face on Mars (which  have seen a Nasa photo of it from ground level.) to the pyramids and other anomalies not yet reported out there are all artifacts which in some cases are still in use.

Moonbase systems over the next few months will be affected by a wave of energy as the system is being remodulated for interaction with a circular system so it could get real interesting soon.

Space type craft will become even more apparent in our skies especially over UK and the Salisbury Plain area and also along the western coastal region from Bristil channel south. London is also on the agenda.

We are all coming into great change and we have to remain flexible in the way we think of ourselves within this great universe of ours.

Weather clomates with be especially different this winter in the north and summer in the south with widespread changes and some rather surprising weather systems occuring.

This is all part of energy shifting so that new patterns can exist then its back on with the vortex systems in a year or so after it has passed.

Tribute to Jonathan Sherwood written by and read out at his funeral by his wife Rachel:

Tuesday, November 30th, 1999

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jonathan Sherwood

Jonathan Sherwood, or dr.john as many knew him, was truly a remarkable man. He was a warm and kind and gentle man. He was a loving supportive husband and best friend, and a dedicated, helpful and loving father who provided lots of fun and laughter. He generally had a very helpful nature to people of all walks of life that he encountered. He was a worldly man having been born in England and his family migrating to New Zealand when he was 11, and then on to Australia, and having travelled widely throughout his life. He embraced the native cultures of those countries, and others, and had great respect for their people, their knowledge and beliefs. His recognition and studies of ancient civilisations became the foundation for much of his life’s work and research; with a strong focus on ancient Egypt - where he helped the authorities with numerous discoveries. He specialised in ancient knowledge, technologies and spirituality, as well as physics and mathematics. His research led him to develop a range of natural healing therapies that he applied to help thousands of people all over the world, and he also taught others how to do the same. He maintained a very down to earth realistic approach to his work which partly came from his early Background in navel medicine and research during his time served with the New Zealand Navel Forces; this also was the beginning of his love for the ocean - which is where he would like his ashes sprinkled. He was a deeply spiritual and philosophical man, and shared those teachings with many groups and individuals throughout his life, and also wrote numerous books on those subjects and others. The roots of these perspectives undoubtedly came from time spent with his father who was an agricultural representative and a freemason, and who had a great influence upon his life. His father also passed away young at the age of 45. His mother, who passed away this year, also had a positive influence on his life in that she was very open minded, kind, and intuitive. Jonathan also had these natural abilities and harnessed them in many creative areas. He was a gifted writer, artist, teacher, healer, sensitive, channel and actor. With all of these talents he was seen by others to be a unique and special person who was always full of ideas. No matter how much he embraced his potential and helped others to do the same he always kept his feet on the ground and saw himself as the same as everyone else, and was a true believer in equality. He greatly enjoyed life and showed enthusiasm for all that he was involved in, his philosophy was to do things 100% or not at all. He had great strength of mind and great energy and great knowledge; making him the richest man I have known. He believed that richness was not a material quality; as that has no substance - as when you die you cannot take it with you. He believed what you can take with you is the knowledge that you have gained in this life and all that you are - through the sum of your experiences. So he never allowed himself to be tied down by material assets. This attitude kept him free spirited and open minded in his research to reach beyond where others could. One fellow researcher said he was respected by him for his brave stance in a narrow minded world, and also for his light hearted nature. He was a man greatly ahead of his time, and he will be dearly missed by many whose lives he has touched. I know this will not be the end of a great life’s work, just like other great men before him; the seeds he has sown will grow.

Jonathan has made many friends through his life and positively influenced many people. He life has not all been serious though, he was a man who knew how to have fun and enjoyed making people laugh, and see the lighter side of life. As an actor on stage he played many roles, and many of them were fun and some outright hilarious. He played the bumbling ”Inspector Prat” in the Inspector Clouseau /Agatha Christie spoof “Murdered to Death” on the Gold Coast in Australia, and had the audience in stitches. He dressed up in outrageous costumes for the Christmas pantomime “Puss in Thongs” singing songs and cracking jokes. He loved the stage and had been acting on stage part time for most of his life with many lead roles. He loved the magic of the theatre and how it could provide an escape for people from their troubles in life. He also loved the energy of it and found it a great way to creatively express himself. He was held in high regard and many felt lucky to have worked with him. The actors he worked with have said: they will always remember the fun and great times they had acting with him on stage, and that Jonathan was very dear to them, and he will be remembered with much fondness & happiness. As William Shakespear once said : “All the world‘s a stage, all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and entrances; and one man in time plays many parts, his act being seven ages”. Though Jonathan always said “it’s not the age – it’s the mileage”, however he certainly did play many parts, and I think those who knew him well could definitely say his life was a fine performance.

Jonathan was also a Science Fiction fan; he enjoyed watching Star Trek, Babylon 5, Andromeda and Dr. Who to name a few. His mind was open to endless possibilities, he was universal. He had wisdom and knowledge beyond his physical years and many felt him to be an incredibly “dynamic life”. One affectionately called him “boomerang” and felt some day he will be back. I believe death is but a new beginning, as did Jonathan, to a more expansive, unlimited existence. In the spirit of Dr. Who,” Jonathan; you were my doctor”. You said to me “If I go first, I’ll be waiting, and when we meet up again we can travel the universe together”. Well, until then my love, I know you will pop in and see us from time to time, and you will always be in our thoughts.

Dr Sherwood

Tuesday, November 30th, 1999

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Jonathan Sherwood 1952 - 2008

Tuesday, November 30th, 1999

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Previous blog postings in tribute to Jonathans passing can be seen below by scolling down the page a bit, or using the following link, the posting Colin Andrews refers to is dated 3rd November 2008.

in addition the following is a link to a new special tribute page to Jonathan on our other website: