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Merlin, Thoth, Hermes Z its all the same..

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Time is a state in which we all exist. Bend time and space and you change reality.

Spiritual understanding of existence is beyond love it is a state of being. If you exist with just love you live a limited existence because this is where you need to be. To expand beyond is to know being.

UNiversal knowledge is available to all with a unique mind and ability to be one with all things is to recognise that all life be it plant or animal or other is all the same.

Money does not buy happiness and yet many think it does. Sorry but for you to understand what we do would be impossible to buy as the value is to great so you are therefore unable to aquire it.

Some say they are successful and yet know nothing about their own existence and what they do when they depart this body and this world and yet those who have nothing physically but know about the true nature of one and their bond with this universe are far richer than those who do not know.

We are all equal so we should also respect each as such.

Magic of space and time is the knowledge that all elements within the universe are made of energy and all are linked and accessed through conscious thought when understood.

All things therefore can be made to react through the application of mind.

If thought and sound together can change the composition of elements then other things are also possible.

Your brain can repair parts of itself if damaged once certain energies are active. Yet medicine does not know this and how it works and yet it is a simple process.

Metals can be changed, shape can form dynamic energy and if components were built in specific shapes the results would be far greater than what are presently obtained so much is still to be learnt if only the human mind were more open to other possibilities and not closed by ignorance and greed and arrogance in not being able to accept what is really possible.

People think Merlin is a myth, or Thoth is someone else and yet time knows what is real and what is not.

For who would believe that miracles can and do happen and are made by those who know. We know who we are do you?

Spacial fractures and universal barriers

Friday, September 19th, 2008

Energy barriers are in place for obvious reasons. Fractures can be seen by those who have the ability. The thing is knowing that your eyesight is not fading or doing other things in a weird way.

Fractures are spacial energy, prismed into shapes that appear in visual range starting small and expand over a limited period of time. Imagine a small c made up of small 3 sided triangular prisms that shimmer. In the loop of the c you see other faint images not of the same dimension. Over time the c grows and shifts to the left or right and expands slowly eventually expanding so big it dissappears from your view and so the experience concludes. The direction is controlled or dictated by the rotational direction of the proton flow at the time in the space within the universe as they change from space to space. 3d one way 4d another etc as well as in each dimansion subtle other levels exist in time that also alternate in flow anti clockwise in one time and clockwise in another.

Difficult to explain but when you are able to see these things and they are only appearing at random in initial stages but then when something like the LHC is activated or tested you get more of them first on the right as the spin of the LHC is in one direction then they change sides and appear on the opposite side you start to wonder what the heck will happen next. Each time the LHC of other unit spins opposite flow it triggers rifts in time and space in some instance just the timeline is affected and the result will depend on which rotation is used.

Universal energy barriers are in place to keep these spacial levels in balance in a natural way so if things like the LHC are built and used and those same energy barriers are not happening in the same part in space because they are not understood then these space fractures rip the level open and you get spacial rifts floating about. Some can get so big you can step through them into other time and space levels as we have accidently done in the past.

And believe me you don’t want to do that deliberately.

You might think you see protons smashing into each other all the time in space but what about those things that allow it to happen in that part of space that you cannot see. If rifts and the c prism effect is happening more now then something else is going on and the protons have not been smashed yet. Luckily however we have learned to handle and close these c rifts using the power of our own mind and it took a huge amount of concentration to make it happen and its no easy feat. The tough part is doing it when they are bigger! All matter within the universe is thought active so can be controlled by the human power of thought but the conditioning and thought control training has to be extremely intense and focused. My personal training has been going on for years and I have had to wait sometimes months for it to occur in order to practice the control and that has only been recently since 2000. I have to say however that recent fractures have been very strong, stronger than normal. So took way more concentration and power.

In case you are wondering why I have had this for a number of years it started when the New York heavy one was activated.

I am a sensitive which is about 100 times up from a psychic and makes it possible for me to use energies that virtually anyone else is unable of accessing. I know what is required to keep control as have lived with this all my life some 50 odd years now. Control has become easy and it has allowed me the chance to help many thousands of people through the ability to focus the energy into a healing mind expression but this fracturing has occupied my time over the last 8 years and has been interesting. Where it will lead only time will tell. I have seen London 50 years ahead, other areas of the world ahead of time as time and space is linked. The fractures can give a glimpse of another place and time and you never know what it will be next as it is not controlled as to event or direction I just have to control the result of what causes it.

So LHC is a big question and one that could cause more problems if the scientists are not taking other areas into consideration. Embark on experiments yes but after you absolutely know what is involved. They do not know all about the elements that exist within the universe. I play with vortex energies that link 3d to 4d they would not know about those forces and how to balance them and yet they say they know. hmm! Time will tell whether it is arrogance or not!

This is the first time I have spoken about all of this and some of our abilities. Lets hope our own space is respected. As we thought it was time to let some of what we do out there. In the past I found myself being tested by certain people out there then left alone when they could not figure out what I was doing or how. I have since develop an understanding that it is sometimes best to keep well enough alone. Alone being the operative word except for wife and family at least this so called gift helped my own son be healed. And thats what I do really heal rifts in universe, mind body and anything else. I do what I do to help keep things in balance and no compensation is ever gained from much of what I do. It is simply done because I feel it needs to be and so calm is maintained as well as can be.

Let’s hope the LHC causes nothing worse. It is way more powerful than the earlier one in USA and much bigger. And that has had consequences that they are currently still even unaware of!


Awareness and obvious results healing and design

Monday, September 15th, 2008

I recently in 2007 did a lecture in LOndon about ancient temples and energy. To my amazement most of those present missed the obvious point completely simply by being misled by a small amount of data that raised questions about the secret dynamic built into all the churches built by masons in Britain. Here was a lady standing for the first time in what 15 years without her walking sticks and in no pain whatsoever and it was missed. Awareness is a state of mind folks. TO miss an obvious result like this was missing the point entirely. All design no matter the shape has hidden dynamic forces at work just because you cannot see it does not mean that it does not exist.

The woman was proof!

All temples along the nile delta that are special spaces have design specifics unique to each one and if you do not know what to look for you will miss it entirely.

So those that were there in London who know who you are if you read this I hope you now get the point.

1 year on!

I work in many mysterious ways and always there will be evidence it just comes down as to whether you are aware of it or not! Or even bothering to take a look. The choice is yours after all!

LHC activates on wednesday 10th sept 08

Monday, September 8th, 2008

OK! So now comes the fun.

What do you expect from the collider?

I know what a lot of scientists expect and hope for. But the opposite side of the story which one should never ignore or shrug off is the problem scenario now one would expect that they would have in place contingency plans for what if!

So if not then I would expect an email fairly soon after it is activated.

Why me you ask?

Well as we have an understanding of universal theory and access to some highly advanced data as well as special abilities to sense fractures in space and time and heal those rifts it becomes pretty obvious where we are in the scheme of things. Going into the ultra atomic level where energy barriers exist for a purpose means if you want to collide particles at light speed and increase the level without some form of knowing what to expect is a little like putting your finger into a nuclear accelerator and expecting nothing to happen.

Atoms have this nasty habit of not doing always what you expect but its not for me to cast doubts on what they are doing its more along the lines of well guys and girls if you have a problem just call the Dr.

Intergalactic radiation and Earth

Tuesday, November 30th, 1999

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For millenia now Earth has been protected to a degree by the solar barrier that is caused by the sun and the heliosphere is a state that acts a little like a shield.

However like all energetic fields due tothe source of their power they rise and fall a bit like a pulse or rythym and within the universe there are many rythyms that exist and all connected to that universal pulse source.

But having siad that this energy field can also be created artificially by beings much more advanced in spacial science than ours.

If this area of space were to have been developed once by an advanced race then things like the face on Mars (which  have seen a Nasa photo of it from ground level.) to the pyramids and other anomalies not yet reported out there are all artifacts which in some cases are still in use.

Moonbase systems over the next few months will be affected by a wave of energy as the system is being remodulated for interaction with a circular system so it could get real interesting soon.

Space type craft will become even more apparent in our skies especially over UK and the Salisbury Plain area and also along the western coastal region from Bristil channel south. London is also on the agenda.

We are all coming into great change and we have to remain flexible in the way we think of ourselves within this great universe of ours.

Weather clomates with be especially different this winter in the north and summer in the south with widespread changes and some rather surprising weather systems occuring.

This is all part of energy shifting so that new patterns can exist then its back on with the vortex systems in a year or so after it has passed.

Jonathan Sherwood Passed Away: 31/10/2008

Tuesday, November 30th, 1999

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It is with great saddness that we announce the passing away of Jonathan Sherwood.  Jonathan fell ill suddenly on Wednesday 29th of October from a rare type of stroke. He quickly slipped into unconsciousness and remained that way. He passed away peacefully at 1pm Friday the 31st of October.

Jonathan was a loving husband and father, and will be greatly missed. Though he is not physically with us anymore we know that in spirit he always will be. This website is now dedicated to his lifes work. He dedicated much of his life to helping others through the healing therapies that he developed, as well as sharing the vast amount of knowledge he had access to through his advanced telepathic channelling abilities. Through his time here with us he imparted enough knowledge to fill over 300 books of 300 pages without repeating himself. He was dedicated to the future of humanity through sharing knowledge in the hope of helping those who wanted to reach beyond where they were to become more in touch with themselves and learn to live harmoniously both with themselves, each other and our planet. He was a man who was greatly ahead of his time in regard to the level of knowledge and understanding he had of humanity and the universe in which we live. He has sown many seeds of knowledge that can be nurtured by anyone who chooses to explore the endless possiblities of where continued research of his insights may lead. He dedicated many years of his life traveling this planet to provide stability and create change through a network of vortexes strategically placed around the world; in that area his work was complete. The ground is prepared for a new circular energy grid system to come on-line that has the potential to advance humanity beyond anything it can presently imagine. It is his wish that we see our future in a positive light and not get caught up in doom and gloom and end of the world theories of 2012. We each hold the power to create our future, and the power of our thoughts is the key that determines the direction it takes. Choosing our path is our free will; let us not be swayed from the path by those who hang on to negatives because they do not have the vision to see beyond and recognise the immense potential of the human race. Let us not underestimate the powers within the universe or the power within us all. The future is now in our hands, it is up to us to make it a good one.

Rachel Sherwood & Family.

Dr Sherwood

Tuesday, November 30th, 1999

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Jonathan Sherwood 1952 - 2008

Tuesday, November 30th, 1999

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Previous blog postings in tribute to Jonathans passing can be seen below by scolling down the page a bit, or using the following link, the posting Colin Andrews refers to is dated 3rd November 2008.

in addition the following is a link to a new special tribute page to Jonathan on our other website:

Nostradamus talking about present events…

Tuesday, November 30th, 1999

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One of our researches was flicking through Nostradamus’ predictions yesterday when he realized a particular quatrain refers to this year.

His report is as follows:
Dr Jonathan Sherwood, channel for Zarlen, always said that on the ‘Other Side’ there is no such thing as time and space. So the main reason people have misinterpreted Nostradamus’ predictions  is that they get the time factors wrong.
With Nostradamus you have to find the hook to link you into a particular time frame which in turn will give you the key into the meaning of the whole quatrain.
There are various clues into the styling of the Nostradamus predictions that follow suite with the Dr jon-Zarlen predictions that’s why I was able to immediately interpret the quatrain mentioned. I ask the question to myself, “Were Dr Jon, Zarlen and Nostradamus one and the same person ?”

Here’s the Nostradamus quatrain for 2008!

Nostradamus VIII-17

“The well-off will suddenly be cast down,
the world will be troubled by three brothers;
the enemies will sieze the marine city,
hunger,fire,blood,plague,all evils doubled”

Les bien aisez subit seront desmis,
Le monde mis par les trois freres en trouble.
Cité marine saisiront ennemis,
Faim, feu, sang, peste, & de tous maux le double

Here’s my take on this prediction:

“The well-off will suddenly be cast down,” - speaks of the past six
months global melt-down stimulated by the “Wall Street write-down”

” the world will be troubled by three brothers”- How many Lehman Brothers
there ? (Just happens to have been three).

“The enemies will seize the marine city” - The invasion of Georgia by
Russia this year. Georgia is largely located on the Black Sea.

And last but not least :

“hunger” - World hunger increased exponentially because of world farmers diverting to using corn crops etc, (farmlands) for growing for bio-fuelmarket thereby depleting major food source of various 3rd world countires. Also global ‘melt-down’ sends most countries eonomies spiralling, food prices rising.

“fire” - California and other places extreme fire storms.

“blood” - Aids figure continue to rocket worldwide .

“plague” - New diseases and old pop up around the world. Here in Australia the latest causing havoc was the ‘horse flu’ virus. (Zimbabwe - massive cholera outbreak plaguing the country).

“all evils doubled” applies to all of the above.

Easy to see what Nostradamus is talking about NOW.

Tribute to Jonathan Sherwood written by and read out at his funeral by his wife Rachel:

Tuesday, November 30th, 1999

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jonathan Sherwood

Jonathan Sherwood, or dr.john as many knew him, was truly a remarkable man. He was a warm and kind and gentle man. He was a loving supportive husband and best friend, and a dedicated, helpful and loving father who provided lots of fun and laughter. He generally had a very helpful nature to people of all walks of life that he encountered. He was a worldly man having been born in England and his family migrating to New Zealand when he was 11, and then on to Australia, and having travelled widely throughout his life. He embraced the native cultures of those countries, and others, and had great respect for their people, their knowledge and beliefs. His recognition and studies of ancient civilisations became the foundation for much of his life’s work and research; with a strong focus on ancient Egypt - where he helped the authorities with numerous discoveries. He specialised in ancient knowledge, technologies and spirituality, as well as physics and mathematics. His research led him to develop a range of natural healing therapies that he applied to help thousands of people all over the world, and he also taught others how to do the same. He maintained a very down to earth realistic approach to his work which partly came from his early Background in navel medicine and research during his time served with the New Zealand Navel Forces; this also was the beginning of his love for the ocean - which is where he would like his ashes sprinkled. He was a deeply spiritual and philosophical man, and shared those teachings with many groups and individuals throughout his life, and also wrote numerous books on those subjects and others. The roots of these perspectives undoubtedly came from time spent with his father who was an agricultural representative and a freemason, and who had a great influence upon his life. His father also passed away young at the age of 45. His mother, who passed away this year, also had a positive influence on his life in that she was very open minded, kind, and intuitive. Jonathan also had these natural abilities and harnessed them in many creative areas. He was a gifted writer, artist, teacher, healer, sensitive, channel and actor. With all of these talents he was seen by others to be a unique and special person who was always full of ideas. No matter how much he embraced his potential and helped others to do the same he always kept his feet on the ground and saw himself as the same as everyone else, and was a true believer in equality. He greatly enjoyed life and showed enthusiasm for all that he was involved in, his philosophy was to do things 100% or not at all. He had great strength of mind and great energy and great knowledge; making him the richest man I have known. He believed that richness was not a material quality; as that has no substance - as when you die you cannot take it with you. He believed what you can take with you is the knowledge that you have gained in this life and all that you are - through the sum of your experiences. So he never allowed himself to be tied down by material assets. This attitude kept him free spirited and open minded in his research to reach beyond where others could. One fellow researcher said he was respected by him for his brave stance in a narrow minded world, and also for his light hearted nature. He was a man greatly ahead of his time, and he will be dearly missed by many whose lives he has touched. I know this will not be the end of a great life’s work, just like other great men before him; the seeds he has sown will grow.

Jonathan has made many friends through his life and positively influenced many people. He life has not all been serious though, he was a man who knew how to have fun and enjoyed making people laugh, and see the lighter side of life. As an actor on stage he played many roles, and many of them were fun and some outright hilarious. He played the bumbling ”Inspector Prat” in the Inspector Clouseau /Agatha Christie spoof “Murdered to Death” on the Gold Coast in Australia, and had the audience in stitches. He dressed up in outrageous costumes for the Christmas pantomime “Puss in Thongs” singing songs and cracking jokes. He loved the stage and had been acting on stage part time for most of his life with many lead roles. He loved the magic of the theatre and how it could provide an escape for people from their troubles in life. He also loved the energy of it and found it a great way to creatively express himself. He was held in high regard and many felt lucky to have worked with him. The actors he worked with have said: they will always remember the fun and great times they had acting with him on stage, and that Jonathan was very dear to them, and he will be remembered with much fondness & happiness. As William Shakespear once said : “All the world‘s a stage, all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and entrances; and one man in time plays many parts, his act being seven ages”. Though Jonathan always said “it’s not the age – it’s the mileage”, however he certainly did play many parts, and I think those who knew him well could definitely say his life was a fine performance.

Jonathan was also a Science Fiction fan; he enjoyed watching Star Trek, Babylon 5, Andromeda and Dr. Who to name a few. His mind was open to endless possibilities, he was universal. He had wisdom and knowledge beyond his physical years and many felt him to be an incredibly “dynamic life”. One affectionately called him “boomerang” and felt some day he will be back. I believe death is but a new beginning, as did Jonathan, to a more expansive, unlimited existence. In the spirit of Dr. Who,” Jonathan; you were my doctor”. You said to me “If I go first, I’ll be waiting, and when we meet up again we can travel the universe together”. Well, until then my love, I know you will pop in and see us from time to time, and you will always be in our thoughts.